View Full Version : Kuklachev - Moscow Cats Theater

28-10-2005, 15:36
I was chatting with my Ukrainian friend last night and she told me she got to see Kuklachev and his cat circus many times in Eastern Europe when she was a child (maybe around ten or more years ago). Kuklachev is here in NY with his Moscow Cats Theater and has a sold out run at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center! Everyone here loves his show and he's even extended it into December http://www.moscowcatstheatre.com

I usually hate circuses in general (the cruel training methods and poor treatment of the animals in the show) but Kuklachev was wonderful! He had such a good way with the cats, and even if they acted up (like one of the cats did when I saw the show last Saturday - he even swatted at audience members!), he just worked it into the show and made it comical. My sister and I took a picture with him and he autographed it - I'll post it later.