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28-01-2006, 23:15
there is no way to prove this because i don't have access to anything besides the regular forum but a few of my posts have been deleted due to reasons unknown. i wasn't alerted or anything and that is strange. i find it odd that mods here delete whatever they choose out of what they think is necessary without justification or known reason. doing so makes the forum not a place where people can speak freely. there's a difference between spam and commenting in that spam is just posting something without reason or meaning. commenting is an opinion or an observation. i don't know why certain mods here have decided that their duty is to edit posts based on what they think is right, without saying anything. also, they edit threads based on their personal preferences and tastes, not based on what is healthy for the thread itself.
what will become of the forum of this continues and gets worse?
will anyone be able to truly speak freely? i think not.
it's not a big deal, but merely something i've noticed.

29-01-2006, 22:23
I've never deleted any of your posts. But everytime someone's post is deleted reasons are usually given - it's just that you're not able to see them. But from what I saw, they're valid.

29-01-2006, 23:25
this goes back longer than you've been a mod.

30-01-2006, 00:14
Yes, but however long we've been mods we can still see the comments left after a post is deleted :yes:

30-01-2006, 00:33
oh ok. even then, this goes waaay back.

30-01-2006, 01:04
I don't think there is any need to alert a user before you delete his or her comment. I mean, I don't think there are any rules that state that this should happen. Basically moderators can delete posts if they think those posts contain something that is against the rules.

Ugh, yeah.

03-02-2006, 22:04
Could be it's to stop a fight before it starting or something. If it goes really long back and haven't happened lately whats the commotion about then?

04-02-2006, 09:06
no, it started awhile ago

05-02-2006, 13:12
I don't know about a while ago. But for from what I saw your posts were validly erased (and it wasn't somekind of a massive thing either... nor deliberate). It's not about freedom of speech, but rather cleaning up redundant stuff. So I'll close this down. If you have anything else to say PM me and I'll reopen.