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hahahahaha i can't belive i'm putting up an another fic when i already have another one going... and it aint even close to the initial incident let alone the climax lol

but i'm just writing this out before i forget and i really dont expect much. and niether should you guys :rolleyes:

anyhoo... maybe if this one goes good.. i'll ditch the other one. lol



4:00 a.m. Valentines Day.

Highway No. 424.

A lone BMW sped down the road without the headlights or the tailights on.

Inside the silver BMW a woman with a burning cigarette residing inside her mouth and tears streaming down her cheeks nodded to the music iwhout a care in the world. The smoke from the cig filled the entire car, and there was enough smoke inside the confided space to suffocate a small army. But did she care? Hell no.

Her radio was blaring with heavy metal music, vibrating the whole car and the ground beneath her. Her head was throbbing beyond beliefe from the thumping music and the beer binge she had which ended just twenty minutes before.

For most people, after a couple of bottles of beer, whisky and other shit you could possibly comsume which are alcohol for more than five hours, they have the sense (or some good friends) to make you take a cab or whatever. But did she care? Hell no.

The woman took a long drag from her cigarette before throwing it inside her glove compartment and closing it. Fire safety? What fire safety?

She cranked up the music to its maximum and sped up the car. The pinpoint was nearly exceeding the 120km/h mark. She was laughing through swallowed tears, even though no one would find her position amusing. She shook her head to the beat, closing her eyes and paying no attention.

When she did open her eyes again, the rain was splattering her windshield, making her sight blurred. She giggled madly before swerving her car to the wrong lane and exceeded the 130km/h mark. She rolled down her windows, showering herself with the rain. She poked her head out the window and drove through the highway, trying to get the damn car to speed up.


Then suddenly a MAC truck turned a corner from the opposite side and came right at her car. A late nighter perhaps. But maybe it was the truck driver's doziness that made him not notice the silver BMW. Or maybe it was just because the BMW had no headlights on.

But the woman in the BMW knew the truck was coming. And she was glad for it. The pain she was speeding away from, the pain that neared her heart gnawing at its edge was glad for it. She started laughing louder than before and honked to the truck.

"Is this that Chicken game?! Oh bitch you're ON!!! hahahahahahahaha!!" She yelled more to herself than the truck driver.

Then she pulled her head back into the car and stomped on the accelerater, putting the pedal to the metal.

With one last explosion of a gleam of recklessness and wildness she drove straight to the truck.

The truck driver couldn't have noticed the BMW speeding towards his truck at a better time. He quickly managed to swerve to the other lane, barely missing the silver BMW. He immediately stepped on the brakes and got off his truck. He ran as hard as he could to the corner he just turned, in order to do *something* to save the mad woman.

But it was too late. But not too late for him to witness the crash.

The car flew right off the edge through the metal fence, dropping head first to the ground about 40 meteres down. He heard the crash as he quickly went up to where the car flew off.

"Oh my god... Hey lady, can you hear me?!" He got no answer. He looked down at the scene and the car was motionless save for its wheels, still steadily revolving in its place. He quickly nabbed out his phone and dialed 911.

"The emgercy services, please state your emergency." The truck driver practically yelled to the other end, screaming for an ambulance.


The strecher was pulled out and the limp body was placed upon it. The bloody girl was a mess. A complete wreck. Couples of bones surely broken and likely severe concussion surely made upon. Of course the bleeding was inevitable. But alive. Still breathing and the pulse runing. Her skin still warm.


When she opened her eyes again, she was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling plain white. She could hear faint beeping and steady air pump noises. She let out a breath and tried to move her toes and fingers. She shifted her eyes to see where the hell she was. To her left, she could see a window and the sunligh pouring in, dancing on her covers. To her front it was a boring wall with beigy tint and a painting of an endless field of green grass and occasional flowers.Then to her far side right, a door firmly closed.

Her face was intruded with a breathing mask puffing air into her nose, and her wrist taped and IV's shoved up her veins.

She closed her eyes.

She felt extremely relaxed although tired, and totally clueless.

Then she remembered. The world around her shattered.


"Ms.Volkova? Ahh, you are awake now. It is good to see you lucid." A middle aged man with scruffy chin and dirty blonde hair and brown eyes walked in with the usual white coat. He gently pulled off the breathing mask from her face and helped her sit up.

"My name is Dr. Hagen. You were in an accident sometime three weeks ago. You were put in a coma after an immeidate surgery and intensive care for a week. You suffered more than two broken bones, a severe concussion to the head and a almost unstable internal bleeding. And it also seemed that your heart was in a very weak state."

He quietly pulled a stool to the side of the bed and sat down, rather boyishly.

"Ms.Volkova. Do you remember anything exception of your time in this hospital?" He asked in a soothing voice.

"I... just remember..." Something inside her made her begged her to lie. "No sir. I don't remember."

He smiled tenderly before asking another question. "Do you remember anything about your life?"

"Yes sir, my name is Yulia Volkova. I'm a cop. My parents passed away after a robbery incident. My sister was diagnosed with lukemia and died last year. I have black hair, blue eyes...And that's all I know." She answered stiffly, not knowing how to act.

"Do you remember any of your friends? Where you live? Any relatives? A partner perhaps?" Hagen's forehead creased with worry as he fired off his question. But the only answer his got was a hesistant shake of Yulia's head as in "No".

To be honest, she did remember everything. But she chose not to be aware of it. For anyone's information. She'd forgotten everything. From that point and on... She'll start again.

He sighed and smiled tenderly again. "It's alright Yulia. I won't stress you anymore and get out of your hair. I think I know a way to get the address of your house, so don't worry about going homeless." Yulia smiled at that. Hagen smiled back.

"Well I think you need to rest, so I'm gonna get out of your hair." he said as he dragged the stool to its original spot. He looked back at Yulia again before going out the door. "And Yulia?"

The brunette turned her head to Hagen's direction. "We're plannig you an intensive physio for another week so you can walk again. I hope you dont mind." Yulia nodded and smiled at him.

"Thank you Dr. Hagen."

"Oh I think we're acquainted enough. Call me Kurt."


2 years later...

"A woman? As my superior? Are you shitting me?" The shocked face of Lena made the head of office a little amused. He chuckled, then went back to his game face and chewing his cigar.

"Please watch the language, Katina. It's buisness hours."

"Oh fuck off Jack. No one can hear us." The man called Jack smirked before searching his desk for a file and pulled out the thinnest one. He half threw and half flicked it at the red head, gesturing her to open it.

"I don't see why you're so shocked and upset about having a woman cop to be a superior. I mean you're a woman cop too, aren't you?" He said, more seriousness taking place on his face.

"Go to hell, Jack. You know what happened to the last one who came in as my superior." Lena's face was rigid and her eyes went cold. Jack sighed and stood up, cautiously approaching the red head.

"Lena... The only reason that happened almost to years ago was because he was a jerk and you were just a rookie then. He was trying to teach you with some discplin-"

"By raping me Jack?" She cut him off quietly but coolly. She continued. "And I'm pretty sure you remember what happened a year after that. Last year. And she was no man." Jack sighed and raveled his arm around Lena.

"They were put to justice, didn't they? We kicked their ass... Didn't we? I promise. This time it'll be diffrent. I swear it on my position of Head of the Bureau. Please... Try for me one last time. I know I'm asking much... But for me... Please?" Jack cajoled, hugging the girl tightly.

Lena sighed and they were quiet for a while, Lena thinking.

"Jack... You just thank the lords that you're my best friend."

"I already am."


Lena opened up the file folder and peered at the picture of her new superior slash partner. It was certainly a woman. But very attractive. She had a very short hair, almost black and spiky. And she noticed that the woman had the most bluest and the most dull and icy eyes she's ever seen. She was beautiful.

But Lena thought that she could be more attractive if the brunette had some more... She couldn't find the words.

The information in the file told her that the woman was in a sevre car accident just two years ago. A brow raised from that.

"Interesting." Lena silently murmured but she was quickly distracted from her readings when a new fresh voice intereupted her.

"What's so interesting, you don't even hear your new superior walk in?" Lena snapped the folder closed and whirled around to come face to face with the one and only,

Yulia Volkova, in the flesh.


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i like it muchos. so don't be a punk and update!

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mmhmmm... I smell guns ....and actions..... please update... I wonder how Yulia Volkova looks in police uniform.

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[having some hard times in my personal life.... So if i make some of the characters suffer a lot... like... a helluva lot... then i'm making them suffer on my behlf. if u have a problem with that get the hell out. :none: ]

Chapter 1

Lena strolled into her office holding a mug of coffee in one hand, and Volkova's file in the other. She looked around expectantly to see the cubicles filled with her friends and work mates, the air shrilling with the sounds of ringing phones.

But to her surprise, the place was empty. The place was brightly lit, the air stenched of coffee and she could've betted her life that she could've heard the shriling phones.

But when she looked around... Nothing was there. Then one by one the cubicles became transparent, until she was alone with own cubicle.

The place’s lights suddenly shut down with a decreasing ominous whirring sound. Lena jumped and looked around, in hopes of finding a light switch floating right beside her.

“Don’t you think that’d be a bit too easy for a nightmare to be? No one finds the key of the exit of this hellhole… ever.” A fresh voice, somewhat sultry but not intending to be seductive at all, whispered just beneath Lena’s earlobe. Then suddenly a hostile smack made the Volkova file take a flight on the non-existance wind in the air. “You’ll know more about me soon enough, when you are ready.”

Lena jerked her sight back to her side. There was nothing there… But the voice still was. “Looking for me? Hehehe…. Boo Katina, boo.” That giggle the voice made… Although it sounded like it was amused, she could still spot the unmistakable hint of sadness in the tone of its voice.

Lena kept looking at her side slowing taking back steps.

Then as if she was in slow motion, the coffee mug from her hand started to quake inside her fingers. It was trying to slip away from her hand… As if it had a mind of its own. Lena, already spooked as she could be, immediately dropped the mug, yelping.

As the mug made its way down to the floor, its shattering noise blistered in Lena’s ears… But the noises of the breaking glasses didn;’t stop. They kept shattering into a monotone of endless pitch. But that was before she realized it wasn’t the shattering mug that was making the noise, it was herself.

Herself screaming.

“Oh my god… No… Not again… Please!” She was back at that place again, that place where she could do nothing but get what was coming to her.


She was back on the cold harsh slab of concrete. She was back to where she couldn’t do squat but struggle. She was back there on the ground, two years back in that back alley way.

She was still screaming but she was soon shut up by a bone bruising punch. “Shut the fuck up, you fat whore! You are my inferior officer Katina, and you are going to do what you are told… Got it?!”

The blurry sillhouette of a large figure and a blacked out face held her down on the ground, forcefully nipping at her neck’s creamy flesh. He bit down hard as his hand slid down to her clevage.

“Moan for me, bitch… Scream for me you fucking slut!” He shouted as he grabbed one of her breast and twisted it. Lena scream out in pain and got another punch in the face. Then she could feel the bastard’s erection pressing up her thigh. She groaned, trying to push him off.

“Fuck, Katina, you were trained in schools for this kind of shit! Wy can’t you think now?! Please… You need to get out of this, think!! STOP GETTING MOLESTED BY THIS BATARD AND PLEASE THINK YOU STUPID BRAIN!!” She thought frantically. Why was she back again?! Why was she back here of all places?! Tears streaked her flushed and bruised cheeks, as well as sweat beading down her temples.

“I’ve heard that you choke under pressure Lena… But this is just too fucking easy… Haha…” That sickening laugh resounded in her ears as he ripped apart her linen pants and thust into her. Lena shrieked, feeling the foreign member in her, intruding her.

She could hear him laugh again. The sick fuck.

He thrust again this time more harder. She felt like a sharp jagged boulder was being choved up her ass. She was sobbing, trying to contain herself. But this wasn’t getting better by crying.

Then at the corner of the alleyway, she could see a shadow… A figure just by the corner, watching. The moon light stirred, raising its beam at the mystery person.

Volkova. Watching with her achingly dull, icy eyes. No expression. Jut watching. Almost bored looking. Lena tried to shove the man off her, trying at a flailing attempt to punch the man on his stomach.

She was soon awarded with the most pathetic attempt to get out of rape, resulting with him pinning her wrists above her head. She looked pleadingly at Volkova, still sobbing, murmuring incoherently.

The brunette shailky ran her fingers through her spikes, slowly approaching the scene. She knelt down beside Lena, brushing a sweat matted wet lock behind her ear. The rapist didn’t seem to notice Volkova. Instead he just looked right through her before getting back to his buisness.

Lena felt a warm stream of liquid showering her inner thighs and she could have guessed it was blood. It was of no surprise though, seeing the fuckbag, screwing the brains out of the poor girl.

Right then, as the man came inside her, and irritatingly stood up, something went wrong inside Lena. Something was fried or zapped… Like a lone wire, just barely scratched on the surface but able to make immense shift in one’s mind. As soon as she felt that, Yulia’s blank dull eyes twitched into a ghost of a frown.

The brunette only cocked her head before leaning down to the red head and whispering in her ear… “You need to save yourself, before you can save me, Lenochka.”

Volkova then stood up, then backstepped until they were about three meteres apart. Lena just laid there, aghast, and confused. The she briefly saw the thin girl winking at her and Lena turning her attention back to the rapist,

He smirked and before Lena could brace for implact, he raised his foot and slammed his sole into Lena’s limb.


Lena shot up from her bed and firghteningly looked around. Her head and hair were matted aginst each other with glistening sweat, and she was visibly pale. She raised her hand to her face and watched it tremble. A shiver went through her body as she remembered Volkova’s wink.

“Fuck…” Her lips quavered and her eyes went glossy. Not one drop of tears shall wet her face, she thought. She made a pact with her last year, knowing that if she would start crying, that she’d never stop. That was a fact.

She glanced at the bedside clock on her nightstand. It was barely four in the morning. She cursed as she wobbily stood up, stripping off her clothes as she went in to her bathroom. She turned on the cold water and went in the stall immediately. The cool water beat down on her, sharp stings of cold droplets leaving their signature red spots on her sensitive skin. She shuddered iin cold and in fear. She turned the knob to a colder water.

She sighed as North Pole tempertured water poured down on her. The cold was unbearable. But she welcomed it.

‘…….You need to save yourself, before you can save me, Lenochka.

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pretty graphic, eh...?

it's written really good

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well...was that *too* graphic?
these things are like... running through my head and i was pondering over it for a while thinking if I chould write it out or not.
if you don't like it i might as well rewrite it in a more... censored version.
u just let me know.

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oh .. don't worry .. we like the way it was written .. we only want to read un-censored version...

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Chapter Two

"This is your first field mission together as partners, so I suggest you get acquainted before ten tonight. I'm not expecting failiure either, so this had better turn out right if you guys don't want to get your sorry asses fired. Volkova, prep Katina on things you might need, and you know where to find me if you got any questions." Volkova just eyed the air in front of her with a thin grimace before slightly nodding.

Lena's eyes graced on her superior's facial expressions, facinated. She would often wonder, how a person could have a variety of expressions of a rock. After a lot of pondering, she came to a conclusion that Yulia Volkova was a stone face, and that's putting it gracely.

"See something you like?" A cold voice interfered her thoughts. It was Volkova's. "I suggest you listen to the Captain and not gaze at me like some bored cow." The brunette lashed out at her with icy words. Though her emotions were somewhat evident in her voice tone, her facial expression was blank.

"Then Captain should talk about something that actually matters before I moo." Lena retorted and she could see Volkova's inner smirk and Captain(Jack) freeze in his chair. Lena smirked and inspected the wall beside her, but grinning triumphantly in the inside.

But her inner happiness faded as her thoughts consumed her again.

Why *was* she looking at Volkova anyways? Could she possibly have... No. Thats ridiculous. But yes... Miss Volkova *was* very beautiful...

"Dismissed." Jack forced on his composure, roughly shooing them away.

Volkova gestured Lena to follow her inside her own office for a short briefing. Lena worldlessly followed.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Volkova snapped at Katina, slamming the office door behind her. Lena jumped at the slamming door, eyes widening of surpirse.

"M-ma'am?" The red head stuttered.

"You think I'm stupid?! I saw that disgusting look you were giving me back at Jack's office. You think I haven't noticed? Are you a fucking lesbian Katina?!"

"W-w-wha... I-I- uh.." Lena's jaw slackend out of disbelief as the brunette fired her questions away, whipping Lena with her sharp mouth.

"You were given a direct question from your superior, Katina. Have the fucking etiquette to answer!" Lena just kept stuttering, her cheeks reddening with shame, the brunette overwhelming her.

But after all... What *could* she say to those questions? They were the questions she didn't even know.

Lena just shut her mouth and closed her eyes and hung her head. The blanket of silence enveloped them, the thickness of tension suffocating her. Then she heard Volkova's foot steps and a click of a lighter. She could smell the cigarette smoke, tickling the entrance of her notrils.

Lena had never seen Volkova's display of emotions like she just witnessed.

"You belive in love Katina?" The familiar sultry voice, but not quite seductive beckoned at the red head.

Now this question, she knew. She answered almost immediately.

"Yes, ma'am."

Then she could hear the brunette smirk. Wrong answer.

"No... Love... hahaha... That's just a fucking fairy tale. Something those book writers made up to entrance their readers into buying their heap of crap. Or possibly it could be a Hallmark thing, just to shove up more love cards and chocolates up our ignorant asses at Valentines Day."

Lena could feel her heart beat rise from anger. She clenched her fist, trying to think of happy things. Anything but what Volkova was talking about.

"They just fucking chew you up and spit you out. Leave you for dead. Cryings no use because it'll fucking hurt more. Then after the water works all you think about is death and how wonderful it is to fucking cut yourself cuz you're on a point where you feel fucking NOTHING cuz of the pain inside... Gnawing at you... Eating you alive...." Lena heard Volkova cough, trying to catch her breath. "Shit.."

A moment after the red head heard Volkova curse she hesistantly looked up. She saw Volkova, desperately rummaging through her drawers, then taking out a orange container filled with white unknown pills. Then she saw her shoving five of them in her mouth then sealing them closed with her hand.

When the brunette forced the swallow she parted her mouth, trying to catch her breath.

"Are you alright, ma'am?"

"Shut up. When you're working with me, you will not show me your pity shit, understood?"

.....'What happened to you...?' "Yes, ma'am."



What the hell was going on with her? Yulia sighed, collapsing on her chair, looking out the window as the red head sulked out of the office. The dance of the sunlight on her face reminded of her life at the hospital.

She reluctantly clutched at her chest where her heart should be and closed her eyes. She felt it steady its beat. She sighed again in relief.

......What the hell was going on with her? She didn't have to use those pills for two years since she blocked all her emotions in that hospital. Why now? Was Katina the reason?

Her eyes narrowed, thinking.

Why was Katina bringing up her emotions now? Why her, of all people?

She shut her eyes blocking off all the ideas shooting off her brain. But on the back of her lids, she could remember that day when she crashed her car. Why she was speeding in the first place and doing the stupidest things she could imagine.

Suddenly another surge of erratic thumping commenced from her heart, Her clutch respondedly tightened as she remembered.

[The night when Yulia crashed]

2:58 a.m.

Valentine's Day.

The music was blaring, practically giving a flase feeling of an earthquake. The bass boomed off the speakers, giving many a headache, and the rest the wild night they were looking for.

Sweaty people danced through five hours straight, drunk people drank through five hours straight. And the rest, trying to find a place to either fuck of get stoned as hell, and then fuck.

Yulia came bouncing out from the dance floor with sweat matted hair and a panting breath. Her face was full of expression, the aura of individuality just screaming off of her.

This was the original officer Volkova, a couple of days before she decided to be a total dud. She smiled, flashing her white teeth, and making her look as if she was glowing. She was truly beautiful. No dull icy eyes, only the passionate shine within. No empty soul, only the burst of life claiming everyone around her.

She bounded towards one of the couches where an attractive honey coloured hair woman sat, talking to another blonde. Yulia just plopped next to the other brunette, brushing her a light kiss on the cheek.

"Hey sexy. Wanna dance through the whole night?" Yulia asked the brunette, her hand caressing the other woman. The other woman silently broke off her conversation with the blonde, turning to Yulia.

"Yulia... You just scared away my new friend." Yulia snorted before burying her face on the crook of the woman's neck. Her smothered words were heard barely.

"Sofia.... You never dance with me anymore... Come on... pleeeeeease??" Sofia's eyes softened before urging Yulia's face up with her forehead.

"Honey, why don't I meet you there? I'll just go get a drink from the bar and join you. Does that sound good?" Yulia jumped up at the suggestion and galloped back to the dance floor with a sheepish grin. Sofia just pityingly smiled before heading the other way to the bar.

Yulia busied herself with other people, dancing her ass off. But ten minutes passed, and there was no trace of Sofia. And then twenty minutes, then thirty, then forty.

Yulia pushed through the damp crowd, searching the bar with her eyes. Signs of Sofia were no where to be found. She paced herself to the bartender.

"Yo, Drink man! You seen a honey brunette around here?!" Yulia screamed her question, trying to outspeak the booming music.

"Is she the one who always orders rum and coke?!" Yulia's eyes brightened as she nodded.

"She went to the bathroom with some blonde, boobs and legs!!" Her widened eyes shifted wildly in confusion. She practically ran towards the bathroom and turned the knob. It was locked.

No.... Sofia wouldn't do that. Would she?

Her lips pursed into a angered notion as she backed up. Then she hurled herself to the door, smashing it open.

Then there it was, a sight to behold. Sofia and the blonde she saw earlier talking to her, tangled up with each other against the stall door. The blonde's mouth was latched up on Sofia's most private place, and Sofia's fingers were dug under the heap of musky blonde hair.

The couple froze in place and the neck snapped to Yulia. The two of them immeidately wrapped it up and pulled back their clothes on. Yulia just stood there, aghast. The blonde shot through the door, hitting Yulia's side with her shoulders while at it.

Yulia followed suit, then grabbed the blonde by a hanging sleeve and pulled her back.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?! And especailly after screwing my girlfriend?!" The blonde whirled around and met Yulia's piercing blue eyes, welled up with tears and untamable fury bubbling inside.

The blonde jerked Yulia's hand away before trying to walk out of the club again. But Yulia didn't let this piece of meat get away.

She grabbed the blonde again and shoved her back against a wall. Then she bunched up her collar, grabbing it then drew her fist back....



Yulia snapped out of her thought and twirled her chair towards the sound of a voice.


"....Ma'am?" The hopeful sound of Volkova's voice startled the red head. As soon as Yulia saw the red head poking her head inside the dimly lit office, her face grew rigid.

From Yulia to Volkova in seconds. A transformation she depended her whole life on.

"What is it Katina?"

"It's ten. We better get a move on if we want our Field to happen."

Volkova nodded slowly, her eyes glossing into a dull and icy gaze once again. She gruffily stood up, grabbing her coat, scarf and a hat.

"Let's go then."

[something bads gonna happen to lena... and something goods gonna happen to yulia.... ;) and i really should get a move on for the other fic... what was it called again?? :D kidding!]

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[ oh thank you Shakrin. its getting more interesting ..I can't wait for next... I like this chapter very much I think its "packed". I think you are talented. The other fanfic called Before Its Too Late... see I remember. heh heh ]

[ pssst.. Sin I think from now on we have to talk in bracket when comment the fanfic.. ]

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[omigod i'm addicted in writing this story!! but what about Before It's Too Late?!?! What will be the fate of my very first fic?!?!?!?!?! :eek: ]

Chapter 3

The mission was a simple one. They had gotten a call from an old lady walking her dog along a trailer park, saying that she had seen a suspicious man she saw on TV on the most wanted list. So they had to check the suspicious man’s trailer out.

Volkova drove in silence, looking straight ahead, and Lena was looking out the window, observing the mashed up blur of colours whizzing by her. She was thinking about some things that Volkova had said to her earlier that day.

How the brunette was bursting with emotions and telling her that love was only a mere fairy tale. She disagreed. There is really love… Wasn’t there?

“Sorry.” Lena broke out of her trance when she heard Volkova speak.
“Sorry? For what...Ma’am?” She asked, truly curious.
“For treating you the way I did today. That was unfair of me… and I was a little off. I get sensitive from time to time. I hope you understand.”
Lena flashed the brunette her signature glowing smile and swayed her head side to side.
“Nah… I would be uncomfortable too if someone was burning a hole through my head with their staring.”

Volkova only nodded in agreement before the deathly science encaptured them again.

Lena looked back outside the window again, drowning herself in her thoughts. What had happened to her superior that made her like that, she wondered. But as sudden as it was, she heard herself speak before she could catch herself.

“Love does exist. Although this place looks so dirty… So off and dreary… Midst of all the worm infested leaves, there’s that untouched shining apple, just waiting to be picked. Love… It existed way before Hallmark, and way before the novel writers. I’m sure of it.” Lena finished, but then heard Volkova smirk loudly.

Two full open smirks in one day. That’s more emotion than she’d bargained for.

“Elena Servgeena Katina. 26yrs of age. The outshining student in the most prestigious military school in the United States. Hired personally by Jack Davis, and officially transferred to the West 648 precinct. This year is the third year she’s serving under Jack. Interesting fact, she was raped twice in the last two years, and she still believes in love!! Katina I thought you almost died at the first rape! And you still believe in love?! It’s a lusty world out here! It’s either you or them, dog eat dog, eat or get eaten! God open your eyes before you get hurt!”

Another burst of emotions made Lena taken back. A moment of silence followed then Lena also snapped, colours draining from her face as she clenched her fist.

“What the fuck do you know?! You always hide behind you stony porcelain mask, running from the truth! You know squat!”

After Lena’s last statement Volkova slammed on the brakes and punched the steering wheel out of anguish and anger. “Fuck Katina! Just… Dammit I’m sorry alright?! I’m just so fucking sorry… Shit like love doesn’t exist for me anymore. It’s a fucking fairy tale for me. It was a dream, but it’s gone now. It’s over for me. Knight in shining armor didn’t come, and I’m still stuck in the tower with the hated dragon breathing down my neck! Love… Doesn’t exist for me. I’m sorry… Alright?”

Lena only turned her face back outside the window and closed her eyes. She could hear Volkova sigh and start up the car again.

This time, they traveled in silence.


They parked their car not so far off from the trailer park. They managed to get inside the park unnoticed and quietly. Volkova stealthily handed Lena a white crumpled piece of paper, with a license plate number written in there. Lena nodded knowingly and they split up to find their trailer car.


Lena grumbled inwardly about how vast the trailer park was. This place was HUGE. She wordlessly turned a corner, then another, then another. She sighed, feeling like she was walking around in circles. Why did they have to do this mission at ten thirty in the night again? Oh ya, they didn’t want the suspect to be alarmed and run away.

That was a stupid protocol. But a right one too. She cursed quietly after turning another corner. These beaten paths between the trailers all looked the same. But as she was about to turn another corner, a burly masculine arm pulled her back by the neck, strangling her by its forearm.

Both of her hands instinctively went up to the anonymous arm and tried to pry them off as they cut the air to her body. Her vision suddenly became strained and blotchy. But just before she passed out a raspy voice resided in her ear drums, saying “Ready for the encore of what we did two years ago…?”


Volkova covered every inch of the west ward part of the park. She took out her walkie talkie and spoke quietly into it.

“Katina… Come in.”
”Katina… Don’t fuck around, come in.”
“I’m sorry. Officer Katina has gone to sleep, so she can answer you right at this moment. Wanna leave a message or something? Oh ya and by the way, look behind ya.”

Volkova’s expression went from blank to confused, then angry then apprehensive. She whipped around and saw three burly lumberjacks coming right at her. She immediately turned and ran.

‘Where the hell are you, Katina?!’


Lena shot up from her resting spot. She was rudely awakened by a sudden downpour of icy water doing the Niagara Falls on her face. She quickly wiped her face with her hands and hesitantly looked up to see her captor.

Her jaws slackened in shock as she saw the man she knew all too well. Her shock resulted in her only saying a word at a time.

“You…!” As he slowly sauntered near, she backed herself against the wall, trying to get away from him.

“Me.” His eyes were rolling amusedly, gazing at Lena as if she was a meat and he hadn’t eaten for a few days. His hair was greasy and slicked back, his face scruffy and chin fuzzy. His unshaven demeanor only made him uglier. He grinned, bearing his once pearly white teeth, now yellow and stained.

“So you were the prisoner escapee…?”

The man nodded. “Let’s not talk anymore. It is boring me.”

He crouched down across the red head and revealed something he’d been hiding behind his back. It was a blood caked baton.


Volkova had two of them knocked out and she was almost spent. Her timing and her momentum was falling rapidly. Sweat beaded down her temple as she and the last remaining lumberjack ran their calculations on each other.

Volkova thanked the gods the lumberjacks are known for their stupidity and their only knacks for cutting stupid woods. Although they weren’t real lumberjacks… They sure acted like em.

The last remaining lumberjack with a trucker hat on lunged at her. But she smirked and easily jumped to the side and grabbing his arm while at it. Then she gained the timing and the momentum with ease and kicked him on the back.

He fell to the ground with a thump and a sickening crack from his shoulder, telling Volkova that she had successfully popped his shoulder out of place. She back away for a few seconds, seeing the guy roll around the ground holding his limp shoulder for few minutes and pass out. She smirked.

“Stupid idiots…”

She quickly picked up her walkie talkie.

“Headquarters, this is Pinewood Trailer Park. We’re in need of back-up squadron and an ambulance right away… A possible man-down… As soon as possible…”


Lena’s back was searing with pain. She groaned. She wouldn’t be able to sleep on her back for a while… But only if she gets out of this hell hole alive.

The bastard had beaten her with the baton on her back for at least fifteen minutes, but to her it felt like fifty minutes. He had forced her to lie down on her back so her back was screaming.

Her hair was matted with sweat and her cheeks were streaked with tears. She was a little hazy, wanting to close her eyes getting desperate.

Then he came back. With a knife. Then he slithered on top of her, and then commenced to slice open her clothes. When the fun started to die out, he just became rough and savagely ripped open all of her clothes.

Lena closed her eyes as her captor shredded her clothes along with her pride she had rebuilt so carefully for so long. Tears did not cease and her body shook.

Then she felt him thrust into her, as hard as he could and as deep as he could embed his penis in her. She screamed in pain, tried to push him off but she received a bruising punch across her cheekbone. She had no choice but to stay still.

He thrust into her again.

“Please!! … Please… Just let me go…” Lena sobbed, pleading.

Then suddenly she could hear a door slamming open with such force the whole trailer shook. Her rapist whirled around towards the entrance of the trailer and grabbed his blood caked baton.

Then a moment after Lena could hear their heated combat and the faint rings of police and ambulance sirens drawing near.

She felt herself shake uncontrollably and her back screeched once more.

Then she heard a thud of a body dropping to the floor.

The last thing she remembered was piercing blue eyes, lively and not dull, filled with concern.


Volkova sat on the hood of the police car, her shoulders draped with a thick blanket. She held a paper cup in her hand, drinking from it, presumably coffee. She was looking up at the stars now and then, speckling the clear night sky.

Jack spotted her and sat down beside her.

They were in silence for a while before Jack spoke up.

“Aren’t you gonna ask?”

Volkova looked down from the stars to Jack. “Ask what?”

“Ask if your partner is okay.” Jack answered matter of factly.

Volkova sighed, and went back to observing the stars. “Well is she okay?”

“Nope.” Now that was an answer Volkova wasn’t expecting. She peered over at Jack curiously.

“What do you mean, ‘no’?” She asked. Jack sighed. Then he softly took the paper cup from her hands and smiled weakly. His voice was tender.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” He said. A brow went up on Volkova’s face as she slid off her blanket and nodded.

Volkova found the red head easily, as she was sitting on the bumper of the only ambulance there. The brunette noticed how Lena ignored everyone and everything around her, only staring intently at her feet. She put up another curious glance before walking up to the red head.

She slowly sat next to her.

“Are you doing okay, Katina?”






Volkova smiled at this. But her smiling expression was a little awkward since she hasn’t done it in a while. But she smiled anyways.

Lena’s hair was ruffled and the colour was drained from her face. Her fists were clenched tightly, her knuckles white. Her expression was confused and conflicted, her eyes’ focus no where to be found. Volkova stared at her before speaking up again.

“You wanna talk about it?”

Lena looked up to see the piercing blue eyes, the same eyes she remembered before she passed out. She opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again before looking back down at her feet. Volkova smiled once more and squeezed Lena’s shoulder.

“He… He did that to me earlier when I was a rookie... You know? Made me dirty… and made me want to die… Why would he…” Volkova watched Lena as she unraveled piece by piece. Then she noticed the girl’s eyes for the first time. Green with a noticeable hint of grey. Those beautiful eyes were filled with pain and anguish.

“I didn’t do anything to him… You know? I tried to live up to his expectations and be the officer he wanted me to be and he just… I really tried but… He called me a fat whore when he was fucking me… I never…” Lena’s shoulders began to shake as she paused to find the words. Her eyes were darting through the beaten sand on the ground.

Yulia hesitated for a long while before stringing her arm around Lena’s shoulders. She pulled her to her arms and locked Lena in her embrace, resting her chin on her head.

That was Lena’s cue as she broke down in her arms. She started to cry and tried to talk at the same time.

“I… I tried to hard to get better and I really did but he came back… He just broke me again… It took such a lot of care and time to rebuild me… Now I don’t have the courage to… *sob* dammit…” She no longer could talk as fit of tears consumed her. She cried and cried and cried more in Yulia’s arms.

Yulia just did everything she could do to comfort her, stroking the girl’s arms and saying, “its okay now…Shh… Everything’s alright… It’s okay baby… I’m sorry I couldn’t find you sooner… I’m so sorry…”

Yulia gently laid Lena’s head on her lap and started to comb her fingers through her locks, trying to calm and soothe the hysteric girl. Yulia was relived to see the red head letting it all out as she stroked her soft curls.

She sighed. This situation brought back memories.

She involuntarily let the roll of film in her mind set itself and play in front of her eyes.


It was a cold day, the snow storm just blowing through the whole town. It was the last days of the year in December, one of the coldest days in the record books. The moaning of the winds could be heard but Yulia wasn’t paying attention.

She was fiercely scribbling something on her fifth lined paper, her writing inspiration just keeping her going while she can.

Her hair was still very much spiky, but it was a tad shorter. She was wearing a thick black rimmed glasses, with her trying to keep in place as she pushed it to the bridge of her nose. Wearing only her PJ’s that consisted of a white tanktop and a grey sweat pants, she viciously eyed the paper in front of her as she wrote.

A doorbell broke her groove. She jumped at the screeching sound and she cursed. “God dammit I gotta get the frikken volume adjusted or something…” She grumbled and huffed as she bounded for the front door. When she opened the door, her negativity dissolved into nothingness as she saw Sofia, wet and shivering standing there, trying to smile.

The brunette lunged for the honey brunette and hugged her cold shivering body, trying to warm it up with her own frail shape. She wordlessly led her inside, placed her in front of the fire place and brought her a warm cup of tea.

“Alexei ask for money again?” Yulia asked, her voice dipped in anger and annoyance. Sofia nodded silently. Alexei was Sofia’s father, a mean drunk who popped in now and then at his daughter’s door step asking for money. When he didn’t get the money, he would turn violent, on his own daughter.

“Did he hurt you?” Yulia asked, a sudden worry smacking her on the face. The honey brunette swayed her head side to side before taking a sip of her tea.

“He… uhh… Took over the fucking house. Alexei chased me to the second floor and I had to lock him out of my room. I barely ran away through the window in my room. He was trying to smash the door down… I… *sigh* I had nowhere to go in this time of the night but here. I hope you understand.” She stated a little timidly.

Yulia smiled warmly at her lover and caressed her cheek with her thumb. She then kissed her tenderly and gently on the honey brunette’s lips, drawing her close.

Yulia reluctantly broke the kiss and grinned roguishly before saying, “I’m kind of happy that Alexei drove you out… Does that make me a bad person…?” Sofia only smiled back before shaking her head and grabbing Yulia’s collar, drawing her close to kiss her once more.

Later on that night, they had made love, and Yulia was sound asleep on her bed, clinging on to Sofia. But she was frantically awakened when the honey brunette shook her up. She groggily sat up, rubbing her eyes. But she soon snapped out of it when she saw Sofia’s tear streaked face, and her body trembling.

“Baby… what’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Yulia asked her, truly worried. But Sofia just buried her head on Yulia’s lap and asked her one simple thing, “Could you sing for me?”

“What?” Yulia asked with a funny expression.

“Please… Could you just sing for me, so I could go to sleep?” Sofia sounded so sincere. Yulia sighed. She then started to comb through her honey brown hair and started to sing the first thing that came to her mind.

Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today...

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one...

Yulia looked back down at her lover and saw that she was asleep, with a content expression on her face. She smiled before falling back asleep herself.


Yulia found herself singing the same song she sang to Sofia, to Lena. As she ended her last note, she looked down to see the red head asleep. Yulia smiled. She smiled truly this time, no more awkwardness. Her smile was sincere.

She ran her fingers through her curls a few more times, before giving the red head a soft kiss on her forehead. She then pulled the blanket from the ambulance stretcher and covered Lena with it, then going back to combing the girl’s soft hair.

“Sweet dreams, Lena.”

‘Love is just a fairy tale... Love is just a fairy tale...’


[the song that yulia sings for Sofia and Lena is "Imagine" by John Lennon.]

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Chapter 4

A light knock on her office door jerked her awake from her thoughts. She looked up, quickly hid some of the files on her desk on her bottom drawer. The knock grew restless and it slowly turned into consistent pounds. Volkova growled and kicked the drawer shut.

“Come in.”

It was Jack, his tie loose around his neck and his hair in silly looking molds. Volkova hid her amusement and stared with a hollow gaze. “Can I help you Captain?” Jack nodded curtly in greetings, hastily sitting on the chair across Volkova’s desk.

“Detective Volkova… I think this is a bad news but Lena- I mean Detective Katina is refusing to show up as your partner… Or as an officer. So, I’m uhh assigning you a new partner to work with.” Jack was stumbling on his words. Something wasn’t right, Jack was being too nervous. Or anxious. About? Volkova wondered and frowned slightly.

“What’s wrong with my current partner, Captain?” She said in a disapproving tone. She could see Jack visibly gulp and sigh before running his fingers shakily through his hair. Jack also knew if Volkova managed to slip in a little emotion or two it was damn straight serious.

“Well Detective… Lena… Has gone nuts. And no, I ain’t talking about peanuts here. She’s gone full lethal on everyone that comes near her. Her back is bleeding constantly and she won’t let anyone treat the damn thing! I mean it’s like she *wants* to die-“ Jack caught himself saying the very thing Lena might be doing.

Jack jumped up from his chair with gaping mouth. He saw that Volkova was still looking at him with those dull disapproving eyes and cleared his throat. “Detective. I’ll uhh get back to you on this.” With that he was out the door and screaming his throat out to some of his colleagues ordering them to call the emergency services.

The disapprovement was still evident on the brunette’s face. Her eyes started to ominously swirl. She bent down to her bottom drawer again and took out the file she hastily hid from the Captain. She carefully and noiselessly opened it and flicked through the papers once more.

The files were on Captain Jack Davis himself, with all his records on it. Piercing blue eyes were rapidly darting through the words and glancing back at the picture clipped on the top once in a while. The space between her brows creased and she dumped them in the trash beside her desk.

She stood, got her jacket and hat and walked out of her office. But she made sure that she locked the door to her office and checked it twice. She looked around the halls and cubicles around her for the last time before scurrying outside.

Where was she headed? I think you already know. To Katina’s.


She rounded about the house, sizing it up. It was a fairly cozy looking house, with a cute little garden gnome out at the front yard. She almost choked on her own vomit.

How could a cop live in this kind of environment?

She inwardly grunted in annoyance from the cheery and the happy theme just oozing off the house. She stepped to the backyard and saw bunch of fitness equipments. A self-hung sandbag and horizontal poles secured on more poles crowded the grassy area, as did various sized weights littering the floor.

Now these she accepted. Fitness for an officer was mandatory. She looked back up the house, observing the balcony and its doors. The curtain was slightly drawn and she could see the red head pacing about in the room. The corners of her mouth picked up. The Volkova immediately kicked herself in her mind.

‘What the hell are you thinking?! You know what love, do to you! You lose your fucking focus! Stay focused Volkova. Another girl isn’t going to fuck up your life again.’ The voice in her head screeched. That voice wasn’t her’s, but a distinctive familiarity hugged it. Volkova listened in on the voice, irritated but in agreement.

No one shall claim her heart and gnaw on its scars. Ever. Love was not mandatory. It used to be an essential part of her life… But it isn’t anymore. She’d give up on a thing called love a long time ago. Love is just a fucking fairy tal-

‘Then why are you here? Why are you here for your partner? To comfort her. To hug her, and to bring back your partner. Isn’t it? If it isn’t, why the hell are you stalking the poor girl?!’ Another voice chastised. She growled and shook her head, scrambling her voices away. But the vivid sound of the fresh new voice still echoed in her thoughts.

Why was she there?


Volkova walked up the steps to the front porch and stood in front of the main entrance to the house. She looked at the doorbell, hesitating and thinking. She reluctantly raised her hand to the little button and quickly tapped it.

There was brief muttering from inside and closing in thumps. The knob jiggled a little bit, and the door opened, revealing Jack looking more tired but restless, coffee stains on his shirt, and his fine looking unshaven face.

But to add on his grumpy tiredness, there was no one at the door. In confusion he took a step outside and looked around. No one was around.

“Damn pranksters… Gonna have to report em or something… grumble grumble…”


The night fell sooner than she would have thought. The moonshine beamed, bragging off its beautiful silver clutches on the whole town with its light. She combed the silent town’s activity with her eyes, searching for nothing in particular.

Although her eyes were concentrating on another task, her thoughts were back in that trailer and back in the alleyway. It was replaying itself over and over. She tried closing her eyes but the visions got clearer.

She groaned and leaned her head against the balcony fence. Her back ached like crazy. She figured it was because beginning to infect. She giggled a little, laughing at her own pain. Oh god, she thought, I am going insane. A sudden sharp sting jolted across her cut. She bit on her arm. When the stinging subsided she sighed and looked up at the night sky, a little light headed.

‘Not a sound Katina. Not a peep.’ That’s what her second rapist had said. It was a woman. A very kinky woman. She would remember the faces forever.

She remembered how her second superior had been nice from the start but slowly converted herself in front of Lena. She would call her forth out of the blue and cuff her to the chair and not come back to free her for over two hours. The bondages kept getting worse and worse…

She closed her eyes once more and suppressed the urge to scream and bawl her eyes out. Instead she just laughed. She laughed, giggled and snorted like a mad woman. She laughed at herself. But her laugh became strained after a while, and she started to mutter to herself.

“Fuck you… Fuck you… Fuck you…”

But she yelped out loud into the night when a cold hand slapped her on the back.


“How the hell did you get in here?!” Lena asked in horror. No one had the keys but Jack. But the person who stood with a nonchalant expression on her face certainly wasn’t Jack.

She didn’t get her answer. But she got a good tug on her arm, pulling her back into the room. Then the invader swiftly closed the balcony doors and drew the curtains. Then she looked back at Lena.

Those piercing blue and achingly dull eyes seemed to glow and stare her down for an eternity. Lena’s lips quivered before shifting in her place and looking away. The redhead heard Volkova’s infamous smirk. A shudder ran through the Lena. She hated that smirk. That lone contemptuous smirk that always made her feel stupid.

“You believe me now don’t you?” Volkova’s defined voice asked the redhead in the darkness.

Lena tried her best not to stutter. “Believe what?”

Another smirk. Lena winced.

“Don’t play stupid with me. I don’t like games.” The brunette snapped.

“No I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Believe what? Elaborate.” The red head answered back. Her voice was filled with fake boldness. But in darkness Lena was apprehensively studying her toes with her fists clenched.

“Fine. You agree with me on the love argument we had, right? You don’t quite trust that love does really exist. Aren’t I right officer Katina?!” Her voice slowly rose. Volkova didn’t get her longed for answer.

“God Katina do you really need to hear me say it?! Alright! Let me lay it out for ya! Everything you re-built, everything you had piled up so carefully was hurled down with one swift thrust the bastard gave with his fucking dick. Now you’re too fucking scared to start again cuz you think you can’t do it again. Suddenly you feel numb and it feels like you’re going insane, cuz you don’t know what to do. All you want now is to feel something, let alone love!” Volkova yelled.

Lena was shaking. But Volkova continued.

“Well you know what I think?! I think you don’t even wanna try to rebuild and move on with your life! I think you want to mope around for fucking attention and sympathy! I don’t you wanna work for yourself, and I think you’re fucking lazy, selfish and disrespectful. I thought better of you.”

“Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! Please…” Lena collapsed to her knees, with her face buried in her hands. Her shoulders were shaking and she was crying, but desperately trying not to.

Volkova’s eyes softened. She didn’t say anything for a while, letting Lena cry. Volkova cautiously walked over to the bedside lamp and turned it on. She could see things more clearly now. The red head was crying on the floor on her knees just a few inches off from the bed.

After a while Volkova walked over to Lena. She then again watched her cry. Then her eyes turned steely again.

“Get up.” The brunette’s voice was demanding obedience. Lena ceased to cry hysterically and wordlessly brought herself up. “Look in my eyes, Lena.” Lena was a little startled, seeing as Volkova just used her first name. But she looked up into the brunette’s eyes anyway.

“I have a confession to make.” Volkova said a little bitterly, but she never unlocked her gaze with Lena. “Well I have news for you. When I said there was no love left in me to believe, and such things as love didn’t exist in this world… I lied.”

As soon as those words left Volkova’s lips, she harshly grabbed Lena’s collar, pulling her towards her and kissed her. As intense as it was, it was incredibly brief, the brunette pulling away forcefully.

“Alright, sit on the bed and take off your filthy shirt and wait for me on there. Understood officer?”

Oh no. More tears glided down her cheeks. Not again. Not Volkova too.

“Understood officer…?” The brunette repeated, this time quieter and sterner. Lena frantically nodded, her voice box in a knot. Volkova curtly nodded in acknowledgement before disappearing into the room’s bathroom at the far corner. Lena was still crying but she did as she was told and waited for her superior. Three years in a row by different superiors. How about that? She brought her fingertips up to her lips.

She smirked in dismay then slowly unbuttoned her shirt.


Lena sat on that bed for a long time. She wondered what Volkova was up to. She heard random cluttering and the water was turned on.

At last the noises stopped and Volkova was back in sight. The brunette’s jacket and the blouse were gone, and only her red tank top hid her upper body. She still had her jeans on. Lena just closed her eyes.

She heard Volkova shuffle closer to the bed. Her heart was beating frantically, her breathing becoming erratic. Then she smelled the distinctive scent of Volkova perfume, enveloping the both of them. Lena felt the bed shift from the weight and felt the invader place herself behind her.

Lena started to silently weep again. She forced her eyes shut hard, trying not to let the tears fall. But she failed.


Yulia studied the sickening welts, their openings lined with little yellow spots. Yup, it was infected. She reached back down for the floor and brought up the bucket she filled with warm water and a towel. She took out the towel from the water and squeezed majority of the waters out, pouring it back into the bucket.

Then she carefully and gently went to work. She’d have to be really cautious not to rub too hard, cleaning the wounds. As gentle as she could get, she started to brush the wounds clean.

Lena whimpered in pain. Yulia saw that she was shaking again. “Shh… Sorry. I’ll be more careful.”

Lena felt a little odd. She would have thought Volkova would rape her. But instead… She was treating to her wounds. This brunette confused her so much.

‘First she wants to kill me and now she wants to lick my wounds?? Isn’t she unique…’


Yulia was concentrating so hard, trying to put the ointment on the welts and infected cuts as painlessly for Lean as she could. Her eyes were squinted in focus and her tongue was sticking out against her upper lip.

The two of them was silent through the whole ordeal. Yulia then flawlessly patched the freckled body in front of her then sighed in satisfaction. After a pause of silence, Yulia hopped off the bed and disappeared inside the bathroom again to retrieve her belongings.

When she came back out she was dressed back in her shirt and jacket, and her hat on. With long strides, Yulia went back to the mute Lena and laid her down, carefully, on her back on the bed. Their eyes met.

They just stayed looking into each other’s eyes in long seconds, before Volkova breaking the gaze and bringing sheets up to the red head’s neck. With a swift caress on Lena’s cheek, Volkova dragged herself to the door.

She opened the door, ready to walk out then looked back at Lena once more. Expectantly, the redhead was looking at her leaving. Volkova tried to smile but it felt awkward so she didn’t.

“You’re showing up for work tomorrow. You owe me those damn reports. Then we’ll talk. Understood officer?” Although Volkova’s features of her face were back to her usual stony rigid expression, her voice was still Yulia’s.

“Yes, ma’am.” Lena replied, suddenly realizing she’s awfully tired and worn out. Volkova gave her a curt nod before walking out and closing the door behind her, leaving the red head to her slumber.

2:48 A.M.

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Chapter 5

Volkova yawned as she sorted through her files, trying to make her desktop a little more workable. She snatched up her morning cup of coffee and took a deep whiff of it before taking a gulp.

She was poorly dressed and her eyes had dark circles under them. Her hair was extra spiky than usual and she was practically running on caffeine. She yawned once more as she shoved whatever she could in her drawers, not caring which file went where.

She didn’t know why she was so tired. She was a night owl, so there weren’t any reasons to be tired this early in the morning. She thought maybe she was so tired because of helping out Katina the night before.

She groaned as a mild headache settled in and shook her head side to side, as if trying to shake it off. She yawned one more time and took another sip of her coffee before looking up at her door at the sounds of knocking. She willed her heavy lids to open fully and shook her head one more time.

“Come in.”

With the jiggle of the copper door knob, the flowing red curls cautiously stepped in, holding a grey file folder. Volkova tried to grunt in acknowledgement but she was too sleepy too. She just gave the red head a knowing glance before resting her arms and head on her desk. She could’ve sworn she’d heard Katina giggle, but trying to suppress it. But she didn’t think much of it except for her fatigue.

Then she heard the usual soft but firm voice speak up and place the folder on the desk beside her head. Volkova promptly raised head.

“This is the report you wanted and been waiting for some time now. I know you said we could talk after I’ve handed this in, but you look tired so I’ll postpone it til later. If it’s okay with you of course?” The tone of the red head’s voice seemed like it was mocking the brunette.

Volkova didn’t have the strength to argue, and clearly stated her point through when she yawned once more. She saw Lena’s lips twitch into a smile before walking out of her office. Volkova was frowning on the inside. She hadn’t dismissed the red head, but she still had the guts to just “walk out”. That didn’t seem so funny to her.

“Oh god I’m losing my touch. No… It must be the headache. More… Coffee…” She mumbled to herself before grabbing her coffee mug and stepping to her door. But as she was heading for her office door, the sharp point of her bureau’s corner bumped her on her outer thigh. She cursed and gave the desk a light kick. Although it didn’t hurt much, it just added on her fantastic morning, which she was getting fond of by the way.

‘Next time I’m stepping into this office again, I’m gonna bring a saw and chop all those annoying bitches off…”


As she was walking to her destination (the coffee brewer), she felt a little short breathed. She thought to herself it was going to be a fever and grumbled. Getting sick was the worst thing that could happen to a cop. Yes. The best morning ever.

She pressed the button on the coffee machine and watched as quick droplets of coffee filled the glass pot. Her lids were getting heavy again, and her face felt hot. She yawned once more and closed her eyes.

“Miss Volkova? Are you sleeping?” The playfulness in the voice made her irritated. Katina. Just because she kissed the damn girl, it didn’t give her right to act all fresh with superior. She whined inwardly. It was going to be a long day.

And she was more sure of that when she felt the red head slapping on her back enthusiastically.


It was about four in the afternoon and Volkova was very much awake after the third pot of coffee. She was sitting on her office chair and reading intently on Jack Davis’s files. And every time she was finished with them, she would dutifully trash them in her garbage can nonchalantly before leafing through another one.

She was doing this not because she was suspecting him of anything but it was a routine procedure she went through every time she changed her superior officers from precinct to precinct. She would know everything about them by the third week at the new precinct. She felt the need to know her boss and be in control of anything that went on in her career.

But although she felt the need, Jack was just boring her. Not a single offence in the officer. Not even a parking ticket or a speeding warning. After her sixth file, it was just ridiculous. Not only had he not done a single offence against the city, the government files had plenty to say about him.

She yawned out of boredom. It’s been a pretty slow day and Katina stopped bugging her about ten in the morning.

Oh speaking of Katina… Volkova checked her watch and saw it was quarter past four. She sighed and stood up, grabbing her coat while at it. She walked out of her office and locked the door behind her, beginning a tedious search for Katina.


The red head was firing her sharp tongue on the phone, obviously pissed about *something*. She watched, amused, resting herself against the red head’s desk and crossing her arms. She inwardly smirked at the raging woman. Although Katina was a soft and sophisticated person by nature, she had one famous temper when someone pissed her off.

“…No, no I don’t think YOU understand ME you dumb fuck. I want those data on my desk by Monday eight o’clock in the morning. No not ten, EIGHT. What part of eight don’t you understand shitload for brains and pussy?! No not nine, EIGHT. I don’t care if you have a higher rank than me, you’re not MY superior and…”

If Volkova had been an open person like anyone else, she would have been grinning. But she wasn’t. The phone call went about for five more minutes before ending with Katina slamming the receiver on the cradle. Oh ho ho she looked pissed.

But when her cloudy green-grey eyes landed on the brunette she stopped short, obviously surprised to see her there. “Miss Volkova! How long have you…?” She stopped her question in mid sentence when she studied Volkova’s expression. With some moments of real hard staring, she could make out the faintest glow of a smile on the brunette’s face.

Katina just smiled, forgetting about her question and grabbed her coat from her chair. She briefly glanced at her clock and raised her brows.

“Are you suggesting early dinner, Miss Volkova?” She asked tentatively, unintentionally licking her lips in the process.

“That is exactly what I’m suggesting, Katina.” Volkova said back with something in her voice that Lena couldn’t make out.


They were at a near bistro, with plateful of food on their table. They almost had the bistro all to their selves, because they were so early. Lena immediately dug in as soon as the food came out.

She looked up to the brunette, expecting her to do the same thing but those dull eyes were just watching her. Lena laid down her fork before sitting back in her chair with her brows raised.

“Aren’t you hungry? You haven’t eaten anything for the whole day.” The red head inquired, almost concerned. But Volkova just shook her head side to side gesturing ‘I’m not hungry’. But those mysterious blue eyes never left the green-grey pairs.

“Well seeing as you keep looking at me like that, I’m supposing you’re about to talk about what happened last night with all the bandaging and the kissing?” Lena asked. She was really curious about this one. Volkova was always the one trying to distance herself from emotions, but last night she threw all of her words away and kissed her. She also said she lied about love, and that’s no distancing.

But now here she is, rigid faced as ever.

“Lena.” She called to her.

“Yes?” Lena answered back curiously.

“I think I’m… Attracted to you.” The brunette said it hesitantly. Lena just smirked and placed a piece of steak in her mouth with her fingers. Volkova tilted her head, watching the red head eagerly chew on the meat. Now she got the meaning in the cheesy old movies, where the actors always intensely watch each other eating when they don’t notice. They looked so damn cute when they were eating.

Was this the same Lena Katina she was face to face with just last night? Volkova wondered. Last night Lena looked half insane, her back bleeding and a complete mess. She was raped. No one can get over things like that so quick. What changed?


A small voice in her head chirped. This made her confused, but she didn’t think much of it. Right now she just wanted to stare at the woman before her, eating contently.


Volkova was driving with Katina sitting quietly and full on the passenger seat. As Volkova parked the squad car she turned off the ignition and pressed the button that locked the whole car. The doors locked immediately with a loud click.

Lena looked over the brunette startled. The brunette was just blankly staring at the steering wheel and clenched on her keys.

“I can’t be attracted to you… I can’t.” She whispered at more to herself than to Lena. But Lena just frowned and leaned towards her superior.

“Why not?” The red head asked. This had better not be the stupid partner relation shit thing, she thought.

“Because I forgot how to love… When Sofia went away.”

“Who’s Sofia…?”

The brunette turned her empty gaze to Lena but said nothing. But something really bothered Lena when she stared back into those blue eyes. Because it was welling up with tears. She was obviously trying so hard to say something to Lena about Sofia without crying.

But Lena just cradled the side of Volkova’s face and swayed her head side to side. “You don’t have to talk right away if it’s about a personal thing. I mean… We’re not even really involved yet. Right?” With that Lena just smiled warmly at the brunette, stroking the girl’s cheek with her thumb.

And it was the smile that started to thaw Volkova’s icy dull eyes, as well as starting mend her broken heart. Maybe it was then Volkova fell in love with Lena. Maybe it was at that ambulance when she sang to her. Or maybe she didn’t fall for her at all yet.

But something shifted, and Yulia took that as her cue to raise her own hand to Lena’s on her cheek, pull the girl to her and kiss her. This was a different kiss she gave from last night. It was one of her special kisses when she opened herself to her partner and showed them everything she had inside.

The only kisses she offered to Sofia. The only kisses she had saved them for the best. The only kisses she only allowed to those who believed in love so bad that they would argue with her about it. Now the only kisses she will give to Lena.

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[this is a loooooooooooooong chapter. :coctail: I have too much time on my hands. Hope it fills your thrill meter tho.]

Chapter 6

Volkova half dragged and half carried herself from her bed, tired as hell. Her skin was a little clammy and she was deathly pale as she tried to dry her sweat matted head with a towel.

She staggered into her bathroom and heavily leant on her sink. She slowly looked up to herself on the mirror in front of her and laughed at how pathetic she looked. But her low rumbling laughs slowly transformed itself to a fit of dry coughs, and the brunette trying helplessly to stop them with her bare hands. When the coughs gradually wore off, she practically swooned into the shower booth to take a shower.

As she turned the dial on the wall, letting the water fall on her, she closed her eyes letting the drops beat on her worn body.

‘Why am I so tired and getting sick? I’ve never been sick before… Possibly an infection from two years ago…?’ Her mind drabbled on as the steam from the water pocketed the whole bathroom.


Lena shot up from her bed, frantically waving her fists around the empty air. But as she opened her eyes, she saw that she was still back at her room, sitting up on her bed thrashing at the thin air. She looked around her room, watching the rays of sun poking through her curtains here and there, revealing the flying strands of dusts floating through her room.

She watched her hands as they shook. They didn’t stop shaking for a long time. She let out a shaky breath as she quickly wiped the beading sweat on her temple.

‘They’re only dreams. They can’t hurt me… They’re all at prison now. I’m okay.’

She silently sat there, trying to persuade herself into believing her state of safety. Her breathing slowed down to normal and she buried her face in her hands. ‘Don’t cry again dammit…!!’ She sighed as she bit back her tears, her toes clenching beneath the sheets.

“Ring! Ring!”

She jumped when she heard the phone shrill, snapping her back to reality. She mindlessly picked up the receiver and put on her cheery tone as she answered.

“Hello!” Maybe that was too cheery.

“My darling… We haven’t spoken for a while.” That think low raspy voice seemed to echo in her mind for eternity. She was dead frozen in her spot, her hand on the receiver trembling fingers by fingers. Then she could hear something like laughing from the background from the other end. The man chuckled also.

“Officer Katina~!” The man said in a sing-song voice before chuckling again.

Lena was literally shaking, her face drained of all colours. She felt that she was going to be sick. No. This couldn’t be true. This was someone’s idea of a sick joke. But some parts of her screamed that it wasn’t a joke, and it was the voice of her rapist himself.

“I know you’re there sweetheart. I have Sophy here with me. You remember Sophy, don’t you? I think she was your new superior as soon as I got hauled away… Answer me you fat whore.” The thick voice sharpened into a threatening whisper.

“Y-yes, sir.” Lena answered in a mosquito like voice. Why the hell was she answering the bastard?! Something in her gut told her to hang up on the bastard and contact the headquarters right away. But she couldn’t. She was frozen in her spot and all she could do was obey. The same voice ringed in her head like a bell tolling for the midnight.

‘I’ve heard that you choke under pressure Lena… But this is just too fucking easy… Haha…’ This same line repeated in her head like some broken record. But on the other end of her phone, the bastard wasn’t done.

“’Atta girl… That’s my little Lena. Well It’s been fun. Me and Sophy should be visiting you real soon. By the way, tell the head quarters if you like. Because frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. But I would prefer it,” The thick voice sharpened again. “if you kept this phone call between me, you and the cutie sitting beside me called Sophy. Mmmk?”

Lena cringed in fear and disgust, the fingers around her phone tightening.

“I saw that expression just now you slut. Apologize right now or I’ll beat your ass until your fucking face is no mere than bones and tissues.” The voice snarled, and Lena gasped. They were watching her. She frantically looked around for an opening in her home but everything was sealed with her curtains.

The woman’s laugh came throatily again from the other end.

Lena clutched at her phone hesitantly before saying, “I’m sorry, sir. And I’ll do my best to keep this a secret.” Her voice was raspy, but Lena was amazed she still had a voice to talk with. Her insides were broken in to spasms of tremors, her exterior self afraid to show any emotions.

“Good, good girl. I like my girls obedient. Now… You’re going to go to your bathroom, turn on the shower, clean yourself, showing off your amazing body… Got it?”

“…I-I-I-..” Lena stuttered.

“Got it?!”

“Y-yes sir.”


Lena avoided eye contacts as much as she could when she got to the precinct. Every people she came face to face with seemed like that guy. She desperately shook her head, trying to get rid of the image but it was futile. Her eyes were dull and glossy with agony and unshed tears, as she quickly made her way to Volkova’s office.

She hastily knocked on the brunette’s office door. There was no answer. In midst of panic, she jiggled on the door knob but it was firmly locked. She inwardly groaned and wanted to smash down the door with her shoulders.

She somehow contained herself and quickly rummaged her way to Jack’s office, her fast pace slowly breaking down to a speedy sprint.


Volkova had weakly gazed up at her door when she heard the frantic knocking. Then she saw the door knob being jiggled, as if the person on the other side was trying to pry open the door, or at least smash it down.

She would have laughed if they did. She truly would, but for now she just sprawled herself on her chair. She was so tired she could’ve fallen asleep right there. But the pounding headache was blocking her way.

She weakly reached for her left hand sided drawer on her bureau, and pulled it open. The drawer was filled with orange and yellow containers, each of them containing mystery white and pink tablets. She weakly nabbed for the biggest container, opened it, took two of the pills out and popped them in her mouth.


Her eyes lolled back to her head as she closed her eyes in sudden dizziness. The whole world seemed to be spinning. She groaned as she pulled her self up, trying to get up. Another very long day of shit was due.

Then her walkie talkie hooked on to her belt fizzed into life as it garbled out words mixed into static noises. She snatched up the machinery and frowned to concentrate.

“Detec…Volkova….Robber-y… 3852… Arborda…I repea… 13852, Arbordale Pub in Downtown area.”

She pushed down on the button and answered.

“I’ll be right there. Order in a back-up squad after me just in case.” Volkova said, forgetting about her illness.



As Volkova rushed out her office and searched the entire precinct, there was no sign of her partner, Katina. She didn’t even bother knocking on Jack’s office because it said ‘Do not disturb’ at the front. After wasting about seven minutes of unsuccessful searching for the red head, she just flipped her hand and ran to her car.


Her tires squealed as she slammed on the brakes, spinning into a perfect spiral into the parking lot. She immediately spotted the flashing siren of a squad car with its door ajar and the officer with his walkie talkie in hand.

The only problem was. The officer was lying down on the ground, and it didn’t look like he was taking a nice cat nap. She stayed on her toes and skipped soundlessly to the motionless officer.

As soon as she got there she felt repulsed at what she saw. There was no face to look at, the whole front of the officer’s body decapitated, and the groin area stained with cooling blood. This was sickening, even for the experienced Detective Volkova.

She grabbed for her gun in her holster and firmly positioned the gun between her fingers. As hated to do this, it was a routine procedure she had to do. With that in mind, she raised her index and middle fingers to check for a pulse in the officer.

There was a pulse.

“Oh my god… Who’d want to live after this…?” She mumbled to herself. The sick bastard had done this on purpose, so the officer would live after being mutated like this. The sole thought of that made her sick to her stomach. She glanced at the sewed in letters on the officer’s name patch placed on his left hand chest.

“DT Kelly”

“Detective Kelly, can you hear me?” Volkova said, clinching her nose in the putrid smell of dried blood. A groan emerged from the heap of body laid out in front of her.
“Good. You’re not going to die.” You poor bastard. “The back-up will come sooner or later, so you just stay here and cling on to anything you have left on this earth, got that?!” Another groan.

She nodded curtly her salute at the young officer in front of her before tightening her grip on her gun.


The pub’s doors were ajar and squeaking back and forth from the wind. The alarm system in the bar was screeching, getting on Volkova’s nerves. Various other bodies were displayed on the tables every parts of the bloody pub. She gulped back a foul vile rising from her stomach. Her nose unintentionally took a big whiff of the place and she almost passed out.

Her soles of her boots crunched on the floor from stepping on the spread out broken beer mugs. Some of them were blood stained. Volkova was sure that the robber was still here and the broken glasses on the floor were done on purpose. To signal her coming.

She smirked. She liked this robber’s style.

But there was a hole to the sick bastard’s genius plan. Volkova had seen him since she had stepped through the pub’s doors.

So she cocked back her gun, savoring her victory moment by moment but not showing it on her face. The robber must be puzzled by now. She slowly took aim at the tile in front of her. And before the masked robber could act, she raised her aim to the exact place he was hiding and pulled the trigger.

There was a strained yelp behind the curtains of the hallway that led to the bathrooms. She speeded towards the fallen body and saw that the robber was still alive, screaming in agony as the small bullet burned his upper thigh on his right leg. His panicked eyes through his mask were watering with tears.

A cold smile was beaming on Volkova’s thin lips.

“You just thank the gods that I’m not killing you like you killed the people in this pub.” The brunette said in a creeping whispers, then winking at the criminal.

With her last goodbyes said, she shot three more time at the robber’s chest and one final time on his head.


Volkova slowly emerged from the bar with the gun in one hand and sweat beading down her face to her neck. She heard the faint sirens of the back-up squad cars speeding their way here. She thought nothing as she dazedly dropped her gun and plopped down next to Detective Kelly.

She peered at him, struggling to breathe.

“Hang in there, DT. Kelly. Don’t about that sick bastard in the pub. I finished him off for ya.” Volkova talked quietly, as if he could hear her loud and clear. But to her surprise, DT. Kelly groaned in response and made low rumbling noises like he was chuckling. The brunette flashed a glowing smile before she looked up at the blazing sun.

The sirens were closing in and she could hear the shouting voices. Her breaths were catching up to her. She felt a last shiver run through her body before falling unconscious beside DT. Kelly.


Lena was sitting on the waiting room anxiously for any news of Yulia. She had been waiting for three hours now, but she hasn’t changed her position as the first time she had gotten in the hospital doors and took a seat. Jack had come and gone, and other work mates offered their condolences before they went away too.

She closed her eyes as she felt her tears coming on. Why was she moping about her own worthless matters to Jack when her partner needed her? She felt guilty. She sighed as she finally moved from her current position to sit back on her chair.

But as soon as she looked up, she felt her heart twist in her chest. Right before her, standing there smirking, was Captain Kozlov, her ex-superior as well as her rapist, and her long time stalker.

He was the same as she had last seen him. The same greased back hair, scruffy facial hair intruding his chin and the space between his mouth and his nose. He had a thick rimmed black sun glasses on this time and he was dressed in a fairly ordinary looking casual dress suit. Where did he get the money?

“Officer Katina. It’s good to see you without the intrusive environment we were faced with the last time you’ve visited.” He murmured in a soft sultry voice. Lena suppressed the urges to scream or shiver. Kozlov smirked.

He leaned down burying his face at the crook of Lena’s neck.

“You’re mine now. You were mine since the time we shared at that back alley, when I claimed you.” He whispered menacingly, daring the red head to challenge her. But fortunately for Lena, she didn’t. Kozlov didn’t pull away but only turn his head to come literally nose to nose with Lena. His eyes were deep brown, with specks of gold in them. He darted his pupils around the green-grey ones, searching for something.

Then soon after he was widely smiling at the drenched fear he found in them.

“You will comply to what I tell you, because you’re mine now. You don’t obey, I will not be happy.” He whispered. His cologne surrounded Lena like a thick blanket, choking her. Then without a notice, Kozlov forced his lips on hers, kissing her powerfully.

Then when he finally pulled away and flicked a strand of hair that was hanging down to his face, flicking it back again, he flashed a smile, showing off his stained teeth before turning at his heels and leaving. Lena’s gaze followed his as he stepped into the elevator, turned and waved goodbye as the gates drawled in to close.

When she was sure the elevator had traveled down to the main lobby of the hospital, she broke into a hysteria of crying, begging God to give her some answers to what she should do.


A man with aging features with a white coat came striding in the waiting room, finding Lena dozing off on her chair. The doctor slightly smiled before shaking the woman awake. Lena jumped up awake, frantically looking around.

The doctor offered his hand to shake to Lena with a kind smile.

“My name is Dr. Hagen. I was Yulia’s doctor two years ago and I’m assigned to her now as well.” The doctor said kindly.

Lena reluctantly took his hand and grimly shook it. “My name is Lena Katina, Miss Volkova’s partner in the police force.” Hagen knowingly nodded before sitting down next to Lena in the waiting room chairs.

“This may come as a shock to you, but Yulia has a typical case of Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.” He said gently, with full of care and kindness in his eyes. Lena’s breath stopped. She blinked.

“What?” She bluntly spat out, not comprehending what the doctor just said. Her gaze redirected itself to the floor. Suddenly all the memories about the favored brunette came rushing in, flooding her thoughts and plaguing her mind. Her jaw slackened as the space between her brows creased into a deep frown.

“This is a disease when immature white blood cells begins to form and the lymphcites produce more blood in the bones to produce more healthy blood cells to heal the body when it can’t. This causes the body’s immunity system to drastically drop, degrading the body a whole lot.” Hagen calmly explained.

Lena looked back up at the doctor, her eyes almost pleading. “How did this happen? Will she be okay? Will she live?!”

Hagen raised his palm to show her to slow down. “Miss Katina, with extensive and regular treatments, she has more than half the chances to survive. And I highly more doubt that she will die any time soon because the cancer genes are hereditary. It was descended down from her mother’s side. Her sister had got it and it’s only natural that she gets it too. Don’t worry about it, gene cancer cells are easier to treat.”

Lena gulped. Was this man telling her the truth or lying to save her the pain for the funeral? She felt herself shake.

“Now Miss Katina, I will have to take Yulia’s bone marrow sample, and I need you to sign some forms since you are her only known relative or friend right now. So please, I need you to do this for Yulia. Can you do this for me?” Hagen gently clutched Lena’s shoulder and asked.

Lena nodded after a pause and standing up with Hagen. “This way, Miss Katina.”


Volkova was bored out of her mind. She was told she had leukemia, but she wasn’t at all surprised. She was all the more surprised that she had gotten it so late. She wasn’t sad or mad or even worrying if she was going to die or not. She was just… Bored for now. Grieving was for later, when she had things on this earth that was worth grieving for.

She was kept at the hospital for couple of days since the pub incident. She often wondered if DT. Kelly was doing okay. She wanted to figure that out before her bone marrow checking. But she knew that was unlikely, for the check was due any minute now.

Then she heard her room’s door open and saw two male nurses browsing in and pushing a wheeled bed coming inside. Volkova sighed and closed her eyes as she was being gently lifted up and set down on the wheel bed.

As she was being wheeled to a concealed room, she distracted herself with the whooshing lights above her head, passing slowly. The male nurses kindly gazed down at her, reassuring smiling. She smiled back. As she was put into another room filled with beeping and air pump noises she closed her eyes.


She was told to lie down side ways to her whole back side was facing the doctor who was going through with the marrow check. She stayed this way for another five minutes before the doctor explained all the procedures to Yulia, and going behind her to her back.

One of the kind looking male nurses who transported her here offered his hand to hold but Yulia just shook her head no. Then she felt a needle getting injected, freezing her whole midway down. She suppressed a giggle at the thought of not feeling her toes.

But her thoughts were happiness clouded away when agonizing pain very slowly probed her from the back. Her mouth opened, trying to scream but no sound came out. She snapped her eyes shut and then opened them again. The needle was still in her back, and another piercing pain made her break into tears. The male nurse who was watching had a deep frown on and offered his hand again.

This time, Yulia grabbed onto it, clinging to the stranger with her dear life.


She was wheeled back to her room. And to her delight Lena was waiting there. She was very gently transported back to the un-moving bed and the male nurses placed the IV’s back into Yulia’s wrists. They did it so carefully as if Yulia was fragile.

The red head and the brunette whispered their thanks and the male nurses nodded before stepping out of the room. Lena took a seat beside Yulia’s bedside and smiled proudly at her.

“Miss Volkova… I know that was so hard for you. I’m proud of you.” Lena said with no hint of doubt in her voice. At that Yulia made a hint of a smile. Lena carefully reached for the brunette’s forehead and brushed some strands of hairs aside. Her hair was matted with sweat and her face was warm. But Lena couldn’t have cared less.

“Miss Vol…”

“No. Yulia.”

Lena smiled, resuming to stroke the frail girl’s face. All this time, the brunette looked so fierce and so much bigger than her, but now she looked too young to be in her position. Lena tilted her head as she ran her fingers through the brunette’s hair.

“You did good, Yulia. You did really good. Go sleep now.” Lena whispered, trying to soothe Yulia into sleeping. And it was working. The lids on Yulia’s eyes looked very heavy.



“Hold me…”

Lena smiled and climbed on the bed next to Yulia underneath the sheets. And as gently but firmly as she could, she held Yulia close, letting the smaller girl breathe in her scent. Yulia smiled one of her real sincere smiles at Lena before glancing at her one last time and dozing off in her arms.


Captain Jack was in the men’s bathroom in the hospital, watering his hair to fix it. Then after two minutes of hair hassle, he promptly took his index finger and softly pressed his eyeball with it, detaching an oval contact lens. He did the same with the other eye. He blinked a several more times before fully looking at himself in the mirror and grinning, revealing his nice and white teeth.

He gathered all his stuff and shoved them in his bag before casually walking out of the bathroom and to his car down at the parking lot.

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Chapter 7

Lena was quickly but soundlessly checking each room per room with her rifle in hand. The place was so quiet; she could hear the agonizing shuffle of each grain of dust and sand beneath her feet. Her eyes flickered about, searching for the slightest movement.

She slowly rounded about the hallway and turned a corner. Then she was faced with a slightly open door, inside, nothing but darkness. She was half sure there was something in there to scare her non-existent balls off, but still she wasn’t sure.

These training facilities and courses really pissed her off.

She took a deep breath, checked behind her back and kicked the door all the way open. “Get down on the ground with you hands on the floor! Now!” Lena swiveled her gun and her self around the room. There was a tiny red florescent light in the corner of the room, exposing nothing in it. The room was empty.

Lena’s eyes flashed with confusion and sudden panic. She was so sure someone was in here! Then she quickly turned back to the door and saw a masked supposed “villain” of this training course emerge from the back of the door and quickly run out of the room.

‘What the hell?! If I’m dead, they’re supposed to point their gun at me, not run away…’ When she was about to pursuit a small object clanked on the floor. She quickly backed away and cursed in her head. It was a fucking flash grenade.

A crack of explosion filled her ears and the sudden flash of light made her eyes dark. This was not good. In the midst of explosion, she had dropped her gun and the ringing sound in her head blistered her brain. Panicking she reached around stupidly for her weapon. The ringing in her head slowly eased, revealing the tiny footsteps coming her way. Her vision was still pitch black.

Okay, the game was over. The speaker should be sounding, bitching about how bad she did. The masked villain should be taking off his mask and helping her up now. The florescent light should be flashing white and blue, marking her failure.

Then… Why was everything quiet? She still couldn’t see though it was clearing up some. But that didn’t help her situation. What the hell was going on?!

Million thoughts flooded her mind as she reached for the wall behind her. Than a cloudy fragrance of a woman’s perfume enveloped her as her eyes widened.

She felt a cold rough hand grab her by her breasts. A husky sultry woman’s voice purred in her ear. A sharp intake of breath on Lena’s side was heard. The villain giggled. The masked person slowly withdrew her hands from Lena’s breasts and just as slowly made its way to the waistband of the red head’s pants. A soft tug at Lena’s belt revealed a sleek grey handcuffs. Lena knew all too well what her intruder was going to do.

She was flipped around and slammed against the wall with the oppressor harshly taking her wrists and cuffing them. “You know officer Katina,” A woman’s voice started. “I realized we always have our sessions in the same place over and over again. My office was getting boring… So here we are. I dismissed everyone since you were the last trainee to come through at eleven thirty eight in the night.”

Another rough tug on the red head’s right arm was cast, cracking her shoulder joints. The voice continued more firmly. “Just because you were personally transferred by Captain Davis himself, doesn’t make you better than me, you fucking faggot. I mean look at you, still running training courses… Fucking rookie...”

With that the woman shoved Lena down to the floor and reached for her own belt, pulling out a bayonet. The woman ripped off her mask off, revealing off her pleasant features. With a flash of reckless grin she brought down her bayonet to Lena’s left leg, stabbing her.

Lena screeched hopelessly pressuring on her cuffs to get free. A quiet low rumble of the woman’s laugh pierced through Lena’s screams and cries. Then the woman slowly dragged her bayonet down to Lena’s knees, the knife part still embedded in Lena’s leg.

“Please!! Please!! Stop hurting me… Oh god…. Please!!!” She screamed, her restraints digging in her skin on her wrists. After much begging and pleading the intruder harshly pulled out her bayonet out of Lena’s leg and ripped off her pants.

When Lena’s was completely naked waist down, the intruder plunged her two fingers in Lena’s raw core, her other hand pressuring Lena’s body to hold still.

“M-Miss Ivanova…Please let me go… Please… That hurts…Please, fuck that hurts!!” Lena shirked again when she felt another fingers being inserted in her.

“You fucking know my first name Lena. You better say it if you don’t wanna get fucking hurt. Say it bitch. Call my name. Say it!” The intruder shrieked.

“Sophy! Damn it, Sophy!”

“Good girl…” Lena almost sighed out in relief as she felt the fingers pulling away. But the expression of terror struck her face as Sophy said these two words, “My turn.”


“Katina! Wake up!”

Lena jumped up and practically dived out of the bed and dragged herself to the bathroom. She clung on the toilet bowl and threw up in it, pouring her stomach contents in the toilet.

When everything was out, she mindlessly flushed and set herself on the sink, turning on the cold water. She needed a cold shower.

Then a reluctant touch on her arm made her whimper. What the hell was that? She wasn’t in her dream anymore. Snap out of it Katina.

“Lena… You were crying in your sleep. Did you dream of…?” Volkova trailed off, not exactly finishing up her sentence. The brunette had followed her to the bathroom after she had woken her up. Lena nodded before submerging her face in the cool water in the sink. When she pulled herself back out she turned off the water and hastily wiped her face on her sleeves.

“Don’t worry about it, Miss Volkova. I just get like this sometimes.” Lena said curtly before dismissing Yulia completely and walking out of the bathroom with hollow space in her eyes.

Miss Volkova. Lena had just called her Miss Volkova. What had happened to Yulia?

Volkova’s eyes followed the figure walking off and made a hint of frown. So this is what Lena felt like when she had dismissed her so many times before, she thought.

Lena briskly walked out of the hospital and sprinted to her car. She immediately placed her keys in the ignition and sped out of the parking lot. Her she was still sweating. Her insides shook and it felt as thought she couldn’t breathe.

She needed a cold shower.


Volkova was motionlessly and as well as expressionlessly sitting up on her bed with a blanket covering her legs. Her eyes were directed to the open window, which strands of her flattened spiky hair blew in the tickling breeze.

Tapping of knocks echoed in the motionless room. Volkova did not show any sign of acknowledgement that she had heard the knocking on her door. But without a hint of doubt the door opened, and Jack Davis walked in. He looked neat as his usual self with a bloated grin on his face.

“Good morning Detective Volkova. How are you feeling?” He asked casually, but the grin on his face did not go away. When Volkova failed to answer his, he just smirked.

“Detective… You don’t like being stuck in this place, treated like a patient, am I right?” Jack asked playfully. Volkova turned her head to look at Jack but there still nothing shown on her face. ‘Well at least I have her attention.’ Jack though inwardly as he suppressed the urges to pump her fist in the air with victory. Maybe that was exaggerating.

“How about you come back to work. With chemotherapy here and there, and day off here and there… If that is what’s required to have you back at the office, I’d do it gratefully. So how about it?” A pause of silence seeped into their room. Talk about awkward. But Volkova just watched Jack curiously before getting up wordlessly and collecting her clothes to change.

Jack smiled at that and took out the release form in his pocket and signed it. He hurled the piece of paper on the bed and happily escorted Volkova back to his car when the brunette came back out.


The next few days, a permanent grimace on Volkova’s face never went away. Even when she was doing paper works, drinking coffee, looking out the window or an emergency services she was called out to do. The bitter expression never left.

It was partly because Lena didn’t show up for work since she had left from the hospital. And it was partly because the chemotherapies and constantly being cautious and taking pills were such a bother. That’s why Jack’s been limiting her emergency services out in the streets. That annoyed her.

But mainly it was because of Lena. She would often look out the window and ponder about her, think how she had connected with the red head and she had connected with her in some ways. She would wonder if the red head indeed did not care about her enough to no to show up for work or even call her notifying why she wasn’t going to show, why would she have held her during that night after she had her marrow checked? Why would she kiss her when she desperately needed to be loved once in while, and why she had watched her cry like she cared.

Was it all a lie?

She would growl at the thought. She so hoped it wasn’t just for show, and that everything was just a sick joke or a risky chance of a lie. She was hurt enough.

Maybe Lena did this for that. Maybe Lena did that for this. Maybe. Maybe.

Lena. Lena. Lena. Lena. Lena.

The damn girl wouldn’t leave her alone. Those green grey eyes would haunt her in the midst of her deepest sleeps and her smile shone through her pitch dark room. She would hear her laugh when her stereo in her car was blaring and she would hear her voice whispering in her ear when she was asleep, waking her.


It was the third week since Lena began her hide and seek game. Though some officers went to her house just to see if she was safe, they would briefly see her before she shut the door on the faces. At least she was not harmed, Volkova would think.

But as time passed more and more, she got disgusted with herself for even caring for the red head anymore. Katina had abandoned her. Left her for dead. Maybe she found someone else she could have a fling with. Maybe she thought the brunette was too much was an icy heart to thaw out.

Volkova hated her. Despised her with all she was worth and would shoot her if she just pranced in her office at any time.

But Volkova loved her. Loved her so much that it made her hate the red head all the more. Everything about Katina plagued her, contaminated her, and infected her.

Volkova sat in her chair looking out her office’s window again. Her face set on her usual grimace, and her arms were crossed in a defiant gesture. But after a while in the same position she stood herself up, grabbing her coat.

It’s time she visited the red head an overdue visit.


Apprehensive. That’s what she felt. Those piercing and grimacing intense blue eyes just staring her down. It made her apprehensive. She was pretty sure that it showed because the brunette welcomed herself in brushing past the red head.

Lena looked down at the floor not knowing what to do, before closing her front door shut and follow her superior.

Volkova plopped herself down on one of Lena’s couches. And once again those knowing blue eyes stared her down as Lena sat not too far beside Volkova. Those eyes knew her so well. Those eyes looked, read, analyzed, calculated, measured and weighed everything she was, everything she did and everything she thought. That was what made Lena so apprehensive. Because every movement and thought was scrawled on her face in a haste handwriting all over her face for Volkova to read.

Her voice punctured her thoughts.

“You thought you could run away…? That won’t help.” Volkova said, in her signature monotone voice. Lena just nervously fidgeted with her fingers. “No one can run away from their past.” Volkova continued. Somewhere along the line, Lena was sure that her voice cracked. “Because your past is dark, running to a bright place would only make your shadow of the past leap higher. Running to a dark place would only eat you alive right then and there.”

Lena looked up then, watching those blue eyes glossed with unshed tears.

As sudden as her entrance was, Volkova stood up to exit.

“You’re showing up for work tomorrow Katina. That’s an order. If not, I’m coming back here to pay you another visit.”


It was ten thirty in the morning. Katina was always here at six.

Volkova openly frowned looking out at her window with her arms crossed. She hated waiting.


It was nearing 9:30pm. Slowly one by one officer left from their posts to their families. Katina didn’t come. Just as she picked up her coat to leave for Lena’s, Jack stepped in her office. He had a white envelope in his hand. He wordlessly placed it on Volkova’s desk. Avoiding her gaze, he nervously said, “Good night” and left for home himself.

Volkova curiously peered over at the white envelope. It couldn’t be pay day. It was too early.

She reluctantly picked it up and slid out the content from inside. It was a letter, addressed to Volkova herself. It was from Lena, she had immediately recognized the expert like hand writing scrawled all over the paper.

But it wasn’t a personal letter like she had hoped.

It was a resignation application.


Volkova swerved all over the road as fast as she could to Lena’s house. Something of a bad feeling gnawed at her heart, and somewhere at the corner of her mind begged and pleaded for it didn’t want to get hurt. No more pain.

She sloppily parked her car on Lena’s driveway and ran to the front door. Something quirked her senses as she saw the house’s lights were all on. Every one of them. And she almost cursed out loud when she saw the front door ajar.

Something was wrong.

She quickly went in and the sight that met her caused her to gasp out loud. She combed every inch of the house with her eyes and tears flowed from her eyes. But she took no heed. Everyone she showed her true self to, killed her.

Elena Katina was no exception.

The house was empty. No furnitures, no coziness, no Lena’s fragrance, everything was gone. The house was just an empty shell. She ran up to Lena’s former bedroom. It was the same thing in there too.

No clothes thrown about, no bed, no drawers, closet’s doors ajar revealing the empty coat racks.

With one more sweep through the house from a hint of Lena’s passing, she staggered out of the house, stepping one step at a time.

She ignored her car, and walked straight by it, her eyes again achingly dull and her feet dragging her back to the precinct.

As she stepped inside the building, couple of all nighters nodded her in greetings, not noticing her despair. She slowly made her way to Lena’s desk, and collapsed on the red head’s chair. All her stuff was still there. Some photograph frames here and there, and the red head’s coat still clinging on to the chair. This was the coat that the red head always forgot to take with her every night.

She pulled on the coat and draped herself with it. The sudden perfume of Lena’s shrouded every senses Volkova had. With a last holding breath she let out, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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[This is a short on compared to the other chapters.]

Chapter 8

Lena was crying when she was unpacking her thing on the scrungy motel bed. She thought about how Yulia was going to get when she finds her gone. Even though she acted oblivious to Yulia’s behavior, she knew that the brunette was getting too attached. She knew that somewhere inside that she was breaking, believing in love again.

But she cried harder at the fact that she didn’t. Each and every dreams, and the fact that Kozlov and Ivanova was back didn’t help her stand up high as she hoped. If she could block everything out as Yulia did when she first came, it would be easier.

Yes, Volkova was right, love *is* just a fairy tale. Only obesseity and attachment. Hormones. All hormones. But the tears did not cease. But she knew it was only for that day. By tomorrow, she will be the new stony face, whatever she may be feeling.

That was a comforting thought, that no matter her rapists would do she wouldn’t give them the pleasure of her emotions.

Her thoughts drifted back to Yulia. How she kissed her. How she held her. How she breathed in her scent. How worried she got when she got the news that Yulia had luekemia. Yulia’s black spiky hair, her blue intense eyes, her lips when it quivered in curiousness. And how Lena thought that she would be the savior or some kind of angel to save Yulia from all the dark.

Lena smirked as she threw the last remaining clothes on to the pile on the bed.

‘You’re a real angel, Lena.’ A voice in her head snapped, making the red head break down on her knees and cry in her hands.

3 years later…

Doctor Hagen helped Yulia off the examining bed and scratched his head. He looked at her longingly, holding a clipboard of several different coloured papers.

“Please Yulia. I know you don’t want to take the operation but please rethink this through. And even if you agree, we have to find the doner first so it’ll take a while for you to actually take the operation. Please Yulia. If you keep going on like this you’ll die.” Hagen implored.

Yulia glanced at the doctor briefly before shrugging on her coat. She sighed as she snatched the clipboard from him and taking the pen from the deswk she swiftly signed her name. A broad smile broke on Hagen’s face.

“I’m only dying when she comes to see it.” She said in her monotone voice. And Hagen knew exactly who she was talking about.

“Well I’m late for my shrink’s appointment. My old one got fired because he tried to seduce me. Hope the new ones better.” Yulia barely talked above the whisper volume, but Hagen was used to this.

“Knock ‘em dead, girl.” He said richly. At that Yulia threw a small smile, so small you could’ve missed it if you blinked. But Hagen got it. And he was happy. He knew how hard it was for Yulia to show emotions here and there like that. But she was improving.

“You smiled!” He exclaimed. But Yulia just waved him off and slowly walked out of his office. But Hagen continued. “I’m gonna hold you to that, Volkova!”


It was near christmas so the streets were filled with jolly and merry people. She hated Christmas. Holidays like that always drew crowds in the tiniest nooks and crannies, so she didn’t have time to be alone.

She slipped in a lone coffee shop that looked quite inconspicuous. It was quiet in there, no crowds. She sighed and plopped into a seat. Her shrink would have to wait. The coffee shop had a clear window at the front of the shop. It showed everyone that walked past, what they were doing and what they looked like. They looked so happy.

She closed her eyes and sighed. She was getting tired too easily now. It was annoying. As she almost fell into a light cat nap, her sixth sense told her to open her eyes and look the fuck out the window. She grimaced and reluctantly opened her eyes, letting her sight focus outside.

She froze. She blinked. She rubbed her eyes and looked again.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion, as those firey red curls marched past the coffee shop. She watched in awe as the red head stopped to stoop down to her left shoe to tie her loose shoe lace.

Volkova tilted her head with widened eyes as she looked at the girl in wonder. Was it really her? Was it really her Lena?

Those rosy cheeks and those green grey eyes… It *was* her. But the red head slowly marched out of her sight, passing the coffee shop completely. Volkova stood up immediately, and blurred out of the coffee shop, pursueing the red curls.

The way thousands of people on the same street tried to squirm past disgusetd her and angered her. She needed to find Lena. She couldn’t lose her now.

She saw those red curls pass the street to the other side, and Volkova followed at a distance. She quietly followed Lena, not caring where she ended up.

Then she saw her and herself walking into a building she vaguely recognized. She stopped herself as she looked around the building. It was her shrink’s office and where other shrinks resided. She frowned.

The hell with her appointment.

She silently trudged out of the building and casually sat on the steps leading to the entrance of the building. She hastily took out a pack from her back pocket and shook out a cigarette. She searched for her lighter and lit her cigarette.

She inhaled deeply and captured the sweet smoke in her lungs. She softly exhaled, breathing the smokes out.

She stayed like that on the steps for quite a while. A hour? Maybe two. Her cigarette pack was getting to be empty.

‘What are you waiting for, Volkova?’ The small voice in her head chirped. Volkova sighed as she took a deep drag on her god knows how many she had smoked.

‘The inevitable.’ She replied back to her voice.

‘And what would that be?’ The voice chirped back.

‘You’ll see.’ She said, cutting the conversation short. Talking to herself like that creeped her out anyways.

But as she took out the last cigarette from the pack and lighting it up, she heard those familiar footsteps behind her. Those footsteps told her that whomever was walking towards her was a little unsure. She frowned.

What the hell.

She got up and turned to look.

…What the hell.

Lena was standing there with utter shock on her face. Her hands on her sides were clenched into a tight fist. Her eyes were welling up. Well tough, Volkova’s eyes wasn’t.

Volkova smirked and climbed the steps one by one. When the brunette got close enough, she flicked away her last cigarette out on the streets and looked up at the red head.


Lena’s head was turned to the side, with her holding her cheek. Volkova was shaking. She had slapped Lena.

“Bitch…” Volkova murmured before turning out to the streets and heading for the precinct.

As she walked to her destination, she ordered for her voice to come back. The voice chirped again.

‘Was *that* the inevitable?’ It asked. Volkova sighed.

‘Yes.’ She replied.


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Chapter 9

“I saw her today.” Sophy said with a stoic smile. It was a smile Kozlov thought to be very annoying because he didn’t know what the woman thought when she smiled like that.

“Saw who?” Kozlov almost whispered as he lighted up another cigarette. Then he started to wander around the filthy and small apartment room in a search of his lighter. He growled as the lighter wasn’t showing any signs of turning up any time soon. Sophy lazily dangled a slick black lighter between her index finger and her thumb, holding it up in the air.

“Looking for this…?” She purred, spreading herself on Kozlov’s futon. Kozlov turned to her and glared at her in irritation before snatching the light from her hands.

“Fucking cunt…” He murmured before lighting up his smoke and inhaling the fulfilling smoke. Sophy just laughed at his try at indimidating her.

“Fucking queer…” She retorted back before taking out a mascara from her pack pocket. She opened the lid carefully, revealing not a brush of the mascara head, but an empty rod filled with white powder. She poured some on her finger, in a random measure and sucked it up her nose.

“That’s fucking disgusting you slut. Don’t do that shit in front of my face again or I’ll fuck your brains out.” Kozlov said, taking yet another deep drag from his smoke burning between his fingers. Sophy cackled, the effects of the cocaine settling in her brain.

The apartment was downright filthy. No one would’ve been surprised if they found a stack of dead rats hidden somewhere, making the unbearable odor that resided in the place. Semen and blood encrusted clothes caked about the room that made it almost impossible to live in. Dead flys were strewn about, some still buzzing around trying to survive. The ripped wallpapers were barely hanging from the walls and the only source of light which was a stray lightbulb hanging by its wires on the ceiling were blinking on and off, swaying.

“That uhh…fuck…umm…what was the name of the red head again? Mmmm…fuck…hehehe..” Sophy babbled like a psycho, stoned out of her mind.

“Who…Lena?” Kozlov suggested, his voice raising of hope and excitement.

“Thaaaaaaat’s the one. Saw her today at the shrink’s office…hehehehe….” She dragged on with her sentence, then moving on to rubbing her head vigorously on the rugged futon. “I know where she lives…Her phone number… Her itsy bitsy friends… hehehhehehe…Jack….puhahahahaha!” She went on and on.

“Shut the fuck up bitch. Get your stoned ass out of my fucking apartment.” Kozlov shushed the stoned woman sharply, with a nasty snarl on his face. But soon his face broke into a light smile as he slowly stood himself up and almost galloped to the bathroom to make himself presentable.


Lena shrieked as she pushed aside everything on her counter to the floor, the glass wears shattering on the hardwood floor. Her face was flushed and her eyes were red with tears still sliding down her pale face. Her mouth was gaping at inexpressable pain and guilt, and screamings. Her hands and as well as her whole body shook into an angry frenzy, smashing and breaking everything she could lay her hands on.

‘Dammit it wasn’t supposed to be this way…Fuck I wasn’t supposed to meet her like that, everything turned out so fucked up! God damn it!! Shit!’ She though angrily as she raged at her belongings. The shattered glasses pricked into her bare feet, leaving smears of blood in her apartment’s floor.

She took her clock, sitting on a table top and hurled it across her room, the machinery shattering into unrepairable pieces among the already littered floor. Then she pushed off all of her contents on her night stand, kicking them at the beaten wall. After, she picked up the wholen nightstand itself and swung it to her mirror, cracking the glass.

Her adrenaline was slowly fizzing into a tiny particles of sadness more than anger, her torn heart baring for everyone to witness but no one to see. She resignedly stared at herself at the cracked mirror. She watched as her mosaic images of herself was doubled on each pieces of mirror, thus showing double the pain.

Everything was fucked up. She never should’ve come back here, expecting everything to be normal again.

She paused everything in her senses right then to look around her, watching the masterpiece of her anger and screeching sorrow. It only took her seconds to collapse on her knees and begin to openly sob into the back of her sleeves.

‘You’re a real angel, Lena.’


Volkova stumbled through her fairly large studio room to the kitchen. Her heart was raging again. Her old heart problems always emerged with Lena. Always. She searched for the right drawer, almost painfully trying to catch her breath.

She slammed the right drawer open, then desperately rummaged through the contents, trying to find the right container of her pills. Her chest was starting to pinch and grab at her insides, and it wasn’t a stroll through a heavenly garden. Her face slowly got red and she was struggling to breathe.

There! She snatched up the orange bottle and through out five white tablets on her hands. She quikly popped them in her mouth and immediately the drug took care of her chest aches. She plopped down on to her floor as she completely relaxed, leaning her whole body against the kitchen counter.

As her eyes lids got heavier by the second, her grip on the orange container relaxed, letting it roll out form her hands as she fell asleep.


Jack Davis checked himself in the mirror for the last time before he walked out of the bathroom, and grabbing his coat to put it on. With on final check-up on his features, he reached for his car keys and walked out of his house.

He swiftly nudged himself in his Lexus, placed the keys in the ignition and started the car. As he pulled out of his driveway, he was mindlessly driving for the precinct, before he sharply turned the car towards Kartina’s apartment.

Only his thin smile gracing his lips was the emotion he put on his face for display, then running the red light with no trace of worry on his face anywhere.


Kozlov was freshly shaven with his hair slicked back. The golden specks in his eyes shined out exceptionally by the sun glinting. His smell was rich with expensive cologne, and the smell of after shave on top of that made it all the more stronger.

A hint of smile traced his thin lips as he sped in his black car to the address Sophy had given him. Katina will be his once and for all. He glanced up the another red light and ignored it, turning left, not wanting to stop.


Jack hurried up the steps for the fourth floor in the apartment building Katina lived in. He could faintly hear the heartbreaking sobbing coming echoing through the empty endless corridors of her apartment building. He sped up his speed in part worry and part curiousness.


Kozlov was already at Katina’s doorstep and was picking the lock of Katina’s entrance to the apartment. But after a few seconds, he found out that he didn’t need to, seeing the door wasn’t locked at all. He smirked and pushed the door open silently, then closed the door behind him, and bolted it locked.

Another smile laced up his greasy face, as he watched the total work of massacre through out the apartment, seemingly Katina had caused.

He took out his mobile phone from his back pocket, and flicked it open, dialing for Sophy. He could hear Katina busy with the crying and the sniffling. He had at least another five minutes before he could make contact with the red head.

A dragging lazy voice answered from the other end. “Hello…?” Kozlov smiled. It was Sophy’s voice no doubt. And he obviously woke her up from her sweet slumber.

“Get yourself ready and come over to the Katina’s residence. We’re gonna have some fun, so you better bring some equiments of your own with you. I sure as hell ain’t lending you mine… Fucking cunt. Don’t be late.” With that he just flipped his phone shut, not giving Sophy to bitch about something else.

He carefully stepped on to the hardwood floor, avoiding the glasswears, and making no noise whatsoever He just followed the noise of the sobbing, a full fledged smile breaking his face.

But he was so focused into his intruding, he didn’t notice the slight jiggling of the doorknob at the front entrance.

He stopped dead in his tracks when the doorbell screeched in the apartment. Kozlov’s eyes widened, staring right back at the door. ‘Shit…..!” He thought sharply in his mind. He was screwed big time.

But it must’ve been his lucky day. Lena just sobbed louder and was ignoring the door bells. He supressed the urges to laughout loud, but he smirked before heading cautiously for his prey.


Volkova tiredly trudged back to the precinct, feeling slightly bi rejected and stupid. She just sighed and went inside her office, trying to find some work to occupy her.

Then someone knocked on her door softly, just bearly getting her attention. With that, a familiar face she’s seen around the precinct poked his head in and smiled.

“Hello Miss Volkova. Jack didn’t show up for work today, he called in sick. He said to do him a favor and finish some of his errends for him.” He said with a broad grin on his face.

Volkova smirked. “Alright. Thanks. You’re dismissed.” She grumbled back. The guy nodded once more and closed the door behind him.

What was so funny that he had his stupid grin on his face? Volkova pondered. Her usal grimace placed her often blank face, as she crisscrossed her fingeres together. Her sixth sense told her something was wrong. She gradually stood up and walked out of her office.

She didn’t know what she was doing but she was heading for Katina’s desk. She calmly sat down at the red head’s station and pulled on Lena’s forgotten coat involuntarily. Her fingers ran through the intricate seams of the heavy coat, and she brought it up to her nose to breathe in the red head’s scent.

It was time she sort this thing out with the red head. She had enough of being a coward. Coward to feel. To love. She hesitantly took the heavy winter coat of the red head’s and draped it on herself. It was slightly bigger than her, but she wasn’t planning on carrying the heavy thing so she had to suck it up.

