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19-01-2006, 06:24
I was just curious as to what people like to drink while they are out at the bars or clubs.

My favs are:

Woo Woos : vodka, peachtree schnapps and a splash of cranberry
Jager Boom: Jager and redbull
Redheaded sluts: jager, peachtree schnapps and cranberry

edit: forgot one... GrapeCrush: chambourd & vodka with a splash of sour mix

19-01-2006, 06:56
red wine
Stella Artois
Vodka (pref. Skyy, GG, K1) Coke
Dirrrrrrrrrty Martini w/ BIG olives

19-01-2006, 12:38
Weeee... time to make french people cringe again. :D

Students usually drink Bambus: a mix of red wine and coke. Then there's Mišmaš(Mishmash): fanta (or any other orange based beverage) mixed with white wine.... or is it red wine?! I'm not absolutely sure. But I'm sure about Bambus and I LOVE it, despite of what you damn purists might have to say about it. :p

Shark-Vodka (Shark is an energy drink somewhat like Red Bull, but not quite as good - RedBull vodka is an expensive thing though).

Cocktails: Manhattan Ice Tea, Blue Lagoon, Tequila Sunrise...

Beer: Guinness..mmm... the creamy goodness.

Non alcoholic: freshly squeezed orange juice, Coke, Schwappess Tonic Water/Bitter Lemon

Okay... after watching all 3 seasons of Little Britain I just HAD to try baccardi and Coke. Didn't appeal to me, though. :p

19-01-2006, 13:11
Okay... after watching all 3 seasons of Little Britain I just HAD to try baccardi and Coke. Didn't appeal to me, though. :p

LMFAO what time is it there? doesn't matter after you've seen all 3 seaons LMFAOOOOO thats hilarious

19-01-2006, 18:10
WKD Red :coctail:

19-01-2006, 18:29
I usually just have vodka with a chaser. When I was younger we used to just chug the vodka with no chaser. Now I my stomach cant stand that, ha ha ha!

19-01-2006, 18:32
*Obviously never had a 'real' drink*
Clean vodka is fine by me. None of that mixing with soda crap us teenagers do. :p

19-01-2006, 18:33
white wine, if its a cheap one then with water, the one with bubbles, sparkling'?

strong drinks: gin/vodka tonic, bacardi cola or those home made schnappses cherry one or nut one mmm

if have to drink a bier, stella

but usually its white wine or gemist (wine+buble water)

19-01-2006, 19:12
i dont use drink.i think it doesnt give pleasure and it does not have a positive effect on human body

19-01-2006, 19:26
i dont use drink.i think it doesnt give pleasure and it does not have a positive effect on human body

u dont have to use drink. i dont drink to get drunk, although that sometimes happens. u enjoy the taste, it goes so well with some dishes. i cant imagine eating fish or any seafood and then drink juice :bum: thats a sin. besides some wine is good for health.

19-01-2006, 20:02
Fav. alcoholic drink=Nothing.
I dont drink at all.

19-01-2006, 20:39
I only have raki ( tsipouro ) at home from Greece and I'm drinking that now. and let me tell you that is strooong. I think it's got about 45% of alcohol.
Favourite alcoholic drink: I think wheat bavarian beer.

Not a big fan of drinking though.

19-01-2006, 21:11
Freddie when you say Manhattan Iced Tea... Do you mean a Long Island Iced Tea? Long Islands have vodka, tequila, rum and triple sec with sour mix and a splash of coke for color? I'm only asking because they're about the only mixed drink I'll have now a days.

Sometimes I'll have Cosmopolitans if I'm out with my friend Jon... and only if he's buying.

I'm really more of a beer girl (that might have to do with my heritage lol). My favorite beers are Killians Irish Red, Corona with two limes, Amstel Light, Newcastle Brown Ale, Sam Adams: (it's the only American beer worth drinking) Black Lager, Boston Ale, Octoberfest, Winter Ale and Cherry Wheat Ale, and Becks.

19-01-2006, 21:26
i'm a cheap drunk... i'll do the whole rum/coke - whisky/coke thing (in fact, i love whisky coke) and i usually go to the bar when you get well drinks for a buck, haha. I actually love whisky straight as well as scotch and the like but don't do it as often... out of expense.

After i've had enough of the hard stuff i'm a dark lager kind a guy... haha, but i drink a local beer called Yuegling (i dunno how it's spelled)... again, out of expense. haha.

but i'm off alchy for awhile now that a new semester has started and i want to get into a groove with the projects without a hangover... haha

19-01-2006, 21:39
Schmirnoff Ice
Vodka and RedBull *Cough, double cough*
Apple sour shot or any shot!

I like to get wasted when im out clubbin! :D

19-01-2006, 22:47
Try a few sambucas on fire then..or a few tequillas

I'd try to set the tsipouro on fire myself ;) But I don't want to burn the house...

19-01-2006, 23:34
well, i wasn't much of a drinker before meeting my girlfriend, but she's expanded my horizon, as it were :gigi: so when i'm with her, we usually drink wine (either red or white). that's when i get drunk lol. we also drink beer. that's when i don't get drunk (though beer festivals are an exception lol). estonian beer (saku and a le coq) RULZ! anyway, stella artois and tuborg are always a good substitute. then i also tried smirnoff ice and liked it.

20-01-2006, 00:50
Am I the only lesbian in the world who doesn't like beer? LOL

20-01-2006, 01:03
i used to love my boys. jack, johnny, and jose.

20-01-2006, 01:58
Midori and Lemonade
Gin and Lemonade
Vodka Sunrise

my favourite is this DIVIVE Coctail, Kahlua, Baileys, Contreu, Banana Creme and Ice Cream it's SO good.

21-01-2006, 13:36
rolling rock ;) :rolleyes:

21-01-2006, 13:38
Right now I hate alcohol :(

21-01-2006, 14:22
you drink it, you shouldn't complain. cause you chose to consume it. and at least you got ass.

21-01-2006, 21:55
as freddie said, bambus is very much appreciated among youngsters and students here, so why should i be a rebel :D
bavaria, stella, kozel (czech dark :liplick: )
vodka, gin (a quick way to get wasted :p), cuba libre...

21-01-2006, 21:57
i love to drink!!! I love feeling the energy buzz after a few as well and right now im drinking a schmirnoff ice!

Sean Jon
21-01-2006, 22:09
sky vodka gets me off like no other!

22-01-2006, 00:02
as freddie said, bambus is very much appreciated among youngsters and students here, so why should i be a rebel :D

i remember drinking bambus when we were 13 or smthing, that was the only thing that was sweet enough to drink lol i wouldnt drink it now

22-01-2006, 19:53
GAAAAAAAAAAH u and ur bastardization of wine midiya...tsk tsk tsk

k...my fav drinks...anything that's not beer :D

22-01-2006, 20:41
beer! i like a pale ale, or a lighter lager. nothing like a good beer on a hot summer's day :dead:

27-01-2006, 22:11

Cuba Strawberry vodka with Sprite
Captain Morgan (gold rum) with Cola

Gul Gajol

28-01-2006, 01:11

Gul Gajol

what are those? what kind of flavor, beer etc.

28-01-2006, 03:53
I just drank a new drink that i like with absolute raspberry vodka with a splash of cranberry and sprite

28-01-2006, 09:59
It's danish beer, produced by the same who does Carlsberg, though Tuborg (http://nemendur.khi.is/irijonsd/images/tuborg.gif) is better

Gul Gajol is vodka shots mixed with taste of danish candy called "Gul Gajol" (http://www.lakritz.de/image/imgBgSpunkGajol.gif). Picture of the blue Gajol bottle (http://www.fotoagent.dk/single_picture/146/55/small/DSC01055.JPG)

Sambuca (http://www.facogel.it/public/174.jpg) - 42% alchohol and you set the top of the glass on fire before closing it with your hand. Then you shake it until it is released and empty the shot.. It's quite tastety and amazingly enough it doesn't resolve in hangovers that much even after a bunch of shots

28-01-2006, 18:22
oh ok..what does it taste like? i've never heard of these brands

11-02-2006, 22:09
I had a margarita for the first time, it tasted weird. I don't think I liked it and the brain freeze was not fun, ha ha ha.

11-02-2006, 22:39

"salt lakrids" - eeewww.

12-02-2006, 13:43
"salt lakrids" - eeewww.
LMAO! they're not the best things that i've tasted either :none:
but they are somewhat (as in if you eat less than 3) bearable lol.

12-02-2006, 21:25
but they are somewhat (as in if you eat less than 3) bearable lol.no no.. they are the way to go.. ummmmm.. guess one will have to have grown up with them though.

13-02-2006, 05:23
oh ok..what does it taste like? i've never heard of these brands
Sambuca...u know..the flaming sambuca. Tastes like black licorice.

Tuborg...yeh they sell here but me never try. I have tried Faxe...kinda like it if i try a sip when im already drunk. Its beer...whaddya want from me :gigi:

13-02-2006, 05:30
Tuboooooooooooooooooooooorg ... :liplick: ...esp when watching football /soccer :coctail:

13-02-2006, 14:43
Salamander Brandy! (http://www.grailtrail.ndo.co.uk/Grails/brandy.html) *hugs a tree*

29-03-2006, 22:17
White Russian :cool:

But mostly cider really. Cause in Norway you have to be 20 to buy drinks...... I'm 19. Haha. So cider on me since I don't like beer.

03-04-2006, 20:12
ok I have some new favorites....

Midori Sours - My big "sister" took me out drinking about a month ago and she made me try one. Now that's pretty much what I get if I go out to the clubs. It's kind of hard to fuck them up.

Alien Urine Sample - Ok so I was looking through a bartending book at a pool hall like 2 weeks ago and I made my "sister" get one. Haha I so called that one it was fucking awesome. it has malibu, banana liquior, melon liquior, club soda, blue caracuo, and sour apple schnapps. I got a kiss from the hot bartender for finding it LOL.

I've been making a lot of Black and Tans lately. A Black and Tan has Bass on the bottom and then Guiness poured on top in such a way that it seperates from the bass and it looks Black and the top and tan on the bottom, hence the name.

05-04-2006, 05:02
Best Drink I ever Had is called "A Violent F" It starts out green and you stir it and it turns red.
The best Shot I ever had is a polar bear