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05-06-2005, 12:12
Insipid sun
Above your head
You think you're drunk,
But you are dead.

Don't try to clean
That bloody knife.
Please, don't repend,
Don't blame your life.

What's matter, dear?
Some childish fears?
Now you can't cry,
You have no tears.

Don't be afraid
Of judgement day.
Don't swear, man,
You'd better pray.

You don't believe?
You couldn't die?
But look around -
There's a sky

That's not your fault,
There was no way.
That's why you're here
And now let's play.

Step on the stars,
Go up and down,
Paint the sky red,
Make the ships drown.

You can touch sounds,
You can hold light,
The wind is yours
And so is night.

Keep smiling, love.
Forgive the sun.
Remember me.
Remember -
death is fun! =)

06-06-2005, 19:12
больше всего, мне понравилось два последних столбца...
а так - не плохой стих, но немного простоват...