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Part I

Inspired by a true story....


I was actually planning to get married very early... Around when I was eighteen I guess. She was just incredible, really beautiful. I remember thinking that 'My god, she could really be the one! I'm so in love, I'm smitten, resistance is futile...' and et cetera.

I was only a small time bar singer back then. Barely known, rare gigs here and there, somehow making the bucks to live on.

She, was a very powerful family's only daughter. I had no chance with her... Or so I thought. She saw me sing, in this corner vintage bar southern part of town.

I wasn't particularly looking good or anything. Ripped fading jeans, striped worn out shirt, with plain white wife beater underneath. Scratched aviators.... It wasn't intentional. I was living off rent, needed the money, I couldn't afford to buy... Clothes. But... She looked through that. She saw me singing. She took interest. And we fell in love.

Two blind girls... we were only eighteen, of the same sex... And we fell in love.


[I]'Hey, you were great out there.' The girl had whirling, bouncing ginger hair with light brown jeans and pink striped blouse. She had her hands behind her, head tilted with a soft smile playing on her face. The singer, casually hung her aviators on the breast pocket of her shirt, smilng back as she offered her hand to the red haired girl.

'Thanks. I'm Yulia.' The singer answered. The red haired girl shyly smiled as she tucked a strand of her curls behind her ear. Taking the stretched out hand of the singer's, she replied.

'I'm Lena.' She giggled softly as she left Yulia's hand as moved her fingers to Yulia's black spiked hair, running her fingers through them. 'I love your hair.'

Yulia smirked. 'And, I love yours.'

'You wanna meet later... For another enticing conversation about hair styles?' Lena asked, her hand withdrawing from Yulia's mass of black thicks.

Yulia chuckled out a part surprised and a nervous wind. The baring her teeth, she answered, 'Sure.'


It was amazing, for the first few months, then it went on to years. We were twenty, the most incredible times of our lives... Almost all of them are recorded in these times from my birth and onto my twenties. And I knew that it was the same for her.

We were happy. We moved in the same apartment against her father's wishes. We got engaged against my mother's wishes. It was... us, against the world. And I only had Lena by my side.

But something told me... That was all I needed.

But by her twety first birthday, everything went wrong.


'Dad set me up with the someone tonight. Is that okay with you?' Lena cautiously approached the subject as she struggled to get her leggings on on the couch, where Yulia was also sitting on, with her guitar perched on her lap. The gentle strums of her chords abruptly stopped as she looked up at the red head.

'Your dad is playing the matchmaker? The Cupid? Are you kidding me? That is absolutely' Yulia's voice was rising, and Lena was flinching away in a gesture of bracing for impact....or more like explosion. 'HILARIOUS!!'

Yulia immediately broke out in a full out belly laughter as Lena rolled her eyes and smiled in relief. 'I'm going to take that as a yes, and I'll be back by eleven or so. Okay?'

With a last grunt and a heave, the leggings were on, and the white casual dress secured at the back, she bent down for a kiss from Yulia. Yulia easily obliged, giving the red head a tender but simple closed mouthed kiss.

'Play safe. Be nice.' Yulia warned mockingly, as she wagged her index finger at the red head. Lena just mischeviously smiled before picking up her hand bag from the coffee table and making her way out of the apartment.


I shouldn't have let her go. I shouldn't have. I have never stopped regretting that moment. I keep thinking, until now, why did I let her go? I was angry at myself for such a long time... Stupid.

She came back that night. Awfully quiet. She said she was just tired. Said the supposed date was a bust. Turned in early. I just let that pass by me. I wasn't suspicious or anything, I thought our love could... *smirk* surpass anything. Even the wrath of her father.

But I was wrong.


Months have already passed from the Mr. Katin's matchmade date for his daughter. But one morning, Yulia found the redhead already dismissed from the bed and sitting on a stool holding a mug of coffee cup in her hands.

Yulia shuffled out to the kitchen, bending down to kiss Lena on her forehead in a ritual saying of Good Morning. But Lena ducked her head with a frown on her face, standing from her seat.

Yulia blinked, still half asleep and faltered. Lena had never done that before.

'Is something wrong?' Yulia asked in a scrtachy voice, watching the red head plop down on the couch at the living room.

A whisper from her direction replied. 'I'm going to be married the day after tomorrow.'

A deathly silence fell upon the spce between them, but was broken by the broken sobs of the red head. The coffee mug was dropped on the hardwood floor, spilling its contents to the floor. 'I'm sorry, Yuli...'

Her sight seemed to get a little blurry and her head spun. Yulia was... Dumbstruck. The love... Of her life... Was going to get married the day after tomorrow. So she said the first thing it came to mind in retaliation.

'Let's go. Pack your things. We're going away.'


I was stupid. Completely, and totally stupid beyond....

We packed our things, and we ran away. I had my father's little cottage up in the northern parts of mountains. He gave it to me as inheritance after he passed away. Very charming little property.

We arrived I think, around two in the morning. Both exhausted, teary, tired... And we scrambled on to bed, and I held onto her so tight...

But when I woke up, she wasn't there. She managed to get out of my vice grips, and leave me. She was off to get married, and I couldn't do anything about it. But there was a note. She left me a note... I still have it. And I still remember those words, syllable by syllable.

End of Part I.

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Part II

Inspired by a true story...


It didn't say much.

"Six Months. At the Cottage."

At the time... I didn't know what it meant. Why six months? What was going to happen at my cottage? I had no clue, I was confused, part mad and mostly sad. All I had was this note, I had no idea what it was talking about, and this tiny fleck of hope... Of somehow... Getting a reunion.

I guess the angst was good for me. Well, not exactly for me but for my career. This sudden momentum of my ability to just pour out what I was feeling into words and onto paper... Boosted everything I had. My music, my social life, my financial security.

Soon after I got signed, and it wasn't long until my name started escalating on the food chain of stars. So, by the sixth month... My name was plastered everywhere, and it was hard to get by around the streets. Things got buisier all around, deadlines to make, people to see, videos to shoot.

But there was no way, I could forget what that note said. I tried to forget about her, Lena. I tried to move on. But when the certain sixth month rolled in... My curiosity and my heart just grabbed ahold of that old familiar feelings and ran with it, not even acknowledging the fact that it didn't know where to go. But I followed it.

So, exactly six months after the day we parted, I was back at my old man's cottage. Front of the wooden polished door, keys in the lock and my hand snaked around the handle bar. Nervous as hell.

Standing there for alomst an hour with my hand on the door, ready to open, I could slowly feel the calming effects of idiotic courage. As I started to pushed on the door to open...


'Well? Are you going in?' The red head said, her fingers snugged in the back pockets of her jeans. Her head was slightly tilted to the side, a shy smile on her face. The black haired woman eventually turned her head over her shoulder to look at the woman behind her. Her hand was still glued to the door handle.

When their eyes met, a sudden breeze washed their faces, revealing their masks for just a bit, showing the slide-show of emotions.

But after a while, they just smiled. Managing to unglue her hand from the door handle, Yulia walked down the wooden steps down to the gravel path Lena was standing on. Stretching out her hand in a offer of greetings, she shifted her eyes up and down in sudden embarrasment.

Lena grinned, gently nubbing the entrance of her notrils with the back of her sleeves and taking Yulia's hand in a meaningful but soft shake.

'It's been a while, huh?' Yulia spoke in an almost audible voice.

'Only six months.' Lena replied, shrugging.

'Seemed like six years.' Yulia answered with a thin thread of courage there. But Lena suddenly heaved out a shaky sigh as she pulled the smaller girl into a tight hug.

'Me too.' She answered.


I didn't belive it, but she actually filed for divorce a month back, and she gave up everything. Everything she loved, had, needed, wanted... Just for me. I remember her saying to me, that she had nothing in her life to look up to but me. That she really had.... Just nothing. It upset me a little, that I was worth all of that.

My instinct was right. My consistency of stupidity never seemed to leave me. I let her down so much... And nothing was worth it. Because she was worth everything.

As my name got more recognizable among the community, the work started to pile up. I had sing, I had to write, I had to hold press meetings, I had to get to an interview with the media, I had to give some information to a dumbass to write my biography, I had to, I had to, I had to....

And through all that... I forgot.. That I wasn't being there enough for Lena. I forgot that I was the only thing she had and I was slipping away from her. She was lonely... And she was afraid.


'I can't do this anymore.' Lena whispered with a shudder running through her body as she said those words.

Yulia reluctantly looked up from her notepad full of scrawled on music. 'You can't do what, read a book?' She said in a quiet drawl, eyeing at the novel Lena had in her grasp.

'No. Us. I am just- I can't do this, Yulia.' Lena said as she stood, leaving the novel on the corner of the sofa.

Yulia sniggered hesistantly as she stood up after the girl. 'W-why are you doing this? Why are you doing this now? Aren't you happy with me?'

Lena didn't turn to face her lover, her back still faced in the direction of the other woman. But only cold snappy voice resounded from the face Yulia couldn't see. 'No... I'm not happy. I can't be happy here... Can you... Would you take me home?'

Yulia took a step forward as she nervously laughed out loud. 'B-but you *are* home! With me! I love you!'

After a cold pause, a painfully strained voice came from Lena's back. 'Take me home.'

Yulia shifted her eyes around her, trying to recollect some of her composure. 'Yeah. Okay. Yeah, you need some time with your parents. Okay. Just for a while... Sure.' Yulia stuttered as she rummaged her pockets for the car keys.


I drove her to her house, a handful of her stuff in a travel bag in the trunk. But when we actually got there, she didn't up and leave like I thought she would. But she cried. In front of me, sitting right on the passenger seat. Consolation... was somehow a thing of the past, not sufficient enough to cheer me and her up both.

And when she eventually got out of the car, opened the trunk, got her bag, and went inside the door of her old home... I think that was supposed to be the good bye. Not a parting she nor I was hoping for, but a good bye on her part and some part of mine nontheless.

I thought I'd never see her again. But... it dawned on me after all that, fate loves to prove me wrong.


A week has passed since the girls said their good byes against their wills.

Yulia felt she was about to explode from all the pressure she was getting from work, all the confusion and all the exasperation from missing Lena. She couldn't work properly, hell, she couldn't even think properly. She wanted Lena. She realized how wrong it was, just to let go of the love of her life so eaily, and let her fade away from the space between her fingers.

She'd never felt so much remorse and sorrow in her life.

'Cath, cancel everything on my list for today.' Yulia quickly said as she rushed towards her car at the cramped parking lot.

The blonde pretty face with a wires clipped on her pockets and a pen in her clutches ran after the black haired girl. 'Cancel *everything*!?'

'You heard me!' Yulia replied as she unlocked the door and got in her car. Cath, her manager, stuck her face in the car through the open window.

'Well- Where are you going!?'

Yulia started up her engine as she quickly did her seat belt, buckling down. 'Where you can't find me!'


So I went in my car, pedal to the metal, and drove. I had enough of getting everything, everything I didn't want. As of now, I had only one thing on my mind and I wanted.

End of Part II.

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Part III

Inspired by a true story...


I was already riding the number one highway, when my pager went. I was thoroughly annoyed, thinking it was Cath. But guess what? That's right it wasn't. It was Lena. She was trying to reach me.

So I pulling over like a mad woman and whipping out my cellphone, I dialed the number punched in my pager. I remember my heart beating so damn loud every time it rang in my ears. Almost waves of nausea rocking me back and forth until... Her voice greeted me on the other side.


'Hi.' The soft, apprehensive voice of Lena's whispered in Yulia's ear like a cool breeze. Yulia was relieved that Lena was okay, and she was relieved that Lena still wanted to talk to her. But something was nagging at her guts, as if the Devil's elbow was poking at her ribs in a gesture of screwing with her.

After a long pause, Yulia answered. 'H-hey. Where are you? I was just driving over to see you.'

Yulia clenched her phone when she heard Lena audibly sigh in exasperation. 'What?' Yulia asked in a softer, less demanding tone.

'I'm in Italy.' Lena said.

'What? Why? Why are you...' Yulia stuttered through an answer but was cut off.

'I'm calling you from Italy. I've worked out everything I had back in Russia. My parents, my ex-husband... Even you.' She said. It sounded like she practised those lines a lot, maybe to sound convincing to Yulia, or maybe to repeat it again and again to convince herself. But she wasn't fooling anyone.

'You don't mean that! I still love you, like I said I was just on my way to your home-' Yulia was cut off again.

'I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow.' Yulia couldn't speak. There was a dreadful silence between them. The next time Lena spoke, her voice was breaking, obviously crying. 'I'm gonna forget about you, and everything I had back there... Because they aren't worth my life.'

'I think you're lying. Why would you call me and tell me everything about this? To get my permission! You want to have my approval of leaving me. If you were really planning to leave me for good, you wouldn't have called me.' Yulia half snarled and half whimpered through her words, both angered and sad.

'No! I called you because I didn't want to leave you on bad terms... That's it. I called you because I care enough about you to check in and tell you that I'm fine!'

The two of them stayed quite still, just listening to each other breathe, hoping the time wouldn't pass by them. The choking sobs started to wrack the ear piece of Yulia's phone, and those broken noises engulfed Yulia whole.

