View Full Version : Judge Strikes Down CA Gay Marriage Law

15-03-2005, 01:16
Today a judge ruled Monday that California can no longer justify limiting marriage to a man and a woman, a legal milestone that if upheld on appeal would pave the way for the nation's most populous state to follow Massachusetts in allowing same-sex couples to wed.

In an opinion that had been awaited because of San Francisco's historical role as a gay rights battleground, San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer said that withholding marriage licenses from gays and lesbians is unconstitutional.

"It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners," Kramer wrote.

The judge wrote that the state's historical definition of marriage, by itself, cannot justify the unconstitutional denial of equal protection for gays and lesbians and their right to marry.

"The state's protracted denial of equal protection cannot be justified simply because such constitutional violation has become traditional," Kramer wrote.


made my day better :)

15-03-2005, 01:55
You just beat me to it. That is good to hear.

16-03-2005, 03:00
people are going to try and appeal it..im so tired of having to defend this topic to stupid closed minded individuals..

22-03-2005, 04:08
Woot! Like I over a year ago to a very good friend of mine... Once Massachusetts legalized marriage, it would not be long before other liberal states followed suit.

Side Note: The Rhode Island Senate is concidering gay marriage this year. I believe the senate has enough support to pass a bill on to the house of representatives.