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Hello. I'm new... and here's a fic!!
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Chapter one

“Lena!!! Where the fuck are you?!” The tattered red head flinched at the raising volume of the boss’s voice. She knew hiding inside the closet wouldn’t help. But just for a few seconds… Just for a minute she needed a break. She was withstanding all this pain and heavy load, she needed a tiny break even if it was only for a few minutes.

Through the tiny crack on the closet door she saw a dark shadow pass the closet frantically. She held her breath. “LENA!!!!!!!!” She closed her eyes and tried to picture something better. Her mom, her friends and good parts of school. Her body started to tremble and tears started to glide out from her eyes. The shadow passed by the closet again but this time the steps faltered. The shadow quietly paced back to the closed closet door and went quiet. Lena shook trying to be quiet and smother her sobs inside. She clenched on her shirt as seconds inched by. The tense quietness seemed to choke her.

Then suddenly the closet door smacked open, revealing a helpless and scared girl curled into a tight ball shaking. Lena looked up immediately at her boss and saw that he was smiling. “Lena, honey… What am I going to do with you? I thought you’d learn the lesson by now. You’re mine and if you keep running away you’ll end up like your mother. You got it?” The smile turned into a harsh growl as he pulled Lena out by her hair. Then he slammed her against the wall and gave her a sharp slap. Lena cried out.

“No, no boss, please I’ll be better! I won’t do it again! Please!! No, no…” Lena begged and pleaded. But she knew for sure that any kind of begging or pleading wouldn’t help her. She remembered the first time she begged. Her wishes weren’t granted and she sure as hell aren’t going to get ‘em granted now.

Boss pushed her down to the floor and kicked her on her stomach. “You…*Kick* Disobedient…*kick* filthy…*kick* pathetic…*kick* unworthy…*kick* disgusting…*kick* bitch!....*crack*” Lena screamed, crying from the pain. What did I do to deserve this?! She thought angrily. But fear and pain overpowered her anger. When the brutal kicks stopped finally, she hesitantly looked up to her boss. His eyes were so unlike hers, so full of rage, no light, nothing humane. He smirked at her crying face and spat at her.

Lena was trying to catch her breath but she heard something crack. She gulped down air desperately trying not to pass out. She unintentionally brought up the memory or what happened last time she passed out. She woke up naked in her boss’s bed, her clothes shredded beside the bed and semen all over her body. But Boss reassured her that she was still a virgin, and that she didn’t deserve the pleasure he was capable of. She shook her head and trying to stand herself up. But she was stopped with a harsh foot stepping her ribs. She cried out in agonizing pain that seemed to paralyze her. “I don’t remember telling you to get up you bitch! Stay down until I get back or I’ll make your life a living hell.” He silently walked away to the master bedroom, leaving the beaten red head for dead. But he soon returned with a leather belt in his hand.

He smiled once more. “Do you remember this, my little darling? Yes it’s the same one I used it on your mommy. You remember mommy don’t you little darling?” His voice was soft, so unlike his intent. He gently rolled Lena on her stomach and belted on her back viciously. “You killed her! You were a mistake, got that you were a fucking mistake!!!! You mother was a fucking whore looking for a one night stand!! YOU WERE AN UNWANTED SEX GONE BAD!! YOUR RUINED ME!!! YOU RUINED ME!!” Lena screamed out from the belting. But slowly her back turned numb, but she felt the leather strap digging into her flesh over and over again.

Then he hurled the belt across the hall and kicked her one last time. “Clean this shit up bitch. Your fucking blood is staining the carpet. Get the fuck up! Now!” With that her boss stormed out of the house and slammed the door. Lena didn’t have the strength to get up. She should do the things that Boss ordered her to do but she was too cut up. She missed her mother…


“That’s it Yulia, keep your guard up!! Stop dropping you’re right shoulder will ya? There ya go!” The black haired woman who was quite petite, clenched her jaw on her mouth guard. She looked straight into her opponent’s eyes and could see that the opponent was busy trying to look for an opening. Maybe too busy to even notice her own openings.

