View Full Version : forum on-off :-/

Veggie Delite
16-03-2005, 11:13
sometimes, well pretty much often, i can't access the forum. and i'm not the only one. so why is that :(

16-03-2005, 13:38
yeah it's most of the time even.

Weird thing is that when a notification arrives the forum must be functioning somewhere, but when the link provided is clicked I still get a message saying "The domain doesn't exist" or something similar in Firefox, while IE just 404s instead or tells me to check my internetconnection or so.

Tom Violence
16-03-2005, 17:06
I hardly ever have problems with the forum on my laptop, whereas on my desktop - which is on the same wireless network - I can never access it.

It doesn't matter whether I'm using Firefox or IE, these situations remain unchanged.

I'd like to offer an insightful theory at this point, but I don't have one.

16-03-2005, 17:44
There's a problem on the servers with accessing the forum through the usual domain. Igor found the problem and he's working at it.

17-03-2005, 08:03
I've got this problem too. Igor, save us! :laugh: