View Full Version : Voting! Colour scheme of the forum and the main site

30-05-2005, 04:58
Igor set up a poll to vote what colour scheme you prefer - the one that is used on the main site (dark/light brown) or used for this forum (present standard green).

Please submit your vote in the Russian part and leave your comments here:

Which colour scheme do you prefer?


1. Forum's
2. Main page's
3. Another one

Please, vote HERE! (http://forum.tatysite.net/showthread.php?t=8804)

Thanks in advance! :rose:

30-05-2005, 05:13
Forum's....it's easy on the eyes.

30-05-2005, 05:56
Forum's....it's Tatysite for me...

30-05-2005, 10:00
Difficult.. I think both are beautiful.
But the forum also has that dark grey look option, which I also like.

30-05-2005, 13:54
Easy - the forum colors. Think the colors goes better for heavy reading (or as heavy as the posts allow that is..).
The mainsite colors are good for layout and not so much reading. But for the forum to follow I would hope not. It's one of the things I dislike about tatu. us for instance the dark colors that isn't too nice for one to read text at. Too little contrast I think the problem is, or too much? :spy:
Could be I'm too conservative and want to keep the things I'm used to. I never really got used to the mainsite colors since I don't really visit it that often. Think last time was when the new layout was intoduced :lalala:

Veggie Delite
04-06-2005, 00:48
the old colours ofcourse! i'm conservative :D

04-06-2005, 02:10
The forum's colour is classic. Dont change it! Unless you can get the exact colour you had on the previous forum (which is very similar to this one but not quite, it was more towards the yellowish. That one was even better ).

04-06-2005, 09:05
the forum's... got used to it so i like it best ;)