View Full Version : Remix for t.A.T.u.

05-11-2005, 20:34
Hi everybody!

Please appreciate this remix for song "Fiend or Foe"

!* Friend or Foe (Russian edit from Me) *!

05-11-2005, 23:32
Wow, I LOVE this version!!!!!!! :dead: So upbeat!!

Thankyou VERRRY much!!! :wantkiss:

06-11-2005, 09:03
good remix! thanks for s haring

07-11-2005, 18:39
WOW! now this is a cool remix! keep up the good work :done:

08-12-2005, 17:52
hey, SingMAn

I have downloaded many kind of remix over Tatu and other bands songs because
I like that alternative interaction.
I need to tell you that your version or Friend or Foe is one very
intelligent, innovative and daring things !
You are so smart and precise to break the rhythm cycle....is this an intuition
work ( what means : pure talent ) or are you a professional musicion ( learned talent )?

14-12-2005, 01:58
u kno this should cbe featured on their album its great

winter fang :blabla: