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“And we forget because we must;
And not because we will.”
-Matthew Arnold


I prayed day and night, again and again and at least three times a day that she wouldn’t forget that she had loved.

Her thoughts faded before I could properly tell her that she was my life. She was forgetting everything. Names, ages, places, things…

Even me who she loved more than anything.


“Oh for Pete’s sake…” Lena grumbled as she took a seat on the bus en route to home. She had forgotten her wallet and the can of coke she bought at the corner store. Groaning at the fact that she had already paid for the bus fare, she let herself out from the vehicle and made her way back to the corner store.

Lena was a 25 year old, and she was the daughter of one of the biggest construction industries in Russia. She had a job as a secretary slash organizer for Ivan Shapvalov, her father’s right hand man in the constructing business. It wasn’t that she had to work for her own; it was quite the contrary really. Her father discouraged her from working, saying working was only for the needy. But Lena didn’t approve of that attitude. So she works just for the fun of it.

She had bright red hair which almost anyone could spot out from a vast field of crowds. It was in curly locks, bouncing and riding the winds whenever it blew across her tresses. Freckles were scattered everywhere on her body, from her face to her back and even to her legs. But the freckles on her legs only and rarely showed when it was very sunny outside. She had a set of green and yet specks of grey eyes, holding in a lot of shine and vibrant light she always carried with her.

She was a nice girl really. She was fairly smart and had a quick wit about her, and she had the natural charisma just bursting out of her every move. She was more than handfuls when it came to her body, her shapely contours and curves in the all the right place. She was near perfect.

Near. If there was one flaw she had about her, it was her real bad memory. It was her usual routine where she would forget to close the cap on her tooth paste, leave her wallet almost anywhere, and walk all the way over to her work to see that her attire she had on waist down was grey sweatpants while she had a work blouse and a tie on top.

But forgetting was constant, and it was part of her life. She had stopped minding this little side effect of her good life due to her attitude about things. She had cared for a while, yes, a long while, but she decided that she couldn’t fix it so she might as well embrace it.

But this time she was pissed. Because she forgot her wallet and her can of coke at the corner store, she have wasted a buck fifty on the bus fare.

She spotted the corner store across the street, so she slowly jogged through the road to the other side. As she was about to step into the store, someone came out of it, blocking her way. She irritatingly looked up to see who it was.

It was a woman in scrappy ragged clothes with paint stains and rips everywhere. She had stark black hair spiked up in every possible direction with god knows what, and those eyes were very noticeable through the magnificent tan she had. She was a few inches smaller than her, so she straightened in an attempt to make this woman in front of her feel smaller. The woman in front of her looked like a total hobo.

She just blinked at her. Lena blinked back. It was mere second before until Lena had worked her sight down to see what the brunette was holding. It was a can of red colored coke shining with beads of perspiration, winking up at her. Lena blinked again. Then her thoughts caught up to her as she looked up at the hobo in front of her.

This was *her* coke! This hobo stole *her* coke! So she did the only thing that came to mind.

Lena snatched the coke can from the brunette’s hand, and poured down its snappy contents down her throat all in one gulp. After a second to recover from the sudden fizziness, she smiled and handed the brunette the can back. The brunette held up the coke can and blinked at it before looking at Lena again to blink once more.

Oh and of course, the grand finale for the thief. “Buuuuuuuuuuuuuurp.” Lena belched out, right in the woman’s face. At the least, the brunette seemed shocked. Well mission accomplished, she had gotten her coke back.

Lena happily pivoted on her heels and walked back to the station.


“Aww, Christ!” Lena cursed again when she found out that she had forgotten her wallet. In a state of ‘Pissed off’, she stomped out of the bus again with squinted eyes and marched over to the corner store.

Good. No coke stealing hobo woman around.

Lena walked in the rugged store, and the bell that hung on the wall inches above the door rung to signal her entrance. The owner of the store who was watching the tiny television stationed beneath the counter, flashed a goofy smile at her.

“Forget something?” He asked as he pulled out a wallet and a can of coke from a closed cabinet beside the TV.

A stab of guilt punched through her conscience. The song of her quite impressive belch right into the poor woman’s face replayed over and over in her head. She suppressed the urge to giggle and reached for her wallet and her coke.

“Thank you, sir! Have a good day.” Lena called before walking out to the bus station again.

Well, a free can of coke was something. But she wondered in fate was crazy enough to let her and that hobo looking woman meet at another time at another place. Then she could have the chance to apologize or something. But she desperately wished that she didn’t have to. She didn’t like apologizing for things, especially if she did do something wrong or caused disruption.

Then she dismissed the whole thought. She didn’t even have to think about anything when it came to fate. She knew that it was always a bitch.

[starting another one...cuz Love must be a fairy tale ends in about two more chapters!! whoo!!]

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LoL LoL .. new writing eh .. LoL .. this one started funny. Even I wouldn't know what to do if someone just take my coke and drink and burp and laugh .. I will think its a crazy person and I wouldn't mind at all. .. more of that I would be really scared to mess with one .. LoL ..

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haha poor yulia, i know from experience that it's not very fun when someone burps right in your face :hmmm:

this sounds like a great start!

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I like the blink blink part ..

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Chapter 1

“Ivan, here’s the interior design and structure blue print you wanted. This thing gave me a one helluva headache.” Lena grumpily muttered before placing two rolled up construction paper on the mahogany bureau. “Why thank you, Miss Katina. And just in time for the early morning meeting with your father too.”

The man who was called Ivan Shapavalov was in his mid forties with graying chocolate hair, and an aging cracking voice. But no matter how much he had gotten older, his trouble some mischievous youthful features remained.

Dipping his tea cup into his lips, he took a brief sip of his coffee before reaching out for the rolled up hard papers. Inscrolling one of them with one hand and holding his tea cup in the other he smiled.

“Quite impressive Miss Katina. Where did you gather the infos?” He asked, looking up from the parchment was lines and designs. His eyes shone of wonder and pride as he put on a thin smile. But Lena just shrugged, looking away with a timid smile gracing her lips. Ivan gave a kind chuckle. “Very well. Well I must be off, your father and I am meeting with the new architect.” He said resignedly, getting up from his seat and collecting the two tied up papers.

A new architect? Lena flashed him a curious look before picking up his tea cup and saucer from his bureau to clean it up. Ivan winked at her in a thanking gesture.

“Ivan, what was wrong with our old architect?” Lena tried to make it sound like it wasn’t big of a deal, and trying to hide the fact that she was very curious. But no one could fool Ivan. Well at Lena at least couldn’t fool Ivan. He had seen the girl grow right before his eyes and he knew her inside and out.

Tucking in the two rolled papers under his under arm he checked himself over, and tugging at his tie. “He uhh… Well your father suggested something more fresh. Something youthful, and something new and modern. He said we’ve been working with the same architect for too long.” Ivan said without any thinking, brushing off some dust on his suit. He turned to face Lena and held out his hand that clearly said, “Well how do I look?”

“You look perfect Ivan.” Lena said, hiding her grin.

“Why thank you. And I happen to agree with your father. The new architect… I’ve heard a lot about her. She’s really something.”

“It’s a woman?”

“Yes… her name… What was it? Ahh yes, Yulia Moldova? No, Voldova? Wait it’s coming to me… Ahh yes, Yulia Volkova.” Ivan and Lena headed for Ivan’s office’s entrance. Ivan politely opened the door for the red head and she curtly bowed her head in thanks.


It was finally lunch break and Lena was dying to have some quiet time by herself. She was still a little bit hunched up from the morning fatigue as she made her way towards the nearest soft drink vending machine.

Rummaging through her pockets and rolling five coins in, she pressed a button and the clunks and thuds of the drink falling down to the little hatch was heard. She reached in and pulled out the can of coke.

Ahh Coca-Cola. You genius devils you. She loved coke. It was her favorite soft drink against any other ones. She didn’t know whether its caffeine she craved or the fizziness. Or the burp afterwards. She snickered.

Popping the can open, she raised her can to take a gulp. Something in her line of vision made her stop.

A brunette woman with electrocuted hair and a marvelous tan was staring at her from across he floor. She was almost making a hole through Lena with those clashing ocean blue eyes, that mysterious ghost of a smile on her face.

It was the hobo woman. A feral looking hobo woman. But she wasn’t a hobo anymore. She was wearing a fitting suit with a clean black tie that hung loosely around her neck. Then as if she had a determined purpose, she started heading towards her.

Lena visibly gulped as the brunette drew near her.

Step. Step. Step. Oh god she was doomed!! What was the brunette going to say?!

The ex-hobo woman was just inches away from the red head’s spot. She slowly raised her hand, and Lena squeezed her eyes shut.

But the brunette just snatched the coke can from Lena’s grasp and finished the whole can in mere few gulps in seconds. Almost mimicking Lena as she had before, she handed back the empty can.

Lena opened her eyes and rattled the empty can in her hand. Was this her idea of a joke? She thought, blinking madly at the brunette. But before Lena could begin to say anything, the brunette opened her mouth and vented out a loud horrifying belch right into Lena’s face.

Lena’s jaw slackened at what the woman before her just did. And she saw that the brunette was clearly trying to fight off the laughs, trying desperately to keep a cool face.

Then the brunette raised her open hand in the direction of Lena’s free hand. “I never had the pleasure of meeting you, Miss Katina. My name is Yulia Volkova.” Still in semi shock, Lena weakly gripped on to Yulia’s hand and hesitantly shook their hands.

“You- You’re the new architect?” Lena stumbled across her words, her eyes fluttering about in frenzied thoughts in her head.

“Fraid’ so. Looks like I’m gonna see more of you from now on. I swear, if you weren’t cute like you are, I would’ve have killed myself. No one wants to spend ten year staring at the same ugly face every morning.” Yulia said that in the most casual tone, making it sound like the most obvious thing one could say.

Lena harshly snatched her hand away from Yulia’s held grasp and rolled her eyes. Never judge a book by its covers. Volkova was actually unimaginably beautiful, but her insides were crap. Lena crossed her arm and started to walk away, only leaving Yulia with a dirty look.

“Hold it Red Ridin’ Hood.” The brunette grabbed Lena’s shoulder, and whirled her around to face her. Lena’s face was at dismay of what Yulia had just called her and had done.

“What do you want? You got your revenge.” Lena snapped, waving Yulia’s touch away.

“What do I want? How ‘bout a date?” Yulia replied sheepishly, an infectious smile breaking on her face. She was revealing her pearly white teeth and the smile wrinkles deepened at the corners of her nose.

That smile made Lena snicker, then making herself regret it. Realizing her smile was the most contagious goofy one ever, she quickly diverted her gaze to somewhere else.

“How about ‘No’?” Lena responded with temporary anger in her voice.

“Fine. A drink maybe?”

“How can you be so sure that I’m in to women?” Lena asked, her head cocking to the side.

“I’m not.” Yulia replied, mimicking Lena and cocking her head to the side also.

“Are you mocking me?” Lena snapped upright, now her shoulders tense of nervousness.

“Maybe I am. So… How about that drink?”

There was a long moment of silence where Lena was glaring at Volkova, and Volkova was smiling her wide smile, smacking on her mint gum which Lena could whiff with a deep inhale of breath. Damn that confidence, Lena thought. Then she thought of squashing that little ego of her’s. A smile of her own came up on her face.

“Only one glass of beer and that’s all I’m giving you.” Lena said determined and rigid. Yulia laughed out loud, starting to check her watch and walking away.

“Sure!” She yelled back at Lena before running to the next hall and turning a corner.

“Sure?! Was that some kind of degradation?!” Lena yelled back and was surprised to see Yulia poke her head back at the corner.

“It wasn’t any form of insult hon, only a promise.” Yulia replied with lively gleam in her eyes. And with a wink, she was off again. “I’ll call ya Red!”

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[ :coctail: ]

[ when I read the new architect .. Yulia pop up in my head .. :coctail: .. the moldova voldova part is funny .. many part is funny too .. LoL ]

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[ shax this is great! i hope you don't make it in a sad one :nunu: ]

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Chapter 2

“Vik, I’m not in the mood for this.” Yulia mildly chastised her voice soft and quivering and annoyance apparent on her face. Her right hand her right ear was occupied with a slender sleek looking mobile phone, a burning cigarette expertly bitten in her lips. Her face was frowning, the lines on her nose crinkled and brows snapped shut together. She was propping her arm’s weight on the frame of the car’s window, some of her elbow sticking outside the car.

She was currently stuck in the most unbreathable traffic she’d ever been in, and she was pissed because she was going to be late for work.

“Look, I said no, alright? I thought we were through with this? I thought we were cool with being friends?!” She snapped again before blaring her horn at a car in front of her trying to budge in her lane without a signal. She unpleasantly growled and slowly stuck her head out the window.

“Vik, hold on a sec,” With a warning to the other line of her phone she raised up her middle finger to the car in front of her with her free hand, then screaming “DIRTY SLUT!” at the driver. That made the burning cigarette fall helplessly from her mouth to the pavement road.

“Aww motherfucker…” She grumbled then shortly later, the driver in front of her yelled back. “Crazy bitch!” Yulia snapped her head up and gave another middle finger before sticking her head back inside the car. She raised her phone back to her ear.

“Vik? Yeah, don’t call me for a while alright? I don’t wanna talk to you.” With slicing edge in her voice, she flipped her phone to a close before slipping it in her inner jacket pocket.

Then with a playful menace in her eyes, she slammed on her accelerator, gently nudging the car in front of her enough to give a scratch on the bumper. She laughed at what the driver then said, “Holy hell of flying frogs! CRAZY BITCH!”

“Serves you right ass fucker…” Yulia muttered with a smile. She glanced at her car’s clock and groaned. She really didn’t want to face Ivan at the supposed meeting which she was supposed to be there for about half an hour ago.


Lena didn’t go to work today. Because this was her big day. The day she’d been waiting for another five months. The day she was hoping to finally achieve what she’d been dreaming of.


At the age of 25, she was finally getting another chance to get her license, and it certainly wasn’t the first time that she had taken this test. The main reason was that she was very forgetful to check the most vital things, like checking over her shoulder to see if it was enough space to Parallel Park, or give a signal before changing lanes. The last test she had failed because she forgot to put her seatbelt on.

“Hello Miss Katina. I’ll be your supervisor for your driving test for today. Are you ready?” An old lady with huge lensed glasses barely steadying itself on the bridge of her nose asked with a large breaking smile. Her false teeth shone with every sparkle from the sun.

“Yes ma’am, I’m ready as I’ll ever be.” Lena said with an excited shaking voice.

“Alright, let’s drive out of here. Let’s see what you can do.” The old lady said, taking out a clipboard and setting it on her lap. Lena smiled and slowly changed gears to reverse out of the parking lot.

This time she would do it, because she had studied day and night and checked everything over and out again and again. She would not fail this time. No sirreebub, she was going to get the bloody thing if it was the last thing she did. She stepped on the accelerator with a sudden movement of her foot.

The whole car jerked and instead of the car going in the reverse direction, it went straight forward, the whole front of the car crashing into the concrete wall in front of it.



After trudging out of the driving school and paying for the repairs for the car, she decided to walk to her workplace. She didn’t have anything better to that day, and she wanted to talk to her father about Yulia anyways.


Lena flicked off the water droplets for her hands as she ripped out a paper tissue from a container stuck the wall to dry her hands completely. Running through her red tresses with her fingers, she looked up to the mirror for one last time to check her attires out before heading out.

Then what she saw made her jump and gasp a little. Yulia smirked at the red head’s reaction. On the reflection, Lena not only saw herself but Yulia leaning against the bathroom entrance with her left arm propping her self against the door frame. Her feet were crossed, her silver linen lined tie as usually loose around her neck.

The tired wrinkles marred her expression when disappointed as well as anger laced Lena’s. Yulia chuckled before sauntering near to the red head, pressing her up again the marble wall of the bathroom.

“Looks like we both could use a drink right about now. How about we cut work and go where we could sit and get shit faced?” Yulia suggested with a humoring voice. Lena’s lips twitched in a reflexive gesture to decline but something told her otherwise this time. She did need a drink right now. But the rational part of her brain refused.

“Isn’t it a little early for that?” Lena asked.

“It’s after noon.” Yulia replied with one of her perfectly lined brows ascending up.

“Won’t you get in trouble?” Lena asked one more time.

“I’m already in trouble to be in more trouble… Besides… I’m under contract. They can’t fire me, but I can’t quit either. Unless they try to kill me which is another story…”

“Shut up. Let’s go.” Lena slyly cut the brunette ff before pushing her off and exiting the bathroom. Yulia stood there for a moment of pause before breaking into a snicker and following suit.


“Yes, yes I’m very sorry Verustikov. But you know me of all people can’t control someone, let alone try to control my own daughter. You know how my Yulia is. She’s stubborn… But she’ll come around I’m sure.”

A pause followed.

“Yes I agree Viktor is a very nice boy. That’s why we arranged their engagement ourselves. They’re the perfect match yes I know.”

The garbled noise of a talking voice on the other line could be heard. Another pause.

“Just keep your boy at it, I know Yulia likes Viktor, I just know it!”


“Josef Kapinski, meet my new sex slave Lena Katina.” Yulia introduced, sitting herself down on one of the stools in front of the bar. Shocked Lena plopped down next to the brunette, giving Yulia a soft warning punch on her arm.

“Hey… Ouch…” Yulia mocked, screwing her face up to express the horror of so much pain. Lena rolled her eyes before shaking hands with the bartender, Josef.

“Pass me my usual, will ya Jo?” Yulia called, resulting in Jo saluting back to her with two fingers before pulling out a whole bottle of vodka and slamming it in front of her on the bar. Yulia pulled out a hundred dollar bill from her back pocket and slid it to Jo. “Keep the change.” Jo nodded before walking away to another early bird customer.

Taking a casual swig from the bottle and wiping her lips with the back of her sleeve, she passed the bottle to Lena, expecting her to do the same. Then surprisingly, Lena snatched the bottle from the brunette’s hand taking five big gulps.

Yulia laughed taking the bottle back from Lena who was wiping her mouth with the back of her sleeves too. “You really have something for chugging drinks, whether its alcohol or fizzy goodness of a drink.”

Lena gave the brunette a sharp glare before beginning to really relax around Yulia.

Yulia took another swig before landing the bottle back on the bar.

“So… What are you in here for?” Yulia asked with hints of laughs in her voice. Lena gave a confused expression before whispering “Oh…”

“I failed my driver’s license test.” Lena muttered before staring back down at her fidgeting hands. She could hear Yulia smirk and trying not to laugh.

“Your uhh… First test?” Yulia asked intrigue muddling up her voice.

Lena glared up once more before answering. “No my eighteenth.” The brunette broke out into a full out belly laugh, her palm gently tapping at her upper thigh. “Oh shut up, you.” Lena murmured, reaching for the vodka and taking a hefty swig.

“What about you, what are you in for?” Lena asked, setting down the bottle on the bar again.

Yulia stopped laughing and looked up at Lena, letting out a tired sigh. The wrinkles lined up her pleasant face just like it had done back at the bathroom.

“I came to work a little late today… Mucked up something important with another company. I humiliated Ivan and your father at the meeting practically because I didn’t show up on time. Yeah… So Ivan is like…pissed… and an important alliance contract is gone for good cuz of me.” Yulia sighed, taking another baffling swing from the vodka nearly emptying the bottle.

There was an awkward silence between them, both of them looking away from each other and not knowing what to say. But the lively mischievous light came flooding back to Yulia face, smoothing out her worry lines into a small smile of something Lena couldn’t really grasp on.

“Hey Jo, hand me two glasses of your mystery concoctions, will ya?” Yulia called out, waving another hundred dollar bill between her middle and index fingers. Jo happily obliged, placing two shot glasses of blood red thick liquid handed in front of them. Then he slipped the money out of Yulia’s fingers before walking away again.

Lena grimaced at the smell and the sight of the mystery concoctions placed in front of her and Yulia.

“What is this supposed to be?” Lena asked, taking a whiff and sticking her tongue out in semi disgust.

“It’s Jo’s famous sobering concoction.” Yulia replied setting aside the vodka bottle.

“Well I don’t see any drunk people.” Lena said looking around, doing a full sweep around the building with her eyes. Yulia guffawed before sliding one glass of the shot nearer to Lena and holding up one for her own.

“Because that isn’t the purpose of it right now.” The brunette said amused and taking a small whiff of it herself. She cringed.

“Go on.” Lena said, brining the shot close up to her eyes to study exactly what it was.

“It’s like a pact drink. I suggest something, and you want to follow through with it, we drink it all at the same time. But if you don’t want anything to do with it, you back out, and leave the bar.” Yulia said.

“And what are you going to suggest?”

Yulia gave the red head a kind smile before inhaling to speak. “If we drink this at the same time right now… We’re officially couples. Got it?”

“And if I don’t drink?”

“Then as I said… We won’t have anything to do with each other. Forever. Until we die. So… Cheers?” Yulia asked raising her shot glass.

Lena was quiet for a long while, her eyes flickering around the sight of the shot glass in front of her. Two minutes had already passes and Yulia’s arm was beginning to ache. But just in time Lena raised up her own glass, and clinked it against Yulia’s.



“Hi, I’m looking for Yulia Volkova?” A man in middle twenties with a sunglass firmly held in his one hand and a Porsche car keys in the other. He had a grainy blonde hair with almost black iris and a perfect lining of his face.

The receptionist clacked away at her computer, looking up briefly at the man before going back to her computer screen.

“I’m afraid you cannot. She didn’t come back from her lunch break.” The receptionist answered, almost sounding profusely bored.

The man frowned before asking once more. “Well do you know where she might be right now?”

“Sir, I’m a receptionist, not a tracking device.” She snapped.

“Sheesh alright. If you happen to see her just tell her that her fiancée, Vik Verustikov, dropped by.”

“I’ll make sure Miss Volkova gets the message, sir.”

“Thank you.”

[good news ladies...not a sad story!!!]

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Lena didn’t go to work today. Because this was her big day. The day she’d been waiting for another five months. The day she was hoping to finally achieve what she’d been dreaming of.


[ ahahahahaha ..that was a surprised .. good one.. :laugh: ]

“If we drink this at the same time right now… We’re officially couples. Got it?”

[ ooosh! Yulia is so cool! ]

[ okay more more more ]

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wow she comes on strong!(i like it) :D

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Chapter 3

“Really? So tell me how your mothers like.” Lena asked, her face propped with her palm, the weight of her head securing her elbow against the table firmly. Her eyes wide with curiosity and fascination, shades of grey reflecting off the night’s atmosphere. She was wearing a casual pink striped blouse with a black striped jacket on top to match. She was wearing cotton plain black pants and even her socks matched everything she wore. But the stylin’ little thangs hugging up her feet were no heals… they were runners. Nike.

“My mother? Uhh… Well… She’s a very nice person.” Yulia replied with an awkward face. Her lips were tightly pursed, her brows raised and the focus of her eyes down to her twitching finger tips. The twisting her fingers around her mini umbrella corked in her drink, she started to play around with it. She was wearing a black tank top with an over sized white button up t-shirt on top and half shredded jeans for down under. She was wearing black sandals, revealing her toes squirming against the pad of the foot ware.

“Oh come on. We sit here and you talk about your father for a good solid hour while you only take three seconds to explain about your mom?” Lena said, her lips playing a half teasing and half knowing smile. “I kinda get the feeling that you’re hiding her from me, Volkova.” Lena added, raising her hand to tuck loose strands of her red curls behind her ear.

Yulia laughed, taking a quick sip from her martini. Then nervously ruffling up her already explosive hair, she half heartedly sat up on her chair to rest her arms on the table barging between her and her date for the night.

“My mother… Well… She’s very sensitive. She has good tastes in only good qualities… A very good mother in certain criteria of her life. She’s a one helluva work when you get into a fight with her. My features mostly came from my dad… But my smile and my quick temper are from my mother. And… Gosh what more to say about her?” Yulia exhaled, flicking the mini umbrella to the floor of the bar they were in.

Lena nodded. “If you don’t want to talk about her, you don’t have to. It seems like your mother is the only thing you’re not confident about.” The red head suggested, taking her own mini umbrella, then dragging the skewered olive through it between her teeth into her mouth. “You know, I think this is the very first time I’ve been in a gay bar that’s this sophisticated and so…controlled.” The red exclaimed, diverting her eyes around the interior of the building.

Yulia smiled in gratitude, then turned her head to the live band playing at the corner of the restaurant. She was pretty sure that they were playing one of those ‘Just-made-up-mass-of-complicated-notes-the-true-sound-of-jazz’ things and she laughed. She loved those.

Stretching her hand towards Lena who was chewing on the olive with a far away expression, she glanced at the red’s eyes then glanced back at the band. Lena, snapping out of it studied the looks Yulia was giving her and eyed the band as well. Then looking back at Yulia offering hand, she raised both of her palms up in refusal.

“No no no no no no, no way. You are not going to make me dance in public, to this music, in middle of a restaurant where they don’t even have a dance floor.” Lena persuaded. Or at least tried to.

“Oh come on. I’m a very good dancer. I’ll twirl you out of your mind, that’ll make you forget that you’re actually around watching eyes, I promise you.” Yulia enunciated with sparkling eyes as well as almost blinding Lena with one of her infectious smiles.

“You are a very good bragger, did you know that?” Lena said with her timid hand finding Yulia’s place. Yulia gripped tightly around Lena’s soft hand and pulled her near the band to a small space where they could dance.

Then pulling Lena close in her arms then burrowing her whole face into the crook of Lena’s neck, she exhaled audibly then giving a little neck. Lena shivered at the sensation, her fingers involuntarily gently digging into Yulia’s sides. The brunette chuckled, purposely making her spikes of hair tickle Lena’s nose.

“I don’t brag… I just am good at many things.” Yulia said into the soft flesh on skin just beneath Lena’s ear. Lena inhaled sharply, losing her footing just for a second.

“Many things that don’t matter I assume.” Lena said, miraculously still have a hold on the pitch of her voice.

Yulia slowly pulled apart then looked up to stare into Lena’s eyes. Her right brow was raised, her lips curled up in a mischievous gesture. Then opening her mouth she whispered the three words…

“You assume wrong.”

Lena laughed, making Yulia lose her footings from the front seat view of the beautiful laugh. “Then tell me, just what are you good at? Drawing houses? Even I could do that when I was four.” Lena said teasing evident.

Yulia scoffed, then let go of her right hand off of Lena’s shoulder to dive her hand to the lower regions of Lena’s body.

Then the swaying of their little dance came to a dead stop. Lena’s eyes were as huge as golf balls, her jaw slackening to a gape. Yulia was giggling slightly, her once austere and braggy attitude diminishing from her expressions.

Leaning in, Yulia exhaled a hot breath on Lena’s ear, then resumed to whisper. Lena unintentionally moaned, letting Yulia know that she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“This…Is what I’m good at.” The brunette whispered. Then with a jerk, Yulia made a harsh movement with her arm making Lena yelp. Clicking her tongue, Yulia grinned tossing her un-toss able hair. “I see myself as a... sexy, independent, intelligent, simply put… A much modernized Renaissance woman. Do you happen to agree, my little sex slave?”

Lena’s face was a bit flushed and the majority of her balance was at the base of her toes, Yulia supporting most of the other body weights. “I-I-I-I… Ummm… Ya, you’re right right, yeah…”

Then just as suddenly Yulia pulled away heading back to their seats and collecting her’s and Lena’s stuff. Lena just stood on the floor, aghast. Looking back at Yulia with a questioning stare, she slowly made her way to the brunette.

“What are you doing?” Yulia looked up, smiling her brightly lit smile.


“Where are you going?”

“*We’re* going to go back to my car and ovulate like bunnies while hearing pre-recorded audio tapes of some hot male orgy.” Yulia answered with an obvious look on her face. Then without a slightest shade of shame of what she had just said in public she headed for the exit. Stopping for a brief second to gesture Lena to follow, she laughed looking at Lena’s expression. Her complexion was putrid white while her neck and ears were getting red to match her hair.

“I very much hope you were joking.” Lena scolded, shoveling along to follow. Yulia slowed her pace to match Lena’s and smiled.

“Which part, the ovulating or the male orgy?”

“The male orgy.”

“Aww man I was looking forward to that!” The brunette mock whined. Lena smiled.

“I’ll give you something else to look forward to.”

“Ohhhh! Female orgy?!?!”



Their lips were captured in each other’s depths and power, heating and sparking up every dead wire into live ones inside their body. Every touch burned, exclusively making them notice the places they weren’t touching. Everywhere needed to be touched. Everywhere needed to be burnt.

Yulia pulled away for a brief half of a second to catch her breath before delving right into the red’s bruised lips once more. Hands and breath were everywhere. The midnight air inside the warming car was chilly against their hot bodies.

Yulia’s hands unconsciously but righteously shot to the collar of Lena’s jacket and tore it off the curvaceous body. Burrowing her finger tips beneath Lena’s blouse she continue to raise her strokes of her skillful fingers up to the red’s chest, where it would continue to touch, squeeze and fondle.

Lena moaned in Yulia’s mouth before inserting her tongue into her partner’s mouth without any notice. This action didn’t surprise Yulia at all. It just made her enjoy this little encounter all the more.

The raging hormones won over their thoughts as well as their human beings. Clothes were ripped off and handfuls of scrunched up hair were pulled to gain explicit pleasure of pain. Soon, Lena was on top of Yulia on the driver’s seat, sitting on the brunette’s bare laps their private regions almost touching.

They continued to kiss roughly, and they hid nothing. As Yulia lowered the seat’s backrest to fully lie down, Lena chuckled in Yulia’s mouth, making Yulia open her eyes and give the red head a wink before riding up her palms up and down Lena’s bare back.

Yulia’s each strokes marveled each freckles Lena had on her back, her inner thighs and her face. Both girls hadn’t felt this much lust since…forever. It was like their real first time, with no boundaries set for the night.

Tresses of red hair cascaded down all around the kissing faces. The windshields were starting to steam up, obscuring the view to the outside. But it wasn’t anytime soon until they had to look outside anyways.

But brunette’s fingers weren’t doing nothing on Lena’s body… They were finding and sneaking up to every private zones Lena never even thought she had, making her almost scream. And just as Yulia “accidentally” brushed her middle finger tip over the slit of Lena’s already damp entrance Lena unintentionally gave a little kick directed to nothing in particular.

Lena immediately stopped her actions. Yulia sensing something was wrong stopped too, looking up with that worrisome wrinkled look on her face.

“Lena…? What’s up? You doing alright?” She croaked feeling a tinge of panic clouding at the back of her throat. Lena’s expression was incomprehensive, for it had no emotions on it, only a flat look. Yulia tilted her head to the side to study Lena and to find out what was wrong.

“Yul… Umm…My foot.” Lena whispered.

“Your foot? What’s wrong with you foot hon?”

“It’s stuck in your steering wheel.” Lena said dropping her head on the crook of Yulia’s neck. The brunette cocked up her position to get a brief glance of what happened. Then she saw that Lena’s foot was through one of the holes they had on the steering wheel. That meant Lena had no ways of mobility to turn upright until they had to pull it out… This would ruin the mood.

The roguish smile lit up Yulia’s usual ego face, urging Lena to look up again. Lena obliged, looking up in half humiliation and half guilt. But her face turned into confusion when she saw Yulia smiling.

“What are you smiling at?” She asked, her voice almost a whisper.

“I’m liking this cuz this is kinda kinky.” Yulia replied.

“Oh it’s kinky alright but I kinda can’t move that well with my foot stuck here.”

Yulia winked with pouring ego before snaking her arms around Lena’s neck and pulling her down to kiss her once again.

“We can work around it.”


“For fuck’s sakes Vik I don’t want you around my work place alright? How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to look too inconspicuous with you around?” Yulia chastised hurling her work folder to her bureau.

“Well shit Yulia, you weren’t returning any of my calls! Why’d you expect me to do just forget that anything happened between us?! I don’t understand you!” The handsome man shouted his fist around his Porsche keys clenched.

“Because nothing ever did happen between us! I broke off the engagement, could you please get that through your thick skull?! My mom is just…”

“Just what? Trying to do what’s best for you?! After your parents got divorced, she’s losing money. So are you! And I got what you need. So stop trying to be a bitch!” Vik retorted.

“No you dirtbag. I got a job now. It’s actually a big paying job. I’m their main source of designs and architecture. Do you know what that means?!” Yulia yelled back.

“Yeah, it means that your running out of money, you mother just got evicted from the house yesterday and she’s demanding to be put into one of the Grand Hotels when *you* don’t have the money!”

“NO! It means that I don’t need YOU to support me! So stop trying and go fuck yourself, man bitch!” Yulia then grabbed a leather organizer book from the top of her bureau and hurled it towards Vik. It hit him squarely on the head.

“Slut!” Vik screeched before storming out with a bleeding nose.


“Well, what do you think?” Vik asked a slender looking man with frameless glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. He had a sharp nose with beady eyes and tints of grey seeping through the lids. His thin mouth was curled up in a nasty smile as he used his finger to bring up his glasses to adjust them.

“I think it’s perfect. But it’s all matter of timing and persuasion. Do you got that in you?” The mystery man asked Vik. Vik nodded with enthusiastic gesture. The mystery man’s face twisted into a cross look. “This isn’t a game Vik. Take it serious.”

“Look Kolya, I’m the mastermind at this alright? You just get me what I need by next week and your payment will be prompt.” Vik waved off the cross concerns from the mystery man called Kolya.

Kolya smirked before turning his key in the ignition to start up the engine. Vik sighed as he leaned back on the seat of the passenger seat.

“Taking a life is hardly something to look forward to.” Kolya murmured before heading out the parking lot.

Vik turned his head to face the grim face of the driver. He wore a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “After the bitch is dead… Then you can preach, alright papa?”

Kolya didn’t answer.

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[ thanks for the update Shakrin! that foot stuck in the steering is really funny . LoL ]

[ so .. that Vik going to kill Yulia? .. and why you like so much to use that letter V, I and K for a bad person .. told you its should be started with letter VEG... ]

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Veggie Delite
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your stupid posts are intense :blabla:

[ dee, you think V.E.G. sounds more evil..? coz i can show ya :nunu: ]

[ oki. shax, this is i very-very good fic, and i like the car scene sooo much :D ]

20-05-2005, 06:25
your stupid posts are intense :blabla:

[ dee, you think V.E.G. sounds more evil..? coz i can show ya :nunu: ]

[ opps! you sound grumpy ... woke too early I guess :lalala: ]

Veggie Delite
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[ hehe no grumpy :) just... in the assasin mood ;) ]

22-05-2005, 06:28
Chapter 4

The cheery tone of Yulia’s doorbell echoed inside her spacious bungalow, making her jerk awake from her accidental cat nap on her couch. Pulling herself together, she made her way to the door and tusseling her spiky hair into separate linings. Pulling the door open, she almost growled out loud ferociously to the image she was greeted with. She didn’t like how this day turned out so far.

Vik, with beige khakis and a white t-shirt stood there with a kind grin and a sun glass in hand. Inviting himself in, he pushed through Yulia and walked right into the apartment suite. Giving a slight whistle as h looked around he plopped down on the couch and looked back at Yulia.

Yulia shuffling in after him plopped down next to him. “What are you doing here ass fucker?” Yulia asked, expecting a prompt answer. But Vik decided to ignore the question, trying to drive the conversation topics elsewhere.

“Nice crib. How do you ever manage with so many financial limits? And how do you manage so well?” Vik glowered, purposely shifting to “accidentally” show his fat wallet through the gap in his khaki pocket to Yulia. The brunette was nauseated at Vik’s flailing antics he tried to use on her to draw her in.

“You haven’t answered my question.” Yulia snapped, standing and heading towards the mini bar in the kitchen. Vik stood to follow, intertwining his fingers behind his head in a boyish gesture.

“Well Yulia, I give up.” Vik said nonchalantly. Yulia looked up from her glass of juice with a doubtful look.

“Define your definition of ‘giving up’.” Yulia asked rather suspiciously.

“Yulchik, you wound me! Have I tricked you that much in the past for you to say things like that?” Vik said in a mocking expression.

“Actually you did. So spill. What changed?” Yulia said losing patience and setting her juice carton on her counter as well as her glass half full with yellow content.

“Too much of a hard-to-get is a turn off Yuli, you should know.” Vik answered snatching up the juice glass and finishing it with one gulp. Yulia looked up and frowned.

“Quite the contrary actually; I love the challenge— and that was my juice, asshole!” Yulia quipped, giving him a playful punch on the arm. Vik chuckled, and lowered his head to give Yulia a quick kiss on the forehead.

“Love you too slut.” Vik replied, heading back to the living room. Then standing front of a wall slash mirror, he positioned himself to have a hair moment.

By this time Yulia was convinced that Vik actually decided to quit. She knew that he was getting pissed off and frustrated over something that wasn’t going to happen. And the nosebleed she gave him just the day before didn’t help anything either. She was glad that he could get her point of view. She was in a relationship now and Vik in her life as a bother could disturb other important things, such as Lena.

“Yulia I got to go, my mothers going to bitch or a long time about what I did to our so called engagement. How about I call you and tell you the exciting adventures of Mrs. Verustikov-- The motor mouth?” Vik called out from the living room, making it possible for Yulia to smile and get away with it.

“Sounds good homo!” Yulia called back.


“Ahh shit!” Lena cursed, making Yulia look up with an amused lines wrinkling up her face.

“What’d you forget now?” Yulia asked, checking Lena’s form from head to toe in possibility of Lena forgetting to put on her pants.

“My purse! I promised you that I’d pay for tonight!” Lena said angrily.

“Whoa Angry and Ugly, calm down.” Yulia said, a smile deepening her features, immediately converting the atmosphere into a bright one. “I’ll take care of it tonight. You just pay me back at the movies.” There was a mysterious twinkle in Yulia’s bluer than blue eyes when she had said her last sentence.

Lena looked up in a gesture of thinking. “Wait… Didn’t I just tell you that I forgot my purse and I can’t pay you any money? I can’t buy movie tickets with my boobs you know.”

Yulia snorted out a laugh before pushing Lena to her silver BMW. Then with a barely audible whisper, she replied, “Oh yes you can.”


After dinner, they made their way to the movie theater, hand to hand. Lena was laughing, clinging to Yulia’s grasp, and Yulia was also mildly chuckling beside her. The air was humid and the pavement road below them was moist with the recent rain that poured but stopped in time they finished dinner.

“I can’t believe you made us go out of the restaurant without paying!” Lena yelled, laughing hard. Yulia frantically looked around and also laughing herself shushed the hysterical red head.

“Tell the world now why don’t ya?” Yulia whispered, laughing at the sight of Lena laughing merrily.

As they arrived in front of the ticket booth, Yulia paid for two tickets for a nameless cheesy kung-fu movie. Leading Lena into a dark and very intimate spot at the back of the room, they sat side by side. The movie was already playing and the only spectators were the old man way up at the front, dozing.

Both of them were silent, eyes watching the movie but thoughts drifting to somewhere else. But Yulia turned her head to look at the lovely almost impossible sight who sat beside her. A roguish grin spreading her features, she tapped on Lena’s hand with her fingers to get her attention. Lena turned her attention to Yulia with a slight curious smile, her eyes in a questioning glance.

Yulia leaned in to whisper in Lena’s ear. “Do you remember when I said that you’d have to pay back at the movies?” Yulia pulled back briefly to see Lena’s reaction. She watched her nod with a side stare of suspicion. She leaned back in. “Well I think it’s time that you did.”

Lena giggled, looking around to make sure that no one was in fact watching from an innocent looking dark corner. Then she second checked the old man sleeping through the movie at the very front of the theater. Then she stood up, then swung one leg over Yulia’s knees and sat down, straddling the smaller woman under her.

Lena dipped down to give Yulia a deep and throaty kiss, muffling Yulia’s squeak of joy.

“Time for pay back.” Lena whispered, before roughly taking a hold of Yulia’s jacket and slipping it off of her.


As they quietly but contently made their way to the car, Lena yawned, squeezing Yulia’s hand in her grasp as she did so. Yulia gave a little laugh, taking Lena’s form into a half embrace, letting her arm snake its way loosely around Lena’s neck.

“Hey dykes!” A coarse and bitter voice yelled out from behind them, making them both jump and look back at the source.

It was man they had never seen before with a metal bar in his hands. He had screeching eyes, unknown color in the dark. His lips were curled up in a snarl, his bushy blonde hair dancing in the sudden blowing wind. Then suddenly he broke into a run with the weapon in his hand and charging towards them.

Just in time Lena sharply pushed the brunette behind her body, advancing to take the blow. “Lena!” She heard Yulia scream. She shut her eyes into a firm close, waiting for it to come.

But it never did. Slowly but surely opening her eyes and squinting to see well, she saw a wide and heavy body in front of her. He had threw something at the charging man, as she could see the charging man just before on the ground squirming on the ground and clutching at his face.

As their savior turned around, he had an expression of mixed emotions, his eyes evidently searching for injuries or anything. His voice was gentle and low, giving off something she couldn’t quite reach.

“Are you alright? Yulia? Are you hurt?? He sounded almost frantic.

“Vik?” Yulia called, moving from her rooted spot to embrace her rescuer. “Oh god Vik… Thank you so much.” Yulia cried in Vik’s chest.

“Come on. I’ll take you girls home.” Vik murmured, leading both of them to his ride.


“So, who’s this lovely young lady?” Vik asked in a teasing voice, eyeing at Yulia, and gesturing at Lena who was sitting quietly beside Yulia. . The brunette scoffed as she reached for Lena’s hand. As they laced their fingers together, Yulia held their hands up for Vik to see.

“I see.” Vik muttered before eyeing back at the road. He made a turn, clearing his throat and turning his head to the side so the girls couldn’t see his expression. “And uhh… When did this begin?” Vik asked.

“Couple of days before I was hired to be the construction industry’s new architect.” Yulia answered cautiously. But Vik revealed his expression and Yulia smiled. Vik’s face was broken with a huge grin, a hint of curiosity marring his eyes.

“You’re not… Mad are you? I heard from Yulia that you guys were…Ahem.” Lena spoke up, then trailing back to silence.

“No, we got it all untangled. It’s okay now. We’ve decided it was better we be friends, and I think now I know why.” Vik chuckled.

“Vik… Thanks. Really. For tonight with saving us from a damn near insane lunatic…And you know.” Yulia murmured. Vik flashed Yulia a hefty smile through the rear view mirror.

“It’s not problem really. I mean I could’ve done that to anyone.” Vik answered making another turn. “Although you could repay your debt by inviting me to one of your dates.”

The girls giggled. “Oh ya? Where do you want us to go?” Lena asked.

“Let’s go clubbing! Well at least for me. But come with me for the company.” Vik said laughter evident in his voice.

Yulia looked at Lena with raised brows. “Clubbing it is.”


“Oh shit!” Lena cursed.

“What’d you forget now?” Yulia asked letting out a sigh. She was having a major case of déjà vu.

“I left my jacket in Vik’s car.”

The brunette started to laugh. “I don’t you’d want your jacket back then.”

“What do you mean?”

“Never mind.”

“No really, why? I liked that jacket. Why wouldn’t I want it back? And what’s that got to do with Vik?”

“Oh my god even if I told you, you would just forget by tomorrow anyways. So shut up and let’s go to sleep.”

“No really tell me! Why wouldn’t I”

“Night! Love you.”





Kolya poured the golden liquid in the glass, and then pushed it towards Vik. Vik curtly nodded in gratitude before letting his fingers embrace the glass before him.

“Well, are you still going with the plan?” Koyla asked coolly, a glass of his own in his own hands.

Vik looked up with a scrunched up face. “Why would I stop with the plan in the first place?”

“Vik… She’s gay.” Kolya sighed.

“The hell with that! I’ll fucking rape her if I had to. I want her. And I’m going to have her. And even after that if I can’t have her, I’ll just kill her.” Vik snarled then poured the contents in his glass in his mouth.

“And if you get caught? Those CSI shit ain’t there for shows my intelligent friend.” Kolya smirked before pouring Vik another glass of the golden liquid.

“Don’t worry. This is one fool proof plan that no one has ever thought of.” Vik said with oozing confidence.

“I wish you all the best than.”


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Veggie Delite
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[ shax babe, just keep us updated and all will be well :D ]

i'm just interested in one thing. how can your leg get stuck in the stearing wheel..?!

23-05-2005, 17:14
“Oh my god even if I told you, you would just forget by tomorrow anyways. So shut up and let’s go to sleep.”

“No really tell me! Why wouldn’t I”

“Night! Love you.”



this part is really funny! more!

“Don’t worry. This is one fool proof plan that no one has ever thought of.” Vik said with oozing confidence.

[ oh wow.. very interesting .. hmm.. I'm looking forward... ]

i'm just interested in one thing. how can your leg get stuck in the stearing wheel..?!
[ duh! :hmmm: :bum: .. steering wheel came in many size of hole in the middle where your hand can go through.. some you can fit in your foot and some not .. some you can fit in your foot and not out .. duh! smack! ]

Veggie Delite
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i mean, car sex can be fun, but NOT on the drivers side :eek:

24-05-2005, 02:57
[ I see you have lots of experience .. eh?! ...Shax is only 15 .. you see .. their size can fit on driver's side when you pull the car seat a bit backward .. what is your height again Veg? you are 5'9" right? .. I guess .... you cannot .. heh heh ]

24-05-2005, 06:32
Shax is only 15 ..

hey hey hey was that some kind of...making fun of my age...and height??? lol
i'm actually quite tall thank you very much...5'7 and a still growing body...yea yea! :coctail:

Veggie Delite
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i'm 171 cm so no i can't fit LoL but it's ok in the back :D

26-05-2005, 19:45
i'm actually quite tall thank you very much...5'7 and a still growing body...yea yea! :coctail:

[ so .. you don't have much experience about that .. I see .. :none: ]

27-05-2005, 02:47
LoL i did on the hood of the car, trunk of the car and on top of the car...but neva on the driver's seat...i just thought that ppl could fit, can't they? it looked roomy nuff in my parents car... :p :confused:

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ooops! wrong button.... LoL

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Chapter 5

“I fold. Damn it!” Lena cursed before reluctantly pulling off her shirt. Vik and Yulia whooped and cheered at the sight that greeted them.

Ahh, strip poker. Where would we be without you we do not know.

Vik was already down to his lace-less shoes and one sock, and his boxers, revealing his rippling body. Lena was down to her strawberry decorated underwear, with her matching bra, awing her opponents with her impressive curves and contours of her almost impossibly perfect body. Yulia was the only person who still had a shirt and pants on. Her under garments were gone long ago.

All three of them were either drooling or grinning, shifty eyes trying to catch each other’s tell tale signs of bluffing.

It’s been almost four months since the incident when Vik rescued them from the lunatic with the metal bar. Their new found friendship was growing, which even Vik himself found surprising.

“I fold. Ohhh dear.” Yulia stalled, laughing and scratching and ruffling her hair in a nervous habit. Vik and Lena was cheering and urging her on, clapping continuously.

“Come on! Show us yours! Come on!” Yulia laughed.

“Guys, I do not have anything under this shirt though. Are you sure??”

“Come on Yulchik, show us your secret garden!!” Vik said out loud. Lena snorted out a laughter before going hysterical.

“Ya, Yulia! Show us the garden!!” Lena said between the fits of giggles.

The brunette shrugged. She must respect the rules of the game. With amusement tracing her lips, she slowly started to take off her shirt.

“You asked for it bitches!”



“This is quite impressive, Miss Volkova. I think your true talents are finally showing through. I think Ivan’s efforts are also finally paying off. Good job, both of you.” Mr. Katina said with pride in his tone of voice. He then rolled up the papers into portable cylinders and handed them to his mobile secretary.

“Ivan, I want you to talk to the Sanpan Company again.” Mr. Katina resumed.

“The Sanpan? But I thought that was once in a lifetime chance sir?” Ivan said, wonders and surprise piquing his voice.

“It was. It is. But Miss Volkova here is once in a life time treasure who is more than capable of finishing off the Sanpan. So talk to them again from me. I’m sure they’ll give us a second chance. Staggering perhaps, but still a chance.” Mr. Katina continued, organizing the stray papers back into one folder he had in front of him, then handing it to his secretary.

Ivan nodded and winked at Yulia. Yulia had to smile.

“Well my friends, I think we’ve done we could for today. I’ll see you two tomorrow, and hopefully the day after with the Sanpan with us.”

Ivan and Yulia both nodded before standing from their seats.


“Honey, I’m home!” Yulia’s voice boomed against the coarse walls of her bungalow. She could hear a smirk come from the bedroom, then a slight murmur which she heard it as, “…Charming…”

You bet your ass she was charming. And she was at the top notch of her ego ness since the meeting this morning. As she danced and flowed into the room with no definite pattern, she found her lover sitting stretched out on the bed with a book in hand.

“What’s gotten into you today? Did Ivan the Stud Muffin, flash you or something?” Lena asked, with a grin plastered on her face by Yulia’s dancing motions. She was barely keeping herself from laughing, for she could not dance at all. Then Yulia brought up her biceps up to her mouth, giving them a brush of kisses, doing the buffing up motions in front of Lena, posing.

Then with a vibrant shine from Yulia as she twirled around, she ran towards the bed and jumped on the mattress on top of Lena. With a yelp, Lena’s arms automatically went around Yulia’s figure, her face laughing.

“Hey you could’ve gotten hurt!” Lena scolded teasingly, tapping the tip of Yulia’s nose with her index finger. Yulia giggled then gave Lena a hearty hug before a tender kiss. Then with a wink, she replied, “No worries. No matter how much I pounce on you, your airbags would keep me safe.” Yulia was grinning, her eyes clearly shifting its gaze lazily around Lena’s breasts.


“No really. What happened that made you so happy?” She attempted at a civil conversation once more.

“Do you remember, the first day when we decided to be couples?”

“Of course I do. That was the foulest, disgusting shot of sobering concoction I’ve ever had in my whole life.”

Yulia snorted out a laugh before she continued. “Well do you remember why we ditched work to go to that bar?”

“Well I failed my driver’s license and you mucked up some deal with another company…”

“Well that company, my lovely, *lovely* friend, might be offering our company their contract again!!” A splash of joy rushed into Lena’s facial expression, tugging Yulia into an embrace of congrats.

“AND! My lovely partner… Since I’m feeling very, very good… I was thinking we could spend some time…” Yulia paused to give Lena another kiss. “Right here in the bed…” She paused again to give a dragging lick across Lena’s throat. “Hump like bunnies…” Yulia reached for Lena collar but the red head stopped her.

“Again with the bunnies! Will please stop comparing us to the damn bunnies!” Lena exclaimed. But Yulia just blinked before smiling sheepishly and reaching for Lena’s collar again.

“Fine… We’ll hump like rabbits…” She popped each buttons open on Lena’s blouse, kissing the bare collar bone visible within her eyes sight. “And after I make you pass out from multiple orgasms…” Lena snorted again. Then Yulia gave a sharp nip on Lena skin, making her jump. “As I was saying… After I make you pass out… I have a big, juicy, just damn right biggest,”

“Kiss?” Lena intervened.

“No. Now let me finish. Damn right biggest, and the most awfully joyful,”

“Oh my god, more humping?”

“No! Now would you please let me,”

“Is it the bunny ears again? Yulia that’s kind of getting creepy…”

“You know what? I’m not going to tell you now. You’ll have to see for yourself… After you’ve woken up from the passing out of multiple orgasms.” Lena snorted again. “Snort? Defiant are we? Oh we’ll see about that, Katina…” Yulia ominously trailed into a mere whisper with her sentence before pushing Lena’s upper body harshly against the mattress beneath them.


“You know Yulia, I could just ask you to marry me right now. You are just so… so… thoughtful and sweet and…”

“Sexy? I know. Now go on, I’ll be waiting for you either with a flower, or a handkerchief and a bucket of ice cream in hand. Go on.” Yulia pushed Lena out the little glass paned door with a man in his mid forties and a clip board in his arms.

Lena Katina was a very happy lesbian, to say the least. She was practically bouncing up and down cloud nine. It baffling to ask “Why?” when Lena and Yulia did nothing but spend endless time in bed since last night until this morning. But another reason Lena was so happy and on the verge of proposing to the brunette spiked woman, was that Yulia had arranged and paid for Lena’s nineteenth driver’s license test.

Yulia sighed, as she left the building for the nearest convenient store. It was a cozy little place, where they sold flowers and chocolate buckets in one place. With her trademark egotistical smirk, she picked up a single pink looking flower and went up to the cashier.

“Oh… Is that for me doll face?” A man behind her at the line merrily commented, making Yulia look back in annoyance. But her mood changed when she saw it was Vik.

He had nothing but a white tank and a bathing suit looking shorts with his sunglasses fixated at the bridge of his nose. He was grinning, and Yulia knew if she wasn’t gay, she would pounce on this beefcake before he could even blink three times.

“Maybe it is Vikster…” Yulia replied with a wink. Then she pretended to look down and gasp, bringing up her hand up to her mouth in a gesture to conceal her intrigues and good natured horror. “Oooh, Vik… Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just very glad to see me?”

Vik chuckled before handing out a bill from his pocket and handing it to the cashier to pay for his stuff as well as Yulia’s flower. “Sadly, it’s a gun.”

Yulia smirked before giving Vik a light punch on his shoulder. “Loser…” Smirking along, Vik followed Yulia out of the store, the grin on his face not leaving.

“So, where are you going to go now?” Vik asked tentatively. Yulia scratched her head before looking around her surroundings.

“Well I’m not sure yet. I got Lena to take her driver’s license today, so I’m got nothing to do for an hour. And plus it’s the weekends, and I’ve already had my meeting with Mr. Katina and Ivan…So… Maybe I’ll just wander like a loner.” Yulia said disinterestedly, bringing up the flower up to her nose and taking a whiff.

“Then, come hang with me. I wanted a company to my daily trips to the pub anyways. You do remember Jo’s, right?” Vik asked.

“I sure do. I will never forget that place…”

“I know why.”


“Because you and I had our first kiss there. I was just such a good kisser, I blew your mind causing you to never forget that trip.” Vik said contemptuously. Yulia rolled her eyes.

“Well now I won’t go that far as to making lies about how the past really went. And are you sure you want to test that best kisser theory out?”

Vik’s brows went up, his head turned to give Yulia a suspecting side glare. “What are you thinking about?”

Yulia slapped her hand on Vik’s shoulders, and smiled. “A lot of things…”



“Yes, congratulations Miss Katina. Now if you’ll please step inside the office for to have your picture taken.” The supervisor asked, his hand stretched out to a wide spacious cubicle.

Lena blushed and nodded, quickly shuffling inside the office. She excitedly took a seat on the high stool and smiled widely for the camera. She couldn’t wait to tell Yulia.

An old aged woman smacking on her gum and eyed the red haired woman who sat before her. Her brows raised in a bored motion as she heaved a sigh. Collecting up a piece of paper from behind her desk, she read the name then placed it down on the desk again.

“Smile Miss Katina, let’s see those pearls.”

Splitting up her face with a wicked grin, she said, “Hawaii, Waikiki, Husky, My dear camera, look at me!!”

The flash on the camera went off with a whir of a click.


“I feel… So… Violated…and… and…” Vik stammered as he continued to rub his lips with the back of his sleeves. Yulia was laughing and holding her stomach.

“I cannot believe you actually made out with another guy for a free pitcher of beer!!” The brunette bellowed before clinging on to Vik and laughing towards the ground.

“Shut up… I actually though it was a woman. The next time I go, I’m not giving Jo any tips.”

“Hey don’t blame Jo! He didn’t even know if it was a woman either… But… It’s still hilarious!!” Yuia said, then instinctively glancing at her watch. “Whoa hey! Time to go back to my curvaceous red riding hood. You coming with?”

Vik eyed at her, the sleeve still practically glued to his lips. “What for?” He muffled through the fabric.

“I’m positive she passed this time…So I’m thinking of taking her to a club or a bar to celebrate. You should come. I want her to see you sucking another’s guy’s face.” Vik frowned at Yulia suggestion and made gagging noises. Yulia snorted.

“Hey, that’s really inappropriate.”

“Oh my god shut up, your face is inappropriate. So are you coming with?”

Vik shrugged, sighing. “Fine.”


“To Lena’s mad driving skills.” Yulia yelled, holding up her mug up high on the air. Vik clinked his mug against Yulia’s. Lena blushed before raising her own mug to clink it against the two mugs.

“Cheers!” They all yelled. Then the second after, they dipped the mug to their lips, pouring in all of the contents in one shot.

Then as soon as all three slammed the bottoms of their mugs on the wooden table, Vik’s cheery ring tone of teletubbies on his mobile phone started. Some beer left in Lena’s mouth came right out of her nose before going absolutely hysterical.

Vik’s frantic expression to shut the ring tone off, he quickly rushed to outside. Yulia smirked as she handed Lena a napkin.


“Kolya… Yes. Uh-huh. I know that. No, everything is going as planned. It’s going to be today alright… Yeah, I’ll be fine. I hope not. Yes, I’ll see you at the hospital.” With a last nod, he flipped off the phone and slipped it back into his pocket.

Everything was going as planned. All he needed were just a few more drinks.

29-05-2005, 10:11
“I fold. Damn it!” Lena cursed before reluctantly pulling off her

LoL LoL .. Veg . there you got the answer how did Lena's foot managed to stuck in that steering.. LoL

“No worries. No matter how much I pounce on you, your airbags would keep me safe.” Yulia was grinning, her eyes clearly shifting its gaze lazily around Lena’s breasts.

ahahahaha :laugh: I like this kind..

Thanks for update Shakrin .. wo .. this is getting interesting.. what is the plan!!?? I'm so curious to dead!

oh btw, Shak .. "Mr. Katina" sound a little weird name to me for a Russian man ..I think I read that some that name ending with "aaa" is always refer to female .. like if Ivan is female he should be called Ivana Shapovalova ... but since he is male his name is Ivan Shapovalov...

You see...

Volkova Yulia Olegovna
Katina Elena Sergeevna

So .. Mr. Katina should be something like Mr. Sergey Katin ..
And if you mention Yulia's father should be Mr. Oleg Volkov ..

I think ... :none:

there you need more research about russian name for next fanfic.

Veggie Delite
29-05-2005, 13:53
yes. female is 'a' ending

for example: Veggie Denialovna DeLite

29-05-2005, 14:31
oit wrong example... shouldl be Veggia Denialena DeLiatova .. yeah!

Veggie Delite
29-05-2005, 15:33

first is name: it's veggie

next is father's name with -ovna (for girls)
and then last name: delite

so if we go buy russian names, it goes like this:

Veggiea Denialovna Delitea

this doesn't sound assasin :hmmm:

29-05-2005, 17:56
hahahaha insane

29-05-2005, 18:01

first is name: it's veggie

next is father's name with -ovna (for girls)
and then last name: delite

so if we go buy russian names, it goes like this:

Veggiea Denialovna Delitea

this doesn't sound assasin :hmmm:

LoL LoL ..

I like Denial Vera Zivkovic and you'd be Veggie Delite Zivkovic! there sounded assasin?

PS: I'm listening to intrumental piano original CD.. song .. "Did you ever know you are my hero" ... beautiful .. ummmm .. assasin do this right? and I have this aromatherapy smell thing .. now my room smell like in forest... ummmm : )

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as for my name, make it Veggie Denial DeLite. coooool :chupa:

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okay back to topic:

about the name, the middle one should be the name of the person .. Yulia and Elena is placed in the middle of thier full name... but we are no bound by it rules because we are not russian .. so its okay.

okay .. back to off topic.

Veggie Delite
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yes.. i can't find my temepera... :lalala:

can i use edible paint....? :gigi:

29-05-2005, 20:41
sure .. but no brush please.. I prefer urr.. fingers..

Veggie Delite
29-05-2005, 20:46
well ofcourse babe :D

oh btw i forgot to tell shax about the last chapter. it was very funny and i enjoyed it very much! and it's great that you write so well :rose:

30-05-2005, 02:09
while i was readin'g u ladies' posts my head kept saying "vaginal DeLite" hahahaha :coctail:

and about the name thing, totally my fault. i'm dumb with the language, and i didn't even know that Russian language didn't use english alphabet (like spanish, french and somethin else that borrows the alphabet characters...) up until six months ago. alllllll my fault. my blame my blame....

and Miss D... I will assure you your curiosity will be solved in the next chapter... i just hope i don't give my fingers a little heart attack from all the typing :rolleyes:

and Veg i really like the compliments... and since its rude i won't argue :D

30-05-2005, 06:19
while i was readin'g u ladies' posts my head kept saying "vaginal DeLite" hahahaha :coctail:


Veggie Delite
30-05-2005, 09:25

update soon, or else we'll terminate you

31-05-2005, 05:27
:eek: ....... :coctail: kinda kinky ladies...bring it on.... :D

04-06-2005, 00:40
Chapter 6

“You Vik… I… You are a beautiful person… You are great…” Lena said with a swaying form and a dancing index finger pointed at the tanned handsome man. He was chuckling at Lena’s drunkenness. He was quite tipsy himself, and it’s been a while since Yulia had fallen asleep with her had on his lap. His toes were numb, but he was quite content at his position.

“Lena… I think you had enough. Come on, it’s already quarter after midnight. Let’s go home.” Vik said wisely. But Lena stubbornly frowned and snatched the vodka bottle from the table and hugged it tightly. She was pouting, cautiously directing embrace of the bottle away from Vik’s line of sight. “Lena, come on. We gotta go home. Look at Yulia.”

But Lena just harshly shook her head before taking a large swig from the bottle. “No way, Jose.” She snapped. Vik just rolled his eyes.

“My names Vik, thank you very much. Now come on. If you don’t stand up and get ready to go home, I’m just leaving alone with Yulia.” Vik said sternly. Lena whined before dropping the vodka bottle gently on the table and getting up. She was mumbling under her breath, and Vik was sure that she was mumbling something bad about him.

“Okay Yulia, time to get up.” Vik whispered softly in Yulia’s ear. Giving Yulia a little kiss on her cheek then nuzzling her ear with his nose, he showed affection as much as he could taking his chances. He heard Yulia sigh with content, groaning when she was brought up to her feet by Vik’s grasp.


With the help of drunk and jiggling Lena, Vik successfully placed Yulia in her sitting position at the back seat. After slamming the door to a close, he helped Lena get in the passenger seat, then getting in the car himself.

He placed the key in the ignition and turned on the engine. He loved Yulia’s car. It was always so sophisticated and professional. And the way it would rip through the roads were just to die for.

It was too bad that this beautiful has to be wasted.

With a smirk and glance back at sleeping Yulia with his rear view mirror, he accelerated out of the parking lot.


Yulia woke, still groggy. She found herself at the backseat of her own car, and getting a clear view of the windshield of her BMW. She cocked her head to see who was the driver and sighed in relief. It was Vik, and it would be a hell to pay if Lena was the one who was driving. She remembered faintly how Lena was hammered as soon as her third bottle of beer was finished.

She stretched her arms and yawned silently, blinking a couple of times to really snap out of it. She would have to take aspirin later on; she felt a major headache incoming her way.

As she slid up on her seat and propped her elbows on both side of the seat in front, she looked at Vik and marveled at his concentration on driving. He hadn’t even noticed that she was awake. Then she turned her head to see her lover, Lena, sound asleep. She smiled, reveling in the warmth radiating from the air conditioner and the mysterious glow of the deep night.

As she opened her mouth to say something, a terror filled gasp replaced her words. She saw that Vik was driving on a highway placed near a steep fall to the ditch beside. The only thing that was barricading their car from going over the cliff was the silver metal fence-like band that went around the whole highway road.

But what made her gasp all the more was that there was a turn coming their way and Vik wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down to make the curve. He was speeding up. Was he trying to them killed?!

“Vik stop!” Yulia screeched, and Vik jumped, his pasty pale face showing signs of fear, and his unfocused blank eyes lost on her features. “VIK STEP ON THE GOD DAMN BREAK!” Yulia yelled once more.

When Vik just looked back at the road, he just sped up all the more. Yulia cursed as she jumped forward passing the seat and her hand reaching for the steering wheel. Her hand clutched at the uncontrollable steering wheel in an attempt to turn the car safely around.

She managed to turn about the car y inches, but that was it. The car rammed into the metal fence, the side of the car screeching with the most disturbing sound. Lena’s unconscious body jerked in her seat, her seat belt painfully drawing her down. The impact made Vik also fly out of his seat and his reflexive gesture of guarding himself with his arm saved his head from getting bumped into the steering wheel.

But Yulia had gotten the worst of all. As soon as the car made its impact, Yulia flew out, crashing through the windshield glass with a head on collision. Her body heaped to the ground a few meters away from the bumper of her car, landing with a crunching sound of the pieces of glass that flew with her.

The car was no longer a car, only its ominous headlights flickering on and off to illuminate the silhouette of Yulia’s body a few meters away.


The black white picture of the low quality recording camera was running about twenty meters away in the bushes hid from the unmoving bodies in the car. The camera had started recording just a few minutes after the moment the car had made impact with the metal fence.

The cloudy pattern of a smoke from one’s cigarette could be seen, probably from a person who was recording what was happening.

The low quality image was capturing every agonizing moment and scene of the unmoving bodies as well the repeating flickers of the headlight. The body that had just flew out of the car was still lay on the ground, ditched and with no motion what so ever.

Then something shifted within the car. The man quickly tensed, flicked away his cigarette and adjusted the camera. He pressed the “Zoom” button and closed in on the moving figure. It was the driver.

The black and white image was low quality by far, but everything it captured was more than authentic, and more than priceless.

The black and white figure of the driver managed to kick the door open and fall helplessly to the pavement road beneath him. With a strain, he stood up, clutching at his right arm with his jaws clenched. The images clearly showed the panic, the pain and the shock of seeing the motionless body a few meters away from the bumper of the car.

He could be seen, looking around in anxiousness and nervousness, not knowing what to do. He was trembling, pacing slowly to the front of the car to see the body in the passenger side.

There was a slight pause when the driver was studying his passenger. He then went back to his driver’s seat, opened the door and with his good arm he pulled at the red head’s body. It was a tough work, the recorder could see.

After the driver had somehow managed to get the woman who was sitting on the passenger’s side on the driver’s side, he then fumbled through his pocket and slipped on his leather gloves. With shaking hands he took the seatbelt from its holster and clipped the woman to the seat. He then quickly disposed of the gloves, throwing down them down the steep cliff. He then went back to the car, wormed his way across the seat to the passenger’s side then putting his own seatbelt on.

The gaping and shattered hole where the passenger from the back seat had launched from seemed to make him panic once more. Then the driver who had just swapped place with the woman, he closed the driver’s side’s door with his good hand and searched the glove compartment for Yulia’s phone,

There he could be seen dialing three numbers and stuttering to the operator in panic.

The man who was recording the whole time then turned off the camera, and placed it away in his bag. With another glance back at the car, he made his way out of the bushes and vanished into the night.


Kolya smirked as he was watching the news on his TV. Everything was going as expected. He was watching the report on the “accident” of a certain silver BMW, with one woman in serious danger of her life and two seriously wounded.

He took his remote and flicked off the TV. Pouring himself a drink of victory in a small glass, he started to hum a tune through his nose.

After he had taken a sip he smiled.

The plan had succeeded.

Veggie Delite
04-06-2005, 01:15
wtf..? :none:

04-06-2005, 01:37
Yulia will remember that when she woke up! Do you hear me Shak!?? :bebebe:

what is Kolya plan actually .. to blackmail Vik? if this were thier plan ... why the recording? whats the plan? okay .. Shak .. update soon please .. I think you have wrote what happen next but you only give us up to this part ..

Veggie Delite
04-06-2005, 01:40
that vic is such a bitch. i mean he made his girl into a lezbian, shouldn't he be depressed or something? go vic jump off the cliff :blabla:

04-06-2005, 01:44
lezbian is not made .. they are born ..its DNA things .. duh! :bum: .. how could one made a lezbian?

04-06-2005, 04:28

04-06-2005, 04:41
your stupid posts are intense :blabla:

:laugh: ahahaha...

Veggie Delite
04-06-2005, 13:23
lezbian is not made .. they are born ..its DNA things .. duh! :bum: .. how could one made a lezbian?

darlin, it's just figuratively speaking ;)

yulia realised she's a lesbian with the tremendous help of her bitch, vic

yes, very intense LoL

04-06-2005, 17:30
wtf is up with ppl just trying to eat ppl alive, all beacause i find that i dont have to use a shitload of words to explain something i just like to say intense and u ppl just freak and act like asses. well sorri i dont have the time to be ridiculously insulted by a few immature kids on the internet. if u wanna get ur kicks and giggles by being a complete ass then y dont u try doin it to ppl whom u think may actually deserve it, not somebody who u know nothing about.

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what do u care if i say something more. i read the story i thought it was intense with the whole killing of yulia and lena so i really dont think i should have to say anything else just to please u.
(remember when i write a post on here its oviously directed to shakrin about what i have to say about the story, im not here to entertain any of u with what i say)

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P.S. Shakain sorri about the issue that has happened on here, which appears its not goin to stop. so all i say is so far i really enjoyed ur story but unfortunately from now on im no longer goin to come on this forum. if u possibly have another site that this story is on then i would be greatful if u could get the address for me, but if not then again i say well done so far hope it goes good for the rest.

Veggie Delite
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yes u can read it on tatu . us forum. bye

05-06-2005, 18:35
ok u know what i said what i have to say which was leave me the fuck alone and yet u dumb fucks still continue. i dont mean to get any fights started on here or anything but im not goin to fuckin just say nothing when a couple of fuckin morons think there funny by ridiculing the one thing that i have to say. u think ur being fuckin cool by being a dick well im very sorri its not goin to get u very far in life.

okay .. calm down . relax.. okay okay .. I understand now .. I prefer your "one word" post .. seriously.. forgive... really...

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The former warning was:

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13-06-2005, 07:40
Chapter 7

Vik, the once tanned, handsome and a supposed gentleman was opposite to everything he once was. He now was pale and jumpy, his lips trembling. The plan was a success but not the way he had hoped. He never expected Yulia to be in a coma, and he never expected the red head with serious leg injuries as she did.

Everything was going as it was supposed, almost too coldly precise. He did plan the exact thing in his mind when he was angry, but when he was driving that night he wasn’t very angry, only conflicted. So he thought a light bump at the curve and swapping the seats with the passed out red head would do. He would then make a reasonable excuse which he could weave it very well by thinking on his foot, and that would be it. He would play his cards right and set things straight with his original fiancée.

With an empty stare and a lost conscience, he roamed about like an undead through and across the hospital complex. It was fairly busy and the stale air in some stories made him want to throw up. His left arm was put in a heavy cast and tucked inside the hanging sling by his neck, he limped to the lobby, where he sat down on a random seat and glanced at his busted watch.

Blinking, he undid his watch and slipped it in his pocket. Then he turned his head towards the exit and the main entrance of the hospital, his lost pupils sparking into life when he spotted a familiar face.



Yulia’s room was dead silent exception of the continuous beeps of her heart monitor. Her eyes were firmly closed, keeping those amazing ego bursting eyes hidden. Her whole face itself had a dark and pasty demeanor to it, indeed marking her as a very sick person. Her whole head was shaved close to her head; only about half an inch fuzzing from the patches where spiked up dark hair was used to be. Her whole head around and just above her thin eyebrows, a mummy like clean sheets of bandages were wrapped around, her nose and lips partially concealed with a breathing mask.

Every part of her petite and most likely fragile body from collar down was draped in two sheets of blankets, the bumps upon the sheets emphasizing the position of her body. Her left wrist was cast out to the far left where a needle was sticking out from underneath the skin.

The blinds were closed to shield any stray rays of sun disturbing Yulia’s much needed sleep.

Only the humidifier at the very corner of the room was sprouting out clouds of water to the room, only thing daring to show life.

The beeps of the heart monitor suddenly skipped a beat.

Then it continued in a slower pace.


In the emergency room, Lena was still on one of many beds among others, still wearing her blood stained clothes. The screams of agony and random cries of little infants didn’t seem to bother her from sleeping as she did. Nor the shrilling of the different phones, domestic and mobile phones alike and the taps of more than seventy staffs and patients cramped in the room.

A gash on the right side of her head was roughly but expertly patched up, but it already had dark crimson colour seeping through the fabric held against the wound. Her right wrist was also wrapped around hastily with bandages, and right hole of her jeans shredded with hospital scissors to expose the swelling right leg.

Other than the staffs and the patients who were obvious to dwell in the building, there were two men in police jackets and uniforms, with a writing pad in one hand and a Uniball pen in the other. They were talking to petrified Vik Verustikov and the visiting friend and supporting mate, Kolya Rotinski.

The four men were not far away from Lena’s bed, and they would constantly steal looks of the unconscious woman.


“I didn’t know she was drinking. I didn’t know she was that drunk, and I didn’t have any idea that she would do something like that. I mean, Lena is a nice girl. I would never think of her as that kind of person and...”

One of the officers intervened. “Please, Mr. Verustikov. We’re all busy people here. Why don’t we just cut to the chase, eh?” He snapped. The officer who was writing on his pad gave his partner a menacing glare before returning to the interview of their sole witness.

“Okay, sorry. It’s just… I just happened to meet Yulia in a market when I was buying some food. She told me to join her and Lena for a ride because Lena had gotten her driver’s license that day. And of course Lena was more than eager to just step on those pedals and drive through the highway…I don’t think even Yulia knew Lena was drinking.
But when Yulia fell asleep on the back seat, Lena started to speed up, and telling shits about how she had drank more than five bottles of beer…”

Vik sighed and rubbed his right hand against his face in an attempt to look agitated, shocked and emotional at the same time. At the perfect timing Kolya laid his heavy hand on Vik’s shoulder.

The officers glanced at each other before putting their pads and pens away.

“That would be all we’ll need for now. We are not accusing you of lying sir, but you do know we’re going to check the market you’ve mentioned, as well as the driving school and the pub to verify your story, right?” They asked. Then they seemed to somehow lean in closer to study Vik’s expression.

But Vik was a very good actor.

“Of course, officers, it’s only obvious! And thank you… For helping.” Vik said, offering his hand to both of the officers to shake.

One of the officers pulled out a card with a phone number on it and took Vik’s hand in a hearty shake. Then handing the man the car which had the phone number on it, he added, “Please, if you remember anything more, call us. But it’s most likely we’ll call you before you call us. But just in case. Thank you for you time sir.”

With a curt nod towards Vik and Kolya they left the room.

Back at the emergency room, Vik was staring back at Kolya. They both had a smirk on their faces.


3 weeks later…

“That’s it, Miss Katina, one foot after the other.”

The red head strained as a bead of sweat slid down on already persperized face. She squinted her eyes shut as she depended on the strengths f her arms holding the horizontal bars at the either side of her to keep her steady. She clenched her jaws and flexed her thighs to bring up her left foot to step forward. Her arms were trembling.

“Good, Miss Katina. Three steps today, that’s a very good improvement.” Her helper prodded on, trying to encourage Lena to take another step. He had a shaved off head, with round glasses perched firmly on his nose. An honest and a kind face was the main thing that came to anyone’s mind when one saw him and talked to him.

Lena attempted at another step forward but her body wore her down to a desperate cling to the bars.

“Micha, I can’t…” She whispered. The man nodded and immediately helped her up, propping her up on her crutches. Lena looked up and made a small smile. “Thank you.”

Micha just nodded before wiping off a bead of sweat off Lena’s forehead with his towel. “Learning how to walk again isn’t an easy task, Miss Katina. And you are improving faster than I’d expected. So don’t you worry about a thing and we’ll get you walking like a machine.” He said, offering a bottle of water to Lena.

She gratefully took it and downed the quarter of the bottle in a second. After recapping the bottle, she handed it back to Micha.

“Micha… The fact that you treat me no different than the other patients that you have… Does that mean that you believe me when I said I was not the one driving?” Lena asked hopefully, taking an eager hop on her crutches away from Micha after handing back his bottle.

He was silent for a while he was zipping up equipment in his duffle bag. When he looked up, meager traces of his once sincere and kind face remained, showing off a cold and professional expression.

“Miss Katina, I treat you like any other patients that I work with because it’s in my job description. But to tell you the truth, it’s hard to keep a straight face beside a murderer.” He snapped sharply, before lifting his duffle bag and wounding it over his shoulder. “Good day, Miss.” With a cool good bye, he was gone out the door.

Lena sighed as she leaned against the bars. She would have to learn to walk fairly soon. And she would use those mean walking skills right up to Ivan.

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Chapter 8

It had been almost a whole year… No, eleven months and twenty-one days since the accident. Or so called a trial at murder…According to the people who had surrounded her but left her. She had been used, and misunderstood, betrayed by the ones she had trusted the most. Her own father avoided her daughter’s gaze, and Ivan just often gave her a passing glance with disappointment and sympathy.

They weren’t listening to her. No one would listen to the dyke murderer who tried to kill her own lover and her lover’s ex-fiancée. Vik was making this “attempt at murder” a novel, feeding each pages to the ear hungry media.

She had gone to talk to him once. They talked for about fifteen minutes. And she knew from then that she would need a miracle... Or perhaps the long awaited awakening of her sleeping lover, Yulia.

Life was like an elastic band aimed at your face pulled back, just waiting to be released and to be snapped at your face. The held back band is unpredictable, strained by the second at every bug one steps on and kills without one’s knowing. Karma is a bitch.


Three months ago…

“I want to know why you are telling them lies. You know I didn’t drive. You know I wouldn’t do a thing to harm a strand of Yulia’s hair… Why are you making me the criminal?” Lena half asked and half implored. She thought Vik was one of her trusted friends, one of the friends that she could depend on.

Vik reached up to his bitten down cigar stuck between his lips, and tenderly pried it away, opening his mouth to blow the thick smog right into the vulnerable red head’s face. He smirked before slowly standing up and fixing his tie around his neck.

His gelled back hair and frameless glasses revealing a sharp and not so kind beady eye seemed to accentuate his true self a lot more, the side of him which planned everything from the so called “accident”, and fed off from moments like these.

“Lena… Don’t you remember that night? You said you had just gotten your driver’s license and you insisted countless times that you wanted to drive for a while. You must’ve been hammered to not remember clearly.” He stated. It wasn’t a suggestion. He said that as if he was giving out a fact.

“Stop lying! You know I didn’t drive! You’re the one who did!” Lena screeched, her fists clenched.

With a fake cough Vik sighed. “Lena, you should really get going, I’m going to have guests over here soon.”

“Fuck your guests! I’m not leaving until you tell the police the truth!!” Lena screamed, collapsing at her spot to a sitting position.

“Miss Katina, the truth is I am indeed going to call the police and tell that that a wannabe murderer is inside my house accusing me of everything that she’s done!! Now get the hell out!!” Vik shouted back, slamming his fist down on the dresser. Lena winced, as if every syllable of Vik’s words hurt her. And they did.

With last gleam of hope diminishing, she reluctantly stood and walked out.


With her best clothes fitted and worn, she grabbed her purse from the living room table. With a last check on the mirror, she walked out of her apartment’s door and locked it with haste care.

Her hair was up in a loose pony tail, her features almost bare of any make up. Her expression was to say the least, apprehensive looking, almost deathly pale and clammy.

She had at least seven job interviews that day and she didn’t want to be late. Slipping her keys into her pocket she pressed the button for her elevator and when the doors of the lift slid open, she went in.

But as the door slid back into a close, a sudden shot of pain bolted right through her head, and her ears started to ring. Losing her composure, she faintly swung to the lift’s wall beside her and clutched at her ringing left ear.

“What the fuck….” She muttered before another pain bolted through her skull once more. She whimpered, this time collapsing on her knees. Feeling a sticky substance oozing onto her palm that was grabbing her left ear, she pulled it away to check it out. It was red.

With a last shiver, her eyes rolled into the back of her sockets before passing out in the lift.


Vik came out of his daily evening shower with only a towel tied around his waist to cover his credentials. He was still shiny perspiration of the drying water, his hair dripping on his floor. Rubbing his face with his hands vigorously, he took a seat on his bed and turned on the TV.

But what he saw next almost made him scream like a little girl. It was a black and white picture of him, trading seats with the unconscious red head.

“The hell?!” He cursed out loudly. His breath came in short, as he began to panic. He quickly changed the channel but his remote seemed suddenly dead. He angrily threw away his remote to the floor which went shattering to pieces everywhere. He looked around his room for any signs of breaking and entering. There was none.

Then suddenly there was three banging knocks on his firmly closed room’s door. He head snapped up to greet the ominous ambienced silence, his eyes studying the closed door. Then sounds of feet shifting on the floor on the other side could be heard. He stopped breathing, but only concentrated in staring.

An envelope, plain white and glued to a neat close was slipped in through the crack under the door. Grabbing his empty flower vase on his night stand, he quietly walked towards his door and yanked it open.

He screamed at the top of his lungs with his vase ready over his head and ready to strike.

But no one was there. Exhaling with relief and still left over fear, he back tracked, and set the vase down. He bent down and plucked the envelope from the floor. Savagely tearing it open, he unfolded the white lined paper.

‘I know what you did. As you saw on your TV, that was a recording of what I filmed that night. The tape is in your VCR obviously. But don’t dance with joy just yet… I have at least seven more copies of those same images in my hands. Don’t try to reach me, because I’ll reach you first.’

He read it couple of more times, dumbstruck. Crumpling the piece of paper in his palm nervously, he trashed it with a blank mind. There were goose bumps all over his body, the hair on the back of his neck slowly standing up. He needed a plan.

Reaching for his phone, he quickly dialed Kolya’s number.


“As you can see in the pictures of your x-rays, there is a troublesome clump that’s forming inside the depths of your brain. I believe there is a leakage on one of your neural veins, creating a clot that pressing on other veins.” The doctor explained calmly and professionally. His fingers were crossed, and his shoulders rigid.

Lena broke out of her trance and looked up to her doctor with unfocused eyes. “How would this affect me?” She asked in a shaking voice. The doctor sighed before collecting up all the x-ray films from the light board.

“I am going to be frank with you. This will cause severe discomfort, and I forbid you from doing any intensive physical activities until I can figure a way to remove the clot and fix the leakage.” He said in a hesitant voice. With a light frown, he reached for his tie and loosened it.

“Am I going to be okay? I’m not going to die… Am I?” Lena asked.

Doctor pretended that he didn’t hear the question and quickly made himself busy by scribbling on his clipboard urgently. But when he didn’t answer, Lena urged.

“Doctor? Am I going to live?” Lena pleaded.

The doctor desperately looked up to the girl and frowned. “The chances… Are low.” He whispered. Lena’s sight was beginning to blur, and she looked away, towards a mystery spot on the floor. But the doctor continued, to somehow make up for the bad news. “…But please, I will try my best to help you, and to ease you of your pain. Let me do my job and I will try as hard as I can to save you…”

Lena wasn’t listening. She missed all her job interviews today. All seven of them.


Vik was anxiously puffing out smokes from his mouth, with a cigarette in between his fingers. Then his eyes lead him to a non-smoking sign. He cursed under his breath before spitting on the sign and putting his cigarette out. He plopped down on a chair and helplessly stared at the person in front of him.

He was back at the hospital, in Yulia’s room. His eyes were red, and his wardrobe was less than impressive. He stared maniacally at the sleeping brunette.

“Yulia… Why are you doing this to me? I just want to love you… God that’s all I wanted! I just wanted to love you!” He shouted, his voice raising. He suddenly jumped to Yulia’s sleeping form and grabbed her limp hand. He held her hand with both of his, as if he was treasuring it.

“Am I wrong? Am I really wrong?” He whimpered. He was scared shitless. But with an exasperated growl he jumped to his feet and grabbed his coat from the hanger. But as he was ready to stomp out of the room, something stopped him dead in his tracks.

“Vik…? Vik… Where are we, Vik?” It was weak, and he barely heard it. But he did. It was Yulia’s signature voice. He whirled around, and with thunderstruck expression and a gaping mouth, he stared back at Yulia’s very much awake features.

“I… Kind of feel… lightheaded…Vik? Help me up…” She talked again.

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Chapter 9

Kolya was smiling, his fingers gracely holding up a shot glass of vodka. He couldn’t suppress his happiness, at the amusing sight of his partner in crime dancing with heart filled joy. Downing his shot of vodka and pushing up his aviators back to its original place, he sauntered over to the laughing man.

“So, this is it? We’re clean?” Kolya asked once more in utmost seriousness. He never liked taking risks, and his latest criminal bravado was making him antsy to say the least. But he doubted his worries, watching Vik’s facial expression varying from total joy to pure amusement.

“Kolya my man, I could not thank God enough!! And I could not thank Yulia enough for not buckling up and getting her head bashed through a glass window!!” Vik said in a sing song voice.

“She doesn’t know anything??” Kolya asked to reassure himself. Vik just slapped Kolya on his broad shoulder and laughed out loud once more.

“The last this she remembers is a hot kiss from me at Jo’s bar at almost…God, how many years ago?? She doesn’t remember a thing about her red headed broad, and she only has her interests to me… It’s a win-win situation!!” Vik exclaimed, skipping to his fridge then taking out a half eaten sandwich.

Taking a big whiff, he took a hefty bite, showing thumbs up to Kolya. Kolya just smirked.


Lena inwardly groaned as the same son of a bitch pinched her ass again as she was walking by his table. She should’ve taken the other job instead of being a waitress. As she swung the door to the kitchen to take out her next order, the owner stopped her halfway.

“Dennis! What’s up?” Lena asked politely. The owner gave her a half grin and motioned her towards his office.

“Phone, Lena. Sounds like your father.” He said.

My father? She thought curiously. They had rarely talked after the accident, and it’s been ages since se even glanced at Ivan. She inwardly shrugged as she picked up the phone and took in a breath.

“This is Lena speaking.” She said, pausing for a response.

“I am Yulia’s father.” He said on the other line. There was a brief sigh on the other line. “I know you have been meeting with my daughter, and I understand that you have a quite…err… Unique relationship with Yulia.”

Lena furrowed her brows. “Yes?” She suggested, at a loss for words. I mean after all, what could you say to your lover’s father whom you barely know? And all he knows about you is the fact that you tried to kill his daughter.

“She is awake.” He said. Lena suddenly felt a surge of pain shooting from her left eye and to the left side of her head. She suppressed the urge to yelp. She slapped her palm against her forehead for some kind of support.

“She is?” She said again before getting another shoot of pain and gasping.

“Yes. But she does not remember anything about you and she does not remember anything she had with you during your relationship with her. Respectfully as her father… I want to keep it that way.” He said in a grave tone. A tone that didn’t allow any argument. Not that she wanted to, for she was a little bit distracted.

This time Lena couldn’t answer the man, not having the courage to unclench her teeth from the pain.

“Hello? Are you still there Miss Katina?” He promptly asked over the other line. With a short gasp she managed to reply.

“Mister Volkov… Please let me meet her at least five times. Or three… I love her… please give me, three meets with her to let go of her.” She almost growled out those words through the pain.

There was a long silence on the other line, and Lena thought he was going to refuse. But her heart churned and her throbbing pain in her head eased when she heard the two words from the other line, “You may.”

As soon as he granted his permission to the red head, he hung up. Lena sighed before weakly placing the phone down at its place. Three meets were all she had.


Yulia was sitting at her office desk, in her usual attires. A silver linen suit with a silver tie to match that hung loosely around her neck’s collar. Her hair was a lot tame, since it grew out while she was sleeping. She was leaning back in her chair with a questionable object in her hand.

It was a frame with a picture of her and a beautiful and smiling red headed woman she did not recognize. She stared intently at the woman, getting the feeling that the mystery’s woman’s name was on tip of her tongue. Brushing her thumb against the cool glass of the picture frame, she squinted her eyes in irritation.

With a shiver she whispered, “Who are you?” Towards that familiar, beautiful smile.

Then with a slam of her office door opening, the ever so fantastic entrance of her mother appeared. She was wearing all fur, with a thick rimmed sunglass which lenses covered her whole eyes including her eyebrow.

“Yulia, my sweet daughter! You’re finally up!!! Come on, we’re going out!” She said in an opera singing high and definitely loud voice. Gliding up to Yulia, she kissed the brunette on her each cheek, and hugged her limply before pulling away.

“Mom? Err, where we going?” She said, trying to sound enthused. But she miserably failed.

“House hunting!!! I mean I can’t stay in that dreadful hotel forever! I demand a high classed, Point-A, ocean front house right away!! Oh and a masseuse is an obvious person to hire…” She rambled on.

“Mother, we don’t have the money.” Yulia cut in. But the rambling woman didn’t hear her daughter through her own noise. Yulia sighed and dejectedly followed her mother out her office.


“You what?!” Vik yelled, astounded. His veins were visibly popping out of his forehead in anger before he violently turned away and started pacing.

“I only thought it was reasonable. I knew that girl loved my daughter and I don’t think for a second that she had any intentions of crashing that car…” Mister Volkov reasoned.

“So what are you saying, sir?! You think I’m wrong?! You think I’m lying to the whole fucking media?!” Vik screamed again. “You need my power to survive, old man. I suggest your keep your tongue, where it belong, in some your dog’s asshole.” He snapped, before rushing out of Volkov’s office and slamming the door behind him.

The old man just loosened his tie around his neck, and reached inside his hidden drawer beneath the desk. Pulling out a bottle of bourbon, he took a deep swig before setting the bottle on his desk.

How could only three meets hurt?


Yulia came almost crawling back to her office, from the “adventure” she had with her mother during the day. It hasn’t been a while since she first started to walk normally, and the day’s exercise didn’t help her situation either.

Motioning her hand to the security officer, she began to climb a few stair cases towards her office. It was almost nearing eight o’ clock, and she still had some catching up to do. With a small jiggle of her door knob, she opened the door with ease and walked in.

The light was already on. Her brows went up. Then she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw who was waiting for her, sitting on her chair.

The mystery woman.


“Are you telling me that I’m gay?” Yulia asked, laughter evident in her voice. She wanted to fall on the floor, roll for couple of time, holding her stomach and just bellow. Her brows seemed permanently glued upward, her eyes permanently skeptical.

“Well… Seeing how you react now… I’m thinking you *were* gay is the right term for it.” Lena said quietly, gazing away from Yulia’s moving, and awake figure.

“Alright… Then how do *you* fit into my rainbow-scene?” Yulia asked, still laughing.

Oh yeah, she was over joyed at the fact that her lover was awake, and she would love to take that woman in her arms and coo her to sleep, letting her use her legs as pillows… But that wasn’t in her cards anymore. All she had in her hands were the memories, and hope. Diminishing, perhaps, but hope nonetheless.

Lena smiled shyly before standing. If only I didn’t get her driver’s license.

She could already see her next two meets with Yulia already, dismal. She sighed.

“I obviously can see… This is a mistake. I’m going to take off… It was nice meeting you again, Yulia.” Lena quietly uttered before walking towards the office door to exit. But as she landed her hand on the door knob, Yulia’s grasp on her shoulder stopped her.

Lena tentatively turned to look at the saddened blue eyes staring up at her.

“Why are you so familiar to me? Why am I so curious about you? Why do I want to… Touch you, and keep talking to you? Why do I want to feel your hair…? Who are you?” Yulia asked in a low voice. She seemed as if she was begging and weeping inside.

There was a small hint of a smile breaking on Lena’s lips. But she didn’t notice it. Then with a deep breath, she said, “How bout a date?”

Then suddenly those words seemed to echo inside Yulia’s head, making her head jerk to the side with stubborn want of remembering. Then she heard a response inside her head.

“How bout a date?” She could hear clearly inside her head with her own voice.

“How about, ‘no’?”

Yulia’s were unfocused as she said the reply out loud to Lena. Lena was slowly breaking her face into a tiny smile. But she kept going.

“Fine. A drink maybe?” Lena asked again.

“Fine. A drink maybe?” Those same words echoed inside her head, but in her head it was her own voice asking the questions.

“How can you be so sure that I’m into women?” Yulia replied, still remembering, the moving reeling in her mind like she just experienced this conversation the day before.

“I’m not.” Lena replied with hint of joy in her voice.
“I’m not.” Her head replied the same time Lena did. She jerked her head back to stare at the red headed woman in front of her.

“It looks like we’re going for a drink then.” Yulia said sheepishly.

“Looks like it.” Lena answered with relief written on her face.

01-07-2005, 10:41
*in a corner shoving immense amounts of vitamin E's while vitamin C's are in the corner, collecting dust bunnies and spider's webs*

*then see ladies watching with squinted eyes*



p.s.~ the new chapter is in the previous page LoL

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Chapter 10

“Here.” Yulia said before plopping down on a patio chair next to Lena, and handing her a can of Coke. Lena just smirked.

“Caffeine in this time of night? Guess I’m not going to sleep tonight then.” Lena said quietly as she popped the can open and took three big gulps.

“Well it *is* your favorite drink, so I thought it was the right thing to bring you. And besides… I’m really trying to cut back on alcohol.” Yulia replied, popping her own can and taking sips of it herself. Lena just chuckled.

“Yeah, seems like the obvious thing to do after… Never mind.” Lena cut herself short before taking another deep drink out of her can. “Thanks by the way. I was have one of my fizzy cravings.”

“Anytime.” Yulia stated simply. An awkward silence ensued. But suddenly Lena broke it in a tone of wonder and curiousness.

“Wait… How did you know that my favorite drink is Coke?” Lena asked, her eyes filling in with lively hope.

“Well of course it’s your favorite drink because I remember you stealing…” Yulia trailed off, closing her eyes in impatience. “…Damn.” She just said before sighing.

“I see.” Lena was surprised she even had a voice to keep talking at all. She was still awestruck in her own little way for finally seeing her lover awake. Yulia suddenly smirked.

“Now that I think about it, I don’t even know your name. And I don’t even know what your relation is to me.” Yulia said in a casual but in a questioning voice. One of her brows up her, her index finger playing with the soda can’s tab.

Lena just sighed. “I think… Maybe… It’s better that way. Just think of me as an old friend.”

“A friend without a name?” Yulia persisted grudgingly.

“Oh… you may call me, Bob.” Lena said in a half serious and half teasing way. Yulia rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Something tells me ‘Bob’ isn’t really your name.” Yulia was getting a little grouchy with the way this… enchanting woman with red hair was acting towards her. Acting like a tease, acting like she had all the cards in her hands, and that she knew everything. But the punch line that pissed her off the most was the fact that she did know everything, and was probably just not spilling the beans.

“I’m guessing that ‘Something’ is your busted sixth sense. You never know, my name might really be Bob, and you’re really hurting my feelings right now.” Lena teased again, finishing up her Coke. Yulia groaned in frustration.

Lena slowly got up from her seat and plucked off her jacket that hung loosely from her chair. “Well, I’m going to head off. Is your busted sixth sense telling you now that we are somehow going to meet again?” She asked, smiling mischievously.

“Actually, yes. Is my sixth sense telling the truth now?” Yulia answered with another question.

“Maybe.” Lena replied with a teasing smile and was already making her way away from the patio. But Yulia’s call stopped her.

“Bob! Wait! I’m going to give you my number just in case…” But Lena cut her off half way.

“I already know it. Good night!” Lena called back before waving her hand good bye and walking away.

Yulia watched “Bob” turn a corner and disappear from her line of sight. She snickered and shoved the scrap piece of paper back in her pocket as well as her pen. “Crazy…” She muttered before sitting back down on the chair and dipping her own can of Coke in her mouth to finish it off.


Through all the excitement of Yulia possibility of permanent amnesia, Vik had forgotten about the video tape. The tape which had all his proof of what he had done to Lena. Leaning back on his sofa, he picked up his bottle of beer off his coffee table and took a light sip.

There was no one other than him and Kolya who knew about the plan. Nervously taking out his packet of cigarettes from his back pocket, he fished one out and lit it. He took a long drag, trying to ease his strenuous popping thoughts and hectic mind.

Why would Kolya ever betray him? He should know that if he was to rat out on him to the fuzz, he would automatically be a tag along as well. It just didn’t make sense. Then suddenly a flash of memory bumped out his train of thoughts.

“…Taking a life is hardly something to look forward to…” The gentle mutter of Kolya’s words under his breath rung instantaneously in his head. He knew Kolya was a bit on the religious side before, and sometimes he had the sharp conscience of a knife. But still, it was very much far fetched. But something in the back of head kept repeating the fact that he and Kolya were the only people who knew about the plan.

Unless there was something he wasn’t remembering.

No, he wouldn’t have forgotten something like that. He sighed as he assumed his conclusions in his head. Mother fucking bastard, he thought bitterly.

A burst of shrills of the phone ringing made him jump. Cursing he picked up the phone and greeted the unknown person on the other line, casually.

“Vik, it’s me.” Vik’s lips twitched in a developing anger and betrayal. Well, hello there, Kolya.


Mr. Katin pretended not notice his daughter sit on the couch across from him. He tried to look like he was focused into an article he was reading, but it didn’t really work because he was trying to act grave with the comic’s page. The presence of his daughter made him feel complicated, making him ignore everything surrounding him.

“Daddy…?” Lena called to her kin delicately, emotionally open and as sincere as she could be, afraid of rejection from her own father. “Daddy?” She called again, more determined this time.

Mr. Katin hesitantly lowered his news paper and set it beside him. Taking off his reading glasses, he looked up to see his daughter in a somewhat fragile and disappointed expression. “Yes, Lena?”

“I’m sorry.” She spilt out softly, looking away. Her fingers were fidgeting, her thumbs twiddling.

Mr. Katin’s expression immediately softened, but still frowning in a slight confusion. “Sorry for what, my dear?”

“For not making you happy, not being normal as you wanted to be and… Just screwing it over with the publicity for our industry.”

But her father just sighed and sadly chuckled, his features softening considerably. “Baby, I know that you did not drive. I know who you are, and I know how you act. You are not the kind of person to go cavorting about drinking then driving. I taught you better than that. As for who you are… That person that you are trying to hide, that person is the reason that I love you. I am proud of my daughter, Lena; I’ve never been more honored, in my life. I thank god every night for giving me the greatest miracle of all my life… You. All I want for you… Is for you to be happy. That’s all I care about, not some stupid publicity. Understand?” He asked authoratively.

Lena chocked and nodded while she snatched her tears away with the back of her sleeves.

“I’m sorry for acting… Sour to you for some time now. I couldn’t help it. I let some stupid lies blind me to the fact that you are my daughter, and how much I love you.” He coaxed as he promptly moved his seat to the seat beside Lena, pulling her in his arms. Then hugging her father full force, she bawled into his shoulder, relieved and glad.

“Daddy…” She scratched in his embrace.

“Yes, honey?” He asked.

“I’m going to give her up.” She said simply.

But Mr. Katin objected. “But Lena, I just told you, I want you to be happy…” But he was cut off with a sad but devoted, determined but pained voice of his daughter.

“No. I’m going to give her up. For your company’s sake and mine.” She said, making it final. But she silently whished that Yulia wouldn’t give her up in return.


“Do you really think that’s a good idea, Lena?” Ivan asked, trying to fix his tie in front of his office mirror for the umpteenth time. Lena just rolled her eyes and teasingly slapped Ivan’s hands away as she went to work on his tie with her own hands.

“Ivan! This is my construction. My dad told me I could do it, and I want to it. It was my idea in he first place. I’m just making sure no one gets their grubby paws off *my* plan, that’s all.” She said as she smiled at the result of her handy work on Ivan’s tie. Ivan checked himself in the mirror again and nodded with a satisfying expression.

“Are you sure that’s all your reason? I heard Ms. Volkova was going to be there at t meeting today. She’s the one cross-examining your blue print… Or so I’ve heard.” Ivan said with a hint of mischief in his tone and he winked at Lena.

“I told you, me and Yulia is over. There is no us. She doesn’t even remember who I am.” She whispered as she collected her stuff off from Ivan’s bureau.

Ivan quirked his brows and leaned his head towards Lena with a stern expression. “Lena…” He said warningly.

“Ivan, stop it. Now, the meeting starts in five minutes! Are you coming or not? Oh I get it; you’re too busy ogling at your self in the mirror. Ever get the thought of flattering yourself way too much there?” She said in a kid like voice as she mock-ditched Ivan in his office and walked out.

“Oh, and she comes out swinging! I’m coming red riding hood, I’m coming! Don’t get your panties up in a bunch now…” He said jokingly but menacingly. As he closed the office door behind him, distant sound of Lena saying, “Ivan! Watch your language; you’re married!”


“There you are Lena! I was just about to send for you. Good timing.” Her father said, pleased. But he was also antsy about Yulia’s presence. Lena just flashed her pearl baring smile at the company and took out her plan in front of the group of audience. Mr. Katina stood, and he gestured his arm at Lena.

“Mr. Pavlovich, this is my coordinator and the team captain of the planning department, Ms. Katina. Ms. Katina, Mr. Pavlovich and the Sanpan company majors.” He properly introduced them both and he sat down.

But behind of all the greasy or bald headed men, there was Yulia, her eyes dancing around the sight of the red headed woman. Lena. That’s what Mr. Katin had called her. Katin. Katina. Father and daughter?

There was laugh evident on Yulia’s features, though she didn’t dare show her amusement while Lena was doing her presentation. Lena. Lena. She said her name repeatedly very quietly in her mouth, trying to marvel at the feeling of familiarity.

She had remained quiet through the whole presentation, and had remained even after the meeting, watching the red had pack up after the Sanpan Company, Ivan and her presumed father. She was still sitting in her original place, in her brown tailored fitting suit with a red striped tie draped loosely around her neck.

“Well Bob… Good presentation.” Yulia said aloud. Lena looked up at the name Bob and blushed. Busted. “And yes, I know your name now. But… I’m going to call you Bob just for the heck of it. You seem to be very fond of it too.” Lena just smirked, proceeding to put stuff away in her briefcase.

Yulia stood and went to where Lena was packing up. She held up Lena’s construction blueprint and held it up with a questioning glance before saying, “May I?”

Lena nodded nonchalantly before closing her case and standing beside Yulia to look over her shoulder at her blueprint. But she heard Yulia click her tongue and saw her shake her head side to side.

Panic arose in her stomach as she took an unintended step into Yulia’s personal space and pressed into the brunette’s back to get a better view of her blueprint. She was unsuccessfully trying to find the flaws Yulia was seeing herself.

“No… This is all unbalanced… Wrong there, there and there…” Yulia murmured to herself ass she pointed to the various parts of her carefully thought out planning. With a bolt of unexpected movement, Yulia ripped the blue print in half. Lena flinched and backed up as she just witnessed what had happened to her week’s worth of work. Yulia turned around to face Lena, making her watch herself crumpling up the ripped paper and litter to litter it to the floor.

“Bob, your ideas are great, very unique. I can see where you’re trying to get at. But what I just saw was a complete contradictory as to what you had presented to me and to the Sanpan in the meeting. It was total crap. Make up another one, one I could accept.” She said in a happy sing song and a little of teasing voice as she resumed to walk out of meeting room.

Then she abruptly stopped and turned around to face Lena once more with a small smile. “Oh Bob, by the way, would you like a tub of ice cream or a handkerchief or anything like that?” She asked in an aloof voice. She suddenly looked very egotistical and contemptuous.

Lena flushed and flustered, she stuttered to place her pissed off word in a full sentence. “You’re so selfish, and bitchy and so damn-..”

“Sexy? I know. Don’t stand there blubbering like an idiot, let’s go out for dinner. And if act like a good little girl, I might even help you with your blue print.” The brunette said with a wink and with her old confidence rising up again.

Lena just squinted her eyes and twitched her lips. “Better be the most expensive restaurant in town…” She grumbled. But she stopped grumbling when Yulia unconsciously strung her arm around Lena’s waist while the hand on the arm poked at Lena’s own hand.

Lena just stared at Yulia in wonder. But she sighed and decided to let it go. It’s not like she wasn’t enjoying herself, and not loving those little unconscious habits she seemed to have remembered before the accident.


“I swear! Why the hell would I do that to you?!” Kolya screamed, his hands soaked in his own blood clutching at his punctured thigh. He was on the floor of him home, crying. Vik’s lips twitched again before his hand went up to reveal a video tape in his hand.

“You lying little shit! I found this tape and six more of them under your bed. Are you still going to lie to me? Huh?!” Vik screeched, then hurling the video tape to the opposite wall. “You think you could threaten with this little fucking joke?!” He yelled again before getting his foot to stomp on the gun shot wound he made on Kolya’s thigh.

An ear splitting scream emerged from Kolya.

“No! That’s not mine damn it!! I’ve been fucking framed, man, I swear! Vik… Vik! Don’t do this,” Vik took aim at Kolya’s head with his simple black, hand gun. “Vik, you’re making a mistake, I didn’t do this! Put the damn gun away, Vik!” He cocked his gun, the click of the sound resonating inside the room and cutting off all sounds from Kolya.

“Good bye, Kolya. And go to hell.”

“Vik, Vik! NO!” A smoldering crack of gunfire echoed in Kolya’s house, and shortly after with a clatter of a gun on the hard wood floor as it finale.

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“Oh… you may call me, Bob.” Lena said in a half serious and half teasing way.
“Bob! Wait! I’m going to give you my number just in case…” But Lena cut her off half way.
Yulia watched “Bob” turn a corner and disappear from her line of sight.

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Chapter 11

More than a year ago…

“So what are you tryin’ to do here? Gon’ tryin’ to do pay me half the shit’s worth and expect me to be happy lil’ boy? Dun think so ya prick. You gone gimme a bump half the size of a friggin’ bowlin’ ball and you still gots the guts to pay me half the shit’s worth?? What’s wrong with ya?!” He growled his face already red from half an hour of ranting in Vik’s face.

Vik was casually sipping from a glass of whisky, looking out at his back yard garden of his gigantic house. The man who had been ranting for almost an hour was getting downright pissed off at Vik’s reaction to his demands. He looked like he hardly listened.

So the man kicked a bar stool in his way, knocking it over to the side, and marched right up to Vik’s unmoving back. Then with his fist raised in the air he was ready to strike at unsuspecting Vik. Then with a sudden pivot of his body, Vik violently crashed down his glass on the man’s head. The man screamed, holding his right eye.

“Get out.” Vik grimaced in disgust as he said this. “Your cash will be mailed to you. And before you go, could you possibly clean this off of my floor? Thanks.” Vik said before going upstairs.


Yulia’s eyes bulged when she received the cheque for dinner. Through Lena’s constant whining, although very cute whining, they had eventually came to the most expensive restaurant in town. But she nearly passed out from the price.

Then uncomfortably clearing her throat, she set the cheque back down on the table and mischievously smiled. Leaning back and relaxing in her chair, she called out to Lena who was finishing the last of her Shiraz.

“Bob.” Yulia said, in a flat voice, in an attempt to keep her voice quiet. Getting the hint Lena also toned down her voice a notch and responded.


“I’m thinking of Dine and Dash. What are you thinking?” Lena just smiled like the devil himself, surprising Yulia.

“I’m thinking, Genius. Come on, let’s go.” With baffled giggles, they snatched up their purses and stood almost too casually and slowly headed for the exit without no guilt or hurry in their steps. Then suddenly a greasy looking man stepped in front of them with a rugged expression.

‘Shit! Are we busted?!’ Lena thought frantically. But both Lena and Yulia inwardly heaved a heavy sigh of relief when the rugged expression turned into a bright smile.

“Thank you ladies, please visit us again!!” He said in a nauseating kindness. Yulia just brushed him off, grabbing for Lena’s hand and power walking out of there.


Lena was laughing hysterically, but getting dragged by Yulia by her hand at the same time.

“I can’t we just left without paying!!” Lena exclaimed a bit too loudly for Yulia comfort. But she smirked anyways.

“Tell the whole world now, why don’t ya?” Yulia said as she grimaced when a passerby looked at them strangely before crossing the street. Probably wondering why Lena was so hysterical.

But Lena immediately stopped laughing after Yulia’s last statement, dying down into a small sigh. Yulia noted this as an unusual behavior, leaning down a bit to look at Lena in her eyes.

“Anything the matter? You suddenly went quiet.” Yulia said in a questioning way. But Lena just shook her head side to side, smiling weakly. The words Yulia had said before sounded just like she did the last time they went out for dinner and just came running out without paying. Yulia just smirked, shaking her head thinking Lena was just being very random and silly.

The brunette let go of her grasp around Lena’s hand, then walked ahead exhaling deeply. Then with a little wistfully she whispered, “Will you ever tell me who you are?”

Lena cocked her head with a sheepish smile. “You already know my name, dummy.” But Yulia just harshly shook her head with a frustrated grunt.

“No that’s not what I meant. I want to know where you stand, or stood, in my life.” The brunette reasoned, but to no avail. The red headed woman just gave her a sympathetic smile and a soft but brief stroke down Yulia’s arm.

Then as Lena’s fingertips left Yulia’s arm, she felt something spark, maybe on her arm, the same spot getting touched by that same stroke. Or maybe in front of her eyes as she remembered the red head, beside her in bed, half naked running her fingers up and down her arm.

Yulia brought her free palm up to that spot on her arm and squeezed it. Her gaze bee lined on the pavement ground, in front of her eyes seeing not the grey road beneath her, but something of her past.

“Looks like we both could use a drink.” Yulia remembered herself commenting briskly, propping herself against the entrance of the woman’s washroom. Her eyes were fixated on the startled red head through the reflection of the mirror. Then she remembered herself slowly walking up to the red head and pressing against her.

“Isn’t it a little early for that?” She remembered seeing Lena’s face in conflict when she had proposed the idea. She remembered the act of suppressing her stoic grin at that. Yulia grinned at the memory. Looked like she was gay as a garden gnome. How could she not notice that obvious thing about herself?

“It’s after noon.” The flashback of images ended with the last look of Lena’s walls crumpling before her.

Yulia slowly looked up at Lena, looking at her with curious wonder about her eyes. “Yulia… Are you okay?” Lena asked, giving the brunette a playful kick on Yulia’s calf with the toe of her shoe.

“Oh ya,” Yulia started, but the kick got another images kicking in her head space, rudely interrupting. Not that she minded.

The images she saw were incredible, making her a bit weak in the knees. It was Lena and herself, on the driver’s seat of her car of all places, completely in the glory of being naked kissing the life out of each other. She could immediately feel the touches Lena had inflicted such long time ago. Her hands made their way to the burning spots on her flesh, and relished it.

Then suddenly her images skipped to an event where Lena’s foot accidentally kicked and had gotten it stuck in one of the hole in her steering wheel.

“Yul…Umm…my foot.. It’s stuck in your steering wheel.”

When her movies of her past ended, she broke out of trance to stare a hole through the shifting red head. Yulia just gasped out an incredulous laugh before raising her palm up to her mouth. But Lena’s face was showing blank, only displaying features of a half frown and a half maddening curiosity.

“Yulia are you sure you’re oka--…”

But Yulia just roughly bunched up Lena’s collar with her clenched fist, and violently pulled the yelping red head to her, the brunette planting a bruising, hungry kiss on her lips. Lena’s astounded eyes blinked for a couple of moments, not knowing what to do. But she did what she could do, and closed her eyes, not bothering to fight the wills.

Finally pulling apart, they both exhaled deeply. Their breaths mingled in the cold winter night’s air, their foreheads against each other and Yulia’s nose still lingering over and beside Lena’s.

“Never Better… Lena.” Yulia whispered, leaning in to take Lena in her embrace.


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“Bob.” Yulia said, in a flat voice, in an attempt to keep her voice quiet
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More than a year ago…
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Chapter 12

Vik sat at his computer desk, staring at his computer screen with his glasses perched on his nose. His fingers were busily clacking away, only stopping briefly for his eyes to read through the work he had done so far. He was finally getting through the piled up work his had procrastinated on, finally getting some time to finish them off.

A yawn breaking his face he casually leaned back on his chair to relax, sliding his glasses off to rub his tired aching face. Then as soon as he stood back up to continue working the phone rang.

Grimacing at the sudden shrill of sound, he glanced at his watch. It was almost three in the morning. He wondered who could be trying to reach him at that hour. With a look of annoyance flashing on his features and checked the caller ID for a name. If it was a person who wasn’t of importance, he could ignore it. But the caller ID only told him it was a Private Caller.

With a grunt he picked up the phone.

“Hello?” He croaked. He cleared his throat.

“Tsk tsk… Wrong person… Please try again. But it seems like… You already killed your only friend.” The uncomfortably familiar sounding voice garbled on the other line.

“Who the hell are you?!” Vik snarled on his phone.

“Someone you’ve forgotten. D’you think I was really that stupid? Uh uh uh… You should’ve listened to me.” The voice said again. Vik’s right lid twitched. Then with a sudden motion of his arm he slammed the phone down, hanging up.


“Why didn’t you tell me, Lena? The truth about my past?” Yulia trailed off, hint go hurt in her voice as she tried to hide it by trying to keep her tone as casual as she could. Lena was looking away, her hand gently snaking its way around her Coke can and taking a sip. She was avoiding the question.

Yulia suddenly slammed her fist down on the table with such force; Lena jumped and snapped her head up to meet Yulia’s glossy eyes. “Why?” Yulia coaxed one last time. Lena’s fingers were trembling against the can of her soda. She’d never witnessed Yulia so mad before.

“I didn’t lie… About anything Yulia.” Lena whispered, managing to tear her eyes away from Yulia’s enrapturing blue iris.

“Well you sure as hell didn’t tell me the truth either. Did you wanted me to forget or something? Is that it? Wanted to remain friends? You can tell me that now if you want to.” Yulia couldn’t keep her anger in check anymore, the bubbling fury obvious in her voice.

Yulia saw Lena was definitely uncomfortable at the suggestion, making her shift in her chair. But the thing that made her more astonished was that she didn’t object to anything Yulia had just blurted out.

Lena suddenly looked up with tears sliding down her face, and said, “I want us to remain friends.” Yulia’s eyes narrowed at the news, her mouth gaping in shock.

Yulia clenched her fist around her own soda can and hurled it across her office, making it hit the opposite wall it a heavy thud. The can was brought back to the floor, fizzing noises and foams of her former drink marring her floor. “What the fuck, Lena?! I wake up from the longest sleep I’ve ever fucking had, and it takes me weeks to remember you… You’re throwing that all away?! What is the matter with you?!!”

Lena stood up from her seat, somber. She gave short sniffle as her last reply before she walked out of Yulia’s office.


“Hello?” The man on the other answered with a vibrant tone.

“Hi… It’s Lena.” Lena said her voice quiet and her fake optimistic tone dissolving into a melancholy melody. She heard the man clear his throat in a disapproving gesture before he replied.

“Well, Miss Katina… What can I do for you?”

“It’s over.” Lena answered, her voice cracking up.

“Pardon me?”

The anguish of repeating those words again pained her. “Me and Yulia… It’s over.”

Then she heard awkward sputtering from the old man, trying to find something to say to the woman who had just called him. But before he could say anything, Lena talked first.

“Good night, Mr. Volkov.” She hung up.


Back to more than a year ago…

“Of course, I took care of it. Who do you think I am Kolya? I’m a genius when it comes to these things.” Vik said in an excited but at the same time a cool voice. Kolya smirked over the phone, not in a form of degradation but in a from of amusement.

“Well, that’s good news. How about we meet later for a drink? I don’t want anything to get rusty.” Kolya said uneasily. Vik snorted.

“Is someone having the last minute anxiety attack?”

“Is someone having the bad case of ass fest PMS?” Kolya replied defiant. Vik was exclaiming with a laugh.

“What are you, a girl??” Vik answered challenging Kolya.

“What are you, a queer??” Kolya shot right back.

“Look man, we’ll meet and continue this later. I gotta run. Got some errands. Later.”

“Whatever, man.”

They both hung up.

Kolya sighed as he stood from his sofa where he was talking on the phone to go back to his bedroom. He was up for a long nap. Grinning at his companion in his bed, he crawled back in the sheets with a malicious chuckle.

“Coming back to bed, sweet pea?” A woman’s voice muffled through the blankets. Kolya chuckled once again before latching himself to the woman.

“Better believe it.”


“Miss Katina, your hemorrhage must be handled with within this month. Or else it could be fatal.” The doctor said, hint of urgency in his voice.

Lena sighed. The stress was slowly taking its toll on her.

“Of course, doctor. When do you propose we ‘handle’ it?” The doctor sighed as he flipped through his clip board and fiddled with his calendar.

“Well being the major surgery as it is, I’m going to have you and keep you here for at least two days before you go into operation. Is that alright with you, Miss?” There was really no point in asking for the doctor’s voice left no room for a such thing called re-schedule.

“Of course, that sounds about good. But doctor… What is the probability of the surgery being successful?” Lena asked, still a light of hope dimming in her voice. The doctor pressed his index and middle fingers up to his temple, leaning up front on his desk.

“Looking at the worst case scenario… You would only get to live a year’s time. A year and a half at best. If the surgery went smoothly and everything went right where it was supposed to, you would live for about ten years at best, but only if you visit the hospital regularly and with proper prescriptions taken daily.” Doctor’s voice was dying down, unsure how the lady in front of him would take in the information.

But surprisingly the red head just sadly smiled, her head turned away with tears revisiting upon her each cheek. She exhaled deeply.

“When do you think this operation should be held?” Lena spoke softly and gently, and enunciated each word. She suddenly wanted everything to be its fullest, not wanting to take each breath of her’s for granted.

“I propose as soon as possible. Next week perhaps.” He said, comfort and pity taking the general expression on his face. Lena nodded wordlessly.


Vik was still staring at the phone, thinking about the day before’s little conversation with a voice he had. He could feel his hair rise on the back of his neck every time he thought back to the words those voice made.

The doorbell rang. Naturally he jumped before curing and getting up. Making his way to the front door, he opened it, facing a man with a large brown box in his arms. His uniform blue, the trademark FedEx logo printed on the left breast of his jacket. The delivery man smiled a little before handing the package to Vik and giving him a little clipboard to sign.

Vik signed it and said a silent good bye before closing the door. Making his way to the living room, he set the package down on his table and sat down. His hands already crawling all around the package, he tore it open. But he just stared in shock at he saw what the content was.

He held up a jagged piece of tinted glass, the pointy edge stained with dark rouge. He gasped and purposely dropped the piece of glass on his carpet. He knew that the stain was dried up old blood. Then his memory flashed back at the first memory that came into his head.

…“So what are you tryin’ to do here? Gon’ tryin’ to do pay me half the shit’s worth and expect me to be happy lil’ boy? Dun think so ya prick. You gone gimme a bump half the size of a friggin’ bowlin’ ball and you still gots the guts to pay me half the shit’s worth?? What’s wrong with ya?!” He growled his face already red from half an hour of ranting in Vik’s face….

…So the man kicked a bar stool in his way, knocking it over to the side, and marched right up to Vik’s unmoving back. Then with his fist raised in the air he was ready to strike at unsuspecting Vik. Then with a sudden pivot of his body, Vik violently crashed down his glass on the man’s head. The man screamed, holding his right eye….

That right eye… He remembered hazily that a glass piece was indeed lodged in his right eye. It could be possibly…? Vik brought his palm up to his mouth as he stared down at his carpet, staring incredulously at the lying stained thick piece of glass winking up at him.


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Chapter 13

Yulia trudged, her shoulders slumped and head stuck on one position since she had left her apartment. She was wearing her worn out sneakers, the laces barely hanging on. She watched them flailing each time she took a step.

She was miserable, but she didn’t show it. She made sure that she was well rested, washed with neatly worn clothes, with an exception of her shoes. She looked ahead to make a turn, a gust of wind suddenly rushing her. She strung her arms around herself with a brief shiver before stopping dead in her tracks.

She was certain that she was on Vik’s street, and she was certain that third beige blue tinted house was Vik’s. But the person in front of Vik’s gates, who was taking a smoke while looking up at the house agitated continuously left her gob smacked.

She struggled to search for more of a definite image in her head, but it didn’t matter. She knew that man who was at Vik’s gates. Or at least distinctively recalled.

She remembered those pair of screaming for attention eyes, the bushy blonde hair that stuck out of his cap, and the way his lips were cured up in either a snarl as he talked to himself about something she couldn’t quite catch, or remaining his face in a deep scowl as he took a long drag from his burning stick of cigarette. The only different thing was that the right eye on his face was a little disfigured, a ripped scar going up all the way the edge of his eyebrow.

She must’ve stood and studied for about fifteen minutes, struggling to find the memory from where she saw that man before.

Then it hit her. The man with the metal bar in hands, verge of beating herself and Lena to a bloody pulp. He was the man who had stopped them from reaching her car, and he had called her and Lena, dykes, his face feral and the violent notions transparent.

Yulia started walking towards that man with a sheet of blank face one her features, starring her angered blue eyes. Her steps quickened the more closer she got to the man whom she didn’t know but knew at the same time.

When the man pivoted to see who was walking towards him, the first thing he saw was a flying fist headed right for his face. The fist struck him squarely on his jaw, the power of the punch bringing him to several back steps in a stagger. With an incredulous look, he spat out a smidge of blood from his mouth and looked up.

“Who the hell are you, and why are you here?” Yulia menacingly growled her eyes wide and her upper lip twitching. The man staggered back couple of steps more, realizing who it was in front of him. His eyes shifted around, looking for any possible witnesses. Seeing none, he ran the opposite way, fleeing.


“Who the hell was that man in front of your house?” Yulia huffed, her cheeks flushed. She didn’t know why she was so upset but that man had upset her beyond understanding. Yulia roughly ad purposely brushed her shoulder against Vik’s, entering his house.

Vik smirked, closing the door behind him and following suit. “Please come in to my humble home…” He muttered before pulling out a seat for Yulia. The brunette looked up and Vik’s offered chair and raised her brow for a second before plopping down. Vik walked around the other side of his kitchen table and sat down, facing Yulia.

He laced his fingers together, his glasses still resting on his nose. He was faintly smiling, just happy in the brunette’s presence. “So what can I do for you today, beautiful?” Vik asked politely.

Yulia gave Vik a sharp glare of suspicion before beginning. “This man… I know this guy. Last time I saw him, he had a metal bar in his hands, going at us.”

Vik raised his palm with a slight frown. “Who do you mean when you say ‘Us’?”

Yulia scoffed as if Vik was stupid. “Me and Lena. Anyways. I remember you showing up and saving us. That man was outside your house just now, smoking at least a whole pack of cigarettes. I think he was waiting for you to come or something.” The brunette relaxed back in her chair, easing on her upper back as she slumped comfortably.

But Vik froze in his seat. It was a long dragging while before Vik opened his mouth to ask. He took in a sharp intake a breath, and held it with curious thinking eyes for a moment.

“Yulia,” He said. “You don’t happen to… Notice a scar running down on one of his eyes… Did you?” He held his breath. Yulia dictated her mind to reel back to ten minutes ago, when she was just outside with the familiar stranger. Her eyes widened.

“Now that you mention it… Yeah, he did have a long rip from his brow going down his right eye…” She replied. “Vik… Why was he standing in front of your house?” She asked cautiously.

Vik flipped his hand in a dismissing gesture. “Don’t worry about it.” He said simply. He sighed, and leaned back in his chair also. “So… What’s uhh… Going on with you and Lena? Bonding? Remember anything about her…?” He asked with a something in his voice Yulia couldn’t quite catch.

But Yulia just shrugged. “Vik, I’m a business woman, and I’m scheduled to ease back on my original time table by this weekend. I don’t have a time for a girl from my past phase.”

Vik laughed. “Well said.” He exclaimed, a vibrant light about him coming back. Uh-oh, he was getting his charms in gear. As if Yulia couldn’t see through that one.

“Nor do I have time for an infatuated boy.” Yulia quickly added before smirking. Vik just pretended he was hurt, pouting and flicking a random pen at the woman. Yulia stood up and stretched. “Well, I’m gonna be going. It was fun hanging.”

Vik stood up with her in a polite gesture. “And the actually point of this visit was?” He asked in a teasing voice.

“I was catching up on my architect duties but I just had to clear my head. You were the first person who came to mind…” Yulia trailed off, slipping on her shoes and turning the knob on Vik’s front door. But Vik grabbed Yulia’s wrist, and flung her back in to the house. Slamming the small woman’s back against his front door he closed the space between them.

Their breathing suddenly got heavier, and before Yulia could mutter up a syllable, Vik brought his lips onto Yulia’s in a devouring and demanding kiss. Yulia’s eyes were big as saucers, blinking madly.

Suddenly the image of Lena, telling her that they should remain friends smacked her across the face. Her head trembled a little, before Yulia closing her eyes and slinging her arms around Vik’s neck, pulling him closer. She kissed back.


Lena was sitting up on her designated bed with hospital robes on. In her hand was her father’s mobile phone, given from him to make call him if she felt that she needed him. She studied the clear sky, amazing blue humbled by motoring through clouds. That blue reminded her of Yulia. Of her eyes. How she missed those eyes.

She looked back down at her fidgeting fingers against the red and shiny looking mobile phone. She was thinking for the last hour if she should call Yulia or not. She wanted the brunette to be beside her desperately. She technically had one more meet left with Yulia…

Her thoughts trailed off before a nurse came in her room with a syringe. She smiled before poking the syringe in the tube of her IV and inserting the mystery serum. Lena smiled back but went back to staring at her father’s mobile phone.

The surgery was tomorrow, and she felt like she needed to see Yulia before she went in the operating room. The nurse left without much noise, and Lena scratched her head in aggravated way. Groaning out loud, she didn’t know what to do.

“What to do…” She murmured before looking out the window once more.

Then her door opened once more and her head turned to greet who it was. She smiled at her guest.

“Hello, stranger.” Ivan said out loud quirkily. “I knew you were bored.” He stated smiling breaking on his face. But he raised a basket in his hands to Lena’s line of easy sight, and smiled mischievously. “That’s why I brought food. You’re going to need lots of energy for tomorrow.” He quipped cheerfully. Lena honestly didn’t know what Ivan had to be so happy about, but seeing him cheery made her cheery.

“Well hello there Ivan the Stud Muffin. I knew I could count on you for being my best friend.” Lena drawled, flashing him a cheesy smile. Her hands shot out to the basket and she literally turned the bottom of the basket up, pouring all the contents on her lap. Her face turned into a shit eating grin as she looked up at Ivan was taking his leisure time grabbing a chair and taking a seat. She stared down at her lap where all the junk food lay. “All my favorites…” She whispered.

Ivan gave her a weak smile before squeezing Lena’s shoulder in affectionate act among almost family.

“I hope you aren’t doing this because...” She trailed off, tears glistening at the corners of her eyes. Ivan frowned and shook his head.

“No… I’m not doing this because of anything. I’m doing this because all my daughters deserve the best.” Ivan said seriously. Lena was beyond gratified at Ivan’s sincere words. Instead of saying something back to him, she enthusiastically ripped on of the junk food’s cellophane open, happily wolfing the contents in her mouth. Sniffling, she wiped her already traveling down tears with the back of her sleeves.

Looking back up at Ivan who was smiling she burst out laughing midst of her tears, sniffling and shoving the food in her mouth. That was all she could do for Ivan at that moment. That was all she could show that she was grateful, and that she was thanking him.


In his office, Mr. Katin was holding Ivan’s mobile phone against his ear. He responded in few grunts before a long silence for a minute or so.

Then he spoke. “Yeah. Everything about her. I want to know absolutely, everything you got on her. Oh, will you? Perfect. I’ll talk to you after, then? Of course. Yes. Thank you. Good night.” With that he hung up, slipping the silver plain phone in his pocket.

As he glanced at his watch he was thinking. Thinking about the matters at hand. Something was wrong, and he could almost smell it. Grabbing the keys from his bureau, he slipped out of his office.

Tapping down the two flights of stairs that lead to the parking lot, he headed towards his car. Opening the door, he lowered himself to sit on the driver’s seat. His fist was still firmly clenched around the car keys.

Volkova. He knew there was something wrong with her. He could see it from the first time he had met the woman. The notorious Volkova. The infamous Volkova. He was going to figure this out. For his daughter’s sake and for his own.

He fished out the car key and slipped the key into the ignition.


Inside the bustling hospital, a television set was set up in one of the halls, and it was on a random news channel. But no one seemed to pay attention to the Breaking News which just came in.

Only a seven year old boy was curiously listening on the reporter’s frantic words. The reporter wore a brown overcoat showing a peeking out black tie. His hair was getting whipped by the blowing wind, his background lit with torching fire.

“…As you can see behind me,” The reporter moved slightly to the side, revealing a car totaled and on raging fire. “This was the car in which Mr. Katin, the president and the founder of one of the biggest construction companies around the globe is believed to be dead. The police have not investigated as of yet, and has not provided us with the full report of what had happened to Katin, but it is said, there was a car bomb planted within the car…”


“You didn’t have to kill Lena’s dad.” He said sheepishly, naked beneath his sheets, his fingers twisting itself around the glossy fabric. The woman who was sitting on the edge of the bed and who was listening in the news report of the blown up car and blown up old Katin. She smirked as she turned the TV off.

The woman turned, revealing a flawless shining smile. “No… I had to kill him. You know I did. He was getting to close. I don’t want anyone getting in my way now… Can I?” She quipped, crawling up the bed, snuggling up to the man.

The woman’s companion just chuckled. “You’re right.” He said, defeated.

The woman was intentionally drawing small shapes on the man’s chest with her index finger, her miraculous infectious smile still on her face. “Now… You will make sure whoever the old geezer was in contact with be disposed of ASAP… Can you handle that, Kolya?” The woman half begged and half growled as she seductively but gently bit down on Kolya’s bottom lip.

He smiled as he leaned into the woman to give her a smoldering heated kiss. He gently pulled away after a few seconds and whispered, “You better believe it.”


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Chapter 14

Repeating beeps of the medical machineries and the low rumble of whirs resonated inside the wide cluttered but sterile room, with occasional whooshes of air pumps releasing it pressure partnering the sounds.

Five people in light green robes and face masks as well has head wear were all busy, the supposed white rubber gloves stained with crimson red of blood. The man who had the most wrinkles and glasses, he was delicately poking his fingers in and around the organ, holding his breath.

He glanced at his assistant doctor, and shook his head. The assistant doctor frowned, and looked back down at the cut and drilled open head. He himself brought his fingers and gently felt around the beating organ as if to inspect it himself. After frantic searches of that something, he looked up to the older surgeon and sighed. He pulled his fingers out of the cut open skull. The assisting interns all looked up to the elder surgeon, looking at him, asking him what to do in silent words.

The surgeon shifted his eyes all around the room before he finally spoke. He visibly gulped and took a step back from the sleeping woman on his operation table.

“Stitch her back up.” He muffled through his green mouth mask before walking out of the room.


The elder surgeon calmly walked out from the washing station, and headed for Ivan, who was sitting on one of the chairs. Ivan had his elbows propped on his thighs, his back arched and the weight of his head all on his hands.

The surgeon sighed. “Are you Miss Katina’s friend or family?” He said coolly.

Ivan looked up almost immediately and jumped to his feet. “How’d it go, doctor?” He asked shakily. The doctor avoided Ivan’s eyes, and sadly shook his head.

“I’m afraid… I wasn’t able to treat the hemorrhage. It was too far in depth of the brain, and the chances of even spotting the clot… Was slim to none.” Hearing this, Ivan collapsed back on his chair, and his palm blanketed over his mouth and nose. Through his fingers, he muffled out, “Oh my god…Oh god…”

“I’m very sorry. There was nothing I could do.” The doctor was thoroughly bitter, and he gave Ivan a last gaze of sympathy before walking away, down the hall. Then from the little reception place down the hall, Ivan could hear the faint sound of the radio, reporting the death of the President of the Katin Constructions.


Vik slammed the guy against his wall of his home, his fists scrunching the collar of the guy’s jacket. Vik was already worked up, the guy glaring coldly back. The man’s trademark rip from his right brow marring down his right eye could be seen, as well his top lip curling into a sneer.

“Are you the pathetic moron who keeps sending me the little threats? The little video tapes?! Come on, tell me the truth. Make my fucking day.” Vik spat, his nose only inches away from the scar face’s own.

“What are you talking about?!” The guy was also pissed, because for the last whole hour, Vik was trying to accuse him of something he knew nothing about.

“I think you know exactly what I’m talking about you little piece of trash. What were you doing hanging around my house? Who do you think you are sending me a blood stained glass piece?!” Vik shouted again, this time finishing his sentence with a nice swift, but damage appealing, punch.

A line of blood made its way down the man’s left nostril, trailing down to his lips. He struggled against Vik’s iron clad hold but grunted when he failed.

“Foreigners… You said you were an American didn’t you?” Vik snarled sharply before jerking his hands away from the bleeding man’s collar.

“I’m gonna say this for the last time. You asked me to be a little homophobe and be the big bad wolf to some dykes. You show up and be hero, everyone wins. You promised me three hundred dollars for that little stunt; you failed to give me the full amount. I’m just trying to get the rest of my money. I don’t know what the hell you’re going with these video tapes, because I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He replied, fixing his collar.

Vik was curiously stroking his fingers on his glass vase, empty and sitting on his couch side stool. Curling his fingers around the neck of the blood red vase, he asked, “So how much do I exactly owe you?”

The American scoffed. “Hundred and fifty dollars.” Vik groaned in annoyance. All this trouble for that amount of cash. Picking the vase mere inches away from its resting place, he made sure the American wouldn’t notice.

But he could hear the faltering shuffles behind his back. “What are you doing?” The American said, suspiciously. Vik could hear the taps from the steps the man were taking towards him. When Vik thought the American was near enough, he whirled around with the vase in hand, and brought it harshly down on the American’s head. His body landed on the floor with a heavy thud, blood still trailing down his nose and now seeping out from his mounds of greasy clotted hair.

“I’ll send the rest of your cash to your mother for the funeral.” Vik said, smiling thinly at the unmoving body on his floor.


Rolling paths of warm fresh tears made their way down from Yulia’s eyes, one hand on her steering wheel and the other rubbing her eyes and her nose. Sniffling she ignored the stop sign, and ignored the frantic honking from the other side of the road. She could hear nothing but the pounding of her heart. She felt like she had betrayed Lena. Even though they were supposedly over, she felt like she was stomping on the last real thing she had left in her life. The last real vital thing.

She had never felt so empty. She had never felt so cold and angry. She had spent the whole night with Vik, and for one second she didn’t think of it as an emotional or at least a sensual encounter. It was just a one night stand for all she cared. Just being buddies to each other for an itch that had to be scratched.

But self comforting didn’t help her moods. She still felt like she had betrayed her only real love, the only person who had unconditionally loved her.

‘Then what the hell am I doing here?’ Yulia thought as she made a sharp swerve to the side of the road, distracted with her latest news of biggest revelation. Letting her eyes rise to the road in front of her, she realized she was halfway across the town from Lena’s apartment.

She was going to tell Lena everything, and she was going to tell her that she loved her if it was the last thing she did. Her right foot bolted on the brakes as her hands forced her steering wheel sharply to the left. The wheels screeched with an unpleasant smell of burnt rubber, the tail of the car sliding to where she was facing the moment before. She accelerated to the nearest opposite heading lane and speeded as fast as she could. She knew she had no time to boast to herself about the most perfect U turn she had just performed.

Speeding along, she expertly swerved around the pedestrians, and other cars. They screamed, yelled and honked but she couldn’t hear them. All she could hear was the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

Then suddenly a soccer ball came bouncing right in the middle of the road, a little boy coming after it. The little boy obviously hadn’t paid much attention to the ludicrously speeding car headed right for him and the soccer ball. He picked up the soccer ball but his head perked up to the sound of a car fast approaching.

His face drained of its colours as he just stood on the middle of the road, mouth agape.

Yulia’s eyes widened with shock as she violently kicked at her brakes. “Motherfu-!!” She screamed through her teeth as she could see that her brake wasn’t going to stop the car. The bumper was closing in on the boy fast, and Yulia did the first thing that came to mind.

She violently turned her steering wheel to the side, barely missing the boy by inches. Seeing the car pass him by, the boy immediately fled to the side walk, the ball in his fierce embrace.

But Yulia was headed right for a building’s brick fence. Her feet was firmly planted on the brakes and she doubted that it would help much. Then as she saw the brick fence closing in, her mind suddenly jolted with a bad case of déjà vu. The back of her head suddenly became painful, her mind reeling back to a memory she had just triggered.

It was Vik, driving her old car, with Lena sleeping on the passenger seat. She could see herself sitting on the edge of the back seat, her elbows each propped on the two front seats. There was no audio to her memory, but she could see Vik purposely heading right for the metal fence, and possibly to the cliff just past the fence.

Her brakes finally broke her sliding to a halt, the front bumper of her car just a few meters away from the fence. She could hear her heart beat in her ears, partly from shock and adrenaline. Her back collapsing back on her leather seat, she closed her eyes, trying to picture the memory back on the back of her lids.

She was panting, a sweat breaking on her forehead, then sliding down to her brow. She weakly opened her car door, and stepped out of the vehicle. Placing her hand on the top of her car for support she opened her eyes.

Her features slowly twisted itself in an expression of disbelief, as she whispered, “Oh shit…!”


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Chapter 15

Her blue eyes were restlessly studying her environment, the air inside the car seemingly musty to her nose. The sunrays beamed down on her face through her windshield, making her forehead glisten with perspiration. Sniffling and batting away streaming tears with the pads of her fingers, she stopped at a red light. Her jaws clenched from impatience, a sudden craving filling her lungs, wanting to be quenched.

She reluctantly brought back old memories of the old familiar feeling of urges for a cigarette. The grasp on her steering wheel fastened nicely, nails digging into to the leather. She groaned and looked up to the red light signal with squinted eyes. It seemed to take forever for the light to change.

She slowly turned her head towards her glove compartment, safely and firmly closed. Inside, there was a pack of unopened cigarettes which she called, “Safety Nets”. Her eyes drifted back to the red light. She cursed. The light was never going to change, resulting her to sit on her ass in her car and die of old age.

Taking in a sharp breath, she stretched out her stuttering hand towards the glove compartment, hesitantly opening it. And there in all glory, lay the Camels. Plus in all convenience, an old and worn lighter she used since high school lay innocently beside. Thoughts of doubt vanished. Batting the last of her tears away, she took them out.

One more stick wouldn’t hurt. Damn red light.


The ever so inconspicuous slender Kolya with a fading grey aviators shadowing his eyes, stood beside a large dump, swatting stray flies away from his newly bought casual clothes. He’d prefer a suit, but he wanted to look inconspicuous, not flashy nor snappy. His face held up a rigid grimace as the left side of his face was twitched up, forming a disgusted look.

The air was damp and humid, an ajar door about seven feet away from where he stood. From the steam and hot air coming out of whatever inside the door, he guessed it was a kitchen for a restaurant. He could hear distant clutters of cutlery, as well as a dog barking, sirens wailing, glasses shattering and lonely howls of laughter from somewhere else.

Running his fingers through his longer and grown gelled back hair, his free hand’s fingers slid inside his pocket, and pulled out a white neatly folded cloth. Snapping it out to its full size, he crumpled the cloth up in his hand then balled it up against his nose and mouth. The stench was indescribable, the back alley dump stained with vomit and urine and possibly something else.

When he stopped shifting his gaze around the back alley way dump, his eyes rested on the huge metal container, with measures of at least two meters wide and two and a half meters up. The container was heavily stained, sludge and bodily fluids visibly caked onto the sides and front. He could only guess the original colour of it was green, for the colour was a going a little brown. On the front, a big letter of W was scraped on. It obviously meant, “Waste”.

Exclaiming with his cloth against his nose pressed harder, he opened the oversized lid and helplessly flung it to the other side. With an echoing slam, the lid smacked against the back of the container. With expectancy in his eyes, he could only speculate what he would see inside the container.

What he had thought earlier was right. He glanced for only a second inside the fly infested container before turning his head in contempt and with a low groan. Dropping his cloth inside the container, he walked out of the alley, his shoulders shuddering before his walk broke into a trot,

Back in the container, amongst the buzzing mess lay a single body, pale from head to toe and in full rigor mortis. The dead man’s face was horrific to say the least, badly beaten, the bruises preserved. But that wasn’t the only thing that the shade inside the container preserved. There was a long scar starting from his right brow over his eyes, where maggots now squirmed.


“Well?” The woman asked with eager, seemingly astonished by Kolya’s discovery of the dead body in a dump bin. She was wearing full blown make up, her wardrobe only consisting of a heavy and limp fur coat hanging by her curves. Her blue eyes twinkled with something only Kolya could comprehend.

Kolya just smiled the one that didn’t quite reach his eyes as he stared at the woman before him with understanding. “The dead thing was fat, ugly, and heinously disgusting.” Kolya mumbled before planting a quick kiss on the woman’s lips and closing the passenger side door for her.

He went around the hood and got in the car in the driver’s seat, closing his door after. The woman was still smiling. “Fat? Ugly? Heinous? Kolya, the guy’s dead. Show some compassion. After all, he *is* dead because of us.” The woman said. She was in a cheery mood apparently.

Kolya was still a little sulky, as he started up his car. “No, Vik killed the poor man with a bloody paranoid hand. Besides… This is all part of the plan… This happens to be your idea.”

The woman smirked as she slid some stray strands of blonde hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear.


“So?” Nearly bald, but fuzzy scalped with orange tinted fuzzed woman said with a bland voice. Her arms were crossed, the hand which was crossed up against her arm nervously fidgeting a little. She was sitting up on her bed, all sorts of blankets draping on her shoulders and her lap.

A disheveled Ivan with caked up hair and reddening eyes sat, wordlessly on a stool beside the woman’s bed. Looking up wit a worn out look on hi face, he croaked, “So, what?”

Lena shot him a glare of disapproval and annoyance. But her grey eyes held something else Ivan couldn’t explain. “How long?” She said frankly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I van answered. He knew exactly what Lena was talking about.

“Ivan… How long do I have?” Lena emphasized, a sudden spitfire of anger bubbling deep within her stomach.

Ivan just looked away, his eyes narrowing. He felt like he was betraying the red head. Just minutes before he broke the news to her about her father’s death, and now she was asking him how long she had of life before she died. He wished he didn’t know any of this stuff.

“Five… Six or seven at the most. Give or take.” He said warily, redirecting his gaze outside the window. The sun was setting, dying the sky with a glow of rich gold and orange with a tint of purple.

Lena unraveled her arms, bringing up her legs to her chest, hugging her knees. “That’s it? Five to seven years?” Lena almost whispered, her eyes hopefully gazing at Ivan.

He was breaking her heart. “No… Lena. Five to seven months.”

Several moments of silence passed where Ivan said nothing as he watched the glow of the on coming night and Lena watched Ivan with nothing on her face and nothing inside her mind.

A small giggle broke out from her, her body shaking with small fits of laughter. He laughter grew bigger and bigger. Ivan just closed his eyes as his brows furrowed in despair. His hands felt cold. He knew they weren’t laughers of joy or chuckles of amusement. They weren’t laughter of awe and disbelief.

But her growing laughs slowly faded into a deeper frown and a sniffle of chocked sobs as she brought up her hands to her face.

“No! No! Tell me you’re lying! Tell me this is your sick idea of a fucking joke, dammit!!” She screamed into her hands. But Ivan just stayed put, chewing his bottom lip as he managed to hold back his own tears.


“Mom? Yeah, it’s Yulia. Yes, I’m doing great. Of course. Oh, the reason I called? Mom, I’m going to marry Vik…” Yulia pulled her receiver away a little from her ear from the joyful and jovial screaming from the other line. “Right. Anyways, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Love you, mom.”


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Chapter 16

The small, but cozy apartment room was empty, the sun shine beaming through the screens and lighting up the living room. Two promising solid red sofas claimed their property in the living room, with a slender delicate looking coffee table in the middle. The sofas were laden with either a coat or a used tissue, a sock hanging from the edge of a lone TV set at the very front of the living room. The rays of sun seemed to dance around the room, flittering through the furniture over and over.

To the right, a small hallway leading to the kitchen and the master bedroom was lit with a dim light bulb. It was the only area the rays of happy sun couldn’t seem to reach. Following the hallway in to the kitchen, there was basic stuff which could be found in a home kitchen. A food and grime smeared microwave stacked mere inches away from the stove slash oven. The microwave was milk whit with big buttons, and the stove fading black with a see through window into the oven.

It was the cheapest one could afford. Beside, there was a sour white fridge with only one huge door. Then next to the fridge was a green large box, which appeared to be the freezer. On the center of the kitchen was a large counter with two elegant stools with red cushions. On the counter beam, opened and unopened envelopes of junk mail and bills were slightly imitating the tower of Pisa.

Beside the mountains of bills and ads, lay a grim looking stained grey portable phone and a message machine hooked up next to it. On the screen of the message machine, numbers zero and three blinked repeatedly.

Then there was a small dining table at the very corner, with only two chairs sitting, pulled out and facing each other. On one of the chairs sat a faceless red haired woman, whose curls reached almost to the bottom of her nape.

Her position was interesting to say the least, her head pouched and cradled on her sleeping arms, her right hand clutching a white and gold embroidered two sided card. Her back was rising and falling in an almost hibernating gesture, her tired scrunched up form trying to shift on the chair for comfort.

Then a sudden shrill of the phone ringing, she jumped up, her lids half open. But half open or half closed, the fading grey speckled eyes of hers were very much noticeable through the haze of fatigue.

With a scowl, she picked herself up with some effort and dragged her feet to her phone on top of the counter.

“Yeah.” She croaked on the phone, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand, still holding the white card.

“Lena, it’s Ivan. Now did you get the money I sent you?” He sounded of concern and restlessness in his office.

“Uh-huh.” Lena replied, her lazy eyes drawing up to a clock on top of the microwave. She groaned.

“Now Lena, did you remember to lock your doors? What about your keys? What about the bills?” He fired off questions one by one

Lena rose up her hand, as if Ivan could see her trying to cut in. “Ivan, Ivan! Yes, I remembered all of them. And of course, thank you for your monthly cheque. But I still wish you don’t send anymore.” She trailed off, leaving remnants of whiny sounds to top it off. Ivan scoffed on the other line.

“Shut it. You know you’re family. And you’re not detaining from my own financial positions or made me take a compromising situation in anyway.” His tone made no room for following discussions. “You did take all you pills, right?” He continued.

Lena only nodded, too lazy to answer. She could almost hear Ivan rolling his eyes.

“Lena, you do remember and I can’ actually see you nodding your head, right?” He asked with laughter in his voice. But Lena just yawned into the phone as an answer. Ivan heartily laughed from the other end. “Alright, point taken. Get some rest, okay?”

“Mm-hmm.” She heard a click of hanging up on the other end, so she placed the receiver down on its place. Her eyes diverted to the flashing numbers on her message machine, and she pressed down play.

“There are three new messages waiting to be cleared. First new message.” The computer like voice echoed throughout the kitchen. She sighed tiredly as she opened up her fridge and took an apple and a carton of milk out.

“Lena, it’s me. I’m phoning to schedule your next appointment with the doctor. Since you didn’t answer, I’m going to put you in a free slot which is…” The woman paused and moments of keyboard clacking were heard. “Next week, Friday. Don’t erase this message unless you want to forget. And mark your calendar right now.” Another pause filled the room, as Lena proceeded to take a bite of the green apple. Then the woman from the message suddenly yelled, “NOW.” Lena almost choked on her apple as she marked the calendar stuck to her fridge by a magnet.

“Second new message.” Lena took another bite, wiping off a trail of juice from the apple from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Hey Lena… It’s Robby from the arcade.” Lena slowly stopped chomping on her apple as she attentively listened. “I swear, I didn’t know you were a lesbian, I swear. Couple of jerks bet me to do it… Just calling to say sorry. I’ll see you at work then.” A small smile was tugging at the seams of the redhead’s lips.

“Third new message.” Lena picked up the milk carton, opened it, and dipped the contents into her mouth.

“…Lena? I don’t know if you remember wit that bad memory of yours. But… It’s Yulia.”

Lena coughed painfully, pounding on her chest for the milk to go down safely down her throat. Managing the liquids down into her stomach, she coughed out loud, her both hands gripping on the edge of the counter.

“I uhh… Missed you.” Another silence followed, as Lena stood stock still, staring at the message machine as if it was evil.

Setting her half eaten apple and milk carton back in her fridge, she sat down on her stool.

“Anyways… Did you get my invitation? I hope you can come… I really would like to see you.” Lena held up the card which was in her hand the whole time.

The front of the white card rippled with gold letters saying, “Yulia Volkova and Viktor Verustikov Invites You To…”

“I called because… Well I just wanted to hear your voice… And see how you are. But I guess I just missed you, huh?” A small chuckle came from the other end. “I can’t believe it’s already been two and a half months.”

“Well as you can guess already, me and Vik are getting married… You remember Vik, right? He’s been so good to me…” Lena just forcefully cut the message off my pressing on her Clear button. Standing with a grim but nonchalant look on her face, she yawned once more and headed towards her bedroom.

It wasn’t much of a bedroom; it was only a closet, a lamp and a sheet draped mattress heaped on the carpet floor. But she almost collapsed on it as if it was heaven’s cloud nine itself.


“Hey, babe. How was work?” Vik said with a kind smile on his face, his hands pincered on the newspaper. A brunette woman who at first glance was small and short strolled in the kitchen. She flashed a warm smile back at her fiancé and shrugged.

“Good as it gets. I’m working on a new building, and thankfully Ivan gave me the go ahead.” She said tiredly as she plopped down on the couch beside Vik, he palm gently landing on Vik’s thigh. “How did your day go?” She asked with a bored smile.

Vik scrunched up the papers and placed it on the coffee table. Grinning he mischievously strung his arm around Yulia’s shoulder, effectively pulling her closer. “Well, it’s funny that you ask because I’ve had the most perfect day.” He said. Yulia smirked as she raised her brows.

“Really now?” She asked incredulously, noting Vik’s fingers playing with her hair just above her ear.

“Yup. And you know what would make my day better?” He asked, leaning his face closer to Yulia’s. Yulia’s face broke out in a broad grin, her eyes wide in anticipation.

“What?” She dared to ask.

“Me, ‘accidentally’ sliding you on our new polished floor all the way to the bed room and me ‘accidentally’ ripping all your clothes off.” He said with a cheeky grin, giving a brief peck on Yulia’s lips. She rolled her eyes but decided to play along.

“But you know… You keep playing your cards right, I might ‘accidentally’ let you…” Yulia giggled as Vik swooped her up and slid all the way on his feet towards the bed room.


Lena frowned as she brought up her index finger and her thumb, pinching the bridge of her nose. Her right eye was forcefully closed then the other one, revealing her grey eye with the other. Her daily migraine was up and running. But it never woke her up from sleeping. They were getting worse.

She strained her whole tired body to stand up from her mattress and manage to roll her feet towards a low cabinet placed beside the master bed room washroom. The top of the cabinet was drowned with toppled over or standing upright pill bottles, a few of them empty or open. Taking a bottle placed n the edge, she shook out two deep blue transparent pills.

With the pills ready in her hand, she walked into the washroom, turned on the tap. Raising her pills and dipping them in her mouth, she then lowered her mouth to the running water, washing the pills down.

Tightening the faucet she looked up at herself in the mirror as she rubbed her eyes and nose. She was so tired. Too tired. She glanced at her watch, and sighed. It was five to midnight. Might as well get ready for work.


Yulia lay awake in her lover’s arms on the red satin bed, the silky sheet delicately framing their contours against the bed. Her hair was ruffled, and the only article of clothing was Vik’s oversized T-Shirt. Vik’s arms were protectively draped around her waist, intuitively pulling her to him. He face was nuzzled comfortably against Yulia’s nape, while their legs intertwined with each other.

Yulia looked out the window which was directly to the right of the bed. They had a view of the lake, and the sun sets as well as the moon. Her blue eyes trailed along the moon shine on the glossy water and inwardly sighed. She wanted a cigarette.

Prodding Vik’s arms and legs away as softly and soundlessly as possible, she tip toed out of the bed room, closing the door behind her. Grabbing her jeans thrown carelessly on the hallway, she put them on, as well as her purse on the sofa. Fixing her hair into somewhat tame style, she grabbed the car keys from the stool beside the sofa.

Vik’s old oversized T-shirt was so big, the one side was hanging loose on her shoulder, but she didn’t mind. It wasn’t even that cold outside anyways. Tip toeing out the front door, she headed for her parked car.

She knew a 24-hour grocery store around here.


“You can stop apologizing, Robby. As I’ve mentioned before, you didn’t know. Don’t worry about it.” Lena said disapprovingly. It was t third time Robby said sorry to her as soon as she walked through the doors.

“But I still feel like an ass for doing it.” He retorted, studying his feet in shame. Lena sniggered.

“That’s right, you should. But just don’t do it again. Now go home! Your shift ended like fifteen minutes ago.” Lena argued, gesturing towards the clock hanging on the opposite wall. It was exactly one o’ clock.

“Well alright. If you insist.” Robby said defeatedly as he grabbed his hoodie from the counter and his wallet. Looking at the clock and back at Lena again he shook his head as he set his stuff down on the counter again. “It doesn’t feel right to leave you here alone.” He said grim faced.

Lena groaned as she lightly chuckled “Rob! I’m really fine! You’ve had all day to mark your territory of boredom today. And besides you need to rest too. So, go home! That will make me feel better.” Robby’s expression seemed to falter as he reluctantly picked up his stuff again.

“You’re sure?” He asked for the last time.

“Yes! Go! Rest!” Lena ordered. Robby gave a lasting sweet smile towards Lena before walking out of the store. Confirming his absence by following his figure out of the store, she then took out a little worn out memo of things she should do when she was to open the cash register and what to do when it’s time to close up.

She desperately hoped that she won’t forget to look at the note later when it actually becomes of use. Sitting down on a fading and souped up leather chair behind the counter, she leaned back and studied the grocery store.

It was impeccably neat, every isle lined up perfectly and shelves lined up with the proper supplies. Her boss was such a perfectionist. Picking up a steaming paper cup of fresh coffee Robby had brewed before he went home, she sipped on the liquid, hoping it would ease her already coming on boredom.

Maybe she should’ve accepted Robby’s offer to stay.

Her thought were quickly banished when she heard the slow swish of the market’s door opening. Oooh, customer. Rare thing to happen at one in the morning. Setting the paper cup down, she stiffly stands back up from the chair.

But she felt compelled to sit right back down when she saw who it was. It was awfully homey and disheveled but nonetheless Yulia Volkova heading straight to the counter.

Slowly as it could, their eyes meet in shock, their eyes widening at the sight of each other. Yulia’s grip on her car keys eased unintentionally, the keys jangling against the concrete floor of the market.

The sound seemed to break Lena out of the trance, but not Yulia’s. Her eyes were still luminating Lena’s appearance. Lena gulped, licking her lips which were drying fast. Her fingers played with the hem of her shirt, and she honestly couldn’t remember what to do.

Or maybe she didn’t know it in the first place, but that was beside the point.

But longing tears made their ways down Yulia’s half smiling and half crying face as she slowly stepped towards the counter. Slightly looking up at Lena, she laughed a little.

Lena hesitantly looked up, their eyes locking up in heated gazes.

Moments passed with uncomfortable silence. But Yulia was the first one to break it.

“You cut your hair.” Yulia managed to croak out, scratchily, the affects of the tears tempting to disable her ability to speak.

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Chapter 17

“Coffee?” Lena held up her empty paper cup with a questioning but shifty nervous glance. Yulia looked up from watching her fingers fidget.

“Please.” She answered, going back to studying hr hands. The bubbly sounds of the coffee brewer was making seemed to lessen the tense mood. Lena didn’t speak or even turn around from the coffee machine to face Yulia. But fortunately, Yulia got to steal looks of longing towards Lena’s back, whishing she had the courage to stand up and hug her from behind.

Lena slowly poured the coffee from t pot into two separate paper cups, purposely stalling.

“Sugar?” Lena called out.

“No thanks. Blacks fine.” Yulia answered. Lena finally turned around to hand Yulia the coffee. Just as Lena passed the cup into Yulia’s grasp, their fingers touched, leaving them to marvel at the feeling for a moment longer than necessary. But Yulia quickly broke the contact.

“So… Are you coming to the wedding?” Yulia asked, her eyes looking up at Lena, who was sitting down on a stool on opposite side. Lena suppressed a groan, her finger and thumb finding their place on the bridge of her nose.

“Umm… No… I don’t think so… But Yulia, there’s something you should know about Vik. The night of the accident he…” Lena started to begin but was cut off abruptly when Yulia raised her hand in a gesture of asking her to stop talking.

“I already know. He was the one who drove.” Yulia said coolly. Her eyes quickly vanished of warm hope and love, not even leaving traces of it. Lena scrunched up her face in part confusion and part fury.

“And you know what happened to Kolya?” Lena asked cautiously, trying to keep grasp of some control of the conversation.

“It’s probable that Vik was the one who killed him.” Yulia said in a manner that loudly yelled that she was three steps ahead of Lena when she barely lifted up her foot to take one step.

Lena’s corner of her lip twitched in anguish and anxiety. She honestly didn’t know what Yulia was saying. She calmly accomplished din setting her coffee down on the counter, and forced her eyes close to think through the muddy headache.

“And you my father-- Do you know that you’re marrying a killer?!” The red head’s voice got higher as her anger rose.

Yulia jumped up from her seat and hurled the coffee cup over the counter. “I’d rather spend the rest of my life with a killer than with a liar!” She yelled back. As Lena’s eyes began to coat with glossy tears, she quickly looked away from Yulia.

“What do you mean?” Lena asked quietly but in a shaky voice. Yulia was panting lightly from the sudden flush of emotions.

“You told me you just wanted us to be friends. Automatically making me assume that you didn’t love me anymore. I was crushed, Lena! I nearly died!” Yulia said in a trembling voice, her cheeks red with anger.

Lena plunged her face into her hands, not wanting to see Yulia fuming. Seconds, maybe minutes passed while they said nothing and just heard each other breathe. Lena looked up from her hands and took in a deep breath.

“I had a talk with your father a bit earlier. Just when you woke up actually. He told me that you had your memory wiped out anything that was even related to me. And that he wanted to keep it that way. I really couldn’t fight your father, Yulia. I really couldn’t.” Lena said slowly, running her fingers through her hair.

A stunned silence ensued before Yulia plopped back down on the chair. Her stare was blank, expressionless on her face. When she decided to look back up at Lena she sighed.
“Why did you cut your hair?” She asked softly. Lena just smirked.

“It wasn’t really of choice. I uhh... had some medical attention after the day we… fell apart.” Lena answered stiffly as she stood and walking around the counter to the isles. She had to clean up the thrown coffee from the floor or her boss would have a stroke. Grabbing a couple of tissues, she squatted down to the pool of black liquid and commenced to wipe them off the floor.

Yulia immediately got up to help, squatting down next to the red head. “Medical attention…? Well are you okay?”

Staring at the seeping through coffee absorbing tissue, she shook her head with an expression that was almost melancholy. “They couldn’t fix me.” She stated simply, trying to note in her tone that the conversation was finished.

Yulia easily got the hint and picked up the wet tissues, scrunching them up and tossing it into a bin. They both stood up, awkwardly looking at each other.

“Yuli…” The brunette almost gasped, not having to hear her name be called like that from Lena for such a long time. “… Would you mind if I asked you back to my place?”

Yulia walked in Lena’s personal space, closing the gap between them. Yulia hesitantly but surely placed her hand on the side of Lena’s neck and stroked it repeatedly. With her other hand, she captured a lock of red hair between her index and middle finger, running it through between them.

“Of course I wouldn’t mind.” She replied silently.


The girls were both lying on Lena’s single mattress, locked in a friendly embrace.

“Since my dad passed away, I had to circumcise my style of living. I’m sorry if it’s a bit too humble.” Lena said in a small embarrassed voice. But Yulia disagreed, swaying her head side to side.

“No, no… It’s perfect.” She said. Lena just softly scoffed.

“If you say so.”


Kolya was sitting on a chair right beside Vik’s Queen sized bed. Kolya’s partner was sitting directly on the satin sheeted bed, her fingers stroking the silky material.

“Do you think we can wake him up now?” The woman with very blue eyes implored at Kolya. He sniggered.

“Of course. Anything for my darling.” Kolya answered. The woman leaned mischievously in Vik’s ear, getting dangerously close to his form. She opened her supple lips and softly blew in his ear.

Then as sudden as possible she screeched, “WAKE UP ASSHOLE!!!”

Vik jumped up, facing automatically towards Kolya. He blinked a couple of times, trying to process what he was seeing.

Was it actually his Kolya, sitting casually in his chair, looking at him with that smirk on his face? Who was wearing the designer suit and his aviators perched on top of his hair? Vik slowly raised her palm up to her face and lightly slapped himself. He could feel the distinct sting from the slap.

Not dreaming.

Kolya slowly took off his jacket and flung it towards the bed. Never leaving his eye contact with his “dear friend”, Kolya stood, and then started to take off his shirt. Then Vik gasped at what he saw beneath Kolya’s shirt.

It was a Kevlar vest, with three puncture holes of what it seemed like from his old hand gun. “One could never be too careful now days. Especially from your best pal.” Kolya growled ominously.

Then lightening his expression, he pointed at the woman who was still sitting on the bed with an amused look on her face. Vik whirled her face around to see another visitor. He then nearly passed out from the shock. He could hear distant sounds of Kolya talking. “Now you may know my partner and although I call herby her name… I think it’s still appropriate that you still call her your mother-in-law.” Kolya smirked, as Mrs. Volkova giggled.

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Chapter 18

“I had known what you were planning, you know. From the start… What you were going to do with my baby.” Mrs. Volkova said playfully, occasionally biting at the corner of her bottom lip.

Vik slightly angled his head with a confused and disgusted look, his eyes dropping back to his sheets from his mother-in-law. “Then why did you let me…?” Vik asked, with eyes narrowed and shocked.

“Honey, you know I was in some financial gamut. And frankly, I was trying to finish Yulia’s dad off before he pranced along to the lawyer’s office and updated his will. But when I heard that you were plotting something big for my baby… Well, I couldn’t think nothing but insurance, darlin’!” She squealed hugging herself and rubbing her cheek on the shoulder of her bulky sheet white fur coat.

All through this, Kolya just smirked, snatching Vik’s cigarette from the nightstand and lighting one up. Puffing out a tail of fumes out, he teasingly winked at his partner.

“The videotapes… The threat letters… All you?” Vik asked, his brows raising, alternating his vision of focus between Kolya, who was standing behind him, and his woman, Larissa, his mother-in-law in front of him.

Kolya guffawed, almost choking on his smoke. “Oh, no, no, no, no! Not me, the credit all goes to my partner. I didn’t even know anything about no video tapes or threat letters or phone calls before Larissa came to me the morning of the day you shot me.” He said jovially, sucking on his cigarette.

Vik incredulous hauled a long hearty laugh, catching both of his oppressor’s off guard. When Larissa gazed idly at him and Kolya, trying to grasp the concept of what was going on, Vik spoke out.

“So, you would take a chance on getting your daughter dead just so you could get your blood money?” Vik said out loud. His voice echoed strangely in his bedroom.


Lena jerked out from her sleep, drenched and matted with her own sweat. At first when she woke up, all she could feel was the cool night air breezing against her flesh, and how heated she was inside someone’s embrace and under the blankets. Then after a few moments of collecting her thoughts, a sudden stabbing pain shot through her skull.

Moaning out loud in pain, her hand shot to her right ear, her palm blocking the passage inside her ear, her fingers stood up and clawed inside her hair and on her scalp. Yulia stirred awake, finding Lena’s teeth bared and prickled with sweat.

“Lena?” Yulia softly called, rubbing her hands on Lena’s arms in a repeating motion as she slowly sat up. When she didn’t get her answer, Yulia slightly panicked. “Lena??” She called out more loudly this time, her stroked moving on to her face. Rubbing on her face gently, Yulia kept at her attempts to revive the red head.

Lena couldn’t provide her reply to Yulia’s calls, but instead jumped up to her medicine stand. Midst through her haze of the worst headache yet, she stumbled her grasp on few selective bottles and dashed inside the bathroom.

Yulia scampered off of Lena’s mattress and went to the bathroom door. Giving it a few tentative knocks, she studied the outer paint of the door. Knocking harder this time, she called out her name. “Lena?” She tried to turn on the knob of the door, but it was locked.

“Lena, what’s going on?” The brunette demanded yet still with a gentle edge.

The muffled voice of Lena called out from the other side of the door. “Yulia? I think it’s time for you to leave.”

Because Lena’s voice was filtered somewhat from the bathroom door, Yulia couldn’t make of what the red head was feeling. She shrugged and turned to leave but stopped. Turning back she knocked again.

“Are you sure?” It was longing, and it was see through, Yulia knew. But that’s what she wanted Lena to hear. There was a silence between the two of them for a long moment.

“No, I’m not sure but it’s better if you go.” The voice muffled back more quietly this time. Yulia’s back slumped, kicking her foot weakly at the carpet below. Taking a baby step back from the door, she stared at it for a long solid minute.

When the silence continued, she sighed and took it as her cue to leave.


Inside the brightly lit, grungy and old bathroom, Lena propped herself up with her hands on the edges of the sink, her head turned to the side, her eyes studying her ear. She had a grimace on her face, gazing at her right ear with one cocked eye brow and a look of annoyance.

The most peaceful sleep she had ever had in almost three months, and a bleeding ear has to kick its butt in. Her ear was in fact bleeding, and she didn’t know what she could do about it. It was too early in the morning to be calling her doctor in her home, and way to early to call Ivan… And Yulia wasn’t even in the option.

Picking up a basin from under the sink, she filled it with lukewarm water up to the edge. Then inhaling as deep as she could sucking up the most largest sum of bravery she could muster, she plunged her whole head inside the water.


Yulia was rooted to her spot, a knee bent and her hand on the door knob. Her eyes lacked focus and was empty, her mouth agape with obvious remnants of vivid shock.

The fact that a heavy duty looking SAAB was parked right outside Vik’s house didn’t bother her; she had just assumed a neighbor was butting in temporarily. When she quietly opened her front door and closed it behind her as quietly as possible, the fact that the door wasn’t locked didn’t bother her either. She had also assumed she had just forgot to lock the door behind her when she left. The fact that a sound recorder and note, signed “From a friend” was perched on the flat side of the stairway railing didn’t strike her as odd either, as she just assumed it was a some sort of a play from Vik.

But when she padded up the stairs with e recorder in her grasp and towards the room she and Vik shared the fact that talking voices in the room had indeed bothered her.

The last time she checked the time, it was nearing four in the morning. There is no way someone could’ve “Visited” so early in the morning.

But just as she was about to go in, she froze at a voice she bang-on recognized, and what that old familiar voice had said.

“So, you would take a chance on getting your daughter dead just so you could get your blood money?” It said. Vik said. Her fiancé. Her husband-to-be. The pseudo love of her life. But she didn’t rush in like she usually would have, because she had a hunch that the conversation wasn’t over. Her index finger brushed over to the sound recorder and pressed on the red button with three white letters etched on it. “REC”.

“Of course! I mean, you can make babies until your blue in the face and until every sexy thing makes you wanna vomit, but face it… You can’t expect someone to drop a couple of hundred dollar bill on your door steps after a few days of sex.” Her mother’s voice muffled back from the other side. And having her mother say that was like a stab on the heart.

Back in the room, even the ever so loving Kolya had to look up at Larissa with a strange stare. Vik gasped, and he couldn’t hear what he was hearing. “Don’t you care for you daughter as all??” He asked. He was angry, astonished as how his mother-in-law was saying.

“Of course I do! That’s why I made the tape! I recorded everything you did at that night in case my baby died! Then I could have dragged your ass in court.” Larissa said, giggling. Those words didn’t wasn’t of any comfort to Yulia at all, only sprinkling salt on her freshly opened wound.

“You’re sick. And you call yourself a mother?” Vik spat, with a blood curdling menace. But before Larissa could say anything Kolya cut in.

“And you call yourself a fiancé?” He snarled. Larissa just merely chuckled.

“Why of course, I remember distinctly on how you were the one who tried to kill Yulia in the first place. Then shamed her lover’s name in public… You lied to her, took advantage of her amnesia. You lied to the world.” She said in a sing-song voice. Yulia was slowly starting to doubt how she ever came out of her.

“And you think what *you* did won’t be justified?!” Vik growled. But a little to offending for Larissa’s tastes as she slapped Vik across the face.

“I was only trying to protect her!” She screeched.

“You think moneys going to protect your daughter?!” Vik almost screamed.

“Money protects Everything!” Larissa screamed right back.

With a tear, making its way down from her eyes, Yulia despondently pressed stop on her sound recorder. The machine clicked with a second of whirs, before fading to silence. Clenching her teeth and stepping away from the door, she turned.

She could hear the stretching conversation, and she knew it was over. With a bitter smile she sighed. Taking reluctant steps towards her stairs, she padded down whence she came, and looked around the large spacious surroundings for the final time. Running her fingers through her short locks, she slipped her recorder in her back pocket and slipped on her shoes.

She grabbed her car keys and marched outside. The sky was preparing for morning as it was filled with pastel blue color, and some dissipating purple.

Unlocking the doors to her car and ducking inside to her driver’s seat, she closed the door and put her keys in the ignition. The car immediately purred, ready to go.

She knew a 24-hour police station around here.


It was nearing 3pm in the afternoon, and Lena groggily woke up from her slumber. As usual, she tasted the putrid morning breath in her mouth (or afternoon), and she found her position literally sprawled all over the mattress. She would have laughed if not her migraine setting in and settling down.

Stretching out her arms as she burst out a long yawn, she sat up and dragged herself to the medicine stand. Popping a few selective pills from various bottles, she went into the bathroom and leaned down to the running faucet to let water in her mouth.

Swallowing, she tiredly stripped, getting rid of all her garments before jumping in the daily afternoon shower. Hot steaming water beat down on her body, effectively waking her up. After about ten minutes in the stall, she sauntered out, putting on a bathrobe on.

Casually rubbing another smaller towel against her short hair, she sighed. She missed her long hair. But sometimes, she thought the short look wasn’t that bad. It was much better in the maintenance area, for sure.

She opened her bathroom door, and immediately the steam danced out of the confined walls of the bathroom. Flicking off the lights for the bathroom she walked towards her clothes cabinet.

But something distracted her on the way.

A familiar looking brunette with familiar blue eyes and with that familiar, same egotistical smile was standing and leaning against the wall, her arms crossed. That grin on Yulia’s face made Lena’s face break out in half with a wide grin too. That happy look on Yulia’s face was always infectious.

Lena wordlessly walked up to the grinning brunette, who straightened up and uncrossed her arms. When they were standing a few inches away from each other, Yulia decided to speak.

“You look hot with your hair still wet and your clothing wear only consisting of a bathrobe.” She commented, her voice breaking with a hint of teasing.

“Oh ya? Well you looked sexy, with your arms crossed and waiting for me to come out of the shower like that.” Lena replied, lowering her voice to match Yulia’s.

Yulia scoffed loudly, rolling her eyes dramatically. “Please! Tell me something I *don’t* know.” She smirked before letting loose her trademark ego-boost smile.

But when their laughter died off and only smiles lingered on their faces, Yulia half closed her eyes and cocked her head, her hand reaching for the straps that kept the bathrobe closed. Loosening them torturously slowly, she unwound them, and then with the same fingers, she pushes the bathrobes away to each sides.

Playfully slipping the bathrobe off of Lena’s shoulders, her fingers settled up to Lena’s face, her thumb combing back Lena’s brow then lining it softly to the back of Lena’s ear.

“Did you wash the back of your ears?” Yulia asked her voice suddenly sultry. Not that Lena was complaining. She gulped and just nodded her knowledge of speaking becoming obsolete and her vocabulary only consisting of “Moo”.

Yulia’s fingers slid down to Lena’s jaw line, falling down on her neck. “How about your neck and collar bone, did you scrub them clean too?” She asked again. Lena nodded also again, letting herself to close her eyes.

Yulia’s fingers slid down to Lena’s valley between her breasts as she moved her fingers around each breasts as softly as she could.

“How ‘bout here…? All clean?” Yulia asked with a hint of finality. Lena nodded vigorously, her own hands cocooning Yulia’s fingers of journey.

Smiling a little, Yulia leaned in and barely made her own lips touch Lena’s, letting their breaths mingle for a bit longer. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to kiss the red head. She wanted to know that she wasn’t the only one who wanted this, and she wanted Lena to make the first move.

And thankfully, she did. Lena pushed her lips against Yulia’s, their lips not moving for a long time for both of them to comprehend the old recognizable sensation they felt they had lost long ago. They both felt a sudden heat flooding their bodies, their thoughts nothing but a beautiful reverie that keep reverting back to the firm, full, warm and supple lips one each other’s.

Slowly closing their space between each other, they began to show activity, exclusively starting to taste each other and marvel at how good it felt.

And for the first time in a very long while, Lena wasn’t fazed by her migraine.


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Chapter 19

“Sign this.” Larissa said curtly, her tin lips forming a devious and accomplished smile. Her slender fingers supporting up a various forms of paper stretching out to Vik’s form, she smirked as Vik studied the papers curiously.

“What is it?” He said his throat suddenly dry. He then felt a heavy slap on his shoulder, Kolya’s hand clasping in a mocking friendly gesture.

“Well, Larissa and I took the liberty of updating your will. I mean, your money has to go *someplace* Vikky, and it ain’t home to your mother.” Kolya said with a voice of “I-dare-you-to-defy” tone.

“Hope you don’t mind.” Larissa added quipped, ushering the papers to Vik and handing him a pen. Vik gingerly took the pen and the forms with hesitant hands, flipping through them. He sighed.

“And if I don’t sign?” Vik asked, looking up with an unreadable expression. As soon as the sentence parted from his lips, he felt a cold barrel pressed against his scalp at the back of his head.

“I’ll make you’re your third pie hole.” Kolya growled.

Vik sniggered as he twirled the pen between his middle and index finger. Then with a sudden jerk of his arm, he whirled around, and embedded the pen’s point into Kolya’s neck.

Nevertheless, Kolya’s trigger happy finger didn’t fail him, as the gun fired five times into the wall just inches above Vik’s head. With choking gurgling noises and blood spraying out from his mouth as he coughed, his grip loosened on the gun. The gun clattered to the ground as blank expression of Kolya and the dripping blood making its way down his chin commenced. The focus of his eyes fixated on his killer, and he collapsed on his knees, then proceeded to fall face first into the carpet.

The first reaction from anyone in the room was Larissa’s glass shattering scream, her feet taking her to the side of Kolya’s as fast as it could.

“Kolya?! Kolly, baby?! Kolya!!? Say something!!” She howled as she turned around Kolya’s limp body and cradled his head in her lap. Meanwhile Vik approached the abandoned gun on the floor and he picked it up. He carefully aimed the gun at the beyond hysterical woman, his hands drenched in blood.

As Vik cocked the gun, Larissa looked up from her lover.

With incredulous expression on her face, her eyes big and wide and her chin trembling, she cried, “He was your friend! Your only friend!” She hugged the dead man’s head close to her as possible, her fingers still running through the mass of Kolya’s hair.

“He betrayed me! He stabbed me in the back!” Vik yelled, spits of saliva spraying from his lips as the left over spit foamed at the corners of his mouth.

Larissa’s mouth went agape, her brows furrowing in disbelief. Tears made their way down her face as she slowly shook her head. “Fuck you.” She whispered in a menacing voice.

Vik, clenching his teeth shook his head more forcefully. “No. Fuck *you*.” He hissed as he took a step forward closer to Larissa and aimed the barrel at her head. His finger slowly drew the hook of the trigger, tears also blurring his eyes at the sight of Larissa closing her eyes in devastation.

“Freeze! Drop you weapon and put your hands up in the air where I can see them!” A booming voice filled the room, Vik exhaling shakily as his whole body trembled with it. His fingers involuntarily let go of the gun as groups of cops swarmed inside the room.

Outside the house, just at the front gates of Vik’s property, three flashing cop cars took their place, and one ambulance parked closely behind them. And in one of the police patrol cars, a small piece of sound recording equipment sat on the passenger seat. Also, a card was present just beside the machinery, and on it, it wrote, “From a friend.”.


They both lied on the single mattress, covered in cheap wool sheets. Lena’s head was one Yulia’s left shoulder, Yulia’s left arm stringed loosely around Lena’s waist. The sheets were placed so Lena’s collar, torso, and parts of legs were shown, and Yulia’s lone right leg poking out to the carpet outside of the mattress.

Lena’s left hand was under Yulia’s neck, her whole left arm around Yulia’s collar and neck. Her fingers idly played with the short hair growing on Yulia’s nape.

They were both awake, eyes wide and alert, but their bodies excruciatingly relaxed against each other. It had been such a long time since they did this. They both thought they had forgotten how it felt, but as soon as they felt it, they wondered how they could ever forget such bliss. They silently sworn themselves that they will never forget again.

“Yuli…?” Lena whispered.

“Hmm?” Yulia replied.

“What’s going to happen with you and Vik…?” Lena tried to ask as casually as she could, but failing dismally.

But Yulia just leaned in, and kissed Lena’s forehead. Letting her lips linger there for a second longer, she sighed.

“It’s over.” She said simply, before burying herself in the thick, but short, jungle of Lena’s red hair. Lena closed her eyes at the feeling of Yulia’s breath tingling her scalp, but she pressed on.

“What do you mean, ‘Over’?” She asked weakly.

“There is no me and Vik. There was no me and Vik. The whole charade is over.” Yulia muffled against Lena’s head.

“…Over?” Lena asked one last time.

“Over, times nine trillion.”

And that was good enough for Lena.


“You owe me. It usually takes more than this to convict and charge a criminal, and I should be doing a report on you too… But I’m making this one exception for you. I think that deserves a bottle of aged wine, or a car, or dinner…” The man said in a brown casual suit, a police badge hanging from his left breast pocket.

Yulia just gave him her trademark infectious smile and rolled her eyes. “I’d give you all that and more, my friend.” She said affectionately, as she gave the man a big friendly kiss on his cheek.

He winked as he handed her some forms to sign. “You sign these, and your outta here.”

Swishing her pen on the sheets of marked papers, she quickly marked her signature on them. Then collecting them up and tapping the bottoms edges on her friend’s desk, she handed them back to him.

“Nice and neatly lined. And I’m going to steal your pen.” Yulia said, pocketing the pen with had in her hand. The cop just smirked and placed the forms in one of the drawers in his desk, then locking it.

“Just make sure to make a date for my dinner, which you’re paying for. As long you do that, you can have a box of my new set of pens.”

Yulia winked with a friendly pat on his arm. “Done.” She said, before whisking her coat from his hanger and heading out with a good bye wave.

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yay! thanks for update Shakrin .... I like it very much .. yep.. bad people usually end up "killing" each other .. aren't they?

oh and I also like this line very much!!

“Please! Tell me something I *don’t* know.” She smirked before letting loose her trademark ego-boost smile.
.. well.. I don't know .. I just found it brilliant. LoL LoL

so is this the end?

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hell no!!!

but a few more chapters...like three or two at minimum.


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aha.. aha... that is great.. actually I also do not like that it just end this way .. too many outside characters... disturbing...I'm glad you ended them... I want story to continue just about Yulia and Lena .. only two of them.. all else is nothing....

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well Miss D, luck is blowing your way. *wink wink nudge nudge* and guess what, this *is* going to be a happy ending. i promised a happy ending from the start... and i'm gonna start to think of one. lol


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[Been waiting for this? I doubt it! LoL! it's like... how many months late??]

Chapter 20

"So what's next on your list?" Yulia asked, as she scratched the back of her head.

"Umm... walking on the market streets, holding hands." Lena said cheekily.

"Oh are you kidding me?" Yulia laughed rolling her eyes. Lena raised her brows as she snatched ahold of Yulia's hand, linking it with her own.

"Oh, it's only the beginning." With a roguish smile playing on her face she pulled the reluctant Yulia to the market streets. "Come on! You promised today would be the day I fulfill my perfect romantic date day!"

"Well yeah, but I didn't know it would be this corny."

"Hush, little one!"


As they walked through the busy streets, filled with clothes and junk food stands and both of them holding a slushi in their hands, Lena silently marveled at the people looking at them and smiling.

"So? What's next?" Yulia said, sucking on her slushie through her green straw.

"Umm... Let me think. Oh here!" Lena suddenly made a sharp left turn to a clothes shop.

After seconds of browing through clothes, Lena mischeviuosly girnned as she pulled out a Jester's Hat with bells on the ends.

"Come on, come over here." Yulia made a face when she saw the hat, but the smile on Lena's face washed her doubts away. "Put it on, come on."

"Aww Lena do I have to?"

"Yup and you know it. Now come on!"


"Next on my list, putting my woman's picture in my cell phone." Lena said as she whisked out her cell phone and punched in the camera option.

"Hey! You're gonna ruin my sexiness karma if you take a pict-"

"Shush, you. I own you for today. Now make a cheesy pose."

Yulia smirked. "That's easy." She said, kissing on Lena's cheek as the camera's shutter went off. "Cheese." Yulia whispered, as Lena blushed.


"What are we doing at a train station?" Yulia asked as she nervously looked around. She didn't know what this red haired girl was thinking, and it was making her slightly less than reserved.

"Good question, which brings me next on my list." Lena said as she grabbed ahold of Yulia's hand again, dragging her into the train.

"Keep talking." Yulia said, as she was getting lead to the restaurant compartment.

"Down, girl." Lena growled as she sat down on one of the booths, leading Yulia to sit down next to her. "Sitting on the train, having a beer while travelling to somewhere I don't know the name to and back."

"That's your idea of romance?" Yulia scoffed.

"No... That's my idea of train bathrooms." Lena chuckled as she bit her lower lip. Yulia's eyes suddenly widened, sparkling with interest.

"Oh.... I see where you're going."


As the two came out of the train's bathroom, fixing their hair and buttoning up their shirts, the two collapsed on a random spot of two seats.

"Just as I thought you couldn't possibly have any more tricks up your sleeve, you never cease to surprise me." Lena said, sitll catching her breath.

"What can I say? I have a stamina of a bull." Lena snortled, Yulia briefly giving Lena the death glare. "Anyways. What's next on the list?"

"Announcing your love for me in front of all these people in the train."

"Talk about corny. Please don't make my beer come up. Their not fully digested yet." Yulia smirked. Lena playfully flicked Yulia on her ear, showing her irritation.

"Do it."





"What am I getting for return??"

"Do you actually have the guts to put a price on our love??" Lena whispered dramatically. Yulia gave her a look. "...Okay, okay. What do you want?"


"And you callin' me corny? And is that all you think about?? We *just* got back from the bathroom."

"Not everythings free, sweetie."

There was a pause of silence where Lena was grumbling a little bit.


As soon as the word left the red hair's lips, Yulia jumped up from her seat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for interupting your trip... But I just want to say that my girlfriend's name is not Frank, Joe or Fatso, but Bob! And I love her to death! Do you think she should change her name to Lena?" Waves of chuckles met as an answer throughout the train compartment. "Thank you! Wish us luck!!"

Yulia plopped back down on her seat.

"You did *not* just do that in front of the whole compartment."

Yulia shrugged. "Hey, you told me to."



"Next, watching a movie in a movie theater," Lena said as she paid for two tickets for a random movie. "And not actually remembering what the movie was about." Lena grinned as she dragged Yulia behind her.

This time Yulia was also smiling. "Sounds like my kind of movie."

"Perv." Lena joked as she teasingly punched Yulia on her arm.


"Couple rings? Couple rings?? Oh my goodness... Am I paying for these??"

Lena rolled her eyes. "Of course you are. You're the rich one here."

"I can't belive you're talking me into wearing a couple ring." Yulia muttered. Lena gave her a scolding look before slipping on the gold band on her ring finger.

"Come on, you too." Lena urged. Yulia sighed as she defeatedly slipped it on. Lena's face broke into a smile as she pulled Yulia in and kissed her.

"I love you." Lena said.

"Unfortunately, you're not the only one." Yulia replied. Lena jokingly looked offended, lightly slapping Yulia on her collar.

"You conceited little-"

"Sexy bitch? Damn straight I am."

"Uh huh."


"Here. I have a present for you." Yulia said, this time pulling on Lena behind her.

"Where are we going??" Lena asked, looking around the unfamiliar streets.

"Keep your panties on, we're almost there." Yulia said, amused at Lena's anxiety.

"Are you seriously asking me that?" Lena said. Yulia just smirked and rolled her eyes.

"You know, you should really get your mind out of the gutter."

"With you as a girlfriend?? I don't think so."


"Oh my god!!" Lena exlaimed, squeaking with joy.

"I thought you might like him." Yulia said, her expression smug.

"Oh my god, I love him!!" Lena yelped with happiness as she propped up the little collie pup. It was white with brown colours and yellow eyes.

"I was thinking of calling him Frank, Joe or Fatso?" Yulia asked, her eyes winking at Lena. Lena snorted.

"No way, I'm not going to let you dictate his name like that." Lena said.

"What do you suggest."


"And you call me the dictator??"

"Mm-hmm." After a small pocket of silence, they both broke up with peals of laughter, as the sleeping canine stirred in Lena's hold.


Yulia buried her head deeper within the crook of Lena's neck, somewhat tickling her. But when she did, she felt Lena shudder and her shoulder trembling. The sobbing soon tailed, making Yulia look up in wonder wearing a frown on her face.

"Lena? W-What's wrong?" Yulia immediately took the back of her index finger, stroking Lena's cheek. But Lena just pulled Yulia in closer, burying her face in the black locks, breathing their scent in.

"I love you." Lena whispered. Yulia just smiled.

"I know. I love you too. What's wrong?" Yulia asked once more.

"I love you so much... And you make it each day harder for me to leave you...." Lena smiled sadly. Yulia just reflected her sad smile and she laid her head down on Lena again.



"Thanks for today. It was... One of the most best days of my life."

Yulia scoffed. "I know." She said like it was the most obvious thing. Lena just rolled her eyes as she flicked Yulia's ear again.

"You're gonna have to stop doing that. If my sexy ears go red and fall of, how the hell are you ever going to give me an ear job??"

"Oh shut up. I swear, that ALL you think about. Try to think like a human being for a change, not like some horny animal." Lena shided. Yulia laughed out loud.

"With you as my girlfriend? I don't think so." The brunette quipped, leaning in to kiss the red head.

Yulia harshly whipped off the sheets off of them, and rolled around so Lena was on top. They commenced to take off each other's PJ's, exploring the revealed flesh as they touched the room's cool night air.

Lena grabbed a handful of Yulia's hair, and lightly cocked her head to the side so she could have access to Yulia's flesh on her neck. Yulia moaned, when her lover's tongue made its way up her ear, and nipping at her ear lobe.

But Yulia just pushed Lena off of her, and turned her around to get on top. But as they turned, the toppled off from the bed, Lena's body cushioning Yulia's petite body.

"You just thank the gods you're so damn tiny." Lena growled in a sultry voice, as she pulled Yulia to her once again to kiss her.

Yulia easily gave into her submission part of her brain, pushing her tongue between Lena's lips teasingly. But Lena pulled away, playing and a wide smile on her face.

"Are we going to do it on the floor again?... There isn't a day where we actually do it on the bed..." Lena groaned out the words barely, as Yulia nipped her collar bone and down to her breasts.

Yulia briefly looked up to reply her lover. "It only shows how much we're enthused about our relationship, hon. Don't worry about it; We're perfectly normal." She flashed lena one last grin before ducking her head once more to continue her, oh so familiar trip around Lena's body.

"Making promises of multiple orgasms and actually keeping them are hardly ordinary... Not that I'm complaining..." Lena said again.

"I know, I'm extraordinary. Now we'll you let me finish??" Yulia said, half grinning and half exasperated.

'Oh god yes, please go on.." Lena said, her eyes slipping to a close when Yulia's knee pushed up between her legs.

"Thought so." Yulia answered for the final time before ducking her head again.

[epilogue will be up soon. if there are some grammar or spelling mistakes, it's because I wrote this on the spot... thanks for readin!]

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[So... As said before....Somewhere before....LoL I said if you wanted a happy ending or a bitter-sweet ending. Well, I've decided to take up Volkster's advice and write both (that's why it took me so long to put epilogue up) so decide which ending you want... Cuz they're both true to the characters...to some extent. LoL. But, here it is. Semi-last chapter of the story, "Have we met?". Have fun, Thank you and I love all of you.]

Yours Truly, Shakrin.


"Something about miracle."


I prayed day and night, again and again and at least three times a day that she wouldn’t forget that she had loved.

And... For the very first time, I started to belive in God.

She told me right after she was diagnosed with Irregular Alzheimer at the age of 29. That she wouldn't forget how her cellphone worked, she wouldn't forget how to cook my favorite meal and she wouldn't forget even me, who she loved more than anything.

Let me tell you something about a miracle. Miracle is everywhere around us. Miracle is when someone loves you unconditionally and thinks nothing but you and your well being. Miracle is when you take a nap and your mother pulls the sheets up for you. Miracle is when you wait for a simple phone call that you have waited for years, and when you have asked a question that needed an answer for more than years... And then you finally get it, that's miracle.

Something that happened between me and Lena is not a miracle. It's something extraordinary, more than miracle could ever think to provide. These extraordinary circumstances doesn't come by everyday. But it happens to every one of us on Earth.

Let's not take our life for granted... For it's full of endless miracles.


Lena woke up with a small yawn and a squint of her eyes from the sunshine beaming through the windows. She stretched her arms out and closed her eyes back again. She felt refreshed, and amazingly good. A good night's sleep was so rare for her now-a-days from the constant migrains, but this time... It felt like she just caught up on the whole two years' worth of slumber.

She then turned her head to the click of her door and smile at her visitor. The sudden rich smell of coffee wafted in and between the air in the room, making Lena's nose and behind her neck tingle.

"Hey, you." Yulia said, setting down two cups of fresh morning brew coffee. She was broadly grinning, what sounded like coins in Yulia's jean pockets jangling with each step.

Lena slowly sat herself up and picked up one of the coffee cups. "You lifesaver, you." Lena half whispered and half scratched with just-woke-up voice, sipping her coffee.

Yulia pulled out a stool from somewhere Lena's eyes sight couldn't reach and sat herself down, somfortably eyeing the sunshine through the window.

"I know. Isn't it nice? It's been raining for days... I've been craving for this kind of weather." Lena said, slowly getting reviatlized from the caffeine.

"I know what would make it better." Yulia said a touch of solemness in her voice. When she saw a note of inquisitive stare from Lena, she stood up and propping her upper body up with her palms against the bed matress, she leaned in and kissed her.

The gentleness from the contact made Lena want to puddle into a pool of water. When Yulia finally made the heart to pull away, she softly smiled.

"You're right. That did make it better." Lena whispered, her eyes mesmerized.

Yulia playfully frowned and half closed her eyes in a mock contempt gesture. "Oh, that just the beginning, sweetheart." Lena smirked, then breaking out to a small giggle. "Ask me how the operation went." Yulia said, quietly, cautiously and abruptly seriously.

Lena mimicked Yulia's face and put on a thin smile. "How'd it go?"

Yulia just sat down on the matress next to Lena and pulled the bigger girl into a bear hug. "I get to take you home. I get to kiss you whenever I want, I get to love you whenever I want... Forever and ever. I think you're gonna be stuck with me for another generation." Yulia muffled against Lena's neck, kissing it lovingly.

And for the next hour or so, Yulia watched Lena laugh and cry in joy in her arms.


Ivan watched the embracing girls at the door. He sighed, before changing his focus towards the window and the rising sun. Leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed, he smiled to himself when he felt his friend's presence behind him.

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that." Ivan said. The man behind him smirked before taking off his frameless spectacles and wiping them on his white coat.

"You're welcome." The man said. "I know I'm one hell of a doctor." He said before lightly chuckling and reveling at the sight where the two women held each other, content.

"But really.." Ivan's voice cracked. The man behind Ivan stared at the back of Ivan's head, skeptical. "Really... I really thank you." Ivan's voice was strained as he spun around and pulled the doctor in a manly hug with a slap on the back. The doctor's realization dawned as he saw Ivan crying for real.

His eyes considerably softened as she slapped Ivan's back also. "If- If Lena went away... I-..." Ivan choked.

"Hey... I fixed her. You should be happy, settin' up shindigs, not crying like a woman." The doctor mumbled, his eyes suddenly getting stingy at the sight of his toughest friend and colleague he had.

Ivan just made painful sobbing sounds. "Thank you... Thank you so much for saving my daughter... My daughter... The daughter I promised to protect..."

The doctor just sighed and smiled, a string of tear gliding down from his left eye. Averting his eyes back to the rejoicing couple inside the hospital room, he eyed the colours of the rainbow, the only remaining traces of the rain that pattered the grounds before.


So... That's it. I mean... That's not *it*. There's more to it than that. But... You can't expect me write the full life about me and Lena until our deaths, right?

This is all I can give you. It might not have been everything I know of, and it may only have been a glimpse into my life, just barely scartching the surface... And maybe for some of you, it's enough for you to vaugle understand my love life.

I hope you had fun... Because for me... It's been something. It's been a never ending roller coaster ride.

Not saying the ride ever ended... Nor do I want it to. But... With Lena as my girlfriend... *smirk* My favorite roller coaster of my life can never end.

-The End-

[Alternate ending shortly... and an extra ending where it shows Vik in prison...Cheers!:coctail: ]

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MISS D?! SHES WAITING FOR OTHER ENDING!! how do u know? are u still in touch with her?? cuz i miss her!

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