She scurried back to her office and rummaged her drawers for her extra supply of her heart pills, and placed them in the coat’s pocket.

It was Lena she was going to talk to, she thought to herself. She was going to need it.

With that done, she grabbed her keys and walked to her car, her destination in her mind Lena’s apartment.


As she was driving to the apartment, the radio installed in her car hissed into life, sending out garbled words and statics. But she soon understood.

“…Any units who are close to this address please respond…”

Volkova couldn’t belive her ears. She frowned deeply at the radio and angrily punched it, ending the statics, and ruining the piece of equiment.

It was a report of screamings and disturbing noises coming from Lena’s address, reported by her neighbor. Her stomach was doing sommersaults, as she turned on her sirens and sped through the red light.

Something told her what was happening at Lena’s apartment. And it wasn’t some big ass loud noised video game.

[Kozlov...god i love that guy....only if he weren't evil.... :rolleyes: ]

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Chapter 10

“Shut the fuck up!” Kozlov screamed before spewing out his collected saliva on the red tresses. “Get up, bitch. You’re gonna fucking suck my dick and I want you to get up and get to it” He yelled once more before drawing his foot back and twisting his body for a powerful kick. The toe of the foot landed sharply on one of Lena’s ribs, a curious “pop” sound heard after the kick. Kozlov just sniggered before grabbing a handful of Lena’s curls and pulling her head up to meet his own.

“I won’t say this again, Lena. Suck me now… Or I’ll let Sophy deal with you.” He snarled right in to her face, spraying his saliva all over her facial features. Lena barely suppressed the urges to writhe in agony and beg for her life.

She closed her eyes, bit the insides of her cheeks and took a deep breath, trying to formulate a plan in her head.


Two slaps in one day, lucky her.

The redhead was beaten to a bloody pulp. She was sure that the perverted bastard had broken a few bones at least. There was a blood dripping from somewhere on her scalp, for the leakage of blood kept sliding down to her rght brow and dive into her eyeball. Although she quickly blinked them away time to time, it was beginning to be quite the burden.

Her blouse was torn apart, openly showing her red lacy bra and her whole clevage. Her wrists were bound together behind her back, the tips of her fingeres slightly turning purple. Her jeans were completely off, and so was her underwear. Her ankles were bound with various tied up towels Kozlov discovered in her bathroom, and “kindly” provided for her. She felt so humiliated by this time, she wanted to burst out crying.

But goddammit she was cop once! She could get through this if she didn’t choke beneath so much pressure…

“Fucking answer me you fat whore or I’ll fuck you here and now so bad you won’t be able to sit for 365days!” He growled into her face once more, seething from annoyance.

Lena reluctantly opened her eyes and stared down at Kozlov in a contemptous way. The ends of her lips lifted in a cold smirk, Kozlov could not believing what he was seeing, and got redder from extreme irritation. His nose stated to crinkle and twitch, though Lena was sure he was doing that unintentionally. He saw her open her mouth and lean into his ear to say something.

He heard the raspy voice loud and clear.

“Go to hell, fuckface.” Nicely put Lena, nicely put.

Kozlov’s face reddened in humiliation before his prey, and punched the smirk right out of her face. “Bitch…” He murmured.

With a defeated and an angered face, he stalked to Lena’s sofa just few inches away. On top of the sofa laid two things; A pair of sanitized rubber gloves, and a thick silver briefcase. He knowingly clipped the briefcase open, unfortunately for Lena, revealing everything inside for her to see.

Lena gasped. Kozlov looked back at Lena and his lips curled into a sick smile. Still not looking away from Lena’s face, he slowly reached around for the syringe he had stored in his bag of goodies. When he had found it, he raised it up beside his head for Lena to see clearly what it was.

Lena just shut her eyes forcefully. Kozlov laughed out loud, a menacing laugh that seemed to last for ages.

He then took his pair of rubber gloves and wriggled his fingers as the contact of rubber enclosed around his rough fingeres. As he snapped the bands at the wrist effectively to make the signature noises they were bound to make in every movies, he chuckled.

“You may be the one to get the last laughs you fag, but I’ll be the one getting the last of your pride. You think Volkova can help you now? She fucking hates your guts.” He grinned, revealing a set of pearly white teeth. He continued to talk. “But hey… A man; Or in this case a woman, can dream, right?”

He chuckled, a noise of a low rumbling throaty noise that Lena wanted to puke at. He raised up his right hand, holding the syringe, and squirted out some of the green liquid, raising a brow of excitement and amusement.

“Are you ready?” He bearly whispered before lunging for the helpless redhead.


Volokova swiftly hopped out of her car, not wasting any minute. Her ready fingeres reached for her holster, reaching for her 9mm pistol. She quickly positioned the gun with both of her hands, readying it about three inches from her face. She hastily scanned the perimeteres, searching for any passer-bys.

It was awfully quiet. That bothered her. The fingers on her gun tightened its grip, Volkova unintentionally taking a big gulp.

She raced for the stairs, soundlessly but effectively tapping up to the fourth floor. But when she reached her destination of Lena’s front entrance, she immediately lowered her gun. Her facial expression smoothed to a astounded expression, her eyes widening and her mouth gaping.

Then slowly the creases of confusion ladened her delicate features as she longingly walked up closer to the door.



10:46 pm.

Kozlov jabbed the syringe on Lena’s bare bottom, laughing. He had never had this much fun since high school. His tongue constantly flicked out to swirl his bottom lip of his saliva, his facial expression varying from a clown to a joker.

Lena scrreched and struggled to keep the needle away from her bottom, wriggling profousely.

“Stay still you fucking cow!” He shouted, harshly stepping on her nape to keep her still. Her gagging for breath and the disability to move satisfied him, as he proceeded to insert all of the green liquid into Lena’s system.

After all the green contents were gone, he threw away the syringe, and chuckled, unzipping his pants.

“Lena, do you know what that was just now?” He called out wickely, his hands stumbling trying to undo his belt and zipper. “That was a serum devised by couple of very smart scientists to keep their test animals paralyzed for a temporary amount of time while they’re still alive. It’s a type of poison, discovered by some big ol’ grandpa lookin at bugs! Ain’t that a knowledge to have!”

He giggled like an idiot before undoing his pants completely and sliding off his boxers.

Lena cried then. She couldn’t hold it back anymore. She whimpered out, trying not to give him the pleasure of her suffering. She let couple of her thick curls to fall and hide her face.

“Let’s try something new.” The husky voice of Kozlov filled her ear drums. She felt herself getting picked up by her waist, so she was in form of lying down with her behind puckered up.

“Ever gone anal with a real man, fag?”


In the still of Volkova’s studio apartment, the moon beams dancd around the hardwood floor, seeking out the empty nooks and crannies to give its attention on. Then breaking the harmonic silence of the hollow space, the phone began to ring.





“You’ve reached the Volkova residence. I’m not home, so you know the drill.” The automatic message played, the tired brunette’s voice echoing through the empty househld.

The furnitures, and even the moonlight seemed to sit still and freeze to hear what the phone had to say.

“Hey Detective Volkova, this is Jack Davis calling at approximately 10:50pm… I called in sick today although you already know that by now. Since I’m not going to come to until after the weekends, I’d like to talk to you about an errend I’d like you to run that was not in the list I wrote for you to do. Call me back, eh? You know my number. Thanks!” The thick masculin voice cut short, and the high pitched “Beep” sounded.

Than shortly after a mechanical computerized voice said, “You have a new message.” Before clicking into nothing.

The surroundings in the hollow house seemed to sigh out their tension of silence before going back to their dancing and their trivial standing.


The green liquid seemed to be wearing off, seeing as Lena’s was slowly moving herself to a corner, pushing herself against the walls, clutching at her torn blouse. The tears had dried up long ago, after the fifth thrust. But she so badly wanted to cry again.

Her blood and sweat matted curls was limp against the frame of her face, sticking to everywhere because of the sweat moisture. It hurt her so bad sit down properly, she was half kneeling and half lying down to the floor, not knowing how to position herself.

Kozlov was smoking, sitting on the sofa, blowing out perfect rings with his shape of mouth. But it sickened the redhead to see his penis raise up again in a firm erection. He laughed at it as he exhaled a fume of white smoke.

“Are you gonna get rid of this or what?” He said huskily.

“Or what. Go to hell bastard.” Lena spat out.

Kozlov growled and flicked his still burning cigarette at Lena’s thighs. She yelped at the contact and inched away against the wall more heavily. He stood from the sofa and slowly sauntered near the red head.

“You are gonna suck me dry whether you like ti or not, slut. Cuz you’re mine, and slaves just don’t run away.” He said in his trademark aloofness oozing voice.

But as Kozlov was just a meter away from the red head several cracks of gunshots were heard. Before Kozlov could comprehend ananything, he felt a sudden numbness in his groin area. He eyes went big as two big plates as he looked down at his penis.

Well, not anymore. His erection was severed copmletely from his body, only his testicles barely holding onto his body.

“Oh shit! What the fuck!!” He screamed, and dropped to his knees from the sudden searing pain from his crotch. Volkova’s intense blue eyes were glossy with unshed tears, as her lips were forcefully shut from the disgust. She was frowning deeply, her game face putting wrinkles at every apropriate place on her face.

Her both hands steadied the gun in her tight grip, as she glared at Kozlov with her anguish filled blue eyes.

“Save a spot for your penis in hell, you fuck bag.” The brunette spewed out these words with pure hate dripping from every single syllables.

With her good byes done, she shot him three more times on his chest.

As his body collapsed onto the floor, the blood slowly spreading from his body to the surroundings, Volkova’s hand shook so badly, she dropped her gun and went straight to the red head.

But something was wrong. Lena was unconcious.

“Lena…? Wake up Lena… Please wake up Lena…!! Wake up!!” Her desperate callings towards the red head didn’t reach her. “I’m sorry Lena… Please wake up…” The brunette buried her face in the crook of Lena’s neck and rocked her body back and forth.

Tears gushed out her blue eyes as she tightly clung on to the red head.

Distant sirens could be heard, and she closed her eyes.

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Chapter 11 -Part I

Volkova looked at the red head, lying on the hospital bed without a care in the world, eyes closed and sleeping through the nightmares peacefully. Volkova stroked the sleeping girl’s hand, brushing the tips of her fingers inside her palms and between her fingers.

Volkova wished she could sleep like the sleeping beauty before her. She hasn’t been able to shut her eyes since the incident in Lena’s apartment. She had bags under her eyes, and the raccoon rings outlining it. She yawned often, and coffee was her only solution of escaping the pain of her insomnia. Her hair was extremely tussled, spiked here and there and flat there and here. She had coffee stains on her clothes and she couldn’t even remember the last time she had a decent meal.

She was due for her chemotherapy soon. She was a bloody mess.

Then she heard the door open behind her, and someone entering the room. She turned to look, and she was met with a curious looking man, who was very tall and thin, frameless glasses resting firmly on the bridge of his nose. He shuffled to Lena’s bed and softly and cautiously changed the red head’s IV’s.

He was wearing a doctor’s jacket, but Volkova was surprised because it was usually the nurses who did the petty things such as changing a patient’s IV’s. But she was again surprised when the doctor motioned for her to follow him out to the hall.


“Miss Volkova, my name is Yuri Komorov, Lena’s doctor during her stay here.” He stretched out his arm, offering his hand to shake. Volkova briefly stared at the hand before ignoring it and looking back up at the doctor.

“Ahem…” He cleared his throat uncomfortably, shifting his weight from his foot to another. She lowered his hand and wordlessly took off his glasses, and placed it in his breast pocket.

“Miss Volkova, it seems… That whatever caused her the shocking trauma made her dormant in a temporary coma. If she has the will, she would have woken up by now.” He said nervously, but steadily, keeping his professional cool.

Volkova looked up and cringed her face to a confused frown. “Are you saying that Lena doesn’t *want* to wake up?” She inquired, her hands at her sides clenching.

“It seems so. But that’s not the main reason I’m here to talk to you Miss Volkova.” He said uneasily.


“The semen sample we have taken from Miss Katina’s rectum… Isn’t Kozlov’s.”

“…Excuse me?”

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[Well you asked for it....]

Chapter 11 part-II

“The semen sample we have taken from Miss Katina’s rectum…Isn’t Kozlov’s.”

“…Excuse me?”


It was well over Lena’s third week in her coma inside the hospital. Volkova, had not even thought about leaving the red head’s side even for a moment. The nurses brought her meals and Lena’s IV’s together, and they even brought her a blanket with a pillow. Kurt Hagen stopped in now and then, bringing Volkova her spare clothes and sometime her monthly if not daily shots.

Volkova wistfully eyed at the sleeping red head, sometimes wondering what she was dreaming about, or if she was dreaming at all.


It was about three in the morning, the night’s usual chilliness settling in the most secluded spot in the hospital. The lights of the hospitals were dimly lit, for the best purposes of the patients. Low buzz of the heater purring underneath each floors hummed the restless people into their sweet slumber. Whistling of the winds outdoors and the crackling noises of leaves falling from their trees against the wind made a repeating noise of a lullaby, almost competing with the hum of the heater.

The late nighters at the receptionist desks clacked away at their computers, typing out god knows what. Their lids barely up, and looking almost like drones, the only undead part of their bodies being their quick paced fingers on the keyboards and their restless focus of their eyes.

The hospital security stalked about the different parts of the building’s complexes, with a flashlight in hand and a walkie talkie in the other. They tipped their hats at any time they were met with the droning receptionists, and the nodded back.

Everyone seemed to be quiet and completely relaxed, their once tense and shrugged up shoulders now spread out and slouched.

But Yulia was still up. Volkova was long gone sleeping in the other depths of her mind, but Yulia was still wide eyed as an owl. With the blue wool blanket a nurse had provided her earlier draped around her shoulders, she was watching the red head sleep for another eternity.

She clutched at the blanket, reveling at the cuddly fabric brushing up at her skin. Although the blanket was her main source of warmth, it gave her nothing but a cold heat. She wasn’t warm at all. If she had opened her mouth, and breathed out, she was sure that she would see her own breath. So she didn’t. She didn’t want to feel cold. She was cold enough.

Worry and fatigue lined her face, her once intense blue, now a little dull for the time being. Her lips were dry against the snappy climate inside the hospital building, but she kept them moistured with her tongue now and then.

The window brought the moonbeam into the room, distinctly reminding her of a spot light at a theater. Lena was the star of the performance, awing everyone with her beauty, and Yulia was one of the audiences watching with her jaw slackened, thrown at the red head’s light.

Whether the girl was sleeping or not, it always moved something within her heart, just like Sofia had done. It was a particular feeling she sometimes avoided because she liked to be secluded, by herself. But the last three years without Lena or Sofia had proved her wrong about herself.

She was so lost. Not anymore.

Yulia slowly and steadily stood herself up and quietly maneuvered herself in the bed with the red head underneath her. She softly laid her head on Lena’s chest, her arms stringing around the sleeping girl’s waist firmly but not tightly. She rubbed her cheek against the fabric Lena had on, closing her eyes, letting Lena’s essence overtake her into a long awaited sleep.

“Please wake up, Lena… Please don’t leave me here alone…” She softly begged under breath, pleading for God to bring her back to her.


Jack was no doubtedly still in a horrible shape. He was almost always pale and clammy, and he had more pill containers than Volkova to take in his drawers at the precinct alone. People at the precinct often saw him trying to walk, but painfully so, limping horribly.

The word had been going around that he was bit by the neighbor’s dog and got sick after that incident. Volkova scoffed. If a dog bit you, than you deserved it.

But something about that story didn’t grab her as right. But she thought nothing of it anyways, not wanting thing more complex in her head than it already was.


‘What are you doing out of prison, Kozlov?’ He asked himself.

Kozlov smirked as he took out the last cigarette in the pack that he had. As he skillfully lit it, nibbling the need slightly with her lips, his eyes searched the moving picture in front of him on the TV.

The fucking media was ruining everything for him. His fucking copycat had already ruined everything for him. He hoped that whoever it was would burn in hell.

With a cigarette bit at the corner of his mouth, he lightly plucked his whisky from the bar and took a long sip. The bitter and the burning sensation playing out on his tongue gave him a sense of satisfaction only an alcohol could give him.

The bar was practically deserted exception of a lone woman sitting on a stool not far off of him at the bar, drinking a glass of Bourbon. The first glance he took at the woman struck him as fuckable, then extremely attractive. He smirked.

He made his eyes focus back on the muted TV above the top dashboard of a bar shelf. They were getting to the part where the man got his dick blown off by the detective who got there just in time. He chuckled out loud. The poor bastard.

No man was man without their proper credentials. He set his whisky down on the bar top and pushed up his aviators firmly to the bridge of his nose. The smoke fuming out of his nose when he exhaled through his nose made his surroundings exceptionally misty, but he could make out the faint outline of the woman he had been staring at just a few minutes before making her way towards him. He inwardly laughed out loud. What an easy night.

He purposely made himself look like he was really into the news reports up at the TV. But all his senses were devoted to the woman now taking a seat next to him, a smug smile on her half drunken face.

“Wanna buy me a drink, bubs?” The woman seductively purred into Kozlov’s ear. But he just shot her a sharp look before slapping the woman he barely knew.

“I’m trying to watch the news here. Show some respect to a person you hardly know, eh?” He said roughly, grinning inwardly with the pleasure of his triumphant position. Now the woman knew that if she wanted to fuck, she was going to give him the complete control he wanted.

After a pause of awkward silence, the news report ended and blacked out to the commercials. Then as sudden as he could be, he grabbed the woman by her hair and kissed her with such lust, she could only moan back.

When they managed to pry apart, Kozlov scowled at the slowness of the drunken woman but decided not to comment anything about it. But instead he leaned into her ear and whispered into it, nibbling on her ear between words.

“How…About…We…Fuck…Now…?” He whispered.

The woman moaned at the suggestion obviously all for his idea. Kozlov grinned. Although the woman before her was not the certain red headed girl he had fallen for, it’ll have to do for the night.


Volkova was already up, sitting on a chair with her legs hugged with her arms. She was lost in herself once more as she studied the sunrise outside the window, frown breaking her face as the light intruded her vision. She looked back at the red head curiously as the sun light broke on to the freckled face. She had wondered if she would wake up that day.

But she had already known the answer, for Lena wasn’t going to get up for a while. She sighed and looked back at the sunrise, savoring the “Good morning” in her own little way. But the small voice inside her head chirped, that it’ll only be a good morning when the red head wakes up with her. She smirked at the idea. Now that’s a likely possibility.

‘Why don’t you talk to her?’ The voice chirped again. She groaned in annoyance, scratching her head at the non-existence itch.

‘Umm…I don’t think you’ve noticed but Lena’s is kind of unconscious.’ She said back in her head.

‘All the more better. Tell her the things now before you lose the chance. You won’t even look at her in the eyes when she’s awake anyways.’ The voice said in a mocking tone. Volkova frowned. Partly, the voice was somewhat true.

‘Well… What do I tell her?’ She asked. It felt silly to ask the anonymous voice in her questions, and having conversations with it. Yes it was a little creepy.

‘Anything you want her to know that you can’t tell her when she’s awake. Whether she’s asleep or not… She’s listening.’ And with that, the voice in her head disappeared with a pop and she was alone in her mind again.

She probed in her thoughts to think about what to say. After a few moments, she smiled one her more sincere smiles, baring her teeth. She knew exactly what to say.


“I love Russia in the winter, because the cold snowy days seemed to fit my mood every time. When it snowed, I would often open my window when I got back from work, and stretch out my hand to touch each flakes. Then I would watch as they turned into drops of water on the tips of my fingers. I never smoked a cigarette or breathed out my window, in a silly fear of contaminating the white, beautiful snow.

“But everything changed when you left. Those three years of winter were frightening. The cold… It seemed to seep into my bones and never come out. It was almost always unbearable, and the snow wasn’t beautiful anymore. It turned into a mush of dirt and murky puddles of water beneath my feet, and they didn’t remind me of you anymore.

“All of your stuff is still at the precinct, did you know? No one bothered to clean them up, still have gaining hopes of you returning. Only Jack and I knew about your resignation, and we didn’t even bother telling anyone. But I learned hope didn’t preserve anything. All your stuff was started to collect dust, and the scent from your forgotten coat started to lose your smell.

“Everything seemed to abandon me. I always came back home, and instead of opening my windows, I sat beside my phone for any contact from you. It never came. For three long years, Lena, it was my same routine every single day. I wondered what had I done wrong for you to just pick up and leave like that. Whatever I did, I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t. I was just being me… Selfish little ol’ me. Forgive me…?”

Yulia took a deep breath in before continuing.

“In fairy tales… The prince always comes through for the princess, and gives her the sweet kiss that’ll save her. But… I think it’s the other way around. The princess offers the prince her lips, to save *him* from the nightmares that brought him there. Lena… I need you to be my princess. I need you to save me. Can you do that for me?

“I think I’m in love with you. I don’t think I can live without looking into your eyes one more time. I think I’ll die if I don’t see your smile or hear your laugh one last time. Lena…. I’m in love with you. I love you, Lena. I love you.”


It’s been such a long time Yulia was out of the hospital for more than an hour. Some parts of her were relieved to breathe fresh air for more than an hour’s time, instead the agitating sterile air inside the hospital. But some parts of her were hyperventilating at the thought of leaving Lena alone in her room.

But she quickly pushed those thoughts aside and resumed to organize and lay out her equipment before her, and cleaning them.

They were various types of guns and explosives, fruitful variety of weapons at one point of another. They were categorized and neatly stacked in front of her, her hands full with the cleaning materials.

But as her hands worked through most of the cleanings with no problem, there was a massive and complex blueprint of carefully devised and formulated plan in her head.

She smiled as she cleaned the last of the gun barrels before her. She set them down carefully in front of her and began to fully load them with as many bullets she could muster in each weapons.

Her weapons clicked and cocked at her every delicate but precise touches, exciting the Volkova in Yulia all the more.

The plan in her head was a plan she had wanted t carry out long ago, back at the ambulance where Lena had cried herself to sleep on her. A plan to kill Kozlov… And as well as her old lover, Sofia.

It still pained her to think of her. But it must be done. They were set on Lena, and she knew for sure they were set on their plans on killing the red head.

Lena was in no position to play her part in the revenge bravado. It was her turf now.
With the last click of the magazine being secured into place of the gun, she carefully and quickly organized them in her pre-readied black briefcase, and swiftly closed them after she had finished loading it up.

Yulia closed her eyes and called her “voice” in her head back.

“Lock and load, Volkova.” Yulia whispered. And when she opened her eyes again, it was the dull eyes staring into the space in front of her with a reckless grin. “Well said Yulia, well said.”

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Chapter 12 Pt.1

(Symphony of Love – The tales of the blue eyed cop and the criminal.)

[Now people I know I said I’ll only be telling the story of Yulia meeting Sofia in front of Lena’s door… But I’m going to tell their storyy from the very start cuz…its necessary.]


7 years ago…

Yulia was sitting at a table with her headphnes blaring in her ears and a bottle of Coke on her table. It was long day at her training, and she always came back to this café to unwind. But that wasn’t all her reasons to always come to this café. There was a certain someone who always took her orders with a sweet smile. She smirked at the thought.

She was going to have her waitress that day. She was feeling lucky.

Yulia Volkova had a petite figure but a fit and a lean one at that. Her hair was incredibly short for a woman to have, merely an two inches spiked into every direction possible. She was very tan and something about her screamed carribeans as she slipped on her pair of aviators. Those were the only boarrier from someone to see her piercing intense blue eyes, blue eyes so clear and deep someone could lose themselves in them. She smacked on her gum inside her mouth, giving her the distinct ‘bitch’ atmosphere. That’s how she wanted it though. Especially on that day.

As usual, the music blaring in her ears deafened out everything around her, only the screaming anonymous singer in her ears hearable. And as usual, the same waitress that served her for the last three months approached the table with a paper pad and a worn out pencil. Yulia grinned like an idiot as soon as the honey brunette came in sight.

The waitress said something with irritation in her eyes, but Yulia couldn’t hear a thing. The music still blaring. So she just resumed to bobbing her head to the beat and ignored the honey brunette that just kept talking to her.

As usual, the waitress looked great. Even in her waitress garbs, she still looked beautiful. Those chocolate eyes were mesmerizing, and her clear complexion always made Yulia want to touch her face. Touch her everwhere. The same way the waitress tapped the toes of her shoes on the floor, waiting, and the same way she always tried to suppress a yawn always seemed to encapture Yulia in a trance.

The daily routine was this, Yulia comes into the store, and always takes the same seat every time. The one by the window with the high stools. The same waitress would always come over, and notice the blaring head phones. She would wait there until Yuila drops the act of a deaf and notice her. She would take her order, which was always a glass of Warsteiner beer, and a bowl of beef jerkys. After the waitress brought out her order, Yulia would ask for her name, but the waitress would never give it.

But this time, she was startled at the sudden imbalance of the daily cycle. The waitress suddenly grabbed her headphones and practically screamed in her ear, “What do you want for today, MISS!!!” Yulia almost shit her pants, losing her composure and falling backwards from her stool.

Some people were watching her laughed or smirked, and Yulia reddened with embarrasment. The waitress offered her hand and Yulia gladly took it. The honey brunette just winked at her as she pulled the petite figure up.

“Just thought I’d try something different. I’ll have your order in a few minutes.” She said sweetly, before walking into the kitchen of the café.

After a moment of glaring at the people around who had laughed, she laughed too, grazing her rear with exaggerated pain. More people laughed as Yulia flashed them a smile before getting back to her seat.


Yulia took her breakage of her daily routine an omen to finally claim the honey brunette her’s. With that decided, she rounded about the café building to the back entrance, where the employees exited when they had finished their shift.

She leaned against the building beside the door and rummaged inside her pockets to find a stick of cigarette to pass the time. She found the last one residing deep inside her jacket pocket and lit it with her favorite lighter. Placing her lighter snugly back into her pocket, she inhaled on the smoke, and glancing at her watch to see how long she would have to wait.

Five more hours.

She could deal with that.


Finally the honey brunette’s shift was coming to a close. Yulia grinned like an idiot again, watching as her watch ticked by.

It was almost 10:30pm, and she knew that the waitress always came out at exactly, 10:37pm every time. Wow, stalk much?

And she was right. She could hear the jiggle of the doorknob before the back door opened and the door opening with an annoying creak. Then behold all glory, there she was, the honey brunette with a jean jacket on over top of her waitress garbs.

“I think you owe me after the my not so graceful fall.” Yulia said, out of the blue. The waitress jumped, turning to Yulia’s direction. Than she sighed when she saw who it was and quickly locked the back door.

“Oh? And what do I owe?”

“I think you owe me your name.”

“I don’t owe you *that* much, hon.”

Yulia smirked. She wanted to play, then play they will.

“Okay. Then can I ask you out?” She asked tentatively.

“I think you’re a bit too arrogant.” The honey brunette said with enigmatic smile. Hard to get, eh? Yulia thought and scoffed. No one can resist the Volk, either man or woman. Now she was tempted to this honey rbunette more than ever.

“And I think you’re a big fat liar.” Yulia said with a laughing tone in her voice. The honey brunette rolled her eyes and started to walk again. Yulia followed in a hot pursuit.

“And how am I a liar?” She asked, thought still walking. Yulia took the spot beside the girl and chuckled.

“You’re a liar because you actually want to kiss me and love me and fuck me. But you’re just in denial.” Yulia said, enthused. It was the waitress’s turn to laugh. That made Yulia want to melt right then and there.

“I stand corrected, now I *know* you’re a bit too arrogant.” She said, now hopping steadily to cross the street.Yulia was in hot pursuit.

“I may be arrogant, but I’m right. You *do* want to kiss me to oblivion.” Yulia continued, not a breath faltering her sentence. There was a sense of pride in each of the words said by Yulia and the honey brunette noticed this.

“No Yulia, I think you just want to kiss *me* and you’re turning the blame to someone else.” Yulia raised her brow at this. How did she know her name? But as if the girl could read minds, she added, “You’re not the only cop around here, Volkova.”

Yulia laughed. Well this was amusing, wasn’t it?

“Okay. Maybe I do want to kiss you. Maybe I do want to fuck you. What you gonna do about it?” Yulia asked, half joking. The woman in front of her suddenly stopped and whirled around, facing the owner of those piercing blue eyes.

The honey brunette had a small smile gracing upon her features, though Yulia was sure that she didn’t mean it for her to see her smile. After a moment’s pause the honey brunette answered.

“I wouldn’t stop you.”

And that was her cue. Yulia grabbed the honey brunette’s collar and roughly pulled her in her arms, their lips meeting in a brusing heated kiss.


It was their year’s anniversary, but Yulia pretended that she had forgotten about it, acted a little more distant around Sofia. Of course the honey brunette was upset, her whole mood gone to crap. But what she didn’t know was Yulia had a surprise for her, and she was going to need a oxygen tank for some hot love making their were going to have later on. Maybe not on that day specifically… But hot sex nonetheless.

Yulia pretended to flick through the tv channels, lazily looking at the moving pictures. Sitting on another sofa, Sofia was gazing at Yulia in disbelief.

“I can’t belive you.” Sofia hissed. Yulia looked up, feinging ignorance in her eyes.

“What? What’d I do now?” Yulia asked, iwardly grinning like an idiot like she always does around Sofia.

“It’s our freaking anniversary, and you forgot. I think you love the TV more than me, Yulia.” Sofia was trying to swallow her tears, and Yulia could clearly see.

“Oh shit…Sofia I’m soo sorry.” Yulia jumped up from her seat and frantically ran to Sofia. “I’m so sorry. I mean. Let’s go out, ok? We’ll go out and have fun!” She said, her mouth going over the practised lines.

“Sofia, go back home and get ready, ok? I’ll meet you at La Collier’s in twenty minutes.” Yulia said, but she could still see Sofia being reluctant. “Go on girl, meet me there!”


Sofia was waiting just ouside the restaurant, leaned over to her foot, tying her shoelaces for the thousandth time. She was bored out of her mind and Yulia was already an hour late.

At the corner of her eye, she could she Yulia runing as fast as she could to her, with a phone held by her ear.

Yulia gestured her to be quiet and still as she made this phone call. Sofia rolled her eyes in anger. So much for a happy anniversary. But she got more sadder when she heard what Yulia was talking about on the phone.

“…You have a good night, beautiful. You’re the only girl for me. I love you, I love you and I love you! And I miss you already. Call me back as soon as you get back, ok?” With that Yulia hung up and looked up at Sofia with her idiot grin on her face.

“Ready?” Yulia whispered as she clutched at Sofia’s hand, and practically dragged her in the restaurant.

As soon as those two stepped into the building, the whole lights were shut down, and everything was awkwardly quiet.

“What the fuuuuck?” Sofia cursed under her breath, confused and feeling the warm hand of Yulia’s leaving her’s.

Then just as suddenly a HUGE cake with 50 candles lit on it was coming her way. The dimly lit candles shone on the guest’s and the customer’s face, their faces in a huge grin and smiles. She was still under the shadows, not knowing what the hell was going on. Then the singing started. Everyone in the restaurant started to sing.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… You make me happy! On rainy days…” The song continued as Yulia suddenly appeared and lead her to a corner booth and sat her down. “…Oh please don’t take my sunshine, away!!!! Happy anniervasry, Yulia and Sofia!!!!” Everyone shouted, with a hint of jealousy and happiness in their voices.

Yulia slung her arm around Sofia and kissed her deeply on her lips. The cake was laid out on their table, with the candles still shining. On the cake, there was a sentence written wih blue icing, saying “A year’s anniversary!! Rock on girls!!”

“Now you didn’t really think I’d forget…Did you Sophy?” Yulia grinned from ear to ear. Sofia was shedding tears without her knowing, but she was smiling too.

“God Yules… I’m so sorry for doubting that you would have ever forgotten…O God! How the hell are we going to finish this slab of calories?!” Sofia laughed amognst her tears, holding Yulia tightly beside her.

Although Sofia was happy, something still grabbed her as suspicious. The call Yulia had made just before they came in the restaurant… She was beyond sad that Yulia would call another girl on their anniversary but she didn’t show it.


Yulia was laughing, lacing her fingers with Sofia’s. Sofia faltered, and stopped short before going inside Yulia’s studio building.

“Yules… I think I’m gonna go home for today. I feel a little tired.” She said, unsure and the phone call still on her mind.

But Yulia was silently cheering in her mind. ‘Tired? Bullshit!!’ She thought amusedly. But she put on her concerned act, rubbing her fingers up and down Sofia’s arm. “Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, fine. I just need to sleep.” Sofia said, her face getting rigid.



Sofia was back in her house, quietly sobbing to her self. Maybe Yulia was indeed cheating on her.

She trudged into her living room and saw tha she had a voice message waiting for her in her machine. She curiously pushed the button that announced the messages. The automatic computerized voice immediately talk aloud.

“You have one new message. First message.”

Sofia gulped. But she broke into a happy smile and laughs when she heard what the message was.

“…You have a good night, beautiful. You’re the only girl for me. I love you, I love you and I love you! And I miss you already. Call me back as soon as you get back, ok?...”

How could’ve she been so stupid to think Yulia would do that to her?

She bit her bottom lip and decided if she wanted to call Yulia or not. She smirked and decided to be a tease and not call. Yulia was going to get it, making her cry like that.

27-03-2005, 06:01
Chapter 12 Pt.2

(Toll of the Romance – Tales of the blue eyed cop and the criminal)
“Aren’t you supposed to be one of the top students in the academy?! What the hell is this?! You call this ‘Improving’?! Because of three of your team mates are injured, and because of you the rest of the drills for the other teams, other teams who came prepared and ready, were fucking canceled! Lord I’ve never seen anyone as stupid as you making the stupidest mistakes I’ve ever encountered in my life! Get the hell out of my office and stay out of my sight for the next 24 hours. If you do, it’ll be your own fault about what’ll happen to you after!”

