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07-07-2005, 13:51
Usually, I make wallpapers out of pure and utter boredom, and I decided to share because... I'm bored :P. This one I made yesterday. It sucks, I know, but sssssssh! :p You don't have to tell me, lol.


The pic of them in the middle might be a little dark >_>. Hell you might not even be able to see it... I can see it fine. But it might be my screen brightness, lol.

Edit: And copy the link..... >_>

07-07-2005, 19:11
Taty Rox . I like your wallpaper very much .. it looks okay on my computer screen.

And I like the fire at the background .. and Yulia and Lena smilling infront .. I look at it and try to find what it makes me feel ... it has serious message .. yes? dangerous and moving? yes?

Very nice .. and very good .. well done! :done:

07-07-2005, 20:34
:D Thanks... ^_^ I was actually thinking of changing the "fire" I made to make it look more real, but I wanted to make it look liquified as well. Dunnp.. Thanks for your comments :)

Veggie Delite
07-07-2005, 21:11
cute a bit too red ;)

07-07-2005, 23:12

Veggie Delite
07-07-2005, 23:27
it's very cute, but a little too red

07-07-2005, 23:34

Ok, lol. Yeah too red because I wanted it like that, lol. Not the same colour of red used throughout the whole wall though... so you can't classify it as just being "red". :D Depending on what shades you are referring to. Yes, it is a red wall, but was meant for the purpose to fit the theme of my computer... which is black and red :p. So it flows well with my start menu and stuff, lol.

Veggie Delite
07-07-2005, 23:48
post a screenshot! i'm having a green theme now so no way to fit it in :hmmm:

08-07-2005, 00:22
lol I changed my theme again. Now I have to make a new wallpaper :P O_O. I change theme everyday >_>. Green? lol, why do I want to say "Limes"? You should get a kiwi fruit thing going on for your wallpaper, now THAT would be interesting to see. Maybe a green fruit mix or something, mixed with yellows, and some reds, but mainly green... with different contrasts to balance out with your theme. >_> I want to see that now, LOL. Hmmm... I put it back to the one I had so you can see :P. it goes quite ok. better than the blue and pink wallpaper I had... :( dreadful.


08-07-2005, 14:30

08-07-2005, 21:40

Veggie Delite
08-07-2005, 23:59
tatyrox, very nice theme. my wp is green at the moment, but the color scheme is blue as always, i never change that :D

and denial, i can't believe you sorted out your icons!!! :eek:

09-07-2005, 00:06
The :eek: when I did i was because there were so many :P. I don't have a lot. :D My screens were always blue too... but I wanted a change :P something dark.

Veggie Delite
09-07-2005, 00:11
if you would see some earlier screenshots of miss dee, then you would surely faint :laugh:

09-07-2005, 00:33
>_> If it was full... I"d be scared, LOL. Too cluttered for me... I like space to see the desktop wallpaper :P

Veggie Delite
09-07-2005, 00:37
she had a little space in the middle i think :hmmm:

09-07-2005, 01:48
O_O lol.

09-07-2005, 05:56
hehehe ... I like that Taty rox push the girls picture to the right thus to allowed space for the menu and other stuff .. my wallpaper is sooo cool...

btw, what software did you use?

09-07-2005, 06:09
lol if I make a wall with people on it, I ALWAYS push them to the right side to make room for my icons :D. I used Photoshop :P

09-07-2005, 06:17
oh thank you .. there is also something that I like about monitor.. it has a power saving things .. so when I'm not use . it goes dark ... when I want to use it ..I press my spacebar .. then the it will slowly turn on . I get to see the fire red first but the girls picture was still dark .. then slowly it become bright ..and I can see the picture .. I think it came with the colors you select.
.. very nice!

14-07-2005, 05:30
How did the thread turn out from being my wallpaper to just being about chaz's?

14-07-2005, 06:07
because "My TATU wallpaper" sound general for everyone ... I think anyone new who saw the thread would read is as "oh I can post my TATU wallpaper here" ... even I already posted my TATU wallpaper here.. well its yours but its on my computer .. so its my wallpaper .. urrk.. maybe we keep this one thread so everytime we get new TATU wallpaper we posted here? Strictly TATU. what ya say?

14-07-2005, 06:26
Chaz's post and the subsequent comments have been moved to a separate thread.

14-07-2005, 09:12
OK :bum: LOL :bebebe:

14-07-2005, 15:09
denial, I see your point. I don't really care, I was just hoping more people would critisize my wall, instead of just over seeing mine and commenting on someone elses. If that makes sense. I use the responses in order for me to change my work to try and make them better.