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07-12-2005, 19:02
ok this is my first tatu fan-fic and i love it, and it loves me to but ne way...i posted this on tatu.us and tatu.fatal.ru and they seemed to like it ok so tell me wat u think

during a time of russain-american tension the premeir, a soviet supporter, wants to find a way to ease tension with america. finally, he thinks of a way to get americans to like russia once more, a musical group. so he decides to hire Ivan Shapovalov and Elens Kiper to find 2 girls , no matter what it takes...


"next," said a very frustrated Ivan, "you know i think these auditions will never end!"

"hey, its not my fault you joined the music business" said an equally frustrated Elena who resorted to gum chewing to keep from falling asleep during auditions.

"yeah, well, whos next?"

"um, lets see, Yulia Volkova" said Elenaas she was going through her list of names.

"uh, um, h-hi, im Yulia Volkova and i've decided to sing the song Nevesta, uh is that ok?" asked a small girl with fair skin and short black hair.

"yes, yes, sure whatever," said Ivan who was getting a little fidgety because it was almost his vodka break and as she was singing he was blown away. "you've got the job!"

"oh god, really!? i can't wait." blurted Yulia

"now, Yulia, we've found someone earlier, so here she is, Lena Kat..." but before Elena could get the rest of her words out yulia blurted out

"oh my god! Lena, what are you doing here?"

"uh, you two know eachother?" asked Ivan who was becoming delerious from lack of vodka.

"yeah" said Lena, "we were very good, uh, 'friends'"

"you mean you guys were a couple?" asked Ivan

"well, yeah, kinda" said Yulia

"hey, this just might work" Elena says, "Ivan, you know how the Americans are fasinated with the whole girl on girl thing?"

"well yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"don't you see or are you too dense to seewhat i'm getting at. This just may be what makes us popular in America. Now just what to call it, well nevermind, we can get to that later, now you two go get some rest." said Elena

"so when do we come back?" asked Lena who had noticed Ivan take out a flask and pop a straw into it, to hold him over until he gets his hands on a bigger bottle.

"well, how 'bout tomorrow, we need to talk to the big boss to see what we need to do next." said Elena

"ok, fine, see you tomorrow" said Yulia


"...so we found two girls to fill the spots and they seem to have had a very good, um, friendship, so I was thinking this just might work." explained Elena

"you know, this girly couple just might work!" said the big boss, totally disregarding what Elena said

"I couldn't have said it better myself" Elena retorted

"ok, so whats the name of the band?" asked the boss

"we actually never got that far but..."said Ivan

"YOU WHAT?! (takes deep breathes), you know what, its ok, i'm still in control and thats all that matters, so the name is now ta-laybit-tu, this girl loves that girl, or short and sweet, tatu, plus those stupid American-pig-dogs will be too stupid to look it up" said the boss

"you know," said Elena, trying to kiss butt, "I like it short and sweet"

"oh, come-on, quit kissing his ass and shut up" whispered Ivan in Elena's ear