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20-11-2005, 19:24
Hey people,i dont know if theres a thread for her but whenever i listen to Ruslana, can feel a strong eastern woman like t.A.T.u.As for her eurovision entry, thats what i call peformance very strong in voice and dance as well.(and i read in a Turkish magazine that
Ruslana had a problem with t.A.T.u. or somethin,is that true?)

and this is the link for her eurovision performance,not HQ 6mb


28-11-2005, 00:35
i didn't hear a trouble with tatu, Lou (germany's reperesent in 2003) was a fight with the girls... i think Ruslana have personality and good voice... my favorite song it's Dobry Vecher (i don't know how it writes... sorry) yeah! nice nice singer!!

28-11-2005, 15:42
absolutely,i like the same star,arcan and kolomyika
wild dances is cool too but no better than other songs