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  1. dradeel
    17-05-2009 14:16
    Haha, did Murray ever say that? "Murray?" you might ask, and I answer: "Of course, Monkey Island 3!"
  2. QueenBee
    16-05-2009 10:23
    Haaaaaaay! LOL I jinxed the sunshine! You're welcome! I just woke up and it's quite cold and grey here too, awesomeeee And I'm super proud of myself 'cause I did some major cleaning in my room yesterday so I no longer have a bunch of things lying around everywhere, go me! I need to have everything in order around me or else I can't focus or relax. Sucks being a perfectionist sometimes

    I gotta do some studying today (I'm not in school but it's for my driver's license) but I'm sooo lazy... and I found a bottle of vodka downstairs, my brother was partying last night, so how can I not get drunk today Maybe I'll join you in the Eurovision thingy, except it doesn't interest me so much anymore... oh well.

    Wooo long comment! Anyway I hope you're doing well, and if there's no sunshine today either - you're welcome
  3. dradeel
    16-05-2009 07:56
    lom? Not something like "My demonic powers have made me OMNIPOTENT! Muahahaha!"? Hehehe.
  4. dradeel
    14-05-2009 16:40
  5. QueenBee
    14-05-2009 13:13
    PS. Enjoying the sunshine? Pffft I hate sun! It's raining here today and it's the best thing ever, so peaceful and cloudy and everything is gray and smells wonderful.
  6. QueenBee
    14-05-2009 13:12
    Omg bleeeeh, I hate hangovers... usually mine aren't so bad, I just feel a bit weird in the morning and then it's all good. I feel for you! I've only had one major hangover, and I vowed to never drink alcohol again That didn't work out so well... haha. Sorry to hear about the laptop, I can't imagine living without one... which is kind of pathetic isn't it. If it makes you feel any better - my Internet is being dumb and everything is taking ages to load or not loading at all! Probably the most frustrating thing ever. Also everytime you mention my avatar, I feel like changing it Take care sweetie.
  7. QueenBee
    13-05-2009 16:55
    Heeeey you I'm doing okay, just kinda tired 'cause I woke up quite early today... And still I got nothing done I'm super lazy and a great procrastinator How is life treating you?
  8. QueenBee
    24-04-2009 16:04
    Good luck, I'm probably gonna change it soon I can't have the same avatar for long, I go nuts
  9. QueenBee
    24-04-2009 05:19
    Yeah she looked amazing in that video! I got a new avatar now, how's that for hypnotizing
  10. QueenBee
    22-04-2009 01:47
    Mission accomplished!
    All thanks to Yulia's... uhm... lovely face. (Well it used to be lovely at least )

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