'I'm sorry, Yulia.... That's my last words to you... That I'm sorry.' Lena said, now ready to hang up any minute now. But Yulia gulped and glanced at her watch. Lena said she'd be at Paris by tomorrow.

'Well, you know what my last words are? I'm coming to Paris tomorrow. You know how I am, right? I'm going to fly to Paris, and wait there until you show up. You got me?' Yulia said.

A shaky sigh resonated from Lena's side. 'Yules.. I-No, you-'

'I love you. I'll see you tomorrow.' Yulia said abruptly, then hung up.


*That*, could be the smartest, or the stupidest thing I could've done in my whole life. But nontheless, I went. I had to wait like.. Nine hours to catch a plane because they were all booked up. Crazy experience. I slept on the airport bench with a ticket for seven o'clock ride to Paris.

Because she was worth it. She was worth all this crazy things that I do for her, and she worth trying to save, worth trying to keep her in my life.

Anyways, I caught the plane and... I went to Paris. When I landed, I remember it was starting to get dark. I don't remember. I know I shouldn't have hoped, and I didn't. But this nagging feeling in the guts never left me after I hung up the phone with Lena.

So when I went through all the security, ticket checks and crap.. I walked into the airport with a tiny, flitting expectation of seeing her there... Except I didn't. She wasn't there.

Thing about the Airport in Paris, the structure is built in a round doughnut shape, so you could walk all the way around the building without getting lost.

I felt like the sky was actually coming down on me, air was getting foggy and my throat suddenly felt so constricting. I felt the slight pang on my nose, my first sign of tears. As I walked round and round the building, I was laughing and crying at the same time. I was such a dope.

Some time after thirtry odd minutes, I was sitting down on the bench, watching the life pass by me.


'Yulia?' A soft voice called, tinge of relieve in her voice. The brunette looked up, their eyes meeting in hiding anticipation. Yulia let out a breath she was holding, slowly standing up. If it was a mirage, she thought, she didn't want to disturb it by a fast reaction. Lena laughed suddenly, watching Yulia's frozen expression.

Lena took a step closer, starting to talk. 'This was your ulterior motive of coming here? The long staring? If it was... I must say I'm quite diappointed... I was half expecting a pack of yogurt with a bundle of roses-'

She was cut off with a violent jerk from Yulia, who pulled her closer and hugged her so firecely, as if she would disappear. After a moment of revering in each other's arms, and how good it felt to feel each other again, Lena broke the ice again by talking.

'Screw the roses... I like this better.'


Spending time with her in France, considerably changed my views on Lena. Before, I was planning on bringing her back to Russia even if was the last thing I do. But after a few days with her, I started to have second thoughts. She really did leave everything back, just to begin a new life here. And I realized that I was holding her back... Because in some ways, I was another aspect, if not major, of her past, reminding her of everything she had left back in her home country.

So... Because I love her so much, because I cared for her like no one else could ever care for, I decided to let go of her. I kicked my stubborn self and kicked it more when it was down. As much as I wanted to stay with her, and take her back with me, the more I wanted her to be happy. And being happy for her, was to be here, studying... Starting a new life.


Lena's head was perched on Yulia's upper arm. Yulia had her arm all around Lena's head, her fingers lazily raking through the stubborn curls. Their legs were interwind under the blankets, and the both sliently thanked God that Lena had a tiny bed.

'I have something to say to you.' Yulia whispered, trying to make the conversation as easy as it got.

'Hmm..?' Lena replied, her eyes still closed.

'I'm going to let you go.' Yulia said casually, then bending down a little to kiss Lena on her mass of curls.

They both comfortably said nothing, before Lena dug into Yulia a little more, her hand clutching at Yulia's bed shirt. Tears were already flowing down her cheeks, but she was smiling.

'Thank you...' She said. Lena knew that somewhere along the line Yulia was do that for her. She knew it was an inevitable thing, and she had no problems with that. But she was going to miss her Yulia. Terribly.

'Love you.' Lena whispered.

'Love you more.' Yulia whispered back.

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BUSTED!! damn i think calling you "Puddles" gave me away... and that e-mail is SOOO not mine lol i keep tellin my friend to change the stinkin' addy :coctail:You really should have a look at your MSN profile :gigi:

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[Wow… It’s been a long time, huh? Well I have some bad news and some good news… The good news is that I’m back for good this time, and for a long time. The bad news is, I’m sick. Like… really really life threateningly sick. But uhh, you know… as long as I say I’m okay, usually I am okay, ^^. So… before I go anywhere, I’d have to finish this one and make lots of good stories before I leave again, right?! So here it is! The last chapter to this… Thingamabob.]