More than ten people were gathered around small office and eavesdropping on the conversation… Well more like a one man show audio. There was a small pause of silence where they all leaned in to hear better, in thoughts of the moments of silence were the parts of conversation they couldn’t hear them inside. But they were sadly mistaken when the thundering voice of the chief cracked through the audience outside again.

“Why the hell are you still standing there?! I said get the hell out! So get the hell out!!”

An awkward tension of thick atomsphere settled around the little office and the audience gulped. They saw the door knob turn and they immediately turned and pretended to mind their own buisness when Sofia came trudging out of the Chief’s office. She respectfully and gently closed the door behind and headed for the academy’s infirmary.

As she walked by, there were at least five clumps of people staring and watching her walk without any emotion on her face, and mumbling amongst themselves. Were they talking about her? Possibly. I mean, she only almost killed her girlfriend with a carelessly thrown grenade.

That was an idiotic move. Everyone knew by now. She couldn’t feel more humiliated. Something sounded like a wet mush beneath her feet, making her stop dead in her tracks. She had stepped on dog shit. She was wrong. She could be more humiliated.

She was going to kill all those dogs back at the K-9 cage later. But right now, she wiped her sole on the grass and kept walking towards the infirmary.

Yulia was lying on a random bed with sheets covering her frail form. She knew Yulia hated hospitals. She had told her once, that the sterile air always wanted to make her want to jump out the window. She smiled at the memory.

Althought Yulia was lying down, she wasn’t sleeping like she was supposed to. She was even given a mild dose of sedative to help her sleep, but it was evident that she was fighting off sleep, waiting for Sofia. She smiled once more.

“You’re supposed to be sleeping.” Sofia said mildly. She took a seat at the foot of Yulia’s temporary bed, playing with Yulia’s wriggling toes sticking out of the sheets.

“Move up so I can touch you, ho.” Yulia said, tired happiness in her voice. Sophy complied, and moved up to the side of the bed, now playing with semi flattened hair of Yulia’s. Suddenly tears spilled out of honey brunette’s eyes, her mouth pursed in a desperate attempt to keep smiling for Yulia. But Yulia immediately sat up and brushed the tears away with her thumb, her expression turned into a worrisome frown.

“Yulia… I’m sorry I almost killed you…” Sincere tears stained the clean white sheets, the tear drops making its marks a darker shade of grey. Yulia only smiled.

“Who said you almost got me killed?” Yulia asked, the smile never leaving from her lips.

“Chief.” Sofia said, as if it was so obvious. Yulia made a small giggle, leaning in to kiss her.

“Never… Listen…To that…Dickhead…Ever again.” Yulia said between the words and the kisses. “What else did he say to you?” She asked.

“Court martial.” At the mention of this Yulia rightfully became serious. Sofia gently scoffed. “I may lose the chance to be a full fldged officer.” Tears were blurring her vision again. Sofia apruptly stood up, jerking away from Yulia’s touches. The injured woman was puzzled.

“Yulia… I have to be at the detention hall in a few minutes… I have to go, I’ll see you later, ok?” Sofia said rather too quickly and turned to leave. But Yulia grabbed hold of Sofia’s arms and pulled her back, snaking her arms around Sofia’s waist from the back. Yulia nuzzled Sofia’s back lovingly, hugging her waist tighter.

“Sophy… I will do absolutely everything in my power to help you. Because I love you. So all you have to do, is hold my hand, trust me, love me… And don’t be afraid to cry in front of me.” Yulia whispered to Sofia’s back. She felt a shudder go through her honey brunette’s body, and she knew for sure that Sofia was now crying. Yulia smiled and hugged the body in front of her more firmer.


It wasn’t fun anymore. At one point Soifa fell out of love with Yulia. Of course she still saw her as a valuable friend and more than valuable lover. But as her companion… It was all wrong. Also, their police schedule always got in the way, if someone had a field mission the other had desk works. If someone had a free time someone else had plans with another person.

It became more like a boring routine for them. At first it was annoying, but it slowly became a matter of fact thing. Almost obvious. And slowly mediocre. Of course they didn’t prefer this lifestyle, a casual romp in the sack now and then and a busy day lifestyle somewhere else shortly after, but it just became that way.

Sofia was purposely degrading their relationship. She knew very well that Yulia was still in love with her. She knew that Yulia wasn’t kind of person who belives in “The One” and wait for her true love. If she fell in love, she let herself fall in love and stick with her emotions forever. Even if her partner was not her “One and only”.

The obvious fact had made Sofia sometimes mad, and sometimes sad. Mad because she was attacted to other women so badly, and sad because she didn’t want Yulia to be sad and be hurt. She was sometimes vaguely annoyed by her too, but she felt guilty whenever she was so she ignored those thoughts.

Yulia seemed to be more clingy and more like a sticky slime that wouldn’t come off your fingers. But Sofia knew. She knew that wasn’t so, Yulia had always been that way, it was herself who had changed. She became more distant and more cold. When Yulia suggested they go out, they always went clubbing, by Sofia’s request.

Gradually, Sofia began to feel sorry for Yulia. Every time they would kiss, every time they would have sex, every time they would touch each other in any ways, pity for Yulia overwhelmed her. But more so when she had fallen in love… With another woman.

A blonde she occasionally saw around the clubs and downtown now and then. They really hit it off… Much like Yulia and Sofia had from the start.

Sofia thought about talking to Yulia about it.

And she will talk to her about it. Right after a short bathroom trip with the blonde.


It was their fifth fight in three days. It was beginning to frazzle both of them out. But it was always Yulia who tried and tried, tried to hold up the relationship together. Even if the fight was entirely Sofia’s fault, Yulia would always come back with a way to mend their broken seams.

But no matter how Yulia seemed to try and try once again, one fight resolved popped open three more fights and problems. She had a distinct feeling that Sofia didn’t care about the problems and the fights, but she thought that was ridiculous.


“God Yulia what is your problem?! Didn’t I tell you I was going to be a little late today?!” Sofia screeched, hurling her coat at the couch. She then nonchalantly plopped beside her coat and turned on the TV, mindlessly flicking through the channels.

When Sofia looked up to see Yulia, she was no where in sight. Sofia curiously searched the surroundings for a sign of the black spiky hair, but she couldn’t see a trace of her. She nervously turned off the TV and went around the living room to the kitchen.

There she found the spiky hair, drinking wine. Of all alcohols Yulia preferred, she was drinking wine. This made Sofia’s brows go up, then realizing she had made a crucial mistake. She should’ve have remembered the moment she stepped through Yulia’s front door and smelled the warm aroma of fresh baked bread.

Valentine’s day. They had made so many plans.

“Oh my god Yulia… I am so sorry…I…”

“No, it’s fine. We’re both busy people Sofia. I understand.” Yulia said, the coldness evident in the crisp way she talked. She never had talked to Sofia that way.

Sofia looked at the oven, and the light was on inside, revealing the beautifully baked cake, sitting, waiting to be eaten. ‘Sothat’s why you excused yourself early from the trainings today…’ Sofia thought sadly before pouring herself a glass of wine.

As Sofia took a long sip, she savoured the taste of the rich wine in her mouth before she spoke. She wanted to stall as long as she could before she could talk about the serious matters. The honey brunette gently placed her glass down, and reached for Yulia’s hand resting on the table. She blanketed the dark brunette’s hand with her’s, holding tightly.

“Yulia… Can we make this work? Are we still strong enough?” Sofia started, softly. When Yulia turned to Sofia, she could see Yulia had unshed tears in her eyes, trying so hard not to cry.

“I don’t know for sure… But we can try to make it work. Can’t we?” Yulia croaked out. She cursed inwardly. She didn’t want to sound weak like that.

“I feel like giving up.” Sofia said as gently as she could.

“I’ll try for both of us… Please don’t give up yet… I love you, Sophy.” Her voice was pained, and it ached Sofia to hear the gallant Yulia sounding so pained and desperate.

Yulia was a strong person in every aspects, but she choked every time when it came to love. She feared at the mystery of love, not being able to calculate and analyze anything about it. She was afraid of being hurt in general. Everything lead to emotional pain made her so helpless, she preferred the physical pain.

Yulia could’ve had any woman or man on Earth with her charms and beauty. At her giggle and shining smiles, she might as well had the ability to turn a gay man into a hetero and a straight woman into a lesbian. But she had made a deep mistake a falling for a girl who had no intention of giving those strong feelings back to her. Yulia was so lucky, but at the same time she was doomed. Screwed. Spilled water, cracked egg, gum on your ass, and shit on your shoes.

Sofia cursed inwardly again as she remembered she had to be at ‘Hush’, the new club in town, to meet up with Miranda, the blonde she had foolishly fallen for in a middle of a long term relationship.

“Yulia, it’s Valentines Day. We shouldn’t be inside and be sad like this. Let’s go out. There’s a new club in town and I wanna treat you a drink. You look like you need it.” Sofia said softly, caressing the dark brunette’s hand.

Yulia reluctantly nodded before getting up and disappearing inside her room. Sofia smiled, picking up her wine glass once more and pouring the rest of the bitter sweet contents down her throat.


[Starting where I left off at Chapter two]

She grabbed the blonde again and shoved her back against the wall. Then she bunched up the blonde’s collar, gripping it securely in her hand, and drew her fist back, her knuckles tensing for a powerful punch.

The blonde forcefully snapped shut her eyes, waiting for the blow to come.

It never came. If it did, the blonde wouldn’t have the jaw to gape her mouth open and watch what was being performed in front of her.

The tightly clenched hand was still bunched up at her collar, but the angled fist on the air was grabbed securely by Sofia just in time. The enraged woman wasn’t enraged anymore, but overwhelmed with unimaginable sorrow. Her head was down, her eyes staring at the floor, her chin almost touching her upper chest. Her both hands were occupired, so she couldn’t cover herself up from people watching her cry. But she didn’t even bother.

Drops of tears fell on to the club’s marble floor, marking it’s territory with each droplets that fell.

Her shoudlers shaking, her contracted muscles in her arms slowly relaxing. Sofia cautiously let go of Yulia’s wrist, letting it fall down at the side of Yulia’s body. The fist holding on the blonde’s collar aimlessly let go, the other hand again tumbling beside her.

“Did you have to hurt me, Sofia? Did you have to let me know like this…?” Volkova whispered in a monotone voice, her voice slightly broken. She looked back up at Sofia with her achingly dull eyes and frowned.

“I’m so in love with you.” And that was the last thing she had said anything to Sofia for a long time

That was it. Yulia was dead. There was no love to spare anymore.

[Starting where I left off at Chapter ten]

…When Volkova reached her destination of Lena’s front entrance, she immediately lowered her gun. Her facial expression smoothed to a astounded expression, her eyes widening and her mouth gaping.

Then slowly the creases of confusion ladened her delicate features as she longingly walked up closer to the door.


The honey brunette looked up mindlessly at the sound of her name being mentioned.

Volkova gasped. This was the honey brunette woman she had once knew. But it wasn’t the same woman she had once loved. The woman before her was a completely different person.

Although her honey brown hair was intact, it was a tad shorter, but filled with patches of grey hairs. She couldn’t have been that old, Volkova knew, because they were in the same classes back at the academy. But even Sophy’s eyebrows were patches of white fuzz, her lips badly chapped and wrinkles clearly visible even there was not a hint of a smile on the woman’s face. Her once full ruby lips were now thin and no where close to lucsious, and her eyes lost the focus of intelligence they once held.

“…Yules….Baby, is that you? Wow I must look like shit right now… Some heavy bongs been taking a lot out of me.” Her voice was still the same as ever. But this time it sounded more strained and sultry, as if the ugly woman before her was trying to sedue her.

“Sofia… What the hell are you doing here?” Yulia found back her grip on her 9mm.

Sofia grinned, revealing her somewhat stained teeth. “This is my house, I live here. Seeing as I left my keys inside, I’m just trying to pick the lock is all.” The honey brunette had said so naturally, if Volkova had been just passing through, she’d have belived her. But she knew better.

Her old friend was a liar.

“Bullshit.” Volkova’s monotone cool voice sliced through her pathetic attempt at a lie.

“No, no I’m not lying, I do live here and I did leave my keys in there..”

“Shut the fuck up! I know what the hell is going on in there with a certain red head! Where’d ya dump the blonde Sophy?! Did you fuck her and leave her at some dump motel?!” Volkova yelled, taking a back step and trying to ease her fury.

But the honey brunette didn’t loo slightest deflated by this. She just looked more delighted. She stood tall, toweing over Volkova by two inches or so.

“Well it seems you got me, DT. Why don’t you use that gun to shoot me?” Sofia said, licking her lips. She took a step towards Yulia, her hands behind her in a mysterious gesture.

But as she took a step back, Volkova took another step back, overwhelmed and apprehensive.

Step. Back step.

Step. Back step.

Step. Back step.

Yulia immediately raised her gun and shakily pointed it towards Sofia’s head. “Dammit stop it right now or I’ll fucking blow your brains out!”

“I know you won’t. I know you still love me, Yulia.”

“Shut the hell up, and don’t call ne by my name!” Yulia cocked her gun. Sofia only smirked. She took a step closer.

“If you fell out of love with me, you would’ve pulled that trigger as soon as you saw me.” Sofia said with aloofness in her voice. Volkova’s grip on her gun tightened. Her eyes bore into the woman in front of her with a triumphant snigger on her ugly face.

No matter how ugly she became and how much more uglier she would become… She knew that Sofia was right. She did still love her, and some part of her would always will. Everything wasn’t simple. But then again, everything wasn’t so complex either.

“Come on. Put that thing away and let’s go somewhere to talk.” Sofia said softly. That soft voice… Yulia didn’t know how much she missed it so dearly. And she hated herself for it. But loved Sofia for it. Confusion was the way to go. She smirked.

Her eyes became cold again. She knew what to do for now. She adjusted her gun’s aim and pulled the trigger. Such a simple move. Such big pain.

Sofia screamed on top of her pitch, holding her left arm in agony. Her jaws clenched with pain, and trails of blood began to trickle down her sleeves, tiny droplets marking the concrete hall. Those droplets reminded her of her own tears long ago back at the club. Volkova lowered her gun to her side and let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding.

“Get the hell out of my sight before I change my mind and shoot your crotch instead, fucking pervert.”

Sofia looked up at the cold and lifeless eyes she saw on Volkova. Midst of her searing pain burning through her left arm, she laughed out loud. It was the most ugliest thing Volkova had ever heard. This wasn’t Sofia that she loved.

“Changed or not… You do still love me. I’ll come back for you. And I’ll make sure you watch what I do to your little girlfriend in there.” With that said and a open smirk, Sofia snatched her suit case from the floor with her uninjured arm, and fled.

She didn’t even do so much as to blink as the honey brunette sped past her. She just stared on the empty space where her old lover had been, clutching at her arm with pain and laughter in her eyes.

“…Or what. Go to hell bastard.” Volkova’s head turned to the door at the sound of Lena’s muffled voice.

She wasn’t lost yet. And apparently, same thing was said for Lena.

She didn’t have the chance to blow off Sofia’s crotch because of an old wound. But Kozlov’s crotch would do for now. She grimaced before changing her magazine of her gun cock it read with her thumb and bashed into the apartment.

The first that caught her eyes when she went in was Kozlovs disgusting erection. She took aim. She pulled the trigger with a gleam of pure hate in her eyes.

Penises made her want to hurl.

27-03-2005, 06:02
Chapter 13

Yulia secured her gun holster on her belt one last time before she hid it with her jacket. After wards, without a moment’s hesitation she came bounding inside one of the most prestigious and famous bar in town. Also it was one of the oldest.

And Yulia knew for sure that this was the guy who’s been feeding sorts like Kozlov and Sophy and the Copycat, useful information they could start on. She would kill this son of a bitch today.

‘Alight Yulia. Put your game face on.’ The voice chirped inside her head. Yulia complied and put on a grim expression telling her surroundings to PISS OFF loud and clear. She nervously, but not showing on her face obviously, rubber her inner forearm on her secured gun hidden behind her jacket at her belt.

She took a seat at the bar, leaning aginst the bar so she had her elbows on the bar. She laced her fingers together, expectantly for a bar tender to come around. Until then, she decided to look around.

It was still broad daylight, so the bar wasn’t that occuppied. Some stray wooden chairs were left fallen on their side on the floors, Aftermath of the last night’s chaos, she assumed. There were rolling around drink bottles littered all over the floors as well. The hall that lead to the bathrooms were dimly lit with a red flashing light, most likely a stolen siren hooked up somewhere, and the walls that surrounded the whole bar itself were filled with never ending graffiti. The bursts of colours gave her a head ache. But then she thought it wouldn’t be as bad for the owner, since the bursts of colours always hid the stains of random urine drunken pople managed to achieve.

Paper napkins practically made a trail around the whole bar, mapping the floors out. Some were wet, and some were ripped. She gazed back at the bar in front of her. It was neat. No patch of dust in sight. That’s good. But looking back at the tables behind her, she still wondered how this bar managed to keep the buisness going and even getting the honours of reputation as high as it went.

Suddenly the the whole bar was filled shrieking laughs and ditzy giggles. Yulia curiously gazed over at the source of the sounds. It was about dozen attractive if not sexy, women walking out of the bathroom hall, wearing half of nothing.

Now she knew why it such reputation. Both to men and women. She grimaced and tapped on the bar to catch the bartender’s attention, way over there at the corner, drooling over the trail of women that walked out of the bathroom. He irritably turned and lazily sauntered over, with a bar rag draped over one shoulder.

“Alright Missy. Me name’s Sasha. Be your bartender for the evenin’. What’s your poison?” He asked in a scratchy voice. His greying hair was greased back, his outfit consisting of an old saloon owner’s garbs. His wrinkles gathered mostly around his eyes, especially when he smiled or grinned. His teeth were all averagely white instead for one tooth at the front. That tooth was the only tooth that was coated over with a gold plating, and it gleamed with his saliva when he talked. His eyes green. Very, very green. Maybe too green. Yulia wondered if he wore contacts. But it was abnormally green and she knew it would somehow glow in the dark.

“Just give me the strongest thing you got.” Yulia said in a quiet and menacing voice, slipping a hundred dollar bill in the bartender’s shirt’s front pocket. The bartender tipped his head in thanks and put an oval shaped cup in front of her, then adding various types of alohol inside. Then with a shot of tequila, he drowned it in the oval cup filled with mixed alcolhols, then after adding exactly three drops of Tabasco sauce.

“So what crawled up your ass and died?” Sasha asked in his caring voice. He pulled the rag down from his shoulder and started to wipe off the counter from excess spill of alcohols. His eyes weren’t meeting hers. Yulia smirked. Maybe it was a routine of his. To him, if someone ordered his strongest house drink, it was because something wa gravely wrong. In some ways, his theory wasn’t wrong.

Yulia decided go with the flow. She mercilessly drowned the drink in front of her with one shot. The bartender looked over her, obviously impressed. It’s going to take a lot more to take her out than that.

“I had a man… Up and left me few years back. That hurt me pretty deep. But… After years he turns up suddenly. He doesn’t even leave a room for small talk or pleasantries. Just immediately goes into for the kill. He toyed with me for a bit more. I don’t know why I keep acting like his bitch when it finished years ago.” Yulia quickly made up a story in her mind. Thinking on her feet was harder than she had expected. But she made sure she scattered her batch of anguish and pain inside her voice to sound more sincere.

Sasha seemd to be listening more attentively than she had expected. She must’ve been a great actress. Yulia went on.

“The thing is… The damn bastard took a sentimental object of mine with him, and I have no clue where he lives.” She said and dramatically sighed to top it off. God someone give her a damn Oscar. The bartender took the empty glass away from Yulia and began to wipe then with his dish rag he’d been holding.

“Would it be rude to ask you the bastard’s name?” He asked, licking his lips.

“Well it won’t be rude but why are you interested in his name?” She asked, trying to sound she was indeed curious. The son of a bitch had bitten the bait. Now she was sure this was the almighty information pump people talks to every time they came here.

“Well… My bar has been here for a long time… I know some people here and there. Might able to help you out.” He said with a gleam of pride in his eyes and as well as his voice.

Yulia leaned to the bar and more and tiredly looked straight into the Sasha’s eyes. “Kozlov.”

Sasha seemed to root to his spot, his face paling. He immediately looked down at his dish rag and fumbled his fingers with it, avoiding Yulia’s gaze. “Sorry Miss. Don’t know a thing about him. Though his name is vaguely familiar… It seemes I’m getting old.” He said shakily, attemping to chuckle. His eyes were shifting and the paleness of his complexion failed him.

Yulia fully leaned into the bar, looking up intently at Sasha. “Sasha. Please, tell me the things that you know. He took one of my most valued posession and I really need it back.”

But Sasha sharply looked back up with a glare in his eyes. “Nothing is worth losing your life for.” He whispered. A sudden eerie breeze seemed to blow inside the bar, blowing on Yulia’s spikes. The blue eyes locked Sasha’s green eyes, both of them showing no sign of blinking.

Then suddenly Yulia grabbed the man’s greased back hair and jerked his whole head downward, smashing his face onto the counter beside her empty drinking glass. With a swift motion, she unclipped her holster and nudged her gun’s barrel against the man’s back of his head.

“You will tell me everything there is to know about Kozlov or I’m going to rape you with fucking butt of my gun, understood?!” She slowly enunciated her words angrily, especially emphasizing the word ‘Rape’.

The man underneath her grip squirmed in panic, yelling in a hight pitced voice. “Damn girl! Jesus Christ, okay okay!!”

Volkova dug the barrel of the gun in his head harder. “Put both of your hands on the counter, shitbag.” She said harshly. He did as he was told. Stealthily, she slipped out a worn out, but a carefully looked after bayonet. She gazed at the man’s hands for a minute and remembered that he used his right hand to clean the cups she had downed for the time she had spent there. She grippd tight on her bayonet and stabbed the center of the man’s right hand, then digging the blade into the counter s the hand was fixed to the counter top.

Sasha jerked up and screamed, his teeth bare and cleanched. His gold tooth shined. Volkova only stared with her unfocused eyes, her hand still on the grip of her bayonet. This reminded her of her trainings back at the academy.

With a nonchalant look on her ghostly eampty features, she licked her lips and placed her gun barrel against Sasha’s index finger. The man calmed down, but he looked terror stricken when he saw where the gun barrel was pointing to.

“Now Sasha, I know no one wants to lose their fingers. So I suggest you talk.” Volkova said. No hint of mercy could be found in her voice. The man’s face were panic stricken, and lost of all its colour. But she could see him visibly gulp and take a deep breath before he started.

“Kozlov was a cop once at the precinct West 648, the one near downtown. But he supposedly got thrown into the sack after he raped a girl there. But he busted out. He waited a few years in hidings, preparing for things y’know? But man he got in trouble with the fuzz again, an I’ve heard that he raped the same girl, I mean come on! So, so he-he gets sent the old jailer again, but that old thick blood just kept bustin’ out!” He drew in a shaky breath before continuing.

“But see-see, the first time he got busted out, he-he got himself acquainted with a syndicate drug lord, a very known one, y’know? That woman that called herself… Well the Lord! You heard, you heard! So that’s why he could bust out of the Big House the second time so easily. He’s had help! That’s when the Copycat showed up, y’know?” He went on, his uninjured hand waving about and pointing at the TV.

“Kozlov figured, what the hell, y’know? Copycat just drew away the coppers away from him, let the spotlight play someone else, y’know? The rumor has that he’s been getting it on with the Lord for quite some time now, and Kozlov moochin off the Lord non stop. I heard he’s bought some houses as well as identities, killing people off and taking names, y’know?”

Volkova listened intently, not wanting to miss details. But a puzzle she was so sure of having was riped into pieces as she heard this man blubber about. What of Sofia Ivanova? Had she not teamed up with kozlov in his sick masquerade of abuse and rape?

It was a jig-saw puzzle. One puzzle she had turned into the supposed correct direction, two more unmatching colours sat side by side. Ignorance was thickening.

“What about Ivanova?” Volkova yelled at his face. Something putrid stung her nostrils and she was sure the bastard has just pissed his pants. He was full out bawling his eyes out, begging for his life.

“Ivanova?! You talking about that woman cop?! Man why you askin about the Fuzz?! I don’t know em! I know fucking squat and why can’t please just”

Volkova pulled the trigger. One down, four more to go.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck my fucking fingers man! You fucking blew it off! Oh shit!!!! Oh fu- Goddamit Ivanova was a cop who raped the same girl Kozlov had but got off easy because of some inside connection in the higher rankings! She had no connections with Kozlov at all, but that’s all I know!! I swear to God, fuck I swear to God!!”

Volkova pushed the gun barrel against Sasha’s middle finger. “Now Sasha, do you know which address Kozlov goes by right now?” She asked in a dry crisp and sharp voice. The blood pouring out of the finger sockets were drenching her sleeve. She would have to wash later.

“No man I don’t know shit, I swear! I swear!!”

Volkova pulled the trigger. Two down, three more to go. “Are you fucking lying, Sasha?! Are you fucking lying to me?!” She barked at his face. Sasha broke into another ripping scream tore through the bar.

“OH FUCK!! Come one, man I like my fingers! I need my fingers! O shit man! What’d I do man?! Oh shit!!” His voice was slowly rising. Volkova knew now she had to be fast and swift.

“THE ADDRESS SASHA!” Volkova screeched in his ear. Sasha reached under the counter with his uninjured hand and smacked down a thick address book on the counter.

“Take the fucking thing! Take it and for fuck’s sake get the hell out, PLEASE!” He begged, tears trickling down his pale plump face. Volkova wordlessly grabbed the address book before it got drenched in Sasha’s blood.

“Now Sasha, is the address of Kozlov’s really in here?” Volkova asked, a bit too calmly for his tastes. With a pained grimace on Sasha’s face he wordlessly nodded, holding the wrist of his bleeding hand.

Volkova pulled the trigger again. There goes the ring finger. “Are you fucking sure Sasha?!” She questioned one last time.

“For fuck’s sake YES! It’s in there… It’s in there…” He drawled on, crying. Volkova clipped her gun back into her holster. Her eyes still amazingly emtionless and dull. Nothing is going to get in her way. Even Lena herself.

“Sasha… I may look like the bad guy because I’m holding a gun instead of a wad of money for your useful informations. But because of your greed, a young lady was raped more than two times. I know it was you who recommended Kozlov the trailer park three years ago to hide out when he first busted out. Careful where you spill your beans to Sash. I won’t be the only one pointing a gun towards your head.”

With that said to the crying bartender, Volkova walked out of the putrid ambience of the bar behind and delved into the fresh air. She breathed out before clutching at her newly acquired address book in her hand. After moving away from the bar five strides out, she reached for te back of her belt and unclipped her last surprise for Sasha.

Using her teeth, she undid the clip on it with a reackless look on her face. That reacklessness always lit up her face whenever Volkova was excited. Excited about death.

Drawing her whole body back, she ficked her whole right arm towards the bar, throwing the object deep inside the bar building.

“Good-bye, Sasha.” Volkova murmured before quickly walking to her next destination.


Sasha bravely grabbed the hilt of the lodged bayonet on which was delved through his right hand, and pulled with a jerk of strength he had left in him. With a breathless yelp the blade was out, and he sighed out.

But one last gift came hopping inside her bar, tapping softly at the empty rolling bottle on his floor. He rounded around the counter to see what the object exactly was.

A grenade was smiling happily up at him.



A deafening sound of an explosion thundered in everyone’s ears, the stale scent of dust and smoky air filling their lungs. A sudden shower of debris fell from the sky and people began to either flee from their spots or run to the source of the explosion to watch what had happened.

Volkova gripped tighter on her address book. She looked back at the explosion site over her shoulder for the last time. A deadly smiled traced her lips as she turned back and resumed walking the other way.

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Chapter 14

Everything was either white, or transparent. They were clean, they were neat and they were flawless. Well except for the hosital garbs she had on. Her blazing red hair was loosely tied into a ponytail behind her head, and she herself was just standing on the endless horizon of white. Her eyes were closed, as if she was resting. The invisible sun shot rays down at the sheer white ground, its warmth swimming and spreading everyhwere. Lena had a sense of peace and never wanted to leave. This was her paradise, inside the depths of her mind she’d constructed so carefully over the years.

“Don’t you think you’re sleeping for quite a lot of time there, Katina?” The husky voice seemed to bounce off the horizon and echo into the endless fields of white.

Lena turned at the familiar voice. She met with a blank face and achingly dull crystal blue eyes, gazing up at her. It was Yulia, or at least someone shaped and looked like her, and who beared the same voice. The brunette only wore a simple white tank top with a casual white dress pants.

“Yulia…?” Lena softly mumbled under her breath, reaching for the smaller girls frame. Her fingeres brushed through the brunette tanned complexion, Lena’s peacefully calm green grey eyes studying longingly at the brunette.

“No. Volkova.” The blank expression turned into a twist of a smile, from the slight tickle Lena was giving her with her fingertips.

“What’s the difference?” Lena asked, stepping a stride closer, wanting Volkova near her as close as possible. Lena knew for sure that the woman who stood in front of her with the unmistakable features Yulia wasn’t actually Yulia at all. But the fact that she was a part of Yulia comforted her somewhat.

“That’s the wrong question to be asking.” Volkova added smugly, releasing herself to the delicate touches the red head had provided.

“Ya? Then what is the right question should I be asking?”

“You should be asking who I am… Because Yulia and me are whole different people mushed up in the same body. It’s almost nearing my time though.”

Lena’s brows arched as she stepped another stride closer to Volkova. She had the same scent as Yulia’s. It was awfully soothing.

“Then who are you, Volkova?” Lena leaned in to the crook of Volkova’s neck, and whispered in her ear. She inhaled the unigue signature smell the Yulia always held.

“I’m the fear in the depths of Yulia’s mind.”

“Oh really?” Lena sighed, closing her eyes and nuzzing her face against Volkova’s neck. “Then what are you doing here, inside the depths of *my* mind? I was trying to sleep here.”

“You’ve slept enough. Although it’s not a problem right now… You must be awake for the grand finale.” Volkova eyed Lena nervously as she rested her head on her shoulder.

“What grand finale?” Lena muffled against Volkova’s soft and alluring bare skin. She instinctively hoisted her arms around the brunette, pulling the smaller girl into a wanted embrace.

Volkova clicked her tongue, giving off a hint that she was amused.

“So many questions… So little time.”


Her first stop was to be Sophy. She already had plans for Kozlov, now knowing about his exact wherebouts and what he does in the town. She could easily worm her way of her own troubles with Kozlov.

But Sophy… She complicated matters. She was a retired officer who got off her raping schemes scott free over four years ago. She needed evidence. Evidence that Sophy was guilty. And that’s exactly she will get.


Yulia breezed in the precinct, almost glowing and showing off her radiant energy. She’d never feel so alive in months. The bags under her eyes were still there, but that was an inevitable problem she had to forego for planning the oh so sweet revenge.

Feeling refreshed and calm in her mind, she found the sudden peace in her head almost incredulous. The voice was always there, barking her order from the inside, saying what’s this and that. But the voice was gone. At least for the time being.

No more head aches for another hour or so, she presumed, before knocking on Jack’s office door.

“Come in.” A raspy and weak, but still containing its masculinity, voice called out from inside. It was somewhat muffled for the door barricading it, Yulia could still hear the strained note on Jack’s voice. She smirked before she went in. She hated every dog taunters, being an anonymous animal lover herself. The bastard deserved every bit of damage he got on his ass.

She distinctly remembered that she accused Jack of being the Copycat. But every accusations towards Jack had been crossed out shamelessly when she heard the voice message Jack had left on her machine. The machine had clearly confirmed that he had left it on the day she was faced with the real Copycat himself and shot him on his dick.

At least the Copycat was finished off, she thought.

“Ahh, Detective Volkova, have a seat.” Jack looked up, his face pale and his hands trembling. But suspiciously, he brushed aside all the folders he had in his hands and closed the folders, but never leaving his eye contact with Yulia.

Yulia pretended that she didn’t notice the swift hidings of his folders. She would take a look at them later.

“I was going to bring you in sooner or later,because I thought it was only necessary that I thank you for the errends you ran for me. It means a lot, and plus you got em done in time with no mistakes. Maybe I’ll slip in a good word to the higher rankings, eh?” He said in a sing song voice.

Suddenly Sasha’s voice rang in her head, the line “…but got off easy because of some inside connection in the higher rankings!...” repeating in her head like a broken record.

Yulia slapped on a belivable happy smile and pretended to blush. If she known she was this good of an actress before she went to the police academy, she could’ve been rich by now. Jack smiled back at her, curtly tilting his head in satisfied gesture.

“So, what can I help you with today, Detective?” He asked, locking his fingers together in front of him on his desk. Yulia stole brief glances at the folders well hidden under his left arm before she started to talk.

“I want in on the Katina’s rape cases.” Yulia said. She saw Jack sigh and swivel his chair towards the window. She cursed inwardly. She hated when she couldn’t see one’s face, for she couldn’t study them for any lies that coul’ve crossed their faces. She decided it to keep it to herself though.

There was a momentary pause, where she could feel Jack thinking. What was he thinking about, she pondered.

The top of his desk looked like a tornado had come through, for files, folders, datas, and coffe mugs alike, were sprawled everywhere on the desk. The plain olive coloured trash bin beside was full and over flowing with crumpled papers. There was an ashtray on Jack’s desk with a cigarette still tipped inside and burning. The blinds on the window made the sunrays slice in to narrow strips light and warmth against the whole of the room. The view from his office outside his window was the precinct parking lot, and outside she could see the limited vision of two officers having a conversation and smoking a cigarette in one hand and a paper cup, presumable coffee, in the other.

