View Full Version : YOU rock!

15-02-2003, 14:21
I don't post much in this forum, but i wanted to say to the moderators of this forum, along with everyone who contribute to it (translation, videos, news) are amazing, you rock! keep up the good work

www.tatysite.net kicks ass!!

15-02-2003, 19:50
aurelievw1, thanks! :D We'll keep it up as much as we can! :D

Don't forget to tell everyone about us! :heh:

15-02-2003, 20:09
Thank you, we are certainly glad to hear it.

15-02-2003, 20:19
Yay. ^_^ Thanks for appreciating all of this. We do it for you guys. :D


Silenced Sonix
15-02-2003, 20:30
Especially Echoed! She's very nice! Three cheers for all the mods, and a fourth specially for Echoed!

15-02-2003, 23:04
Hahaha! Yea, go Echoed!

Great job on the site!
Keep up the good work!