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la aurora
31-03-2005, 18:31
Yes.. i was boooored :D and kinda decided to make a cover for remixes CD.. so here it goes. Its a total mess and I cant decide myself if i want to print any of those but it was worth posting as Yulia looks hoowwt *drools*
I dont own TATU, I dont own the pic that was used here.. I dont own Photoshop even damn damn damn I own nothing :(

The pic was taken from the scan posted on this forum. As far as I remember I should thank Rachel for that. Girls were cut off, resized... I drew some new background that's almost impossible to see anyway :P (yeah, i keep wasting my time on something I dont really need).. mmm... contrasts... colors... 7-8 Photoshop layers for different details and dozen of filters.. this was what gave me the first pic. I just made it brighter and more tough. Then brushes.. filters and layers and fonts and all that shit. In the end 6 different result and they all suck :D Enjoy (http://www.geocities.com/val_sunnich/TATUcover/TATUcover.html).

31-03-2005, 20:16
they are all very nice :kwink: , though lena's eyes look pretty devilish in the other 3 pics :p ...like you concentrated only on yulia :nunu: :p

31-03-2005, 21:29
Why, that's fantabulous if I do say so myself! :D

31-03-2005, 21:46
niiice..they look awesome! :done:

01-04-2005, 01:07
Excellent :D. You use photoshop... wow, can I ask what different renderings you used? I'm not able to do stuff like that. It's very well done. :coctail:

la aurora
01-04-2005, 08:58
Erm.. thanks everyone. I still hate the pic myself as I spent too much working on it and my eyes just got tired. Guess for actual CD cover I'll make something monotonous with gradient blending bold font, 1-2 lines and a logo I'll make sure to steal somewhere. This way I'll be 80% satisfied I belive lol

crni, u shouldnt complain here actually. I won't deny I prefer Yulia on this pic but it doesny mean I didn't pay enough attention to Lena :D Quite the opposite actually. While for Yulia it was just one additional layer for details, for Lena I had to make 2. So hide ur susel and like right now! It makes me feel lil uneasy for some reason :p
Eyes are evil for a reason. I dunno if u noticed the gun thingie and stuff... the idea was to make the pic tough and somewhat evil. Yulia's eyes arent natural either. They are waay too blue. Lena's I made greenish and same bright. Not my fault that she just does have this killing look on originall picture :p This was what game me the whole idea. Grundgy bloody borders are serving same purpose. I added more contrast to the whole thingie and took care of Yulia's eyes in one layer, Lena's eyes in another (black ones in the first pic looked dull and evil anyway. So...) and gave this fire look to Lena's hair in the Layer number 3. The result should be 2 chicks.. both devilish, armoured and dangerous lol

Taty_rox, check ur PMs.

01-04-2005, 20:06

01-04-2005, 22:15
The result should be 2 chicks.. both devilish, armoured and dangerous lol aaaah, since that's the case, then i have no base for my lil' "complain" :p
i see you really put some effort to it, so it adds to the final impression which, i must say again, is really great, and you know it :kwink:

03-04-2005, 18:32
wow... these are very good. I'm very impressed.

04-04-2005, 19:44
That's good, the eyes are a little scarey, but it's good. Thanks for sharing them.