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21-11-2005, 12:51
guy-guy ones :D

1. My Beautiful Launderette: Daniel Day-Lewis and Gordon Warneke

The two stars engage in a taboo-busting interracial romp set against the unlikely but oddly arousing backdrop of washers and dryers. The movie just happened to make the careers of Day-Lewis, director Stephen Frears, and screenwriter Hanif Kureishi. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

2. Y Tu Mamá También: Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna

After a steamy bit of dirty three-way dancing at a dusty Mexican beach bar, older woman Luisa deftly manipulates 17-year-olds Tenoch and Julio into the testosterone-only coupling they were driving toward all along.

3. Wilde: Jude Law and Stephen Fry

Sometimes the love that dare not speak its name just won’t shut up. Fry is predictably loquacious as Oscar Wilde, but the real surprise is Law, playing the lover who spurred Wilde’s imprisonment for homosexuality. His Bosie may be campy and petulant, but he’s just as convincing as Fry. And a hell of a lot cuter.

4. Before Night Falls: Javier Bardem and Andrea Di Stefano

Julian Schnabel’s biopic of Cuban writer Reynaldo Arenas is full of erotic couplings, but the moment that lingers is the first kiss between Arenas and his friend Pepe. The film has nowhere to go but down. And then down some more.

5. Velvet Goldmine: Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

McGregor’s Curt Wild (read: Iggy Pop) and Rhys Meyers’s Brian Slade (that would be David Bowie to you and me) look pretty and are suitably ’70s glam as they find a saliva goldmine together. Rock on.

6. Kiss of the Spider Woman: William Hurt and Raul Julia

Jailed South American revolutionary Valentin (Julia) may seek escape by fantasizing about Brazilian bombshell Sonia Braga, but he finds solace, in the time-honored cellmate fashion, with the queeny Luis (Hurt).

7. My Own Private Idaho: Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix

Reeves’s rich boy Scotty and Phoenix’s narcoleptic hustler Mike, as the they lie in bed talking to cops, don’t exactly kiss, but Reeves spectacularly twiddles Phoenix’s nipples, which reminds us of the Jerry Seinfeld line about sex starting with the appearance of the nipple. Who are we to argue?

8. Maurice: Rupert Graves and James Wilby

Repressed prewar England is the setting for the oldest story in the world: Toff meets gardener. It’s hot because it’s illegal.

9. A Home at the End of the World: Colin Farrell and Dallas Roberts

Roberts keeps his glasses on while Farrell closes his eyes and thinks about filming a sex tape with a Playboy Playmate.

10. In & Out: Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck

After a fender bender, second-string TV reporter Peter Malloy (Selleck) plants a mind-bending long, slow wet one on the closeted Howard Brackett (Kline). Fortunately for Kline, Selleck had recently done away with that cheesy Magnum, P.I. ’stache.


i think there was at least one in alexander, jared leto - colin farrell, and jared is gorgeous in that movie with the makeup and hair.

21-11-2005, 16:23
10. In & Out: Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck
That was funny one! :laugh:

My favourite is from "Cruel Intentions" with Sarah Michelle Gellar & Selma Blair.:D

12-04-2006, 06:17
Best Kiss In A Movie would have to be Ryan Gosling and Racheal McAdams in the Notebook

Making us londoners look like good kissers:p