Jack thick voice pretruded her observation thoughts.

“Katina’s case is a very stern FBI case, Detective.” He swivelled back on his chair to face the brunette once more. He almost flinched at the ominous blue eyes staring back at him, but he managed to continue. “And, it certainly is going to take more than little ol’ me to get you on board. Why did you consider to take part in this investigation anyhow?” He asked, his eyes slightly squinting. Yulia didn’t like his probing. And the look in his eyes made her want to shift in her chair, jump up, run up to him and grab him by the collar shaking the day lights out of him.

“I think it’s only obvious I take part in the investigation. Katina was my partner as well as my friend. I want to look in the son of a bitch’s eyes and ask him why he did it.” Yulia hesitated a little, and looked up at Jack’s eyes. He looked mildly unconvinced, as well as unimpressed. Yulia rolled her eyes in the back of her mind.


She slowly swayed herself to a slouched but compsed stance, taking each feral steps towards Jack. She grabbed the chair’s arm rest and swivelled the chair around so Jack faced her. She slowly, leaned in beside Jack’s ear and breathed out purposely blowing in his ear. She visibly saw Jack shudder, and smirked.

“And I know you can get in to the case… If you only talked to the higher rankings… I mean you’re already doing me a favour by giving them a good word about me… A few more favours couldn’t hurt, right hon?” She purred in his ear. She saw Jack chuckles. Whether that was a good sign or a bad sign she didn’t know. She pulled back slightly to see Jack’s full reaction.


He approved alright. He was practically drooling all over his pants.

“No, it couldn’t possibly hurt. I’ll make that phone call right away.” He yipped, and Yulia smiled the most seductive smile she could muster on her face. Jack was just lapping it all up. It made her sick to her stomach. Where was the world going now a days?

Giving Jack a final wink, she stepped out of the office and headed towards her own. She stayed in there until everyone left the precinct, including Jack, and all nighters had fallen asleep on their job. She checked an antique clock that hung on her wall in her office.

It was quarter after three in the morning. It was only a few hours away until the real early starters came hopping in, waking the all nighters up and giving them a cup of coffee. She sighed. She was going to have to make this trip quick.

Standing up and heading for Jack’s door, she turned the knob on his door. Just as she had figured it was firmly locked, and she dug her hands in her pockets to find a hair pin she had stored some where in her coat for this special occasion. When he had found it, she stuck the pin inside the keyhole on the knob, going through various procedures of clicks and turns before the lock clicked and the door swung open.

The academy had taught her so much menaingful things.

Stepping inside the pitch dark office, she silently closed the door behind her and locked it. Walkinf up to Jack desk, she pulled on Jack’s desk lamp’s string, clicking the light on. The dim light filled the room, revealing the secrets the darkness always held.

She almost sighed out loud in joy as she saw the same files she had saw Jack trying to avoid from her sight, still on his desk in the same position as she had last saw them. She immediately opened them, studying the contents inside. Something caught her as odd though. Everything about these files were about the Copycat.

The space between her brows snapped shut, creasing into a frown. She leafed through more pages in the other folders that littered his desk. Then another. Then another.

Everything he had on his desk were about the Copycat. Why was Jack so interested about this guy? What was so special that he has to make sure he was up to date on every single thing that was reported about him?

Her curiously piqued as she half expectantly slid her fingers under the handle of one of the drawers Jack had on his desk. Some part of her knew what was going to come next so she wasn’t even mildly surprised when she saw what was in the drawer.

Inside the drawer, there was a clear white container with a blue cap sealed tightly on it. She picked it up and held it up to her face, examining. Her smile spread through her face as she shook the content inside the mystery container. She knew for sure what that was inside. It was the sperm sample they had collected from Katina’s rectum.


(From Chapter 11 Pt.1)

“The semen sample we have taken from Miss Katina’s rectum… Isn’t Kozlov’s.”

“…Excuse me?”

“There is another thing that I came here to inform you of.” Apprehension vaguely graced his already worrisome features, and Yulia could see him biting his inner cheek inside his mouth.

“Which is?”

“We cannot find out who the suspect is.”

Yulia scowled, knowing how well the budget was for the police force labs in each county. The stupidity of the lab workers, not being able to find out a man’s iidentity with their fancy equipments baffled her.

“Why the hell not?!” She snapped at the doctor.

“The semen sample has gone missing from the lab.”

A pause of silence.

“…Excuse me?”


She grinned at the particles of semen inside the container and safely slipped it in her coat’s inner pocket. She could get Jack kicked out of the force and lock him in the can, she knew. She then quickly sorted the sprawled out files all around the messy desk and organized them into a one thick pile. She hugged those bunchfuls of data against her chest and was about to walk out of the office, when suddenly the thick voice she recognized as Jack’s rumbled just a few inches away from the office door.

“Shit!” She cursed under her breath before frantically looking around to find a hiding spot. Clutching the massive amount of data in her hands, she quickly jumped under Jack’s desk and hoped to God that he wasn’t sitting down.

She heard the heavy footfalls of Jacks come in the room, and close the door behind him. But then she heard those footfalls abruptly stop, probably because the sight of his desk cleaned off of his precious datas shocked his balls out.

She heard him rush back out, slamming open the door. She tried not to laugh out loud as she heard the panicky high octaved voice of Jack screaming like a girl for his inferiors.

“Gage! McNabb!! Who the hell was in my office last night?!?!?!” He screeched.

She could hear muffled of Gage’s voice sounding out the words that seemed like, “Umm.. No one I have seen sir. Your door was closed the whole night.”

“Dammit Gage! Can some one please inform the Sarge my office was broken into?! Shit! Shit! Shit!” Yulia sighed as his curses seemed to be moving away from his office, taking Gage and McNabb’s trail of murmurs with him.

When she urged her body to stand it self up, her head suddenly spinned, and she fell back down on the ground, the folder falling with a light slap on the carpeted floor beside her.

Help. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

She looked up to see nothing in particular but was disturbed when she did see something that took her as… Odd. She was seeing doubles. She felt a wave of nausea washing over her as she rested her head on the scruffy carpet beneath her.

Yulia groaned. She needed to see Hagen soon. The sudden wooziness and the uncalled for fevers were practically becoming a hobby now. After a few minutes of resting on the ground, she weakly collected the folder beside her and stood, aimlessly walking out of the office and heading towards her car.

She forgot where she needed to go.

She decided to go to Hagen’s anyway.


The grey surroundings of Hagen’s clinc bothered her somewhat. Because it was so fruitless and so… Well grey. Before three years ago, she would’ve felt right at home. But now… Something told her otherwise.

Hagen himself came out of his examining room to call forth Yulia. She slowly stood up, not wanting to get another dizzy trip, and followed Hagen in the all too familiar office of Hagen’s.

“Yulia… The scans we just took… Well I’m going to be frank with you, the results are looking grim. And because you’re my friend as well as my best cared for patient I’m going to be completely honest with you.” His gestures and his expressions had told her everything she needed to know.

She was dying.

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Dieu Me Pardonnera, C’est son metier.
God will pardon me, it is His trade.
-Heinrich Hien

Chapter 15

“Dammit I said it already Kurt, I ain’t having no fucking operation before Lena wakes up!” Yulia screamed, slamming her fist down on Hagen’s office desk. Spilt tears were drying on the desk as well as the floor, and some blotched and streaked on her sleeves.

Everything was getting fucked up. Everything wasn’t going as planned, and she had 50:50 chance of living even she had the operation now. She was scheduled to die on the date of truth, justice, and revenge. Did God have other plans for her? God must be blind as hell if he was planning on calling her up this early into her plan of action.

Her head spun, as she stood from her seat. She closed her eyes and her hands shot up to her head involuntarily. Hagen quickly reached for her elbows, helping her up. Yulia sharply jerked away from his touches, a little offended.

“I still know how to stand up, dammit.” She snapped, nabbing her coat, clinging on to her current seat. Hagen sighed and sat back down resignedly. Yulia immediately softened. She had realized it wasn’t easy for Kurt either.

She made the expression of frustration and the hand waves of an angered woman. She plopped back into her seat staring straight ahead at Hagen.

“Kurt… I’m sorry I’m being a total asshole to you lately. I just… I can’t have the operation right now. I can’t- I can’t lie around on the bed, feeling helpless and take the time to recover… It’ll take too long. And as you said, even if the operation happens, there’s a chance the transplant would go wrong and my body won’t accept the new marrow. I could die both ways.”

The truth was an abstract thing, far from happy endings. It also had a long way to the bad endings, but it also had a long way between the neutral things too. That truth about the truth itself… Was a bitch.

“Are you sure you’re not taking the operation because you have something going with Lena’s rapists?” The brunette snapped her head towards Hagen in surprise. Does he know something that she didn’t? Her gaze towards her doctor turned into a glare of suspicion. Hagen’s face was neutral, stripped of its emotions. Everyone was trying to copy her nowadays. It couldn’t have killed them if they were a little more original.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She forced on monotone pitch of her usual conversation tactics. This was game she could not lose.


“Fuck you.”

“Tell me the truth.”

“... You can kiss your truth good bye, because there’s nothing such as truth left in this world anymore.”

“No. The truth is you’re dying and you could live by taking the fucking operation but won’t because of some revenge plot you got against the rapists.” Yulia had never heard Hagen swear before. It meant he was getting completely serious, as well as honest. It scared her, just seeing the massive transformation her friend had undergone to persuade her, trying to save her life. It almost touched her. Almost.

Yulia didn’t say anything. The heavy silence that over took the room seemed t choke both of them, neither of them wanting to continue the conversation. The brunette shifted her blue eyes so it seemed as though she was looking through Hagen. She watched as Hagen squirmed in his seat, uncomfortable about Yulia staring through him like that. Good.

Truth was overrated. But her thoughts… Her personal inner feelings… A truth to her expense would be enough for Kurt, she knew.

“I can’t take the operation now, Kurt. I’d die, I’m sure of it. Because I won’t have Lena beside me, awake, with life and laughter in her eyes. I didn’t even get to say I love you in person to her. Do you know how sad that is? If I die on that operation table, I’m never getting the chance to say that to her. That’s why I’m going to die. The limp body in her hospital room isn’t her. It’s just her shell. That empty shell isn’t going to hold me like she does. That empty shell isn’t going to laugh for me for the last time. That’s why I’m going to die. That’s why I won’t have the operation. Do you understand?”

Kurt seemed to comprehend what the woman in front of him had just said, absorbing the information. To understand was such a powerful thing. But at that time and space, he couldn’t understand. But he got the point, and the point was she couldn’t take the operation. He reluctantly nodded.

He sighed as he saw the brave woman before him stand up and leave the room with her thanks and respect in her big blue eyes.

For whom the bell tolls indeed.


Yulia was looking into some clubs, trying to find the Lord. Or Lordess. Or whatever the dealer called herself. She knew that if Kozlov had a weakness, it was going to be the Lord. Because she had paid everything for him and protected him and hid him from the cops and the feds, she knew that the Lord was a vital part of his sick plans.

Finding the Lord wasn’t a problem. Her name was spread in every single of the clubs and bars all over downtown. She was carrying some serious heat as well has coke, with everything of the best there was and available for the taking. She smirked. She found out it was practically impossible to get within five meters to the Lord without extremely hardcore supervision.

This was why she was going to succeed. She was going to break everything Lord owned. Why? Because Everest was there to be conquered.

If indeed the Lord was some seriously rich, well connected, and had well tastes about everything to have the aches of money, she figured she owned the biggest fucking mansion in the town. She smirked once more as she closed up her database on her computer and pick up her black brief case, well hidden under her desk. And the biggest mansions were always beside the biggest golf courses. So predictable.

She hastily slid open her drawer at her bureau, and took out three orange and blue containers, sealed with a black cap. She opened all three of them, took two of each out of the containers and popped them all in her mouth at once. She closed her eyes and forced her throat to swallow, her expression going sour at one of the pill’s taste.

After she had swallowed every one of them, she took all three of the quarter empty containers and trashed them in her garbage can. That was the last time she had her pills before she succeeded her mission. If she were to die, she will die. But if she were to live, she was going to her operation straight away.

She had contacted Hagen to explain him f her plans. He agreed, knowing that it was the only way the brunette would take the operation.

Time was of the essence.

She took a deep breath and calmly strode out of the precinct.


“This is so different from Yulia’s mind, the paradise she perceived as she was growing up.” Volkova mumbled, turning her head to look at Lena’s place of hide out at all four sides. It was… Interesting to say the least.

“Yeah? Then how does Yulia’s look like?” Lena said her face smiling. It wasn’t a smile was telling Volkova anything of giving off any other emotions that needed to be noticed. It was just a smile of happiness, the happiness she thought she was receiving from her place of paradise. Volkova turned her head back to the owners of those mysterious green grey eyes, and smiled too. But it was a sad smile.

“A room. A large spacious with everything she owned that she thought were the most precious things she’d ever touched. Her parents are in the room, her sister, lots of lined papers and sharpened pencils, you, Sofia… And there is a door that leads outside of that room, and it’s safely locked. But someone’s pounding on it, trying to smash it down. They never can though. The idea of her in a room with everything she had loved, and a door with the evil trying to smash it down, trying to take away her loved ones, but never can… Gives her a sense of paradise.” Volkova looked back out to the fields of white and the horizon of blue beyond. It seemed as though the invisible sun was setting right then.

“Who’s Sofia?” Red head questioned. She had heard the name before, when Yulia was crying that day in the car.

“You know her as… Sophy.” Volkova quietly mentioned, trying to break it the red head softly. Lena remained quiet for couple of moments.

“But you said Sophy was in the room in Yulia’s mind?” The content smile had vanished form her lips, and only the cold and empty gaze remained.

“I am not in position to tell you her story about Sofia. It is up to her to decide whether you have the right to know about her past, not me. I’m just a small part of brain with no control of her thoughts whatsoever, Sure I talk to her sometimes, but she does as she chooses, not me.”

Lena’s stare went to the white and grainy ground beneath her, obviously disappointed.

“It is time for you to awaken.” The brunette whispered, turning back to Lena, squeezing her shoulder.

Lena held the soft curled up hand squeezing her shoulder. She looked up with pleading eyes. “Just a little bit more.” She insisted, prodding at the hand she held tightly in her grasp.


Yulia leafed through the pages of Sasha’s address book. It had nearly every criminal’s address, and she was absolutely dumbfounded. Everyone on the list needed Sasha’s knowledge about the town, and some of them were one of the most well hidden criminals in perhaps the whole country. She would turn this into the head office as soon as she was done with it, and half of the scum on the face of the earth would be locked away.

“Ivanova… Ivanova… Ivanova…” She murmured to herself as she gave her index finger a slight lick before going back to leafing through the pages again.

She had found it. She smiled. Maybe this was too easy?


With Sofia’s address stored in her head, she promptly ripped out the page with her information on it and took out her lighter. With a swift click of her lighter, the paper caught on fire, its edges turning into a colour of deep grey and absolute black with the blue fire intruding it. With a careful flick of her fingers, the burnt paper was carelessly thrown outside Yulia’s car window.

Yulia grimaced as she felt her daily head ache settling in her temple. She glanced at her watch and scowled. It was already coming close to noon time. Why was time going by so fast? She looked around the confined space of her car, searching for her weapon of choice.

Her eyes analyzed the transparent sac, displaying a quite a lot amount of white powder inside. She grinned. This would do.

With a perfect plan in her head, she drove to her destination, pulling out her shades and a toque to partially hide her head.


“Well… It’s been a long time.” Sofia said aloud, grinning with a satisfied sparkle in her eyes.

“Sure.” Yulia mumbled before brushing past her old lover to come inside of the stuffy apartment Sofia supposedly called, “Home”. It was fucking disgusting. The air inside was stale and there no light with an exception of an old worn out lamp that stood broodily at the corner of the living room.

When Yulia went farther into the apartment, she could smell the stench of alcohol and piss, and even sex. She felt like puking right then and there. But she decided to save it for Sofia face later.

“Well… You look as beautiful as ever, Yules.” Sofia said, behind the brunette, trying to fix her hair up some and trying not to get noticed by Yulia that she was doing that.

Yulia stopped walking inside the apartment and abruptly turned, facing the rudely interrupted honey brunette.

“Yes well… You still look like shit.” Yulia said with a twisted grimace on her face from the awful stench of urine emanating from what it looked to be the master bedroom. Presumably Sofia’s room.

Sofia smirked before rolling her eyes and taking out a cigarette and lighting it. “Well what the hell are you here for then?” She said crossly, getting the point that the brunette wasn’t here for kiss and the make up sex.

“Information. Hear you’ve been running low on these lately?” Yulia said holding up her package of white powder from her coat’s pocket. Sofia’s eyes went glossy and wide before suddenly whipping her hand out to snatch the package from Yulia’s grasp. But Yulia moved the package from its place before Sofia could get to it.

“Nuh uh uh uh! I’m here to negotiate, not for your birthday.” Yulia said with a hint of laughter in her voice. Sophy scowled before hurriedly taking a deep breath in from her cigarette.

“What the fuck do you want?” Sofia growled.

Yulia smirked before lowering her hand with the package of white powder in it. Good girl.

“I know it wasn’t Kozlov you worked with. I know it was the copycat. Tell me who he is.” Simple. But Sofia scoffed, turning away from Yulia.

“I ain’t giving any information like that for a pack of coke. That’s shit.” Sofia whispered. She sounded doubtful though. Yulia let out a long throaty laugh. She tucked the package back into her pocket.

As soon as her laugh ended she shot an unsuspecting punch to Sofia’s side. She let out a yelp before getting hurled from her feet to the ground. When Sofia was scrambling to get back up to her feet, Yulia gave a nerve numbing kick to her belly.

“I didn’t say you could get up you fucking slut. Doesn’t sound so pleasant when you aren’t the one who’s saying it, right?” The brunette screamed at the woman at the ground before sending in another kick.

“Who the fuck is the Copycat and how the hell did you get together to work with him?!”

There was no answer from the woman on the floor. Yulia snarled a string of curses before going over to the honey brunette, flip her around and groping her harshly on her collar. “Am I getting a fucking answer, you heap of shit smelling fuck?!” Yulia screamed at her ex-lover’s face.

Yulia curled her hands into a tightly balled up fist and brought it up to the side of her neck readying for a punch. When she sent her fist flying, Sofia unexpectedly blocked it with her forearm.

“You’re not the only cop around here!” Sofia hissed. Yulia glared at her, struggling for her punch to get through her forearm.

“Helloo, you’re retired bitch!” Yulia yelled back before moving her hand which was grabbing Sofia by the collar to the woman’s throat. “Ever felt what it’s like to be choked to death?” Yulia said with a hint of menace in her eyes.

She’s actually fucking serious about killing me, Sofia thought, a sudden fright making her freeze in her spot. Her occupied arm that was blocking Yulia’s punch slid to Yulia’s tightly grasped hand on her neck, weakly trying to pry the fingers open.

Yulia pulled her free hand to the back of her belt and pulled out her 9mm pistol. She loosened her grip on the neck and pressed the gun barrel against the floor only a few centimeters off from Sofia’s head. She pulled the trigger, the crack of the gun getting shot making Sofia jump.

“Fuck, what the hell is your fucking problem?!” Sofia managed to choke out.

“Sofia, listen carefully or I’m going to fucking shoot you here and now. Every time I hear a wrong answer out of your fucking lips I move the barrel of the gun three centimeters until it mounts on your head and fucking blow your brains out. Understand?!” Yulia said, dead serious. It could be the last moments of her life and she didn’t want to waste any minute of it trying to cajole a pathetic drug drowned woman.

“Fuck, okay okay! It was Jack, alright?! JACK DAVIS! After you fucking blew his dick off he’s had some plasma or some shit or another and tried to revive his credentials! He only said a diseased dog bit on the ass because it was believable! Happy?!?!” She spilled. Yulia was laughing on the inside. The sickening girl under her actually thought that she would spare her life if she spilt everything she knew. What an understatement.

“How did you end up working with him?” The brunette’s eerie blue eyes seemed to pierce through Sofia’s own chocolate ones, staring at her corrupted damned soul, reading every truth, studying every brink of insanity Sofia had crossed so many times.

“Kozlov paired us up. To distract the fuzz from going after him.” Sofia said.

Wrong. Yulia smirked, dragging the barrel on the floor a bit too dangerously near Sofia’s head. “You think I’m that fucking stupid? I know enough to know that you don’t even know what Kozlov looks like you lying twat.” She snapped.

Sofia’s pupil was staring at the very side of her sockets, to see the gun barrel just millimeters away from her head. She started to tremble. “The real answer Sofia.” Yulia probed.

“I…I… Jack… Jack’s gay.” Sofia stuttered out, out of fear. Say whhat? Yulia thought. So, all the perverted acts of him towards her were all an act to hide from what he really was?

“Go on.” Yulia said. She was actually curious about this one.

“He fell in love with Kozlov. He loved him so much, that even when Kozlov had rejected him, he offered his best officer, Lena Katina, for Kozlov’s urges. That’s why the first time, he busted out from the jail so easily. Jack had provided everything for Kozlov for his escape. That’s why he masked himself as the Copycat… All the disguises… Just to look like Kozlov… To help the guy and partly he wanted to take revenge on the red head for taking Kozlov away from him.”

“Continue.” Yulia prodded, dragging the barrel closer to the honey brunette’s head.

“The year I was transferred there, he told me everything. From his love to helping Kozlov escape. He threatened to kill my former girl friend Miranda, the blonde, if I didn’t help him with the work he did for Kozlov and to Lena, and the works involving the higher rankings. Each time he as accused of something I had to be his alibi or another. He fed me dugs, got me hooked on it, kept me working for him… I was used so bad…”

Sofia looked sincerely sad, not trembling nor struggling anymore. It was like she wanted to spill everything now, pass the burden to someone else. But time was running out for Yulia. The sadness inside Sofia’s eyes made her angrier even more.

“You regret everything you did NOW? You think that’ll turn everything back?! You think it’ll turn Lena back as she once was, and all the rape you filths had done to her will be undone?! What the fuck is matter with you?! Forgiveness… The thing called forgiveness was terminated for you five years ago when you I found you in that bathroom stall.”

Yulia took out the white package from her coat pocket and poured the contents on Sofia’s face. “This is baking powder you dumb fuck.” She said coldly, watching Sofia choke on it.

She cocked the gun, and dug the barrel between Sofia’s eyes.

“Good Bye Sofia. I love you.” A tear found its way down Yulia’s face.

“No! You said you won’t kill me, you said you won’t kill…”

Yulia pulled the trigger.


Yulia was bawling as she made her way down the apartment to her car. She struggled with the latch on her car’s door and quickly jumped into her seat before someone saw her and strikes up a pity conversation with her.

She locked the car from the inside and threw her gun in her glove compartment. This gave her a weird feeling of a déjà vu, recognizing that she had done the same thing six years ago with a burning cigarette.

She turned on her stereo and put it up to full blast. She didn’t want to think right now. She needed something painfully loud to distract her.

As her car sped off the street Sofia’s apartment resided on, the twelfth floor of Sofia’s grungy apartment exploded, engulfing Sofia’s stiff body with the thunderous explosion and fire. The glasses shattered, showering the passersby with the sprinkles of glass bits. The apartment seemed to breathe out the immense fire to the outside.

The other people who also lived in the apartment building were hurriedly running outside, their faces pale and panic streaked. They were all safe except for Sofia because of a mysterious black haired woman had evacuated them to the first floor long before the explosion, flashing her police badge.

The inhabitants and the passersby stretched their necks, looking up to the dancing fire shooting up to the sky.

Later, it was harshly blamed on the poor insulation systems and the ragged gas pipelines. The only body that was found was degraded and burnt so severely, the stench and the damaged tissue distracted from the smaller than small bullet hole on her head.

1:27 pm.

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Chapter 16

It was starting to rain. The thick smog of clouds gathered up ahead, masking the clear blue sky that seemed to hide behind its curtains. The deep shade of grey clouds prodded at each other, the lights and hopes of sunlight vanishing from the earth’s surface. Heavy rumbles of thunder and claps of lightening started to begin its daily basis of frightening little infants in their cots and napping dogs in their houses. It was dark all around. The lengthy drops of rain splattered on the dirt, slowly collecting pools of mud here and there. Darkness overshadowed the whole city. The windows of each building were lit one by one, open windows getting closed.

The thunders raged the heavens repeatedly. Once, twice, and thrice it rang the sky, and shook the surface beneath, resulting in every little movements ignored with the rumbles of low thunders. People looked up to the sky with their hands over heads in wonder, rain was a rare thing now and then.

In a solid squared building of a hospital at the center of a vast city, a certain red head slept soundly on her bed with her sheets draped over her. She was in her same position as she was first brought more than four weeks back.

Another thunder clashed noisily, a streak of lightening jolting dangerously close to the hospital building. But as the thunder clashed and the temporary habitants scrambled to the closest windows to witness the drastic weather change, they never seemed to notice the sleeping red head’s middle and ring finger twitch and tense up, before setting back down to their former place. If this was witnessed, it would’ve been a miraculous buzz, seeing she hadn’t moved or done anything for herself rather than breathe for more than four weeks. But the eyes were all out the windows, watching the lightening instead.


Oh beautiful. The thick rain drops bombarded on Yulia’s windshields, painfully reminding her of the vague memory that had been fighting to play in her memory banks for quite some time now. She was ignoring the urges and made herself think of Lena. How she was hurt, and how those awful people used her for their own greedy purposes.

She sighed, shakily opening her glove compartment and taking out a fresh new cigarette pack. She ripped the top lid open, quickly snatching out a stick of the white cylinder and clamping it down with her lips. With a random stick of an old match she discovered beneath her car seat, she lit up her smoke, and calmly parked her car.

She was at her destination. She silently waited in her car, trying to look inconspicuous.

She was across a rather wide street road, across from a small cozy house down at the suburbs. Her eyes were trailing the basic outline of one particular house she had her thoughts fixed on.

The house was light beige with red bricks lining the front door entrance and the steps that lead to it. The large window on the main part of the building concealed the contents inside the house with an also deep red drapery. It was a typical house with the white picket fence that poked out not far from the house itself and the wild un-mowed lawn wilted at the tips.

This house was Jack Davis’ residence. And she was patiently waiting for the occupant to get his stinking ass out of the house so she could eave a surprise for the lucky guy. She chuckled to herself as she pulled up her hood over head, hiding her sooty brunette hair which was extra spiked involuntarily from the humidity of the rain. She didn’t want to attract any attention now, would she?

Immediately Yulia slightly ducked in her car, seeing a limping figure with a sturdy wind breaker on slowly and carefully step into his own car, a black Lexus. So predictable.

As the black car sloshed and gushed out of the street swimming through level water the rain had raised in a short amount of time. She counted to twenty, making sure the car had gone with Jack inside of it. She reached for her bag sitting on her passenger’s seat and flung it over her shoulder. With one last check at the mirror and pulling up her hood once again, she hopped off her BMW, locking the door with her keys as she splashed to the house.


It was about two hours later a disgruntled and scruffy Jack Davis limped back into his house. It was really dark out, making the innerds of his house pitch dark. He flinched at the crack of thunder that had sprouted from the dusty sky, the trickling sounds of the rain made when hit against his window making him somehow a little anxious.

He nonchalantly threw his keys on his kitchen top counter, before proceeding to open his fridge, poking his head in a scavenge of immediate food resource. He took out the milk, though hesitantly, before drinking it straight from the carton. Another crack of thunder made him choke on his milk, making him spill some out of his mouth from the corners of his lips.

Today was all going wrong. He cursed as he angrily hurled the whole milk carton across the kitchen, and wiping his mouth on the back of his sleeves.

At first, he finds out Sofia is dead, the second at the doctor’s office the news is broken to him that he could not save his disembodied penis and now even the fucking rain was out to get him. He growled before snappily kicking his fridge door shut and striding to his living room.

But before he could flick on the lights a numbing punch struck him across his face, making him stagger back a bit. He narrowed his eyes to adjust to the dark and see who it was.

“Detective Volkova?” He asked, holding his nose. It was bleeding. Another delightful thing to add, on his list of beautiful things that had happened on that beautiful day. Just fucking perfect. “What the hell are you doing here? And in my house?”

Yulia glared at him, the silence almost deafening if not for the clashing thunder outside. It matched exactly how she felt and she was grateful for it. She made an inward thanks to the above as she took another swing across Jack’s face.

He yelped as he staggered back once more, looking up at his detective in disbelief.

“Volkova, this is trespassing, with assault! I could nail you bad with this! Can you at least talk what I’ve done wrong to make you behave this way? It could all be just a misunderstanding that we could sort out!”

“Fuck you.” Yulia hissed, then giving him a cracking kick to the back of his left knee. He groaned and went down on one of his knees, looking up at the brunette his hand still on his leaking nose.

“What the fuck is the matter with you?! Volkova you’re fucking under arrest for abusing a fellow officer as well your fucking superior!” He snarled, now taking his hand off his nose. The blood had trailed down to his chin, a line of blood now passing his neck line and staining the collar of his shirt.

Superior. That word made her sick. It made her want to take a gun to her head. It made her want to kill Davis so bad. And that’s what she had intended to do.

So they wrestled for a good long thirty minutes, before Jack had gotten the upper hand and got Yulia pinned to floor. Jack had both of Yulia’s wrists with his one hand up over her head, him straddling her and smoldering her with his immense weight.

But Yulia had laughter in her eyes. “Oi, Jack! How’s your dick? The last time I saw it, I blew it off with my 9mm!! Hahahaha...”

Jack slugged her with his one available hand, pounding his knuckled over Yulia’s face crossly. Jack quickly grabbed a handful of rings he always had for display on the living room counter, and slipped them on. He then resumed to pummel the woman beneath him.

“You fucking ruined me! You fucking ruined me! FUCK I could’ve given up my life for him…Did you know that?! Lena was fucking nothing compared what I was ready to give him, did you know that?!?!?” He spat in her blood welting face, and jumped up. He took his foot and began to kick her on her sides and belly as she groaned and yelped aloud in pain on the ground.

Yes Davis, kick your enemies when they’re down, and add some extra kicking if they happen to be women. You fucking bastard. Yulia’s train of thoughts never ceased in her head as she was getting beaten by the man towering above her. She didn’t mean it to get out of hand like this. She managed to scowl with her welted face. She was losing time right at that second.

She scrambled to her feet and gave his already circumcised big time groins a sharp kick. He screeched before falling down on his knees and covering his privates with his hands delicately.

“You bitch!” He hissed through his clamped teeth.

“You sick fuck!” She hissed back. But she was taken aback when Jack had pulled out a switch blade from his back pocket and flick the blade out. Yulia jumped at the sound of a soft click, backing away immediately. Her hand reached for the back of her belt and she cursed, feeling her holster empty. Her mind reeled back to her earlier memories where she shoved the gun at the back of her glove compartment and closed it.

She clenched her jaw, trying not to show her enemy her worry. They wordlessly circled the spacious living, one with a weapon held out, and one with just her hands held out in front of her.

Their eyes had adjusted to the dark ages ago. But this was a big problem.

As Yulia’s back was facing the front entrance, she was studying Jack features, trying to read him. But something confused her as she saw Jack’s face crease and his eyes narrow, forming an expression of utter shock. His eyes seemed to look through her, looking right at the front entrance.

And indeed he was. His hands of ready stance immediately dropped, his grasped switchblade hand falling limply at his side.

‘What the…?’ Yulia’s mind was racing and as well as her beating of her heart. Something was going wrong. Her sixth sense was going crazy. Then her stomach churned at what words befell on ears from Jack’s lips.

“…J-Joris Kozlov…Oh my god Kozlov… I-Is that you??”


Yulia’s head snapped back to the front entrance and the sight that met her eyes shocked her too. She was going to die. She could hear the continuous laughter behind her from Jack.

She was going to die because there was no Kozlov at the door. She had fallen for the oldest trick in the book.

Seeing as Yulia had her back turned to Jack, he took to the chance and lunged at the smaller frame. With his left hand, he bunched up whatever amount of hair he could grab and snapped the brunette’s head back. And with his right hand, he raised his switch blade to her neck.

Yulia drew in a trembling breath as she thought was her last.

With a swift movement of his blade, Jack slit Yulia’s neck.

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Chapter 17

Jack had washed his hands thoroughly to be rid of the blood his hands were soaked in. Everything was done in the dark, not wanting to give his nosy neighbours the wrong idea. After tightening the faucet to close off the pouring water, he stepped out of the bathroom and headed for his living room.

Just because the body was here a few minutes ago, he would not panic like some blubbering idiot. He had skillfully disposed of the body, and he was going to go on his normal routine until something pops up otherwise.

He reached out to a wall beside him, fumbling around the flat surface for the light switch. He had wanted to check if there were blood stains on his carpet. And he only got them cleaned last week. He scoffed. Yes, he was the luckiest man alive.

He had found the light switch, and he flicked it on.

Wrong incision. Wrong place.

Once upon a time, there had been a house in the suburbs. Now, there was nothing left of it.

Jack’s cozy little home was seen by an old man walking his dog in the pouring rain. This old man never broke the habit and the cycle of his little friend’s walking time, nap time and chow time, rain or shine. He sighed as he bent down to pick up the small rottewiler, looking around to see the pounding rain submerging the house on the streets.

Suddenly the thunder itself screamed in his ears, the shrinking back rottweiler digging into his arms. The immense explosion from the pleasant looking house made the old man stumble back on his rear as he held his dog in his embrace. His mouth was gaping at the fire beneath the rain, its droplets of water extinguishing the crackling heat bit by bit.

His ass was getting cold and wet. His dog was looking like a drenched rat. He had just urinated upon his pants. His eyes widened and jaw hanging down, he choked on his own voice before speaking up.

