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22-12-2005, 04:59
hi there. i wanted to ask anyone who is from russia here if they could tell me something about their education in architecture. i'm 1 year now but i was thinking of continuing my studies somewhere else. so i thaught why not russia. :) VODKA is definitely MY drink :coctail:
not the best way to look for a good university but... ;)

but i don't know which universities are better than others. i was searching on the net but there are to many to look at. so i thaught maby some one could tell me their own opinion.

it doesn't have to be russia even.if u know anything about architectural studies in the country u come from just tell me a name or something.

22-12-2005, 05:11
This is *so* a question for Amber ;)

22-12-2005, 06:25
To my understanding, the Faculty of Architecture of the UNAM in Mexico is one of the most sought-after internationally. It's quite good, but I don't study there so I couldn't really tell you if it's amazing. If you wanna know more I'll look into it for you. :)

22-12-2005, 07:07
Well, here you have a list (http://www.archi.fr/ECOLES/) of the 20 architecture schools in France, the first 6 in the list are in the Paris region and are generally the ones that foreign students try to attend for obvious reasons of prestige. :)

24-12-2005, 22:34
thanks a lot

25-12-2005, 00:24
I am grad student in architecture and I am sorry, I dont think Russia is the best place to be studying architecture in the world.... esp for the reason of vodka as a drink...

It is so dependant on what YOU want out of grad school for your choice of school - if you like theory there is no doubt that Princeton is the best school for that; comps, animation and urbanism - def. UCLA, and so on .... my personal top arch grad schools would be: (in no particular order) Princeton, Columbia, Rice, Yale, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard for the USA and of course there is always the AA in london ... there are plenty of good euro arch schools, but generally, most great architects that come from europe prefer to come do masters in USA, so that would tell you something about institutions and available resources

if you are still 1st year though.. watch out, the drop-out rate of architecture by the 2nd year is very high.. hang on there

02-01-2006, 01:41
hey thanks very much but the thing is that i really don't think that i would be able to go and study at any of those places :) thanks for the information though. and i thought that russia wouldn't have something great but i said maby i'm wrong. but it turns out that i wasn't :)
and i know about the drop-out rate :) i think that in my country architecture may have the biggest drop-out rate :) lucky me :) but at least i like it