There! Yulia smirked and sent her glove flying right to her opponent’s jaw.


Yulia spat out her mouth guard and laughed. “Hey coach, is this all the competition you can give me?! You have got to be kidding me!” Yulia’s coach laughed heartily and shrugged. “Hey, she is the champion who won the tournament for three years straight!” Yulia jumped of the ring and snatched the water bottle from her coach’s hand. “Nope! She *was* the champ for three consecutive years… Now I have her glory!” With a bright smile showing all of her teeth she squirted the remaining water in the bottle to her mouth.

As Yulia collapsed on a chair in the locker room, she slowly brought up her glove and slowly undid them with her teeth. She nonchalantly let them drop to her bag and undid the bandages wrapped around her knuckles underneath. She sighed and unraveled them, feeling her eye lids droop down from exhaustion. She yawned and kicked her bag aside, pulling up her tank top over her head. She slowly stepped into the shower room and welcomed the warm humidity blanketing her body.

When she finished the long awaited shower, she changed into some decent attire for the harsh cold evening and quickly grabbed her bag. She yelled out her goodbyes to the coach and her opponent and stepped out of the training arena.


Lena tried as hard as she could to concentrate on cleaning the stained blood on the carpet with various detergents. But it made a faint outline of purple pool of smudges. She sighed. Father wasn’t gonna be happy. Her ribs creaked, making her yelp. That was going to bother her for a while.

She cleaned the rest of the house up, then sprayed Febreze around the house to cover up the disgusting stench of blood and sweat. When she organized the rest of the knick knacks, she slowly trudged to her room and carefully crawled up to her bed. She was cold. Really cold. A lone sweat line went into her eye, stinging it. She groaned and wiped her eye. Then she felt the heat radiating from her forehead. Oh god she was burning up. Tears welled up in her eyes again. She was so tired…But she can’t keep it up like this if she was going to live in her father’s household. So she got herself up again and desperately dragged herself to the nearby pharmacy.


Yulia cranked up her volume on her CD stereo and nodded her head, singing along. Her whole car boomed with the bass line from the stereo. Just the way she liked it. But the car in front of her suddenly screeched to a halt, making Yulia stomp on her break. She angrily punched on the horn growling. She got out of the car and walked up to the car in front of her. But just as she was going to yell at the careless driver, something else caught her eyes.

A red head with no shoes, and no coat in a cold winter evening, was lying in the middle of the road. She furrowed her brows and quickly approached the shivering girl, followed by the careless driver. Yulia instantly took off her coat and put it on the unconscious girl. The girl was breathing heavily and tear stains along with blood stains marked her face and her whole body. Her breathing became erratic every time Yulia shifted to touch her.

Yulia quickly turned to the careless driver behind her and barked him orders unintentionally. “You! Call the ambulance right now. NOW! What is she, a monkey in a zoo?!” But a quit “No” resounded on the scene. Yulia looked down at the gray eyed girl, thoroughly confused. “What do you mean no?! You’ll die if you don’t go to the hospital right now you idiot!” Tears made its way down the mystery girl’s face as she stubbornly shook her head. “I can’t go to the hospital…” She rasped out. “He’ll find me…! Please… anywhere but the hospital…”

Yulia growled impatiently and looked back at the driver who was holding his celleur phone with a questioning look. “Well lady, what should I do?” Yulia sighed. And she thought the day was going so well, something as big as this just slaps her across her face. “I have no choice. If she goes to the hospital and refuse their treatment she’ll die anyways. I’m taking her with me mister, you go home now.” The man nodded and shaking his head slightly he went back into his car, noisily driving away.

Yulia helped the girl into her silver BMW, and closed the door. She herself then slid into the driver’s seat and sped down the highway to her beloved condo.

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hmm.... maybe I'll try to do less profanity... Sry about that lol

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Chapter 2

Cold sweat broke on Lena's forehead, sliding down her temples. Yulia ably helped her to the couch. “You better not pass whatever you have on to me lady. I got tournaments to finish by next month…” She grunted as she successfully laid the half conscious girl on the couch. She quickly shrugged off her coat and slid off her gloves. Quickly undoing her scarf, she dashed to the kitchen, getting a bucketful of water, a towel and a cup of water with two Tylenols.