“Heeeeeelp!! Fire!! HELP!!!!!”


Just after Yulia went inside Jack’s house in Chap 16…

Yulia looked around the home of Jack Davis, thinking just how much cozy it was. It contradicted so much from what h really was. She scoffed when she saw bunch of playboy magazines, strewn about the house too carelessly.

He was trying too hard not to give away that he was a homosexual. And he was failing dismally. No single man like Jack Davis could arrange one’s home so cozily, delightfully and carefully. Only people in tune with their feminine side did that. Hell even she didn’t do this to her home.

As she shifted her pupils from the kitchen to the living room, she had suppressed the urges to whistle, looking at the matching set of furniture, a matching set of wallpaper to go along with it and a television with a sound system that any man could dream for. He probably bought that to hide his gay side too.

When she had finished her brief tour, she then got to the real point of sneaking in there. She looked up to the ceiling gazing at the living room’s light fixtures curiously. With a soft smile shining in her eyes she clutched her bag and opened it, never leaving her eyes form the lights.

With expert guidance of her unaided hands, she took out a plastic bottle filled with white liquid substance. Then standing up on the coffee table placed at the center of the living room and right under the lights, she unclipped the decoration glass around the light bulbs inside, placing it on the ground with care. She went back up and studied the lights.

There were three light bulbs attached to a one rectangular piece of machinery connecting through out the ceiling. She grinned with mischief in her eyes and undid each bulb. She went back down to the floor and plopped down on the carpet. Rummaging through her bag once more, she dug up a large piece of bubble gum, and a small portable drill.

She knew she was going to need this for this kind of trick one day. She smiled as she went to work on the each light bulb. First she would drill little tiny holes in each one of the light bulbs, being careful so she wouldn’t break or touch the filament in any way. After, setting her drill aside, she took out the plastic bottle filled with an unknown liquid looking a lot like water, and filled each light bulb with the liquid to full.

After that, she popped the gum in her mouth and when it got chewy enough, she separated them into three different pieces, sealing each holes on the bulb that she had made. Satisfied with her work, she grunted, pulling herself up back to the light fixture. She screwed each of the bulbs back into place and setting the decoration glass, she jumped at the sound of an approaching car, and she cursed.

She quickly cleaned everything up, and set out to leave through the back door. She flung her bag over her shoulder and was about to run for the back door through the kitchen. But she felt uneasy.

She felt like she was cheating, and that it wasn’t a fair game. That Jack didn’t know what was going to happen, what he was up against, and that when he turned on those living room lights, the petrol inside the bulbs are going to blow destroying the house as well as himself. He was just going to die without a fair fight. She sighed as she heard the limping foot steps draw near the house.

The front door knob’s lock jiggled. She let out a breath she’d been holding and carefully setting aside her bag on the kitchen counter, she calmly walked out of the kitchen. She hid in the shadows at a close distance from the light switch and waited.

Her eyes had already adapted to the dark so she could see the bastard clean ad clear. She took a deep breath, gulped, and closed her eyes. Flashing the best images of Lena in her head, she opened her eyes again. Jack had his hand right beside the switch. She lunged for the bigger man and punched him squarely on the nose.


The police lined the perimeters with the Caution no entrance yellow tape, covering the explosion site. The pouring sheets of rain scattered across the glistening wet and flashing red and blue lights.

“Hey!! Found a body here, we better bring in a stretcher!!” An officer who was digging through the strewn about debris of the once cozy suburban home of man, found a hand poking out from the heap of burning wood. As he expertly tossed aside the woods and the excess debris to uncover the body he winced and cringed back at the sight the fell before him. This was worse than the last apartment that blew up.

The clothes on the unidentified man’s body was completely burnt or torn aside, revealing the clammy pale if not bloody and marred flesh of once an organic. The fabric of a shirt barely clung on to some parts on his shoulders, and aside from those and his socks, there was no clothes that he had managed to stay on.

He was lying right up, his face facing the sky, showing of his severed member and unimpressive testicles. The officer crinkled up his nose as he back stepped. The expression on the dead man’s face was unreadable.

Those big hollow brown eyes were still wide open and the jaw bone popped out of place, the stench of death was the bonus. He looked back behind his shoulders to look for the stretcher he asked for. It was on its way. He looked back down at the cold stiff body laid out in front of him on his pile of debris and sighed.

He took off his officer cap, and respectfully bowed down to the body. The heavy falling rain clamored within the officer’s thinning pale blonde hair, giving off the short lived electric shine.

When the stretcher had been brought beside him, he sniffed and pulled back on his cap. Another day in his line of business. It was nothing he hasn’t done before.


Her breath hitched at the back of her throat as she felt the needle weave through her skin. Also she was inserted with an anesthetic, she could still imagine the coldness of the tiny needle going through her scar and tightening it close. She suppressed another gasp as the needle went through her skin again.

The veterinarian apologetically looked up before going back to his work. “I’m sorry miss. It’s just I’m not the kind of person that you look for to treat humans.” He voice was deep and kind. He had wrinkled lining his wisdom on his forehead and the corners of his eyes. His unusually pretty blue eyes, unusual as you can get with a male anyways, somewhat distracted people’s line of sight from his burning red hair.

She frowned. He reminded her of Lena. How was she doing? Had she woken up? Is she dying? Is she looking for her? The brunette sighed as the vet lowered his needles and reach for a ball of cotton for finishing touches.

“You’re really lucky whoever did this to you was such an idiot. But if he had been lucky the incision would’ve gone over your artery. Be happy, because today you escaped Death.” He said, still kindly. There was no interest of mock in his tone whatsoever.

Yulia hopped off the table receiving a scarf held up by the vet. She thankfully eyed him before wounding the linen firmly around her neck.

“And Miss Volkova, please try not to reopen the stitches. Although I’ve done a pretty good job… If it happens it could still be fatal, especially in the condition you are in now.” He said worriedly. He was sizing Yulia’s small frail and battered form, tutting.

She had a black eye, cut open upper lip, a light minor gash that ran along from the middle of her scalp to the side of her right brow, beyond black and blue knuckles. And those were only the injuries he could see. He had no idea if there were some other injured beneath the layers of clothing she had on.

She flashed him one of her rare smiles as she flung her bang over her shoulders. “I’ll *try*, doc. But I don’t guarantee anything… If it reopens, I know who to find.”

“Oh ya? Who?” He said cocking his head.

“You.” She said. The vet guffawed.

“I’m just a vet, I only specialize in animals!” He argued, but somewhere inside, he already knew it was of no use.

“Be seeing you,doc!” With her last good byes, she pranced out of the veterinarian’s office, and went in the search of her car.

Two down, one more to go.


“Oh dear!! Jonesy, take a look at our Redilocks!! She’s moving in her sleep!!!” An old nurse with kind wrinkles adorning her face tapped the back of her assistant nurse. The tall younger nurse pivoted to face the red head and her mouth opened in an act of surprise.

“Oh Agnes, maybe she’s waking up soon! I’ve heard she was a special case of a coma, but thank god she’s at least trying to wake up now!” She exclaimed, the pen in her fingers writing furiously on her clipboard. The older woman nodded excitedly as she watched the beautiful but quite pale woman sleeping on the bed before her.

“Are you getting this down, Jonesy?” She asked, a happy grin breaking her face as she expertly changed Lena’s IV’s.

“Don’t worry about it. Dr. Komorov would be happy to hear about this.” Agnes raised her palm up to Jonesy’s face to shush her.

“Shut up! She’s saying something in her sleep!!” They both ‘Ooh’ed and scrambled near to hear what Lena was frantically whispering. They only smiled when they heard what she was saying.

The sentence that Lena said during her sleep was her lover’s name, and various but rare I love you’s. The thing that made this much sweeter was the Lena was slowly picking up the corners of her mouth into a ghost of a smile.

“Jonesy…I think I too shall be a lesbian.” Agnes sighed s she leaned in closer to drink in all Lena was saying. Jonesy snorted and quickly brought her hand up to her lips to suppress her laughter. Agnes immediately launched a full out death glare at her assistant.

“Agnes… I think you’re a little too old for that.”

“Age isn’t anything but a number. Love can happen at any age!”

“…Aaaagnes…. Are you saying that you don’t love your husband?”



Yulia checked her watch and cursed. She had wasted too much of her precious time with Jack. Now she approximately had about five hours to get this job done. She ruffled her fingers through her hair beffore taking both of her hands and rubbing her face. She could hear her own joints squeak and bones protesting at her sudden movements.

She had fucking leukemia for god sakes. She sighed. She would have to finish the job and get the operation as soon as possible to even get 50:50 chance of living. And if she didn’t finish the job at all… Well she would die trying.

She stretched out her hands in a last movement of her brief warm up routine, and dug her hands inside her back pocket. She pulled out a pair of leather gloves and she slid them on, wriggling her fingers. She took a deep breath, exhaled and they pulled her bag from the passenger seat on to her lap.

The rain was still falling and the constant ticks and pangs of the rain making noises against her windshield made her jumpy. She just rolled her eyes as she made her focus of vision make way for the huge mansion across the street.

“Come on… Where are you Volkova… I need your edge…” Yulia growled under her breath, reaching her both hands inside the bag and pulling out all the gun power she had in there. She grinned. Maybe it wouldn’t be as hard as she thought. It was the stupidest plan she had ever thought of, yes, but it should still work. Who ever said bravado was such a dangerous thing… Well they were right.

Her eyeballs lolled back inside her head, her eyes closing. She kept them closed for a while. She shuddered and let out a shaky breath. Then after shaking her head side to side vigorously, she opened them, revealing clear piercing blue eyes, radiating off a some kind of ominous glow. They were empty, cold and hollow. Yes, they might have been hollow eyes… But they held power… And laughter.

“Mothers back.”


Volkova hopped off her beat up car and headed straight for the front door. She pressed on the door bell and waited for a response. The speaker gave off sounds of static for a while before a feminine voice chimed in with an edgy voice responded.

“Who’s there?” It asked through a piece of machinery. Volkova smirked. This was going to be cake. She cleared her voice, and gave out the juiciest, throatiest and the most perverse voice she could ever do and spoke into the speaker.

“Darlin’… It’s me. Joris.”

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Chapter 18

The sooty black spiked hair was vaguely noticed by the sauntering back and over front entrance guards. Volkova had no doubt that there were more than 2 watchers, and most likely more than two front entrances. Damn filthy rich pigs.

Se had a lone assault rifle mounted on her back, fully loaded. Her coat was beginning to get ragged and worn out, and her flesh on her hands was looking like it was permanently stained with smeared blood of her own and others. A blood soaked scarf was barely clinging on to her neck, her size bigger jeans ripped in most places. Her boots were tightly fastened to her feet, and a leather pouch stringed to her calf only inches above. In the leather pouch held her signature bayonet, the same one she had used on Sasha, the bartender.

The fact of so many dead bodies under her belt and other people’s blood on her hands chilled her to the bone. But those bodies and bloods… Was necessary evil, if it meant saving something she cared about more than much.

A bitter thinning of her mouth set into a tight grimace on her rigid features as she smoothly screwed on a silencer on her pistol. Her eyes moved constantly up and about, watching and looking for signs of danger in the environment surrounding her. As the gun part clipped into place, she swiftly buckled them into her holster and hid them with her long coat.

The very first gates of the Lordess’s properties were easy. Tricking that idiotic cow was like eating cake. She sighed as she looked around the very first frontal garden, enriched with newly sprouted greens and sky ripping evergreen trees. It was a vast clearing of flowers and freshly mowed lawns, with a little beaten path leading into the next gate.

She fastened the buttons on her coat as she cautiously made her way up the beaten path and to the entrance. It was a normal enough looking two doors, wooden, with two garden gnomes taking security. She resisted the temptation to laugh.

As her blue eyes curiously drank in the appearance of two wooden doors, something caught her as odd. This was way too easy. The quick pace but cautious march stopped, as she studied the doors. Something was awfully fishy, the stench of false innocence making her wants to stick a finger down her own throat.


She smirked as she spotted at least four cameras sloppily hidden all around the bushes around the entrance. Someone in the household, possibly the gardener, wasn’t doing their job. But as she made the discovery of the cameras before she walked right into a bear trap, she was still stuck. They had cameras at four different angles and she had no idea how to dismantle each one of them without being captured on the other camera.

Nervous and pissed, she picked up a rock from the beaten road and hurled one at one of the gnomes. It didn’t budge. She scoffed. Even a frigging garden gnome was beginning to defy her. She checked her watch and nearly screamed from the time. Time. She was running out of it real quick. And she was already stuck on the second door, very smooth.

It was 7:52pm. At the maximum she had approximately four hours until midnight. Hagen said that he could save the operation room until then. She had to finish this quicker. She glanced at the cameras again. She stepped back a pace and folded her arms and tilted her head in a gesture that she was deep in thoughts. After about five minutes spent she almost became hysterical and was close to running out that door and going to the operation room right away. But she stopped herself. Lena’s life was at stake here.

She looked up at the four cameras once more. Licking her lips, she silently reached for her pistols and gripped them with both her hands.

“Aww for fuck’s sake, what the hell!”

With that she aimed her guns at the cameras and pulled the trigger.


Lordess’s gold blonde hair whipped here and there as she snapped her sights from left to right. Her coffee hazel eyes and creamy pale skin wasn’t looking so healthy right at the moment. She was frantic at the fact that whoever set their foot in her properties was not in fact, Kozlov. The main entrance’s camera one, two, three as well as four were brought down by this mystery man, and she had just sent her best two men down to investigate.

She chewed on her nails. She had better call Joris. She jumped to the phone on her bedside stool and snatched the receiver off its hook. Her fingers instinctively dialed her lover’s number expertly, anticipation and fear pumping through her veins.


As she smashed the door open with her shoulder she rolled on the marble floor before jumping up to her feet again. Her eyes measured and calculated with speed beyond timing, and timed up the guard’s all around her inside the actual mansion.

She raised both her guns and aimed one at the fat dude at her left flank and aimed the other at the one wearing shades on the loft balcony upstairs. Three more came at her from her front, smash opening a door she guessed that lead to the living with the stairs to the upstairs loft.

They had their guns ready and aimed. She immediately jumped to the side, her guns still aimed at the nearing guards’ bodies and shooting frantically. All three bodies crumpled to the ground by the time Volkova landed on her right side.

Rolling up to her feet she ran to the door that was smashed open. Knowing what to do, she ran for the thick layers of wood ladened coffee table and flipped it to the side, making it as sort of a shield for her from the coming swarms of more suits. And what do you know, just as she expected another pair of doors smashed open with a disturbing crack, and fie of them ran in the living room.

They all conveniently enough thought this well before they ran through the door, because as soon as they came bursting out from the other side, they positioned them selves all around the room. Volkova cursed under her breath as she felt the guns aimed for the coffee table. This was getting a little more complicated that she had originally planned. At the front gate, it seemed like a swell idea… but now…

She groaned as she jerked up to her feet, whirled to the nearest suit and shot. She didn’t give a rat’s ass about wasting bullets so she pulled the trigger blind to every side. She smirked after a few seconds of her favorite move. Every body was heaped on the ground, obviously not moving which meant only one thing. DEAD.

She made her way through the next set of doors and she cursed as her slowly devising up plan of getting a breather was ruined. There was at least eight more suits and shades coming her way from the other door in a long and wide dining room.

She rose up both her guns and started to shoot. But unfortunately, so did they.

She shot the first on the chest, the second one on the eye, and the third one on the left upper thigh. Then her bullets ran out. Her bullet totin’ mechanism just clinked with sounds of empty springs indicating that it was empty.

“Aww shit!” The third one still not yet dead, took aim and took a controlled shot on the brunette. With a crack of a bullet going off, the rest of the guards stood in silence and celebrating their victory and triumph in their heads. The bullet had successfully hit Volkova.


Volkova violently spun to the back, her rear facing the suits. Her knees uneasy, she staggered a few steps away from the guards, and time seemed to freeze for a while.

Volkova blinked and watched the crimson thick liquid ooze out of her left flesh just under her collar bone. It was numb. Then out of the blue, laughter came out, low chuckles of emptiness filling the hollow dining room. The suits glances at each other, baffled. And that was exactly what Volkova was going for. When they were being too busy what the hell was wrong with the tiny woman with massive firepower…

Volkova dropped her dual pistols and grabbed her assault rifle mounted on her back. She spun back to the puzzled guards, and uncapped the wonders of her bullets on the rest of the men. But at the last standing man who looked like he was desperately trying to change his magazine before the raging brunette came for him, the bullets ran out on her again.

The last remaining people standing were aiming both of their empty guns at each other and clicking away with no bullets. But as realization set in, they both stopped and the woman just lowered her rifle. The guards did the same with his pistol. Both ways, she was going to kill this guy or not, no bullets were just an excuse.

She slowly and cautiously turned the rifle so she was grabbing it by its nose. And with a wink and a fake grin she mercilessly swung the whole hunk of metal at his head, knocking him down on his back on the floor. Pitching away the empty rifle, she slid out her bayonet. She smiled, watching the man who wasn’t unconscious but blinking wildly trying to see straight again. Good. She wanted him to be awake.

She slowly slid on top of him and kissed him on his forehead.

“Such a young boy… About to get wasted on a fine night like this. Tsk! Where is the world going these days?” Volkova said in a mock mother tone, the bayonet still held tight in her grip.

“What the fuck do you want bitch?” he growled in a brave voice. But Volkova saw through it and clearly watched the bubbling pain and fear. His eyes were like open windows, and her eyes were like telescopes that probed into his frail mind. So fragile.

She harshly placed her bayonet beside his penis and roughly shoved the blade against his member. The suit gasped, his eyes widening in shock. Volkova laughed out loud.

“Oooh! Not such a young boy down there aren’t ya?” She said, almost teasing.

“I said what the fuck you want!!” He screamed.

“Your respect, dickwad.” She snarled in to his face. They looked in each other’s eyes for couple of moments before the suit looked away.

“What can I do for you today?” He asked once more with bubbling anger beneath the polite words. Volkova laughed again.

“The direction to Lordess’s room. Can you do that for me?” She asked with a wink.

“Go out the door where me and other guards came out from, turn right at the hall, up the flight of stairs and the very last door on the balcony, loft or whatever…” He said with an ashamed face. Loyal one eh? She rolled her eyes as she slid off the guy.

“Now, I’m going to kill you. I can’t risk anyone calling for…” Before Volkova could finish her sentence the man was already up and running for the exit. She launched her bayonet. She cursed as it hit his arm and he had no intention of stopping.

She eyed for anything near that was pointy enough to kill the man. Then something caught her eye. The slender leg of the dining room chair looked pointy enough. She grabbed a random chair in her reach, kicked the leg from its seat and hurled it to the running man who almost reached the door.

It lodged firmly on the back of his head.

The brunette shook her hands as if she was pretending to shake imaginary dust off of them. “Now I killed you… Because I can’t risk anyone calling for back ups now can I?” She finished off her sentence to no one in particular before following the dead man’s directions.

The pain beneath her collar bone went by unnoticed by her growing determination… And perhaps hope that she could certainly make this work. Hope that she could go back alive to Lena.

She checked her watch. It was nearing 8:40pm.

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Chapter 19

She peered around her surroundings curiously, with newly acquired pistol from a dead body in hand. She made sure her shoes did not make any noise against the squeaky clean marble floors or as well as make any prints.

The clenched her right hand’s grip on her pistol as she heard soft clicks of footsteps coming from the top of the staircase. Scrambling to a nearest corner to obstruct their view of her, she closed her eyes as she banged her back against the marble wall.

Something on her left wrist tickled. She glanced down at her left hand and softly growled. The blood from her gun shot wound had trickled down to her wrists and to her fingertips, daring to mark the floor with its crimson thickness. Carelessly wiping the tickling blood on her coat she concentrated back on the footsteps. Then as they drew near she could hear low mumbles of the suits talking amongst themselves. She involuntarily leaned her head to the side to get a better hearing of what they were saying.

“… Quiet in here?” The first voice said ending in a questioning tone.

“Ya, I notice that. But let’s get real, there are more than ten professional guards down there they can’t be all dead by this mystery man?” The second voice garbled back.

“Professional my full embodied ass. Oh they’re trained alright, by some dripping pussies. I wouldn’t feel secure with at least a hundred of them packed in here.” The first voice snapped back.

“FYI, that dripping pussy was your father. Don’t be too sure of yourself just because the best combat trainer in the world made you the second best. Oh never mind that; I could kick your ‘full embodied’ ass any day.”

Only two voices. Volkova was suddenly all too sure of her degrading health and her newly gained wounds. The two voices coming her way were the two best men the Lordess was sending out to “Retrieve” her.

From her inside coat’s pocket, she slipped out a solid hand knife. The footsteps were drawing near. Her hands shook with anticipation.

As they appeared in her line of sight one of the guards had seen her.

“Shit Oscar, behind ya!” He raised his gun at the brunette. But Volkova lunged for the guard who had his back towards her and dragged her knife’s blade along the man’s throat and artery. The blood sprayed from the man’s artery to his partner all over his face.

For a moment he was in shock. He raised his palms and watched as drips of sprayed blood fell from his chin and on to his palm. He looked up at Volkova once again. His lips were quivering and were blubbering like an idiot.

But Volkova just raised her pistol and shot him once on the head and once more on his chest when he was down on the floor. She regained her composure and stabbed down her hand knife to one of the fallen guards, loading the blade firmly in his flesh.

Leaving the pools of bleeding mess behind her, she began to climb the stairs. She started to get a headache and pangs of light headedness attacking her. It bombarded her focus as she collapsed to her knees. Using her gun to help her stand up, she got up again. She exhaled and willed herself to climb with every ounce of energy she’s got.


“Joris, you must come! My estate is being ambushed and I think all of my interior guards are killed! Please… Bring some reinforcements with you when you come!” Lordess nodded a few more times with a distant “uh huh” here and there. And with a kissing noise she hung up the phone.

She hugged her arms close to herself, biting her thumb’s nail. But a click of a gun loading made her jump and whirl around to face the intruder. She almost snorted with laughter when she was met with the mystery “man” who killed all of her guards.

It was a woman, a tiny and frail figured woman, with damp limping tresses of spiky hair and piercing blue eyes. She had blood everywhere on her clothing and she couldn’t find out which ones were her’s and which ones were her guards’. This little girl killed all of her highly trained guards? All of them? She was doubtful.

“I’m thinking that was Kozlov on the other line, am I right?” Volkova inquired. Her odd confidence in the tone of her voice disturbed the Lordess.

“Yes, he’s on his way right now to kill you” She said. She tried to look nonchalant and bored, trying to get Volkova a little more enraged and not so… Cold. Se heard the brunette smirk, her eyes directing to another place in her room before it went back to her’s.

“So tell me, I got you all to myself until he comes?” Volkova said, her eyes narrowing into a devious smile.

“Kozlov is going to be here faster than you think...”

“Good! Because it’s him I want, not you.”

“Then why didn’t you go to his place in the first place?!”

“Because… That wouldn’t be revenge, it would just be a cheap pay back. I’m going for the full price.” Volkova aimed for Lordess’s leg and shot. She went down like a heap of potatoes. “I don’t want you running away now, do I?”

The brunette sauntered near to the blonde woman and made use of her bed sheets. Volkova ripped them into a size of substitute rope and tied Lordess to a chair. Lordess was bawling.

“Why are you doing this to Joris??” She bubbled out.

“He once killed the love of my life. Then his ‘friends’ killed her at least five more times or more. I’m just retuning the favor.” Yulia was by this time aching, tired and bitter. She pulled out a carton of smokes from her back pocket and lit one up.

Inhaling the smoke almost blissfully, she turned her head to the Lordess and exhaled the fume of disgusting smoke right into her face.

The blonde was still sniffling. “What did he do to kill your lover?! What did he do that was so bad to make you like this?” She asked.

“He raped her.”

Moments of silence dragged on, Lordess in a jaw slackening shock and Yulia just exhaling more smoke. Yulia glanced at the quiet Lordess and almost growled at the expressing she wore.

It was an expression of pure hate and disgust.

“You fucking dyke! Get the fuck away from me you piece of freak!” She screeched at Yulia. Yulia’s lips twitched. Her fingers holding the cigarette was trembling.

“You fucking homo, you shouldn’t exist you fucking filthy worthless trash! You’re sick, you know that? You’re fucking sick--…” The on going insults were deafened with an ear splitting scream. Yulia was putting out her cigarette on the gun shot wound on the Lordess’s leg.

“You should know when to shut your hole when you’re at your brink of joining your little guards downstairs.” Yulia remarked coolly, shutting the blonde right up.

Then suddenly the doors of the master bedroom slammed open, Joris Kozlov and seven other grey suited guards joining the lovely ladies.

“So good of you to join us, Joris. I was beginning to get worried. I’m assuming you didn’t have any trouble finding this place?” Volkova said with nauseating pleasantness. The seven guards as well as Joris faltered.

“Let Vika go. We’ll think of something. How much do you want?” Although the scene was pretty overwhelming for Kozlov, he never lost his stature, not ever losing his cool headed and charming ways.

“Tsk tsk… Joris, I don’t negotiate. I’m here for only one purpose. To kill Vika here, and to kill you. And if any of your friends try to interfere, they die too.” Volkova was grinning. She raised the bottle of her pistol and shoved it in the Lordess’s or Vika’s mouth.

“I’m sure you heard about Sofia, and Sasha? How they ended up? And I’m pretty sure you heard about the explosion earlier today at a suburban home. That was Jack’s house.”

“Wha- Who the hell are you?!” Kozlov aimed his gun at Volkova.

“Do you remember… Ahh what’s her name… Lena? Or Officer Katina if you prefer?” Kozlov stiffened at the mention of the long lost name in the depths of his brain. His carefully aimed gun shook.

“I said, who the fuck are you!” He shouted, sprays of saliva shooting out from his mouth.

“A person who’s going to castrate you and get away with it.” She replied coldly.


The raging locks of red curls and solid, complicated sparkles of grey were the only splash of colors the so called Paradise of Lena’s had. Well exception of raven black strands of spikes pointing towards the sky and deep endless blue eyes which its insides seemed to rock and fro with repeating clashes of blue waves.

The restless grey iris were searching the figure on the ground a few meters off of her. The brunette was sitting on her backside, staring intently on the hazy black and white grass beneath her feet. Her brows were tightly knit, her fist on her left knee clenching and unclenching from time to time. Volkova looked like she was zoned out, but her dilated pupils were whizzing about, combing the grass rooted to the ground.

That woman was not Yulia.

Those curious sparkles turned into a misty despondent gaze, lamely dragging its peripheral vision through the sky below. Her perky button nose twitched in a gesture of a small anger coming on. Her full ruby lips were now thin and contracted, the creases on her chin making it sure that she was trying not to cry.

She slowly blinked and looked up around her Paradise. This wasn’t her idea of Paradise anymore. This wasn’t the way she pictured happiness, squaredness and perfection. Nothing was perfection when the woman who never ceased to wrinkle her mind wasn’t there with her.

Hopelessly, she looked around her surroundings. It was a sad sight of an imitation of the ruling nature. It was pathetic. She turned a full circle to fully understand her troubles. She had gotten it. She could see, from the corner of her eyes, the faint glow of the black and white sun light diminishing and the grey vast land getting blurred and meshed together into nothingness.

Why the hell was she here for, when the thing she perceives as happiness is out there? Why had she been such an idiot all along? Why couldn’t she see that everything that mattered and had made sense in her life was out there… And not in “Paradise”?

“I think its time for me to get my lazy ass up.” Lena bluntly blurted out after much while of contemplating. The figure of Yulia’s shape looked up in surprise and half panic. But soon after she grinned as she got up from the ground she was sitting on. Dusting her rear off with quick taps with her palm and hopping towards Lena, she straightened herself out.

“Well it’s about time. Come, time is running out quickly.” Volkova noted the blurring pieces of land and sun rays. “And I mean that quite literally.”

Volkova snatched up Lena’s hand and squeezed it in reassurance. Looking in her grey eyes in reverie, she smiled up at the now confused expression. “Now Lena, it’ll take some time until you actually wake up, since your body would still be sleeping. Though it’s a light nap, it’s still sleeping. When you’re physically ready, you’ll wake up. Got it?”

Everything was back on track now. After her short revelation about her biography, everything unlocked itself. “Yes. Now take me home.” Lena murmured as she closed her eyes and smiling sheepishly.

Home is where the heart is. And that’s exactly where she was going.


After much “Conversing”, Volkova finally managed to get Joris’ grey suits out of the room and stay out there until further orders. But after they all filed out, something escaped from Yulia’s stature.

Volkova had suddenly gone away without warning. She faltered from a fracture of a second before regaining her cool composure. She then laughed out loud, almost diabolically. Now that Volkova had gone, she could get things done herself… Really herself.

“Now dear Kozzy, why don’t you have a seat, take some sip of that… What is that, Cognac? Yeah, have some of that.” Yulia hinted towards the minibar at the corner of the room. Kozlov seemed reluctant, as he kept shifting his eyes and eyeing at his gun underneath Yulia’s sole of her boots she had managed to get from him several minutes earlier on.

“Shit Joris, did you hear me or not?!” Yulia urged, shoving the barrel of her pistol further into Vika’s mouth. Kozlov almost jumped to the dizzyingly high barstool and poured himself a glass of the brown liquid.

“Now… I want you to sip that drink as slow as you can until you finish the whole glass. All right?” Yulia said, slipping out her gun barrel out of Vika’s mouth with a glint of murderous intent in her blue topaz eyes. Kozlov studied his glass for a mere moment before he agreed to it. A drink seemed good at the time.

Yulia smirked as she spotted a golf bag beside the entrance to the walk in closet. Various clubs from number three iron to number three wood stood in place in the bag. She promptly got the seven iron out. It is everyone’s favorite club, so she read around some place before.

Graciously fleeting her finger tips along the shaft of the titanium club, she gazed wonderfully at its head. A plot was forming inside her head and it was just like when she was writing a long time ago, the frenzy of climaxes and dialogues playing ping pong in her head exciting her.

Twirling the club in her head expertly, she looked up at sweating Kozlov. She decided to strike up a conversation.

“Now, did you know I witnessed Lena’s life fall apart right in front of my eyes for a very long time? How she cracked and how she bled and how she cried? I saw all of that. She even went far as purposely hurting me because she was so damn psyched. Do you know why?” Yulia asked in a serious but with a hint of mischievous pitch in her voice.

Kozlov shamelessly swayed his head side to side as he took a long sip from his glass. Yulia smiled at the sight. “Because you raped her. Because you betrayed her. Because you took advantage of her so bad, that the central of all her fears are directed to you. How can you just sit there and drink your fucking Cognac when she is dying? Bastard.”

Yulia went over to the puzzled Vika, just sitting there with lost sense of communication.

“Do you know what I’m going to do now, Joris?” Yulia looked up at him and had to smirk once more at the sight of him drinking his drink.

“No.” He rasped out. Then he visibly gulped down excessive fluid in his mouth. Yulia snaked her fingers around the club’s grip firmly and heavily swung the club head across Vika’s face. She screamed in excruciating throbbing washing over her precious face.

Kozlov jumped from his seat but froze when Yulia pointed her gun at him. “I said fucking stay there and sip your damn drink SLOWLY until you finish! When you finish the drink, I’ll stop hitting her! But if you cheat…” Yulia trailed off in a menacing warning of ominous meaning. Kozlov didn’t know what to do. His rolling mind had stopped in place long ago in shock.

He was ignorant for the time being, as he mutely sat back down as he picked up his glass with his clammy hands. He started to take haste sips, stealing nervous glances at the ferocious brunette across the spacious room of his lover. Her wrath was… Incredible. But not in good way.

Yulia turned and took another swing at the slut, sobbing on her carpet. She took another swing. Then she brought it down on her outer thigh, then to her side, and the to her ankle. Then another, then another, then another. Every cries seemed to pierce Kozlov, tattering him into nothing but pure disgust.

But as Yulia was about to take another swing she paused and looked up at Kozlov. His drink was almost empty. “So Joris… How does it feel, watching something you care for dying in front of you?”

There was no response from the once cool and smooth charmer.

“Be thankful you only get to see this kind of thing once. Because I witnessed Lena die countless times, be happy I’m showing you mercy by only killing this woman once.” With a swift lick of her lips, she took a swing at Vika’s head, and kept swinging for her head.

She got the feeling that the woman was already dead long ago, but that didn’t stop her from swinging. Kozlov hadn’t finished her drink yet. After all, a deals a deal, right?


“Stop!! For the love of God, STOP!!” Kozlov hysterically stopped the swinging batter of a woman. But he was taken back when he saw there was tears in the brunette’s eyes.

Yulia heaped her weapon on the floor and took several steps back.

“This… Doing something like this doesn’t give me pleasure.” Yulia said with pained and breaking voice. Her palm raised up to her mouth to cover her lips and parts of her nose. She sniffled before running out the room.

Then suddenly Kozlov dropped dead beside his lover, with his eyes wide open.

Inside the trash bin behind the counter of the mini bar, there was small paper container with messy writing of Yulia’s scrawled across the front. It wrote something like this: “Cyanide”

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Chapter 20

The surroundings of the burning mansion were packed with eye hungry crowds, craning their necks and stepping on their tip toes to watch the fire. The spectators and as well as the fire fighters did not know what brought on this sudden fire in the most embraced and safe part of the town… In middle of winter.

The rain ceased long ago, but it called down the white flakes as its substitute. Specks of glitters danced down the weary night with its cheerfulness, and helping the fire on the mansion die down. The firefighters were hosing down the mansion, a few of them scratching their heads in wonder, and a few others shaking their heads at the unfortunate casualties. Many, causalities.

