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11-02-2006, 01:27
Laura won an American Grammy Wednesday night for Best Latin Pop Album. She's the first Italian woman to do so. The only other Italian singer to win one was that guy who sang "Volare" way back in 1959. I'm so happy for her. She also won a Latin Grammy back in November (I think). I love her. "Italia! Italia! Siamo vincitori!"

Here's a video of her reaction. (http://www.youtube.com/w/?v=_NHQ8XC8T0M)

Some people might remember her by her song "Surrender." Her English-language album was awful, probably because she wasn't as much in control as she had been with her Italian/Spanish albums, but she was the one who made the decision to stop promoting it because she "wasn't satisfied with it," so I'm proud of her for that.

A Brief History
By 2004, roughly a decade after she made her recording debut at the age of 18, Laura Pausini had sold over 25 million albums worldwide, which is quite an impressive feat for someone who had never really broken into the lucrative English-language market. The Italian singer (born May 16, 1974) began her career at a young age, making her live debut at only age 12. Her singing didn't really take off until 1993, however, when she made her self-titled debut and scored a big hit with "La Solitudine." A year later -- in a practice that would come to define her career and compound her success -- she released a Spanish version of her debut, including a version of her breakthrough hit, titled accordingly as "La Soledad." Further albums followed for Pausini -- Laura (1995), Le Cose Che Vivi/Las Cosas Que Vives (1996), La Mia Risposta/Mi Respuesta (1998), Tra Te e il Mare/Entre Tu y Mil Mares (2000) -- each of them finding mass success in their respective markets. During these years, Pausini enjoyed her fame, for instance singing for Pope John Paul II at a special Vatican Christmas mass as well as at Barbra Streisand's birthday party in 1998, and embarking on sold-out world tours. She capped off this run of success with a round of greatest-hits collections -- The Best of Laura Pausini/Lo Mejor de Laura Pausini (2001) -- and, in turn, with what was planned to be her English-language crossover album, From the Inside (2002). There was a lot riding on From the Inside, it should noted, and so when it met a mixed reception and essentially struck out with consumers, a lot was made of its failure to penetrate the English-language market. She took some time off after her world tour, understandably, and didn't return until late 2004, with Resta in Ascolto/Escucha. Released a long four years since her last proper Romance-language studio album, this one had a lot riding on it as well, suffice to say, considering not only the long wait but also the disappointment of From the Inside. So it was a relief, no doubt, when Resta in Ascolto/Escucha returned her to the top of the charts, particularly thanks to the power ballad "Víveme." In fact, Warner Music Latina reissued the album in America in late 2005 to capitalize on its Latin Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Album, adding a bonus DVD disc.

11-02-2006, 23:40
i like her music ;)
i realized that just few months ago, before that i thought she was very borring but now when i bought a dvd (live milano 02), i began to like her and enjoy in her music... ;)
btw, those english songs really suck a$$, her english is terrible :grustno: :p lol

btw2, nice that she got that award, though i prefer italian songs over spanish (even though i don't really understand any of them :p)

11-02-2006, 23:55
btw, those english songs really suck a$$, her english is terrible :grustno: :p lol
Yeah... her English songs weren't so good, I only liked a few (I Need Love, Surrender, Every Little Thing You Do, Everyday Is A Monday, and Without You).

I think her English is pretty good... especially compared to Shakira's English. At least I can understand what Laura's singing (I don't understand most of what Shakira sings in English).:p

12-02-2006, 00:04
i wasn't precise... i meant her english accent... i can understand everything, but that's not the point. it's not fluid, natural, it's like she's not feeling those songs, and that's why i dislike them... :none:
imho, it's totally unnecessary to force english songs while she does it so good in italian ;)

12-02-2006, 00:16
Yeah... I agree...

Do you know if her Spanish albums are released in Europe along with the Italian ones, or are the Italian ones the only ones released there?

I like how we're the only ones in this topic:p

12-02-2006, 00:26
i don't know, i've only seen the italian ones here... :dknow:
and on the radio they play only italian songs... ;)

yeah, i guess we're the only ones that like her :gigi:

12-02-2006, 13:08
i've loved Laura Pausini ever since i was 10 :gigi: her albums "laura pausini" & "laura" are all time classics for me (non c'e, la solitudine, mi rubi l'anima, baci che si rubano, gente, strani amori, un amico e cosi... great stuff!). off her english one, i liked "i need love" (also cos of the video), but i agree: she should stick to italian. i dont even like her singing in spanish, just like i dont like Eros Ramazzotti singing in spanish. these two should only stick to their mother tongue because it fits them perfectly.

12-02-2006, 22:52
I think she should stick to Italian too. Her Spanish isn't all that good. "Escucha," IMO, is the only album where her Spanish is nearly perfect. I do think that some of her songs sound better in Spanish. Benedetta Passione, for example, I think has a very Spanish feel and I think the Spanish version sounds better. It reminds me of something the Spanish singer Bebe would sing.

13-02-2006, 02:52
I like her, though i don't know what she's singing! :) hehe.

It reminds me of something the Spanish singer Bebe would sing
I like her too! Men Senara is my favorite.