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17-02-2006, 15:56
In fact I’ve got two versions of gomenasai but this is what came to my mind the first time I listened to the song;

At the beginning the girls are taken to different rooms. They girls are rehearsing for a concert…. But the process is like a record session…there are microphones and some stuff from a recording studio..They’re in different rooms recording their parts for the same song.

Yulia is in a room with a large piano, she’s rehearsing her lines looking by the window and in the room in front of hers, is Lena doing the same thing. Lena is not alone, there’s someone playing a piano for her,,,, Who?,,, we don’t know yet.

When Yulia says; When I wanted to cry I couldn’t cause I…… She’s standing in front of the open window looking at Lena, then, she slowly closes the window saying wasn’t allowed

In the first chorus Lena turns her head and gives her back to Yulia. The camera focuses Lena but we still can see Yulia in the bottom closing the window. In some shots we can see one of the girls singing while the other one’s figure can bee seen through the window of the other room.

In the second verse Yulia throws the lyric sheets she was holding during the chorus and leaves her room looking for Lena’s. When she finally finds it she says… When I wanted to call you and ask you for help , she’s about to open the door but she stops and says I stopped myself, . Lena opens the door and doesn’t find anyone. (This happens in a few seconds).

Yulia runs to her own room singing the chorus. In this chorus the screen gets spliced, on the left is Yulia sing with anxiety while Lena is on the right nodding, as if she understands Yulia’s words. Yulia throws the papers on the piano and tries to break it, suddenly she calms down and approaches to the window. The chorus ends….like I do now….. Yulia and Lena are looking each other by the window.

During the instrumental part that follows the second chorus Yulia leaves her room again like trying to escape from Lena’s eyes and searches for the way out, Lena opens the door and goes to Yulia’s room, she’s not there so she starts to look for her.

Yulia runs in the shadows and sees a spark of light getting bigger in the end,,,….Right there she finds herself in front of an audience (people well dressed cheering and applauding, they stand up when Yulia enters on stage, some of them take photos, the flash hurts her eyes). In the background there’s an orchestra playing the instrumental part. Then there’s silence. She’s on the left of the stage and turns to Lena who appears on the right, she stares at Yulia and there’s a sudden game of camera shots. Lena starts singing….while walking to Yulia….What I thought was a dream, An mirage, Was as real as it seemed, A privilege… Then, Yulia gives a step back and says When I wanted to tell you, I made a mistake, I walked away…….. She turns back and tries to escape again but she immediately finds Lena !, who suddenly appears next to her and holds her strongly, they sing the chorus together with both backgrounds, the orchestra and the audience. This part is really special, they look at each other and realise they actually know each other,,,,, (just like savage garden’s I knew I Loved You, when Darren Hayes takes Kirsten’s hand) the screen gets white and a series of shots about their last videos, performances, or anything related to them appears quickly. And we finally know who was playing the piano in Lena’s room,,,, Yulia….. They look at each other once again like saying…YES, I KNOW YOU….

I’ve got another version, but in this one there’s a boy… the end is different, kind of sad I’ve got it on my mind and it’s not written yet. Who wants to read it?

24-02-2006, 20:21
That's really good... If they make a video for gommensai they should do that...