But after some investigating, it wasn’t at all a surprise that the fire had started out of no where. The pipes in the basement were hissing gas all through out the house, and several of guards had unburnt packs of intact cigarettes and lighters in their inside pockets.

But no one found it at all strange, that each of the cartons of cigarettes was all full, not one cigarette missing from any of the cartons.


Yulia stumbled at the first steps that lead inside the General Hospital of Moscow, blowing down to her side like a leaf in the harsh storm’s wind. But she got up, struggling to keep her conscious mind alive. Only few more steps to go and she could see Lena again.

She felt that she was dying. She was deteriorating so rapidly, and she could feel it. If she was rushed to the ER and got that operation right away, she knew she had chances of living. But she also knew that that was true, for she would die if she didn’t see Lena once more, awake or not.

It was a lose lose situation. But the thought of dying in Lena’s sleeping arms than dying right on the operation table appealed more to her. So she was going up to see the love of her life. Her potential partner. No scratch that. Lena *was* already her partner. The love she felt for the red head ripened beneath her skin and it was almost unbearably beautiful to be feeling. Dying or not, she was going to see her.

The trip up to Lena’s room in the elevator seemed to take forever. The distant whirs and clunks of the machinery above the elevator’s head made her honed to her every last senses, the impatience she had inside disturbing her clear thoughts.

As the lift almost got to its destination, she felt a searing pain slashing across her throat. She brought up her palm in a unintentional reflex and almost screamed. Her stitched has opened. She coughed for a moment and she could see the elevators doors sliding open for her to see the hallway that lead to Lena’s room.

Determination or just plain stubborn, Yulia tightened her scarf the vet had given her around her burning neck and somehow managed to stagger on.

There. She could see Lena’s room; it was in clean line of vision now. Then suddenly she felt as though a hammer just punched through the flesh beneath her collar bone. She gasped and groaned through her clamped teeth, clutching at her old gun wound. Tears made its way to her eyes, but she didn’t mean it.

Now slowly, she was getting sure of each and every cuts and bruises she had formed over the last few days all over her body. The tears started to pour down her eyes, not because of the pain, but she felt like she was going to die in that hallway and not see Lena. Just a few more steps were all she needed.

Another blow to her weakening body made the breath just wind out of her. It was her heart. She had desperately rummaged in and out of her pockets to look for the orange container, but all she pulled out was couple of dust bunnies and balls of rolled up lints.

“…Oh God… Please… I know I really did some hardcore killing but… Please let me see my baby again… I need to see her; dammit I need to see her!!” She strained to yell out to nothing in particular. They say an angel always comes to hold your hand and look after you when you’re dying. Then the angel must’ve been there with Yulia, because she incredibly got to Lena’s room’s door.

It was firmly sealed, giving off austere atmosphere to the passerbys. But Yulia knew that was just a load of rubbish. She knew inside, there was the most beautiful thing resting in there.

So she grabbed a hold of the knob gently and twisted it open. The click of the latch opening and the expected creaks made her heart jump. She gulped in excitement and joy. And she almost died at the sight of her partner still lying on the bed, still in the same position as she saw her last.

[I]“In fairy tales… The prince always comes through for the princess, and gives her the sweet kiss that’ll save her.”

That pure happiness of the fact that she was finally seeing the sleeping girl made her content and blown away by love more than she could comprehend. The high hopes of Lena now living a normal life with no dangers up ahead made her so relaxed and so… Loose. She had missed the red head so much, it surprised her.

“But… I think it’s the other way around. The princess offers the prince her lips, to save *him* from the nightmares that brought him there.”

Yulia took slow steps across the sterile room to the lying body on the bed. She purposely went slowly to savor each of the joy bounding moment. She was so warm and happy inside, she was suddenly very scared of dying. She didn’t want to leave, for she wanted to keep that feeling inside her forever.

“Lena… I need you to be my princess. I need you to save me. Can you do that for me?”

As softly and carefully as she could, Yulia sat on foot of Lena’s bed, running her trembling fingers along the sleeping beauty’s leg. She choked out a sob and a laugh, as she gently moved up from her place on the bed to beside Lena. The brunette sighed at the lining of Lena’s face, how soundly she slept, and the way those raging red curls disheveled its way all around the pillow. Yulia smiled, and she could have betted hundreds of dollars to say that Volkova did too.

“I think I’m in love with you. I don’t think I can live without looking into your eyes one more time.”

Yulia’s lender shaking finger tips explored its way up to Lena’s facial features, stroking her creamy flesh as if she was stroking the most fragile piece of jewel ever existed. More tears poured down and she felt her irregular heart beats tear through her chest. She was amazed, truly amazed at how much expanse the sense of love could bring you to do even at the brink of death. And she was also amazed at how much… She loved the woman before her. She loved her so much.

“I think I’ll die if I don’t see your smile or hear your laugh one last time.”

With the last bit of strength she had left in her, she dipped slowly down, until her frame of her face came inches away from Lena’s. Yulia teasingly touched Lena’s nose reveling at the contact. Oh god she didn’t want to die. She wanted to stay there with Lena… Even if it meant that Lena won’t be waking up until she went grey and wrinkly.

“Lena…. I’m in love with you.”

And softly… Ever so softly… Yulia let herself to close her eyes for the last time and let herself to taste her lover’s lips for the last time. She let herself to feel that electrical jolts of love, excitement and joy spark through her body for the last time. She let herself to move her lips among the ones on the most beautiful person alive. She let herself hunger for more, to feel greed, to plunge into those desires… And relish.

“I love you, Lena. I love you.”

Maybe it was magic. Maybe it was a coincidence or a lovely fluke. But Lena’s eyes fluttered open, revealing those grey pools of life and letting it warm other’s hearts once more. She could feel as well as see who was above her and doing what. But she wasn’t offended or puzzled or confused at all. She just pulled the brunette close to her with her arms and held her in her arms.

“I love you too, Yulia. More than I could have ever imagined.”

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" Another blow to her weakening body made the breath just wind out of her. It was her heart. "

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you little....!
[ this was a very sweet chapter shax, i won't let this.. this crazy woman spoil it for me! :gigi: ]
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Chapter 21

“Oh my god, Yulia… What happened to you…?!” Lena sat with the brunette’s head comfortably cuddling against her lap. But no matter how much of a good actress Yulia was, the blood told it all.

“Yulia… Tell me what happened.” Lena coaxed, bewildered in her spot, staring the catastrophe it self unleashed on Yulia’s body. The stains marred the sterile white sheets and her hospital gown, and some of its crimson contents were blurred against her flesh.

But Yulia just sighed, coughed and dug into Lena all the more, refusing to comply the red head’s wishes. She didn’t want to waste this precious time answering unwanted questions. Then she heard Lena sigh also and press a button attached to her bed. Then she resumed softly caressing and scratching through the brunette’s limp hair, making Yulia tenseness dissolve immediately.

Then out of no where, Yulia had a thought. A request. Her last request.



“Could you…Sing for me?”

Lena abruptly stopped her hair combing and looked down at Yulia with her brows raised. She had a half smile on her face, the kind of face that clearly shouted out, “Did you just say what I thought you said?”. Yulia esthetically bobbed her head in fast paced nods and urging for the red head to sing for her.

“Now whatever gave you that idea to ask me that?” Lena asked, her voice a little broken with nervousness. Yulia looked in those sweet grey green eyes and savored the mysterious color, letting her every last of her senses fall down to embrace all aspects of Lena Katina. Then she smiled up at the freckled face, narrowing her eyes in a defensive glance.

“Hey, remember at the ambulance at our first field mission?” Yulia asked interrogatively. Wrinkles spread through Lena’s face as her memories unintentionally recalled the times. But Yulia hurriedly rubbed her palms up and down at Lena’s sides to tell Lena not to misunderstand.

“No, no, no, not that one, the one where we were sitting on the bumper of that ambulance and I sang you to sleep. Do you remember that?” Yulia asked, desperate but hopeful. Lena’s features loosened and even smiled a bit. She nodded back down at the brunette. “Well I think it’s time you returned the favor.” Yulia shyly replied.

Lena’s features grew rigid again. Then her eyes plunged into a deep frown. “Yulia are you trying to make me sing because…”

“Lena, please. I’m tired. Please… I might be able to go to sleep if you sang to me… Please?” Yulia cut her off in a pained cracking voice, her eyes hungrily begging for the granting of her last wish. Lena just looked away towards the window.

The curtains were drawn and she could see the crescent moon clinging to the night sky and to its star neighbors. Yulia rubbed her hands on Lena’s sides again.

“Please Lena?...” Yulia asked once more. Lena looked down despondently, looking into those deep blue oceans of an iris and drinking them with her own. She smiled, trying to look as happy as before and not to give away that she knew what Yulia was trying to do. It didn’t feel right. She didn’t feel right.

But she sighed. She loved this woman. She had loved this woman laying her head on her lap so much that she had made her path all the way back to reality. And she did. And she wasn’t going to waste anymore time for more bull shit. If singing was what this lovely and beautiful woman wanted, then singing was what she’s going to get. And she knew just what to sing for Yulia.

“Alright… But you’re only going to sleep, okay? Don’t leave me.” Lena whispered lovingly against her lover’s ear, emphasizing on the word “Leave”. The muffled voice of Yulia’s responded.


Lena then continued to graze her fingertips through the dark hair beneath her, while looking out to the moon again. It was such a beautiful night. And from few distances away down the hallway, she could hear the nurse’s footsteps she had called for from the button on her bed just little moment before.

Taking a deep breath she started to sing the song that was on her mind.

Heaven… I’m in heaven.
And the cares that hung around me through the week
Seem to vanish like a gambler’s lucky streak
When we’re out together
Dancing cheek to cheek.

Lena then lowered her note of tone in her pitch and switched songs, flowing and weaving into a whole song of two beautiful lyrics meshed together.

Stars shining above you
Night breezes seems to whisper I love you
Birds singing in the sycamore tree
Dream a little dream of me
Say nighty night and kiss me
Just hold me tight and tell me you miss me
While I’m alone and blue as can be
Dream a little dream of me

Then she changed her melody again to her original starting song, now smiling through her singing. She closed her eyes and gave it all she could in a quiet humming of a song. Tears made its way down from her eyes, streaking down to her chins and hanging on there until they fell on Yulia’s scalp.

Yes heaven… I’m in heaven.
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we’re out together
Dancing cheek to cheek.

Lena trailed off on her voice as the nurse came in and stared in shock at what she witnessed before her. A half blood covered woman was in the arms of a long time coma patient was by the way wide awake and singing to the who seemed like dead woman in her arms.

“Miss Katina… What is going on here??” she asked, astonished. She fluttered about, flicking on the lights and scurrying to check her pulse and study briefly the brunette in her arms. Lena instinctively looked down at her partner. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was slow.

“Well Nurse… I’m awake, and I think you’ve already figured that out by now. And I think you should contact Miss Volkova’s doctor, Dr. Hagen right away. This woman’s life in on the line.” Lena whirled out the words from her mouth with excruciating calmness.

Yulia is just sleeping. She would be okay. Just sleeping. But somehow that gaping hole managing its way open on her heart told her better. The guilt of false reassurance made her want to punch something until it broke to pieces. Why did she leave in the first place? Why didn’t she stay with Yulia? Why couldn’t she have more courage then, and have it all now?

Where are you God? Are you listening to me?? Are you taking her away from me God? Is this your way? Is this the love you have your people explaining to people throughout the world? Is this love all cut out to be? Are you there, God? Are you listening to me?

Are you listening to Yulia?


The doors to a nearly empty hallway slammed open, revealing the rushing staffs running and wheeling in a bed at the same time. Two white coats and three celadon green gowned male nurses were running with the bed between them. One of the doctors was checking the pupils of the unconscious brunette’s with her pen light.

“Vostikof, get me 240cc’s stat! This woman is suffering from several fractured bones, a concussion to the head, various cuts and bruises every where including a slit on her throat, a severe heart problem as well as leukemia and hell knows what else. Get her to Operation right away! Hagen has already been contacted and he’ll be here with the donation of the marrow in about an hour’s time. Now come on!!” One of the female white coat shouted at the nurses and the other doctor. They all nodded and as soon as they wheeled the bed into an operation room, all of them scattered to their station.

Two more doctors in green operating gowns jumped in the scene with their rubber gloves and equipments ready.

“Vostikof, Rachwalski, do not leave the room yet and wash your hands at the cleaning station. We’re going to need the help here.” One of the doctors said through their masks. The two white coats nodded and went out to the cleaning station.

Then the other doctor took a scissor from the equipment tray and started to hastily snip up Yulia’s clothes open, so they could have the clear access to the gun wound. Vostikof and Rachwalski came back in with their own operation gowns and immediately delved in to the gun wound with their equipments.

Rachwalski, the female surgeon looked up to her colleagues and gave them a knowing glance. All of the doctors just shifted their weight on their feet as they went back to their own work on Yulia. But Rachwalski didn’t have any plans to keep quiet.

“Even if the operation is successful… There’s a very dim chance of her waking up. We’re multi-tasking in one operation to possibly cure her of her leukemia and several of other damages she managed to get. Am I the only one who thinks this procedure is pointless?” She said, hopelessness and despair filling her jagged voice.

Other doctors glanced from their colleagues to another contemplating what Rachwalski had just said. One of the doctors sighed and went back to his work, determination hardening in his eyes.

“We are here to save lives, Rachwalski. We’re doctors. This is our job; to try to save people. Look at this woman. She’s too young to be here.” He looked up from the bullet wound to the frigid Rachwalski. “This woman is just about your daughter’s age.” He said with his eyes frozen in spot at his focus.

Reluctantly, Rachwalski nodded and went back to work. The other doctors exchanged looks before joining in. It was going to be a long day.


Hagen came sprinting in the hospital with two guys in Emergency Services uniform on carrying two silver fat cases. Hagen reached the nearest reception area, practically screaming out his words.

“Volkova, Yulia! Where’s her operation?!” He yelled, struggling to snap open her wallet to show his ID to the nurse. The nurse swiftly lacked on her computer to the verification of the ID and gave his a clipboard of every information on Yulia there was.

“ER #7, Dr.Hagen.” The nurse said, with urging voice and a pointing finger to guide him where to go. Hagen curtly bobbed his head I thanks before gesturing towards the two guys behind to follow. They broke into a scurrying run once again, avoiding the passing glances.

Hagen growled as he instinctively looked at the time on his watch. He was running late.


Now Hagen himself burst in the operation room with his own green gown on, slapping on his rubber gloves. The two guys he had behind him before was now changed in the same gowns as Hagen, them still carrying the cases in their arms.

The four doctors busy at work snapped their heads up to see their newest intruder. They gestured their silent greets as Hagen sauntered near.

“I’ve got the donation for her transplant. How’s she doing?” He asked in his professional cool tone. No one said anything for a long torturing while, leaving Hagen puzzled to look around their colleague’s faces for giving up anything. But all their features were frozen.

Finally one of them said, “She’s stable.” Hagen’s heart churned. He checked Yulia’s heart monitor and saw it was blipping at an abnormal pace. Hagen slid on his face mask that covered his nose and mouth and motioned for his two guys to open up the cases.

“Well… Let’s get to work, Gentlemen… And Lady.”


Lena was on the floor, her legs crumpled beneath her. She was mere inches away from her bed, and she was trying to let herself up with her arms. Sleeping for a lot while without exercising does that to you, Lea thought bitterly.

With a groan, she heaved herself up once more and managed to clasp her hand around a bed post. With a sharp blow with her breath to the obtruding rogue strand of hair annoying her lashes, she pulled herself up in a shaky standing position. She could feel her knees trembling with the weight it had support above it, her soles of foot already starting to get cramps.

She took a moment to stay standing before she let go of the bed post to stand up by herself. With both of her arms airborne at both of her sides, she balanced herself to take a baby step towards a stool beside her bed. Her toes seemed to be still sleeping, for they didn’t straighten as she took a step but curled against the tile floor.

She was slowly getting used to the feel of walking now, steadying herself against the stool and pushing herself to the door. She slowly advanced into normal paces of walking, and she smiled at the improvement. Catching her breath, she opened her door, walking out.

After several minutes Lena had walked out on her own out of the room, Yuri Komorov, Lena’s doctor made his way inside.

“Miss Katina… I’m so glad that you are awake…” He trailed off at the sight of an empty bed.


Lena was kneeling at her spot, facing the alter and the impressive cross hanging on the wall. Her mass of red curls were disheveled with sweat and her shoulders were shaking. Her slender fingers were interlocked into a one big fist, her thumbnail firmly against the bridge of her nose. Her lips were moving in whispers of hurried words of desperate prayer, her closed lids fluttering.

Her cheeks were damp with tears and her whole face was flushed. Whenever tears slid down from her closed eyes, she would bite her lips for a few seconds before going on again about her quiet prayers.

She was at the hospital church located at the first floor of the hospital at the very corner of the building.

A man in a doctor’s white coat with glasses and an intellectual face was watching her from one of the pews all the way back. He was frowning, wondering why this woman was crying. Well actually he had seen a lot of people do that but what he was really curious about was why she was doing that for four and a half hours.

He got up from his seat and stepped towards the red head, kneeling down beside her but facing her instead of the alter. He laid his hand down on one of the red head’s shoulder to get her attention.

Lena jumped, scrambling away from the touch and moving away to the side. She looked up at the unfamiliar man in a white coat with half angry and half puzzled eyes.

“Miss… May I ask you why you’re here?” He said nervously. This red head looked really shaken up. She seemed hesitant to answer but he saw that she was going to talk by the way she just swallowed her tears.

“I’m only trying to get him to listen.” She said in a scratchy voice.

“Make who listen?” He asked.

“God.” She said with her face deep with frowns as if even talking about it hurt her.

“Why… Does he not listen to you anymore?” Lena shook her head side to side.

“No. He never listened to me. So I’m just trying to make him listen to me at least once.”

“Why now?” He plopped down next to her on the carpeted floor. Lena turned her head to the man and blinked.

“Because someone I love so much… Is dying. All those times I asked God for help and he never lent me his helping hand. So if I’m not good enough to be given his helping hand, I’m asking him to give it to that someone. Because… She needs it so badly.” Lena collected her knees and hugged them close.

“Well miss… God… Have many other people he needs to tend to. But there are no shadows to his love. So I sincerely hope that this time your prayer gets heard midst of all others, just for once.”

Lena wordlessly turned her neck towards the cross hung against the wall again, tears making their way down her face again. She sniffled, quickly wiping up the evidence for her pain with her sleeve.

God… Are you there? … Are you listening to me? … Are you listening at all?! …

A lump formed in her throat, emotions welling and over flowing her thoughts. She made a kind of a whimpering sound before she inhaled sharply and broke down in the stranger’s arms.


“Dammit why is her pressure falling? Stable it now!” Hagen snapped, bloody gloves holding a steel rod of a needle still puncturing Yulia’s mid-section at her back. The four doctors nodded, Rachwalski adding another shoot of chemical inside the IV pack’s tube.

Hagen’s sweat trickled down his brow and slid down, soaking up a spot on his face mask. The speed of the new marrows going into Yulia’s system from the needle taking agonizingly slow time.

Hagen breathed out a breath he was holding as he gently pushed the last of the marrow from the needle into Yulia’s back. He slowly pulled the rod out, placing the equipment in a steel basket.

Hagen expectantly looked up at the four other doctors surrounding the body of Yulia’s. The silence was deafening. Only the blipping of Yulia’s heart monitor kept the room full. Then suddenly Yulia’s heart rate went up by four with a high pitched blip. All five of the doctors gazed at each other, shoulders tense and emergency procedure going through their head.

A few minutes passed before the raised heart beat settled into its normal pace. All five of them sighed. Vostikof checked the machines beside him and gave the four other doctors a hearty chuckle.

“She’s adapting to the new marrows. The transplant is a success Gentlemen.” He said in a full voice of pride. Rachwalski gave him a fake cough, raising her brow. Vostikof chuckled again. “And of course, my Lady.”

Hagen sighed once more, looking at Yulia’s sleeping face and form. He smiled inside his face mask. He pinched the outside of his mask and pulled it down revealing his sincere happy smile.

“Okay guys, let’s patch this old bruise up. I’ll file for a bed in the Intensive Care unit and a check-up every 24 hours. Good work today.”


Yulia was dreaming. Not a bad dream but a happy dream. Warm and loveable dream. She couldn’t see anything, it was still pitch dark… But she could still hear Lena singing. So dying isn’t so bad after all.

Yes heaven… I’m in heaven.
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we’re out together…
Dancing cheek to cheek…

…Don’t leave me…

But then again, she could always experience death at another time.

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[ but a the same time very sweet :love: ]

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[ awww thanks for the update Shakrin ... I was not really sure if Yulia ws going to die or not .. but..

“… But you’re only going to sleep, okay? Don’t leave me.” Lena whispered ..
..this part made me want to cry.....hu hu hu .. *wipes tears ...hugs Veggie Delite...* .. hu hu hu... ]


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[ it was not sad! .. it was happy .. but very touching :bebebe: ... hu hu hu ... ]

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[and here it is…the last chapter of this story. It’s been a long and something of an amazing journey in my head. I thank anyone now who read this and took their time to review. *kiss kiss kiss* but I must say… I think I really have a thing for Alzheimer.]


Work was… Senile. But what can you expect at a job made for aged and wise people like her? At 82, she was healthy and still glowing with ripe beauty. But sometimes working at a place like that with the people she knew now made her prefer her old job as a detective back the downtown precinct. She missed her lean mean pistol totin’ machine self. But… Coming back every day from work and seeing her partner smiling without worry in her safely kept frames drove her negative thoughts away… Only leaving the warm fuzzy feeling inside. Sometimes, rarely but sometimes, when a particular day was rough an ache could be felt every time she stared at those old pictures of her partner. But… It was diminishing slowly.

Alzheimer was a scary thing to be having at her age. Though it wasn’t unusual, she still resented it. She hated the thought of losing everything she had cared about in her head, and in her mind and in her thoughts. The nasty little buggers started devouring her most recent thoughts, making her forget her phone number, when the bills were due, and even her first daughter’s name.

But she had still insisted to work for one more month. Work brought her joy, and usefully it sometimes made her forget that she had Alzheimer, and there was a possibility that she would forget everything around her.

But her body was degrading bit by bit, and no love could stop that. Not even God’s.

It had… Been a while since that day when Yulia’s body all too suddenly started to reject her new marrows. She remembered the pains her dear brunette went through, the violent fits and the rush of sadness after wards. It pained Lena the worst, witnessing Yulia’s progress until she finally took peace in… Sleep.

She would never forget those eyes. Those eyes which held so many memories and such a unique soul. She would never forget their colour, and she would never forget the incredible woman who hid behind them. Nothing… Even her age and even her disease, could take that away.


“Mom?” Yulia poked her head in the room with a brown paper bag in her left hand. Lena turned her head to the source of the sound and smiled at the girl.

“Hello. I’m afraid I don’t know who you are… I’m not your mother I think you have the wrong person.” The fading red with well matured features kindly responded. But the tall shining red head and bursting with youth ad energy closed her eyes and sighed.

Of course she doesn’t remember, she couldn’t remember since last week, Yulia thought. She clenched on her brown bag and sat down at the table Lena was sitting on and looking out the window at her side. The weather was amazing that day. The birds were singing their songs, and summer was finally dawning at their beautiful country.

Yulia called again. “Lena…?” She hated calling her mother by her name. So impersonal. She may not have been her biological mother, but she damn straight raised her with fine skills of a woman than any other sluts out there. Lena would often tell her when she was being bad, that her name was given by a person so great in her life. So great that she had to be careful not to smear mud of shame on them.

The mature woman looked back at Yulia once more. Her eyes sparkled as if she was meeting the woman before was the first time she’d ever saw her in her life. “Well hello there. Do I know you?” She said in a cracking delicate voice. Yulia grinned and opened the brown bag she had on her lap. Taking out a Styrofoam container, she pushed it towards the aged red head with growing anticipation.

“And what is this?” Lena looked up at Yulia with pleasant surprise adorning her eyes.

“I heard Cheesecakes with strawberries on the side were your favorite dessert?”

“Why yes it is!” Lena exclaimed, opening the container as an excited five year old would. In the container, there was the dessert itself, decorated with immense care and love, with two strawberries on the side. Yulia handed her mother a plastic fork.

“Why don’t you dig in? Call it a gift for being such a beautiful woman.” Yulia said with a wide esthetic smile.

As Yulia watched her mother eat with content lines wrinkling her face, she suddenly had the urge to cry. But she suppressed it, not wanting to alarm her. She had no doubt that all her mother remembered now was little bits and pieces about the love of her life. She often told her about it when she was very young.

The tale of Yulia Volkova’s bravery, Kurt Hagen’s (whom she had called “Uncle”) true friendship with great timing, and the peril of the bad. It was hard to belive, the aged and weak mother of her’s once gone through adventures like that when she was her age. And she had seen many pictures of Yulia Volkova. She couldn’t belive it when she first saw it. Volkova and her mother being together. Maybe it was because they looked so different.

But they loved. Her mother once said that she would never forget that she had loved so truly and so gratefully, and those eyes of Volkova’s which bore into her mind up to this day. That made her smile of pride. And it made her frown of jealousy. She was yet to go through the expedition still ahead to bite her ass with love.

“Dear, that was one helluva cheesecake. Thank you so much for the delightful surprise! You’re welcome at my doors anytime you wish.” Lena commented, brushing off bits of cake crumbs at the corners of her lips.

Yulia smiled once again. Although her mother looked old and tired, although her mother’s way of speech and sound differed from a young one’s shape and form, her personality and thoughts were still vibrant as ever. Behavior wise, as far as she knew her mother was still 25.

‘God... You take good care of her. She’s such a wonderful lady.’


You see, everyday I get the feeling that I’m forgetting something. Maybe because I am. Every morning the same guy who makes the gentle wake up call probably explains where I am and who he is. He did the same thing this morning. He said I was in a home, and that I had a thing called Alzheimer.

I’m not fed up with that. It comes with age, and I’m a pretty old crook if I do say so myself. But I’m afraid.

Afraid of what I might be forgetting. Just this morning I got a call from a person who was supposedly my daughter. Now I don’t remember giving birth to life… But that wasn’t the only thing that’s troubling me you see. When I was talking on the phone, I didn’t remember how to talk. How to form the proper sentence and spit it out.

That’s not all I’m afraid about though. I’m forgetting my past. I’m forgetting who I am. I’m afraid to forget Yulia. I’m afraid to forget Kurt. I’m afraid to forget anything that had happened to me and what have been done about it.

I know I am forgetting. The things I was capable of are now somethings I can’t do. My gifts and talents faded over time and age. And I’ve spoken with countless staffs of the Home, to ask what the hell the round things that hung on the wall of every room. It had a ticking point never ending, and one big finger and one short one. There was numbers from one to twelve on it. I most likely knew what it was before. But now I don’t.

But I will not forget Yulia. I will never forget her. I don’t want to ever forget her. Never.


She was sitting with a smile on her face, facing the window that looked over a field of sunshine and flowers. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the warm climate, a rare thing to have now in the winter.

Her fading red hair, but still managing its upright curls, cascaded down to her shoulder length. Her peachy cheeks and ruby lips were as enchanting as they were sixty years ago. Her index finger of her right hand was repeatedly tapping on the arm rest on her rocking wood chair. Wrinkles of age and wisdom lined at the corners of her closed eyes and at the corners of her lips.

She didn’t talk anymore. She didn’t think about much of anything. She slept, ate, and sometimes watched TV in the rec room with the other elders. But she never showed signs of socializing. Maybe she forgot how to do that.

But every morning she woke up, the first thing she saw was a frame of picture sitting on her nightstand. It was a gorgeous woman with an amazing tan with deep blue eyes that seemed to bore through her mind. She had this spiky brown almost black hair, which made her cock her head and smile. She didn’t know who it was in the picture, and when it was taken.

But the picture always made her want to cry. She didn’t know why, but it always brought tears to her eyes, as if something inside her knew that crying was the most logical thing to do in front of the picture. And every time she would cry, she would fall in love with this woman. Now she wasn’t the one to belive in love at first sight. But strangely, she felt that she knew everything she needed to know about the woman.

She would longingly touch pictures frame, tracing the woman’s pictogram face with the tips of her fingers. She would shudder out a sigh, and the tears would continue to baffle her.

It became a routine she wasn’t aware of.

This day was an exception. Lena didn’t wake up this morning you see. She was still sleeping, remembering, and plunging into the very last memory that she had dared to forget. She was so happy in her dreams that she had retrieved something from her past, she didn’t want to leave. So she didn’t. She wanted to remember… Even if it meant that permanent sleep was the only solution.


It was Yulia’s last day that she had smiled upon this lifetime.

She had suggested we take a midnight stroll, and Lena had happily obliged. She wanted to make the last moments of Yulia’s stay the most comfortable moment she could give.

Lena helped her to a wheelchair where Yulia laughed at.

“Lena… I feel like the disabled. Do I *have* to ride on this thing?” Yulia said rubbing her hair flat with her palm in a nervous habit. It wasn’t like her to whine, but this situation was an exception.

“You are disabled though. Now fasten your seat belt I’m going to step on the gas.” Lena said with serious expression on her face. Yulia snorted out a laugh. With a grin breaking on Lena face, she pushed Yulia all around the hospital building until they got to the nearest exit.

“Weeeeeeeeee!” Lena squealed as their faces hit the chilly night air full force. Yulia was also laughing, looking up at Lena with a spark of life in her eyes.

“Lena, are you sure you’re not the one riding on the chair? You sound more excited than I am! ---Whoa!!” Yulia yelped as they skidded on the frozen road. Lena giggled as she slowed her pace down into a careful walk.

As Lena wheeled Yulia around the large hospital complex to a field of grass at the back, they remained quiet. They were collecting their thoughts inside their head to think about what to say to each other.

Lena halted the wheel chair beside a wooden bench, and sat down facing Yulia.

They both looked up at the night sky and sighed.

“Lena…I really do love you.” Yulia whispered into the night air, smiling as she gazed at the winking stars. Lena smirked well naturedly.

“I thought love was only a fairy tale, Volkova?” The red head sheepishly replied, laughs and curiousness dripping from her tone.

They bother looked down from their star gazing, now looking at each other. Yulia seemed to find that equally amusing as her face was fitted with a roguish smile.

“Well then I must be living in a fairy tale. Because I’m so badly in love with you.” Yulia ended her sentence with a choke of a sob. She sighed and smiled at Lena before looking away to hide her tear filling orbs.

“Hey…” Lena coaxed, pulling Yulia into a loving embrace. She could feel her shoulder getting dotted with Yulia’s falling tears. The brunette’s arms slid around the red’s body, pulling her in tightly. She was breathing heavily, her breaths coming in and out ruggedly.

The scratchy crying voice of Yulia’s called out, slightly muffled from Lena’s shoulder. “It’s just… I don’t wanna die, Lena… I want to stay so bad… I…I wish for many things… Many things that I know it won’t come true before I go…”

Lena inhaled deeply, kissing Yulia on her head and everywhere on her scalp. With a shaky voice, Lena whispered against Yulia’s ear, “I love you too. I will always love you. Remember that. I, Elena Katina, love you and only you, Yulia Volkova.”

Lena heard Yulia sniffle and choke out a laugh. Yulia pulled away reluctantly but she had a mischievous smile on her face. “Do you know what I’m most disappointed about though?” The brunette asked with a hint of intrigue laced on to her voice.


“We never had sex.”



Both of the girls were lying comfortably on the hospital bed, holding each other under the white set of covers. Yulia seemed to be concentrating on something, her brows snapped together and her lips pursed. Lena just ran her fingers through Yulia’s hair, not only for Yulia comfort but for her own.

Then Lena heard Yulia whimper. It seemed unintentional, Yulia’s eyes snapping open to show the light of regret.

“Yulia?” Lena nudged Yulia’s face up with her forehead to look at Yulia properly. But her face just broke into a covering snicker as she rubbed her hands up and down on Lena’s side.

“Sorry… it’s just…” Yulia paused for an awkward second before going on. “I can’t seem to keep my eyes open…ha…” Her expression was bitter, and almost haunting with its great amount of sadness.

“Are you tired…?” Lena asked with a trace of strain in the way she said the words. Yulia hadn’t noticed, so she nodded.

“Yeah… Sleep…ha seems really inviting right now… But I want to stay here a bit longer with you.”

Lena smiled and dipped her head down to capture Yulia’s lips in a soft yet sincere and emotional kiss. Yulia whimpered again. A few minutes of staying like that, they pulled apart.

“Yuli… You can go to sleep if you’re tired. Go on.” Lena whispered, giving the brunette another teasing kiss. Yulia moaned in a laughing voice.

“Really…? Can I…?” Yulia sounded like she was almost begging. Begging Lena to let her stay or let her go, Lena wasn’t sure. But letting her go when she was in pain… It seemed like the right thing.

“Of course you can dummy.” Lena replied in a mocking tone, giving Yulia yet another kiss.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning… Right?”

“First thing that’ll be in your face would be me.” Yulia snorted out a small guffaw.

“I love you Lena.”

Lena didn’t answer, but instead she dipped down to give Yulia a last burning and bruising kiss. ‘I love you too…’


Lena never woke up that day. Or the next day. And the day after. She was in sheer bliss. She was finally with Yulia. The good lord had called her up, and she happily went, for she saw Yulia in his embrace. Her Yulia. Her smiling, loving and waiting, Yulia…

Yes heaven…I’m in heaven…

The End.

04-05-2005, 22:07
[ awwww... dang! Veg!!! Shax did killed Yulia ... but somehow she managed to get away by writing it so well .. urrghh...I don't know what to feel .. but it still a happy ending.. well... thank you very very much Shakrin .. that was one wonderful journey ...I really had great time reading your fanfic .. really... thank you and well done! :rose: *salutes* ]

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