She stole a quick look at how the red head was doing, and it wasn’t very good. Her face was flushed and sweaty, her hand dangling at the side, trembling. She regretted not taking her to a hospital and getting her a proper treatment and care. She then gently propped the girl up and gave her the Tylenols along with the water. Lena gradually swallowed the pills and the water gratefully. Seeing the sweating and the shaking ease for Lena, Yulia slowly took off the red head’s layers of clothes one by one. Lena shuddered each layers of clothing came undone. Her eyes were still closed, and she was thinking that she hoped she wasn’t back at the bungalow with the Boss. Her joints creaked and she winced.

Mustn’t make a sound. If she was indeed back at the bungalow and the person who was taking off her clothes was indeed the Boss, she would get beaten at making a sound.

Yulia carefully discarded the clothes to the side and finally came to the last obstacle of clothing. A sheer material of a blouse remained and she gently popped the buttons undone. She could clearly she the red head was shaking. Yulia softly squeezed Lena’s shoulders in assurance before taking the blouse off. Yulia was met with the most beautiful breasts she’s ever seen. She immediately blushed and looked away, turning the girl around.

Yulia slightly gasped at the sight that greeted her. There were no colours of flesh anywhere, but only black, blue, purple, yellow and red. Her jaw slackened and unintentionally whispered out loud, “What happened to you…?”

Yulia took a full glance at this girl again. She saw there were countless bruises on the girl’s stomach, back, neck, legs and arms and cheekbones. She promptly dipped the towel in the warm water and started to clean the wounds on Lena’s back.

But while she worked, she could hear the girl sobbing with pain. She sighed in anguish and proceeded to distract her from the pain. “No no no… Don’t cry. The pain’s only temporary. But it’s better than having quick pains then leaving them forever, right?” Lena resumed sobbing, but Yulia noticed she eased a bit when she heard her own voice. She smiled a little and kept talking to her.

“What’s your name?” Yulia asked, not expecting much. But she faltered with her hands on the other girl’s back when she heard a melodic but pained soft voice. “Lena… I’m not exactly sure about my last name.” Yulia furrowed her brows. How wouldn’t she know her last name? It was an answer she hoped to get later.

“My names Yulia. You doing okay?” Lena reluctantly nodded before wincing once more. Yulia quickly finished up and managed to patch Lena up for the time being. “All right. All done. You’re going to be sore for a while… But tomorrow we’re going to go to the hospital okay? For all I know you could have broken something. I’m not a doctor.” Lena gave Yulia a blank look. “You’re not much of a talker aren’t you?” Yulia asked her, not expecting an answer. “Okay, what suits you the best. Take my room for the night. I’ll take my trustee couch.” Yulia stood up, and went into a walk-in closet of some sort and came back out with a white pillow, a thick blanket and easily the biggest shirt Lena had ever seen. She hurled the beddings onto the couch and started to fluff them up. “The shirt is for you. I’ll run your laundries in the washer. Sorry if it’s a little big… It was my father’s. And since my clothes won’t fit you…I had to improvise.” Lena clutched on the shirt and put it on rather quickly, trying to cover herself up.

Lena slowly but surely stood up, moving away for Yulia to successfully fix up the couch to her likings. Yulia then looked up at Lena who was looking around the condo with blank expression. Yulia then grabbed a hold of her hand and slowly led her to the master bedroom and readied the sheets on her own bed for Lena. Yulia then sat Lena down on the bed and sat down beside her.

“Do you have a home?” Yulia asked, tentatively. But Lena drooped her head towards the floor, studying her fidgety hands. “Okay, I’ll take that as a ‘No’. Where are your parents? Are they here?” Yulia wasn’t giving up on Lena’s origin. Lena hesitantly looked up at Yulia and opened her mouth to speak. But she closed her mouth again and looked back down.

Yulia slowly reached up for Lena’s cheek. She slowly ran her fingers along the bruise on Lena’s cheek bone, then caressing her brows. “Who are you, Lena? What are you doing here…?” The red head closed her eyes as the fingers lingered on her face. When she opened her eyes again, she spoke with a shaky voice.

“You should kick me out.” Lena smirked, saying that.

Yulia questioningly looked at Lena. “What for?”

“I’m a fucking prostitute and an addict. They’ll find me. They’ll kill me and if they find you with me they’ll kill you too.” Lena’s voice rose as another sweat broke on her forehead. Lena was panicking as she tried to tell Yulia what’ll happen if “they” were to find them.

A frown creased the brunette’s face as she calmed the redhead down. “Lena… Shush. I didn’t bring you in here just to kick you out and kill you again. Just go to sleep for now. We’ll sort this thing out tomorrow.”

Lena’s expression went from panicky to confused, as Yulia pushed her down to the bed, tucking her in. Yulia then sweetly added, “And stay in there until I come and get you.” Lena just nodded before exhaling deeply, closing her eyes.

Yulia walked out of the room, flipping out the lights and to her living room. She flopped down to her couch and her bed for the night, thinking.

“A hooker and an addict… And fucking stoned pimps coming after her to kill her... God I hate drama.”

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Hi Shakrin! I like the story . a boxing Yulia and a *beep* Lena. I wish for next chapter. Thank you.

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boxing yulia... hmmmhmmm.... suits her personality :D:D

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Aww Veg u bet!! but who she gonna beat up... well... that's gonna be quite a shock... ;)

Chapter 3.

Yulia drove silently to the hospital while Lena remained thoughtless, looking out the window. Yulia glanced briefly at the redhead beside then took a turn. The hospital was visible. Yulia heard Lena stir at her seat and glanced back again. She noticed her skin was rather clammy, and her eyes unfocused.

Yulia hastily parked the car, getting out. Lena followed suit, or at least tried. Her sweaty palm was slipping through the handle to open the door. Yulia opened the door for her with furrowed brows.

“Hey, you alright? You look kinda… clammy.” Lena just nodded yes but she was far from it. Everything in her vision started to get hazy. She blinked a couple of times but it didn’t help.

She stood out of the car and swayed, Yulia gruffly catching her. “Thank god we’re at the hospital.”


The doctor almost hauled Yulia out to the halls, leaving Lena behind at the emergency room.

“Now could you care to explain what on earth happened to that girl back there?! She’s a mess!” The doctor looked truly worried, Yulia could see.

“Hmm…She’s that bad, huh?” Yulia looked towards the emergency room for a second before telling the doctor everything she knew. After hearing the long story the doctor remained quiet for moments before speaking up again.

“Well… She has no guardian, no family or relatives anywhere… You literally picked her off from the roads and she’s a prostitute living off drugs. And who’d pay for her treatment? With the state she’s in, it’s going to take a lot of money.” Yulia scoffed and bit her lip. She just couldn’t believe her luck.

When she was just about to say she wasn’t going to pay, something popped up in her head. Lena’s breasts. Oh my god. Yulia looked up at the ceiling remorsefully. ‘Satan will not tempt me with her boobs…. No you will not dare!’ She looked back at the doctor to get the words “I’m not paying” out of her mouth. Three simple words.

The another thing popped up in her head. The sound of Lena crying yesterday night. She sighed and looked down. Those sobs of anguish and pain. Those beating marks.

She briefly remembered how she fidgeted when she asked her about her parents.

She growled and slapped the doctor on his shoulder.

“You son of a bitch. Fine. You win. I’ll pay for anything you give her, as long as she gets better.” Yulia pivoted around and went right back inside the emergency room. The doctor made a hidden smile before trailing behind.


The doctor sat back at his desk, facing Lena. She was fidgeting now, more than before.

“Now Lena… I need you to tell me what you’ve been using. I want to help you… But I can’t unless I know for sure what’s in your blood system.”

Yulia assured the red head, squeezing her shoulder and nodding gently. Yulia could feel her trembling and see her trying to think.

