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15-12-2005, 01:37
“Is that- Is that mine??!”

So there he lies, Kenny Anderson in all glory. Oh, how he sleeps in that beautiful form of sprawled out shape on his bed. Look at his golden brown hair cropped short but still unruly, his fit, lean and toasty tanned body just egging for a night of passion!

Oh, look! The Hot Bod God is waking up! Look at his long brown lashes; flick away for one then two times… His deep, soulful rich green pools of eyes focusing on the striped sheets on his bed.

Hmm… He looks a bit out of it, doesn’t he? Like he’s confused and damn near hyperventilating… Wait! He’s running to his en-suite bathroom! I knew it! He does run every morning to his bathroom mirror to check out his sexiness! Oh hold on a tick, maybe I’m wrong. He’s making this horrified expression on his face-

“OH MY GOD!!!” He’s creaming Oh My God over and over, clawing at his wonderful clear face! What’s gotten into this Sexy God today?! Now what is he doing??? He’s stroking his pecs… Now I’ve seen him do *that* couple of times, but not with the expression he has got on right now. That petrified, disgusted expression… What’s his issue??

“NO BOOBS!!!” …Now did he just say what I think he said? Because I have to say folks, that sounded awfully like- Oh my god, what is he doing?? Early in the morning, it hasn’t even been ten minutes since he got up! I thought so, his doing exactly what I thought he was doing, he’s taking out his morning boner-

“Is that- Is that mine??! What the hell’s going on!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!” Well. This is just my point of view folks. And I must say… I love the view from up here!!! Oh that length! Oh that girth!

Wait, it isn’t my time to ogle. His mother in coming up to see what’s up. I mean I think the whole damn block just heard his glass shattering scream. Weirdooo.

“Kenny? Ken?? Are you alright in there?” Yup. That’s his mum alright, knocking urgently on his door. Uh oh, she’s coming in. Put the girth back the short, Sexy Goodness. Although I like staring at it, it isn’t the time! Yoo-hoo!

“Oh my dear Lord!!” Ugh, gees. Now the sight of Kenny holding his morning boner is going to traumatize his mother until he turns fifty. “Kenneth Anderson! It’s 7:30am in the morning! What have you got to say for yourself, young man?!”

Oh good. Kenny putting his girthness back in his shorts. Thank goodness, I was beginning to blush.

“Wh-What did you call me?” Kenny’s asking his mom. Now what kind of question is that? Maybe he has amnesia?? Hmm… Oh well, at least he body didn’t forget its awesomeness cool sexy body!!

“Kenneth Anderson… Don’t play with me this morning, son. Now get ready for school, you’re already late.” Phew! He pissed his mom off good. I tried to warn him. He should’ve put away the boner when there was still chance.

“Kenneth Anderson? The super rich and the super bastard? Lady, my name is Yulia. Yulia Volkova.” Now what’s he talking about?

“Funny, Kenny. Ha-ha. You should be a comedian. Now get ready and come down quick for breakfast.” There goes the mum. Bye, mum. Now Kenny, about that girth…

“Kenny. I’m Kenny. I’m Kenneth Anderson… I’m… Kenny Anders, Lena Katina’s beau…!”
Hmm… Is it just me folks, or is he really, very much so acting bizarre-o today?

15-12-2005, 02:04
funny stuff. LMAO@girthness. oh and, "oggle" is spelled "ogle" ;)

15-12-2005, 02:10
ooooooops lol
i was thinking of goggles :o

15-12-2005, 04:57
LOL@goggles. that doesn't make sense? ookayy then

15-12-2005, 07:17
Funny story :p

Veggie Delite
18-12-2005, 01:20
haha poor yuls. i wonder what's she gonna do with her new erm.. thingie LoL