View Full Version : Where have all the mods gone?

Sean Jon
16-11-2005, 21:52
Where did they all go? *well not all* but katbeidar and QueenBee are gone!

does anyone know anything about it?

16-11-2005, 22:20
katbeidar and QueenBeekatbeidar is not a mod, QueenBee has moved to a new place and is waiting for her internet connection.

Sean Jon
16-11-2005, 22:47
oooh... i thought katbeidar was a mod cause of her user name is highlighted in yellow.

do you know where she went?

16-11-2005, 22:55
Tatutaty, here http://www.tokiohotel.co.uk/

Yellow colour indicates a Honorary Member. Member who is honoured by administration and visitors for his/her contribution.

16-11-2005, 22:59
For information, full list of Moderators, Administrators, and Honorary Members can be seen here: