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30-03-2005, 06:41
Alice missed Lara.
It'd been almost a week since Lara had left. Things just
weren't the same anymore - the air felt a little heavier, the
bed a little less comfortable. The atmosphere inside the
apartment had changed completely, leaving traces of
before in Alice's memory.
She was calm about it. Things change, sometimes for
the better. Live, learn - move on.
Everything reaches an end.
One morning, after waking, the first thing Alice saw when
she opened her eyes was the empty side of the bed next
to her.
Realizing she was alone, she began to cry.

Things had started differently. Alice could remember the
night in September when Lara drove them to the lake and
kissed her for the first time.
"Relax," Lara had said. Her lips were soft like her voice,
gentle and smooth. Alice remembered how the metal of
the car's hood felt against her back when Lara pressed
her down onto it, her arms feeling their way down Lara's
body, touching her, loving her, wanting her more.
Everything about her was perfect. Lara played guitar and
wrote a short song for Alice once - not an entire song even,
but just a chorus that sounded so nice on its own. The flow
of Lara's voice was so natural and beautiful that it made
tears come to Alice's eyes.
And she had been so happy the day that she came home
from her job and found two emptied suitcases lying on the
bed. It felt nice to have someone there, like a reassurance
she hadn't felt before.
Things had finally come together.
Alice was glad.

So why hadn't it lasted?
Things fell to pieces. Logic told her that being reasonable
was what she had to do, but it felt so much easier to just let
go. Nothing had gone wrong, so why did Lara's emotions
Isn't that how it worked?
Alice didn't know.
She knew in her mind that she wasn't seeing the entire
picture clearly, but at the same time, she couldn't force
herself to do so. It felt like Lara hadn't even been living there
at all, except for one picture left on the nightstand beside the
bed. Both of them were all smiles, laughing, in love. A drastic
change from now, where Alice didn't even know Lara had
She liked to experience new things. "It's how we learn," Lara
had told her with a smile, that same beautiful face that had
kissed her so many times, the one she had woken up to each

But now, nothing.
Alice felt cold. She'd open the windows to let light into the
apartment but didn't turn on the lights.
Shadows and silence seemed so fitting right then.

As she cried, she couldn't remember exactly how Lara's voice
Just an echo inside her head.

Alice looked at the picture, blurred and gray through her tears.
It wasn't howl she remembered them together.

Distorted, out of sorts.
Sometimes, there just isn't a happy ending.

03-04-2005, 18:29
I'd like to say that this is a very nice writing... and I like it very much. :)

26-04-2005, 17:27
wow.. how did I not read this one for such a long time? Glad I did though. It's good :)

27-04-2005, 00:28
and im completely gone crazy with the L Word ... so i thought .... wait, It was Dana with Lara, NOT Alice .... though Alice is with Dana NOW :lol: :help:

nice one, shiz :)

Veggie Delite
28-04-2005, 22:33
coolz, me too LOL i think we really need some help :hmmm:

shizzo, you should def write some more :rose:

30-04-2005, 03:03
shizzo, you should def write some more
I'd actually forgotten I'd written this. I might come along
with something else sometime, who knows...