Final Overture

Inspired by a true story...


You never actually know the pain of living alone, and know you're going to be alone for a long while unless you live through a stage in your life where you're really alone.

I mean, fans, executives, managers, Catherine, they were here with me constantly. But, I've never really felt this alone through my whole existence.

But I did it. I lived through it. It was a hard life, and I couldn't help but bother thinking it was some sort of punishment for hurting Lena, making her fathom that her life wasn't at Europe, finding her own self, but with me... Which I get this nerve pinching feeling that it would go so, totally, wrong if she *did* come back with me.

So days went by, from weeks to months, from months to years...

I always thought fate would step in and help me through this mud trap I was stuck in. This grudge I was holding against myself in a way that was affecting my mental stability and my career. So I quit. I quit singing. Very recently. Caused a long hustle and bustle among my fans, mails, threats, phone calls, and visits… But you know what, I didn’t care. I was human before I was a singer. And although I really loved singing, and although singing was my life, I thought it wasn’t enough to win my mental state over.

But when a year went by like a really long day, I was in some sort of slight depression. Acknowledgement of not having to meet Lena again brought me closer to the bottom of a deep endless pit.

Fate has a way of toying with us before guiding us to our true future. And fate made me wait for one more year after that before... Before... Everything happened.


Yulia rounded the corner of the grungy street, pasted with thugs and homeless lying on scraps of newspaper on the streets. She sneered at the stench but before she let anyone see her expression, she forced her face muscles to relax. This stench was what fed her in the early days, and they say betrayal is worse than rape.

Then at the edge of the block, she spotted the familiar quaint little café protruding out the block with its green window frames, like a form of an alien among the bad side of town. She smiled. Sniffling back an itch inside her nose, she launched her hands into her faded jean pockets, careful to walk a bit more slowly so the hanging guitar on her back by a strap wouldn’t be disturbed too much.

She stopped in front of the quaint café’s doors and took off her old scratched aviators before pushing the doors open. The doors opened with a shrieking sound from the hinge, and as usual, the café was filled with fairly ordinary looking people.

‘Well, well, well… Look what the cat beaten, scratched, pissed, yowled on then dragged in.’ The full cucumber smile of the owner, Pete, with odour of cinnamon gum spewing from his mouth, said as he sniggered. He set the mug down on the counter he was cleaning and poured down a fresh brew for Yulia.

‘Take a seat, super-star. Knew you’d come back.’ Pete grunted out, that full smile never leaving his plump but ridged face.

‘Oh yeah? How’s that?’ Yulia asked, setting her guitar down carefully on the stage beside the bar stools.

‘A piece of shit always knows where to come back. In the shitter. And look around ya… It’s the damndest big ol’ shitter you ever saw. Oh, pardon my French; we call it toilet bowl now. All grand and fancy-like.’ Yulia knew Pete was trying to put the grill on, trying to blow on a fire inside Yulia, a fire she knew that didn’t exist anymore.

‘Thaaat’s right, Pete. I bet you’d never seen turd stacked up this high.’ Yulia said mildly, sipping her brew. The smile on Pete’s face vanished.

‘What’s wrong with ya? Quttin’ your sparkly life, just to come back to this hole?’

‘Screaming fans, screaming executives, screaming babies who’s screaming mothers want me to kiss them… Wasn’t my kind of living, Pete. And I quit because I wanted to. It’s not like before, where I could write a song in five minutes.’

Pete guffawed and slammed his palm in a laughing gesture on his counter. ‘Right! Because at the ripe age of 25, everyone starts to lose their eyes, ear, their bladder..’

‘That’s not what I meant! And you know that. I don’t have it anymore, I lost my mojo.’ Yulia said, before slamming a ten dollar bill on the counter. ‘Now shut up and let me sing.’

Yulia adjusted the mic, sat on a stool with her old guitar set on her lap. Then she began to strum a favorite, and closed her eyes for a brief moment to get her voice ready for the half listening crowd at the front.

‘How long before I get in? Before it starts, Before I begin…’

But as she opened her eyes back up again and eased into singing, her eyes shifted from each and one of the patrons before moving onto the transparent window. Her eyes fixated on the window and the animate objects outside of it, her voice and her fingers strumming the guitar working themselves as if they weren’t even hers.

