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26-12-2004, 02:37
I was bored... Had nothing to do, so I thought I'd play around a bit and make a fan video. I made it in Windows Movie Maker, which may I say, sucks ass, so I don't think the end result was that good (because of that and my lack of talent) but I thought I'd show it to you anyway.

Clips in the video are from Ya Soshla S Uma and Prostye Dvizheniya, and the song is "Ya Ubegayu" by Akula (gotta love her :heart: ).

I'm putting it temporarily at my site, 'cause I don't wanna have it up forever so that it just sits there and takes space, yanno?

Tatu - Video remix (http://www.yuliavolkova.biz/queenbee/TATU_VideoRMX_QueenBee.wmv).

Please don't spread it around on other forums and sites.

Enjoy and tell me what you think. :p

26-12-2004, 03:48
hi i clicked on it nothing happend :(

26-12-2004, 04:07
I loooooved it :D

Thankooooo :p

26-12-2004, 11:38
Great! Really great!
I like it very much! :)
By the way, I haven't seen some shots of ATTS video. What is it?

26-12-2004, 13:52
I downloaded it last night, but forgot to reply :rolleyes:

Anyway.....yes, it was very nice! You made the clip's go niiiiicely with the song :p

Which may I add was a cool song *downloads*

Good work :coctail:

26-12-2004, 20:35
Ewa! You made that wonderful thing in that AWEFUL program?! Wow, i'm super impressed!!!!
You should go into film, hehe

26-12-2004, 22:13
Haha thanks all! :D *Feels flattered* :o I enjoyed doing it... so there might be more, who knows. ;)

By the way, I haven't seen some shots of ATTS video. What is it?
Secret. ;) Just kidding. They are from the Hardrum remix of YSSU. You can find it on their website (http://www.tatu.ru).

You should go into film, hehe
Nah. :lol:

Btw, while skipping through some scenes in the Hardrum remix of YSSU, I found a "subliminal message", a picture.. it only shows under like, one mili second. :rolleyes:

Hmmmm (http://home.1asphost.com/losmiserables/snapshot(3).bmp). :spy:

27-12-2004, 02:22
WOW! It's awesome! I loved it, not to say that I love that Akula song :rolleyes:
Really great! *goes to watch it again* :D

15-01-2005, 12:06
I found a "subliminal message", a picture..what does it say though? :spy:

Cool video, qb :D I finally got to see it while sorting my download folders.. hehe.. Wonder what I'll locate next

15-01-2005, 12:25
teeny, I think it means "Your commercial here", like someone was supposed to put an advertizement there? :spy:

15-01-2005, 12:28
hehe.. cool, though I guess, that it would work better if there actually was an advertizement in there instead

15-01-2005, 12:31
Yeah... or maybe it was there to make us think the way we do now, and wonder what is up with that anyway. ;) It's sort of strange 'cause the text is written in the Tatu font, and wouldn't it be just regular ol' boring font if it was going to be replaced anyway? Or maybe they just were too lazy to switch fonts since they had been writing t.A.T.u. before that...

Shut me up! SHUT ME UP!

15-01-2005, 12:35
Shut me up! SHUT ME UP!:no: already said in the voice thread that you can talk about anything and I wouldn't mind one bit.

Could be whoever edited the video had just seen Fightclub or something and thought it would be cool to do a copycat

15-01-2005, 12:54
already said in the voice thread that you can talk about anything and I wouldn't mind one bit.
Don't get me started. :p

Well, I find these sorts of things interesting... ;) YEY for manipulation!

Ann t..A.T.u.
15-01-2005, 23:38
i wanna see ur vid queenie :(

16-01-2005, 08:19
Eeeps.. sorry.. I deleted it 'cause I didn't wanna take up all of Rachel's space. I'll see if I can find it again and I'll re-upload. :)