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07-12-2005, 18:59
heres the first chapter. it might be a while before my next update though cuz i know fully what i wanna write but i just dont feel like putting it down on paper and plus shakespere is a bitch to re-write

so heres the first part

Two househlds, both pretty much the same,
In dirty old Moscow where we set the scene,
They act like violence is merely a game.
The bearers of the brutality are their nearly grown teens.
From one family sprung Julia,
The othe bore young Pasha
Their favorite phrases were "we're gonna make a fool of ya" and "we'll squash ya"
Although the boy and girl seemed in love
A peasant came to play
The kind nobody speaks of
Whisked Julia away

Yuri and Dimitri, two servants of the prominant Volkov family, were walking through the open market in the streets of Moscow, boasting about their relation to the wealthy family. Not liking what was being said, Taki a servant from the house of Sidorov, ran over to investigate. "Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like i'm doing?" Yuri asked sarcastically

"Well it seems to me like you're gonna stop your trash talking and walk away. Without a steak through your heart." Taki moved closer, drawing his sword, he took a quick jab. Just missing Yuri. Dimitri tried his hand t the sword to defend his friend. One quick stab was all it took. With that one swoosh Taki was killed instantly. Adrain, a close friend of Pasha, witnessed the incident. He ran over trying to defend the name of Sidorov. He rushed over, sword drawn and immidatly a thunder of metal errupted. Adrain was always trying to be funny. Always joking.

During the fight, he rolled under the legs of Dimitri and cut the belt on Yuri's pants. His pants fell, revealing his bare, shiney, white butt. "Hey thats not funny!" Yuri said, pants still around his ankles.

"It is to me!" Adrain squeezed between giggles. Yuri turned to fane Adrain, again pants still down. This caused Adrain to completely burst out laughing. "Now thats funny" he said making fun of the manhhod Yuri was a bit short of.

"Uh, uh, mommy said it was nothing tp be ashamed of" he said before he ran off.

"If you don't want the same fate... leave now, or forever hold your peace" Domitriran toward Yuri. Julia's father, Oleg, also heard the commotion and ran to see what happened. Same with Pasha's father, Vlasi. Oleg ran ran to Taki

"Is there a doctor?"" the man yelled into the crowded streets. Nobody answered. "Adrain, go find Pharmasist." minutes later Adrain came back with a middle aged man they called Pharmasist.

"Whats wrong?" he asked kneeling next to Taki's lifeless body

"Is there anything that can be done?" asked Oleg, sounding concerned

"I'm afraid nt" said Pharmasist. He got up, and walked away slowly.

"What happened? What caused this?" Oleg asked. Adrain leaned in telling him exactly what happened. "How could you let this happen? Don't you know how to control your servants?" now very annoyed

"Me?" Vlasi asked sarcastically. "I'm not in charge of what they do. I didn't even hire them. Larissa takes care of it"

"Even so, you should keep better tabs of on the help"

"Ok fine, but next time it'll be you instead of your servant" Vlasi sneered and walked away. Slowly, as if ashamed. But strong as if he didn't care what had happened. Off they went. Back to their lavish homes, filled with furs, jewels, and of course, money.

so wat did u think?

15-12-2005, 16:01
Hey Timmy!!!! i like your story its so prettyful. lol. no i really like your atleast doing romeo and juliet justice. so anyways i finnally read some of ur story!! ;lol. i jus had to do it durning digital under ur name too. haha. i really need to meber my password on this lol. loves ya timmy!!!