‘Where to, Where do I go? If you never try, then you’ll never know- ‘

Then suddenly, right before her eyes, an awfully familiar red head was slowly walking by. She was walking by so slowly with her curls riding on the wind behind her, Yulia thought her mind suddenly warped into slow motion.


How long before I get in
Before it starts before I begin
How long before you decide or
Before I know what it feels like
Where to, where do I go?
If you never try then you'll never know
How long do I have to climb
Up on the side of this mountain of mine


Yulia stopped singing. As she got up, her guitar slid off from her lap to the wooden stage with a thud. Her shoulders being to shake. She had to do something, something before the red head would walk out of her life again.

Run to her, and tell her, that this was fate’s doing, and that we were meant to be together. We’ll both blame it on fate. We’ll close our eyes and blame all of it on fate. But she needed to move her ass before sketching out the future. And she did what came to mind. She ran.


Look up, I look up at night
Planets are moving at the speed of light,
Climb up, up in the trees
Every chance that you get is a chance you seize
How long am I gonna stand
With my head stuck under the sand
I'll start before I can stop or
Before I see things the right way up


‘Hey, hey! What are you doing?! Piled up turd! Where the heck are you going!!’ Pete yelled after the girl, who just smacked right into his entrance and staggered outside.

Yulia stumbled a few steps before getting her full speed again. She could see that lovely red hair turning the corner of the street. She was close, she just had to run a little faster. Determined to prove that girl who walked by wasn’t a mirage, formed by her mind from the desperate longing, she ran harder, striding her steps as wide as she could put it.

Pounding noises swished and gurgled in her ears, and her nose and lips dry. Just one more step, just one more breath…


All that noise and all that sound
All those places I got found
And birds go flying at the speed of sound
To show you how it all began
Birds came flying from the underground
If you could see it then you'd understand


Yulia skidded on her shoes, making a sharp turn on the concrete and followed the lingering fragrance of the red head in the air. She could those bouncing curls in her line of sight.

Why does she seem to be going so fast, Yulia wondered. Then she found out she was slowing down against her will. Lungs demanded air and she was wheezing in the breaths, trying to speed up but not able to.

The brunette hunched down, her hands on her upper things, trying to catch her breath.

‘Dammmit, dammit, dammit!’ Yulia thought frantically. If she didn’t catch this girl, this girl she was begging the world of Gods for, if she didn’t catch her…

She looked up, seeing the red head was still walking towards another corner.


Ideas that you'll never find
All the inventors could never design
The buildings that you put up
Japan and China all lit up
The sign that I couldn't read
or a light, that I couldn't see
Some things you have to believe
While others are puzzles, puzzling me


‘L-Lena…’ Yulia wheezed out, breathless trying to tread lightly to the woman walking up ahead.

‘Lena…!’ Yulia sped up again, and she thought about all those reunions she’s gotten with Lena before she had let her go in Paris. Just thinking about it made her heart pound, and enough adrenaline to scream at the top of her lungs.

‘Lena…! L-Lena!’ The red head seemed to slow down, making moves to look back.



All that noise and all that sound
All those places that I got found
And birds go flying at the speed of sound
To show you how it all began
Birds came flying from the underground
If you could see it then you'd understand
Oh, when you see it then you'll understand


And then our eyes met. Normally, I would’ve been jumping with joy, doing back flips, and five meter high jump on fruit stands. But I was too tired from running. And she must’ve been tired of looking at me, because she just stood there too, her eyes wide and the sudden pick-up of the wind spraying her hair across her face.

What do I do? Turn away? Frown? Call her name again? Or stay still? Stay, very, very still…?

Stop thinking.

And then it came to me. I’m not much of a thinker. And the fact that got me this far in my life, was by not thinking. So I cut the blood flow to my brains and sent the extra to my guts, my heart.

So then, I knew what to do.

I bared my teeth, loosened up the muscles on my forehead and my eye brows, and let out a laugh.

Crazy sucker I was. Insane. Coo-coo.


If you could see it then you'd understand
Oh, when you see it then you'll understand


Now I could see from my periphery that she was a little surprised at my action. But I saw her cracking up at how hard I was laughing. So she started laughing.

I felt kind of stupid, hell yeah, her laughing at me like that.

But it took a whole minute for my stupid brain to realize (I cut the blood flow, remember) that she wasn’t laughing at me, she was laughing with me.

With me.

Veggie Delite
11-12-2005, 01:11
shax babe, back with style, eh :rose:

missed you a lot!