“Umm... Heroin… and uhh…. Little bit of coke or X sometimes… When I get the money…and umm…” She squeezed her eyes shut, desperately trying to talk and think at the same time. She let out a sigh and a relief came over her face as though she remembered. “And glue.”

‘Huh? Glue?’ Yulia looked over the red head, clueless. How ever could u get high off glue?

They both saw the doctor furiously scribbling things down on his clipboard. When he looked back up again, he cleared his throat resting a set of harsh pair of eyes on Lena. “Do you want to get better Lena? Do you want off?” doctor questioned a little reluctantly. Lena looked up, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. Tears of embarrassment perhaps.

“Of course I do! Everyday I do! But… I’m too weak. I always give in… Cuz it hurts too much…” Lena didn’t quite finish her sentence before trailing off and doctor took his cue. He looked straight at Yulia with soft eyes then back at Lena.

“I think we can make this work. First I’ll need a blood sample. Then I’ll prescribe or analyze or diagnose… and sort this tangle out with you guys. Come back in a week’s time and I’ll have everything ready for you.”


They were driving home, Yulia looking blank and Lena looking slightly puzzled. “Yulia…” The brunette stopped at the red light.


“Why are you helping me?”

“Because no one deserves to be messed up as much as you are. Because you’re sick. Because if you keep going on like you were before I found you, you’d die.” The string of reasons poured out and Yulia wasn’t going to stop. But Lena quickly caught on and cut her off.

“Why would you care? You hardly know me.”

Yulia sighed before revving her car at the green light. “Oh now I do.”


The next morning Yulia could hear gagging sounds and rumbling splashes. She went near the washroom, and she could see the lights seeping outside through the door cracks. She pressed her ear to the door, and heard the dry heaves and broken sobs through solid half an hour.

Yulia had heard enough. She knocked. More like banged. “Lena… You alright? Want me to come in?” Her hand was on the doorknob already turning.

“No! Go away! I don’t know you! Please… Go away until I come out…” Yulia looked down at the doorknob and let go. If she wanted to go through this alone… It was her prerogative.

Yulia smirked out of bitterness she was feeling and walked away from the door.


Lena flushed and propped herself up using the sink beside. She peered at herself on the mirror and smirked. “Why do you even exist…?” Lena turned on the water and cleaned out her mouth.

Going clean wasn’t going to be hard as she thought. It was going to be harder.

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been busy! i have a secret admirerer :gigi:
so i was trying to figure out who is the misterious guy :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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shakrin, can you make some scene with yulia beating up someone? you now, just a lilbit.....
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‘Satan will not tempt me with her boobs…. No you will not dare!’
LoL . I definitely know how that feels. LoL

‘Huh? Glue?’ Yulia looked over the red head, clueless. How ever could u get high off glue?
I have no idea about this too.. how? .but I heard about it. Even caused death. Too addicted the girl drank the glue and found dead by parent in her room with glue in her throat.

ok Shakrin . next chapter ... thank you for update.

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Great fic! Yulia as a boxer..... :cool: please continue!

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see the glue could be used as an inhalent. u fill a plastic bag (only a quarter of it) with glue, put the bag over ur head and breathe on it. they say u see what u *want* to see over an hour.

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“Why would you care? You hardly know me.”
Yulia sighed before revving her car at the green light. “Oh now I do.”
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Chapter four

Yulia and her opponent gazed at each other viciously. They were slowly turning in a circle, both looking for a weak point. Yulia has heard a lot about her opponent. She was one of the mystery challengers who always knocks out the champs and takes the belt. Yulia smirked, and winked at her opponent. She wasn’t gonna be knocked out by this skin and bones. The only skin and bones champ was going to be her.

The wink made her opponent falter, caught off guard, thinking as to what Yulia was planning.

There! All this would take was one punch.

Yulia flung herself to her prey, lunging her fist of fury at the opponent’s face.

Everything was in slow motion. Yulia’s glove was practically launching a missile to the poor opponent’s face as the girl’s face flung to the right side, spraying saliva. Yulia smiled as she thought the match was over.

