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Alex Cold
26-12-2005, 10:18
Hi everyone!

So here I go with my last track this year and my first remix to a song from the “Dangerous & Moving” album at the same time.

Download it:
(7mb, 4:59min, 192kbps)


PS: Happy New Year! :)

You can find my other tracks here:

26-12-2005, 10:27
Wow nice song i ike it :done:

26-12-2005, 11:02
i like it. it's a little more complex than a few of your others and i like the use of brass with piano. it's lovely.

Alex Cold
26-12-2005, 11:22
midori, Lux,
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

26-12-2005, 11:48
*Downloading now*

If it's as good as your others it will be fantastic! :done:

26-12-2005, 12:33
nice one! the recipe remained the same and we got another relaxing and great remix :kwink:

27-12-2005, 22:20
Nice work, Alex Cold! I like it :done:

27-12-2005, 22:35
Oh yeah, I forgot to comment on it.

LOVE the remix! :done:

Got any others planned?

Alex Cold
29-12-2005, 03:27
crni, hullala
Thanks! :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

I actually didn't plan this one too, just felt like writing it. Well… I now have vocals for the "Loves Me Not" song, so if there will be any more remixes, I'll most likely start with "Loves Me Not". I like the song too and have couple of ideas of how it could sound.

29-12-2005, 04:17
Alex cold wow I love this remix :D Hope you do a lot more. ;)

29-12-2005, 04:24
Beautiful job, Alex. I love the piano and brass too. And you created some beautiful harmonies. I really enjoyed your arrangement. Thank you! :)

-- Chris

14-03-2006, 12:10
какой-то он местами нескладный, если бы не это, то прикольно

14-03-2006, 12:14
Alex Cold, SORRY у меня просто файл паралленльно загружался и играл.
прикольный микс

Alex Cold
28-03-2006, 17:19
Thanks for your feedback!

бывает, однако :)

28-03-2006, 17:21
Alex Cold, can you make remix of 'we shout' or 'nichya'?

ps. i love your remixes! :)

Alex Cold
28-03-2006, 17:28
I like these songs - both Russian and English versions. I think I will make remixes of them sometime, but the thing with remixes is that writing them actually equals to writing songs from stretch:) the process requires a lot of time.

Sean Jon
28-03-2006, 17:36
Are there any projects you're currently working on?

28-03-2006, 19:57
Alex Cold,thanks.:done:

Alex Cold
10-04-2006, 20:14
Are there any projects you're currently working on?
plz check this out: http://forum.tatysite.net/showthread.php?t=10183