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28-11-2005, 23:20
When was the last time you heard information from the media that you later found out was untrue? What was the information about and what was your reaction?

28-11-2005, 23:35
The Iraq War... Yeah Weapons of Mass Destruction my ASS!

Not only were the American public lied to about WMD, but we were also lied to about Iraq's connection to Al-Qaida. We were lied to about the amount time troops would be in Iraq. The list can go on.

Not to mention every time someone from the Bush Administration makes a public announcment that is aired on TV or covered in the papers.

29-11-2005, 00:56
this could be a bloody mess of a thread. the media in the US is severely botched in that it is very liberal, very headline oriented, and horribly skewed. whether i have experienced untrue information is something i don't particularly recall. the media is clever to share what it wants and ignore what it wants as secrets. actually, one thing comes to mind, when Bush (duh) made that whole "mission in Iraq is complete" ploy, the truth of it all is that the "mission" was not complete. i mean, our troops were still in Iraq. the interim government was slow to complete the constitution and no one did much for awhile. anyway, that is the first thing that came to mind.

PowerPuff Grrl
29-11-2005, 04:48
this could be a bloody mess of a thread. the media in the US is severely botched in that it is very liberal, very headline oriented, and horribly skewed.

I'm sorry but when you say liberal; do you mean liberal in the media's use of headlines or do you mean the media's liberal idealogy?

If it is the latter then I respectfully disagree.

29-11-2005, 05:00
oh, of course media's USE of headlines, and certainly not media's use of liberal ideology. the media doesn't use or misuse liberal ideology. i was purely referring to media's use of headlines. the media in the US is liberal because of how it manipulates news. that is, which headlines appear and how the media uses news.

29-11-2005, 20:28
Unfortunately sometimes media has to lie specially when it's about politic.
I've heard alot.One of them was about 6 or 7 years ago, those days I was studying at my prevoius university.So many students were killed by the regime and etc.......But the regime denied everything,as always.
What would your reaction be when you were not allowed to do anything??

29-11-2005, 22:46
I don't know if you mean information where the media themselves were given skewed info, which they weren't aware was skewed, or instances where media knew the whole truth behind the story, but still published bad info just because they were told to do so by higher command.

In the case of the first scenario - I can tolerate the media being wrong in some instances. You can't know everything, right? I'm absolutely certain the media didn't know in advance about the non-existance of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They were just given false info and went by it.

Of course it goes without saying that when the media is being dictated what to say in a blatant censorship all bets are off.