“Don’t drop your guard Volkova… Look out behind you!!” Her coach’s eyes widened as he shouted frantically. The girl Yulia was fighting did not fall and pass out like any other competitors would have, but she briskly stood herself up, managing only a slight sway.

Yulia howled in pain as an unexpected jab bit her at her side. She quickly turned around but only to receive another jab at her face.

The girl gave her a harsh shove before sending another flying fist at Yulia’s stomach and a left jab.

The opponent winked back, skipping back in a mocking gesture, as if saying, “I bet you can’t beat me”

Yulia grunted as she propped herself up at the corner of the arena. Coach eyed her a worried glance and she just waved him off. “Hey I’m fine. Just lost my posture a little bit.”

She eagerly took her stance again as she amusedly laughed at her opponent.

Oh the bitch was going to pay.


The coach gingerly brushed off a string of blood making its way down Yulia’s chin from her mouth. He clicked his tongue in pity as he made his way to examine the cut on Yulia’s left brow and a bruised cheekbone on her right cheek.

“Damn Yuls… I’ve never seen you this cut up before. That German girl’s the first one ever to even make a scratch on you… And on your face of all places. You never let anyone mark you… Your losing your focus. Anything I should know about?”

Yulia strained her eyes and winced as the coach started putting medication on her brow. “Nah. You know me. All my life consists of is only this and cigarettes. Whoever said diamonds were girl’s best friend… They were sorely wrong.” Coach chuckled.

“Ever think of growing your hair longer like it was before?” Yulia guffawed as she winced for the second time.

“You make me laugh Denis.” The coach suddenly pressed hard on the cut on her brow. Yulia hissed and gave him a light slap on his hand.

“What the hell was that for?” Denis smirked before getting back to his work on the cut.

“It’s only coach at the arena. You better not forget again or you’ll get a nice surprise waiting for you in your next match.”



When Yulia came back home, Lena was sprawled in the bathroom trying to get up. Yulia quickly went to her aid, only to be pushed away.

“I don’t need your help. I can do this alone.” Lena snapped, urging her legs to wake up. She slowly propped herself up by the sink, turning the faucet and letting the water trickle down. Her face was deathly pale and glistening with sweat. Her tangled and sweat matted red hair were gracing her shoulders and her shoulder trembled.

She cautiously cupped a pool of water in her palm and splashed it on her face.

“Why are you refusing my help? Why are you pushing me away…?” Yulia asked, in a quiet sad voice. Her voice toned so much sadness and disappointment Lena shuddered. How long was it since the last time someone had so much care for her? She should be jumping with joy for she finally found some kind of care… or perhaps love.

Why *was* she pushing her away?

Then flashbacks of images of her Boss reeled like a movie in front of her eyes.

‘…. You don’t worth anything. You *are* nothing. You were a mistake. A mere accident. My god I asked the fucking whore for an abortion. Save myself from filth like you… I’ll be the only one who will truly make you live. Without me you’re nothing. You don’t need anybody else. Not even your own mother……. Why do you even exist?’

Yulia noticed Lena’s eyes rolling back into the back of her head and her knuckles getting white. She stepped closer to the red head and placed her hand on Lena’s arm and gave a slight tug.

“Lena… Lena.” When Lena snapped back to reality she jerked her arm away from the brunette as if her touch burnt her skin.

“Get the fuck away from me. You wanted me clean. You wanted me to live. I am. What more do you fucking want?!” Lena shouted backing herself against the wall.

Yulia furrowed her brows and raised her eyes to Lena’s. Yulia looked and searched for something underneath. Anything that cried for her help.

But the phone rang.

....... :rolleyes: next chapter.... Yulia beats the shit out of somebody!! yay

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Yulia strained her eyes and winced as the coach started putting medication on her brow. “Nah. You know me. All my life consists of is only this and cigarettes. Whoever said diamonds were girl’s best friend… They were sorely wrong.”
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next chapter.... Yulia beats the shit out of somebody!! yay
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why is lena such a bitch? oki, she's getting of the shit, but still... :-/

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