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02-07-2005, 15:34
http://www.live8live.com/ join the list!!!

did anyone go to any of the concerts?

im watching it on tv cos all cities r too far for me to go

02-07-2005, 15:57
OMG I wanna upload my face :lol:

I've heard so much about it but I never got it. Sounds good though.

If poverty will really be made history then I think we could call this a miracle.

02-07-2005, 17:05
I'm watching it. Wow. So many people. Some great performances :) .

Sean Jon
02-07-2005, 17:44
im watching it now on MTV... sucks the Spice Girls werent alowed

02-07-2005, 18:25
If poverty will really be made history then I think we could call this a miracle.Miracle indeed. :rolleyes: Those concerts won't change anything, it's just a good way for westerners to entertain themselves, nothing more.

On their web site it says "double aid, drop the debt and make the trade laws fair"... Really? How dillusional are they.

"double aid"... It won't happen, even rich countries are running low on cash these days, especially with the price of petrol that keeps going up. Plus, what's the point of giving more money to countries run by corrupt governments, most of the money they're already getting never reach poor people and goes in the wrong hands anyway.

"drop the debt"... A few countries are going to have their debt erased, but it will come with a price, sort of say. In exchange of having their debt erased, those countries won't get any more aid and loans in the future since they've showed that they are not trust worthy and don't pay back what they owe.

"make the trade laws fair"... Yeah, we all know what's the US position on that, not a chance in hell to happen.

Finally i don't like how Live 8 only focuses on Africa, like only Africa has poor people? Yeah, right. There are also poor people living in the streets of all the cities where those concerts are happening, and concert goers probably passed by them on their way to the concerts without even noticing them.

02-07-2005, 18:25
well atleast these people are attempting to shed light on the topic. what have you done? :bebebe:

but it is a sad thought that after today all of those people will most likely just forget what the whole convert stands for.. but im all for it though, and if i had that influence, i definately would use it in the same manner.

sign the petition (http://www.one.org).

02-07-2005, 19:44
well atleast these people are attempting to shed light on the topic.Light on the topic that there are poor people in the world? Yeah, i'm sure nobody had noticed before Live 8 that poverty existed.

what have you done?You know nothing about me.

02-07-2005, 20:47
i dont see anything bad about it, itll make ppl think bout some things at least for a day.its good that theres some initiative.

with pesimistic mind nothing can be changed

killers were nice, too bad my stupid tv channel swithed to some other city so only got to see one song. :mad: hope ill catch some placebo from paris.

02-07-2005, 20:55
Stop being so negative, Haku. Nowhere else on the planet has so many people dying. At least people are trying to do something. Just more awareness of the problems could help. I wish I could remember exactly what Annie Lennox said about it all ... she put it far better than I could.

I'm dropping my usual cynicism for the day :) .

Remember, 5 billion people are thought to be watching this :eek: .

02-07-2005, 21:09
You know nothing about me.

nor you those people. so how would you know that none of those thousands of people were unaware of poverty before today? are you the only person in this world thats so high and mighty that youre the only one that acknowledges poverty in the world? :rolleyes:

aaaany how. jayz+linkin park= :done: good times! have they showed anything from the russian concerts? i wonder which american acts are playing there..if any.

02-07-2005, 21:20
i saw pet shop boys form moscow, dont know if any other international bands were supposed to play

some cities u can watch live here http://www.aol.fr/ it should work now

02-07-2005, 21:26
aw the link doesnt work.. but since its getting broadcasted somehwere online, im sure i can find it. thanks for the heads up! :)

02-07-2005, 22:00
There were some awesome performances today. Can't believe our national TV is covering it.

Ones that stood out in my mind: Linkin' Park (don't like'em much otherwise), Mrs Dynamite, Madonna, Velvet Revolver (Guns N Roses without Axl Rose), Pet Shop Boys (eventhough it was a cover it was at least appropriate for the surroundings. The song was Go West and the stage was Moscow). Let down of the day: A-ha and their lackluster performance of Take On Me.

02-07-2005, 22:18
just saw placebo in paris, just 2 songs, but they were soooo good. when i hear 20 years live im in heaven

02-07-2005, 23:32

Pink Floyd WITH Roger Waters. First time since 1979. *orgasms*

David Gilmour still has it.

PowerPuff Grrl
03-07-2005, 00:47
Canada sure got the short end of the entire event.
My God does the Canadian line-up suck ass, Jann Arden?... Jann freaking Arden?!!!
Sir Bob if you can't provide a better line-up than that, then seriously wtf?

03-07-2005, 01:51
So another day is dawning and the cynic realist Freddie is wondering whether these Live Aid concerts were really to help stop poverty in Africa, or was it subconsciously in part so Sir Paul Mcartney wouldn't feel as guilty, when he sits his wrinkled ass on a $5.000 mahogany chair, inside his $10 million mansion. True – maybe this isn't the ultimate representation of altrusim which I long to see in people one day so badly. On the other hand, though – it could be even worse: Sir Paul could just remain stationary in his comfy chair and utter: »Bollocks to Africa«, while contently scratching his aging balls. At least it shows we have conscience. We see there's poverty and we feel bad about it. That's something isn't it? We're not about to go sell all our assets, give it to Red Cross and go meditate in the desert just yet, but we're at least doing something to partly clear our greedy capitalist conscience.

Edit: No offence to Paul Mcartney. He's a great lad, and I love The Beatless dearly. I just used him as an example since he opened and closed the show and was as much a representative of Live8 as Freddie Mercury was of Live Aid in 1985. What I said of Paul could apply to all the ridiculously rich musician performing today as well as the public, who came to have fun and clense their collectively corrupted soul all at the same time. 2 in 1. Splendid.

We love you Bob Geldoff. Your ego might be as big as the Empire State Building and you may have been in-directly guilty for Michael Hutchence's autoerotic asphyxiation, but you gave us what we needed most. We feel less guilty for all the millions who'll die cause we can't give up our life-style. You gave us personal deliverance. You are in fact the new Rock'N'Roll Jesus.

03-07-2005, 13:59
I saw it here In Australia Only one song song they showed in berlin and paris A few speaches in 2 other places. Rest in London that was it. Sad nor showing anything in rome more on berlin And not showing any thing on moscow :(

Maybe there will be a video they put togather of all the performances put togather.

04-07-2005, 12:01
The Pink Floyd reunion was the highlight I think. Still not enough to grab my attention completely.
As for the others - Velvet Revolver, Motley Crew, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, McCartney, the Cure etc. - it was as if the world stopped in the early 90s. So I switched to watching some Muslim and African bands instead- not sure who they were though or what venue it was from. The BBC coverage didn't give many details.
Didn't notice anything from Moscow or Japan in their live coverage, just London, New York, Berlin, Rome, Paris and Canada - and that African/Muslim venue - oh it was in Cornwall, a little birdie just told me ;)

04-07-2005, 14:09
I just saw Moralny Kodeks and the Pet Shop Boys in Moscow. Would like to have seen more ...