View Full Version : [DigiArt] Just for CoolAsFcuk ::: THATS HOT ;)

23-12-2004, 22:04
I was bored.. waiting for my pizza in the oven... so I made a blend... thinking of Cools' great line. :p It's Paris Hilton of course and the line is "That's Hot"! :gigi: In some different colors so pick your favorite. :p

Blue (http://home.1asphost.com/losmiserables/thatshotblue.jpg)
Purple (http://home.1asphost.com/losmiserables/thatshotpurple.jpg)
Yellow (http://home.1asphost.com/losmiserables/thatshotyellow.jpg) (Even though it's my least favorite color)
Green (http://home.1asphost.com/losmiserables/thatshotgreen.jpg)

Have fun. :laugh:

23-12-2004, 22:12
:D :clap clap claaaaaaaaaaaaaap:

tack queenie ... all I can say is: that's HOT!!!! :gigi:

but, shhhhhhh, sasha is going to kick my ass! she doesnt like when i repeat "That's HOT!" .... but she reminded me of another thing I was saying this summer for a while: "that's SEXY!" :laugh: ... it also drove her insane...

... so sash, that's SEEEEEEEEEEEXY! ah? :gigi:

forgot to add: I like blue+yellow together ! :chupa:

oh, and also, those glasses Paris is wearing... those are seeeeeeeexy! :gigi:

Sean Jon
24-12-2004, 18:46

I know this isnt my topic but I have a question:

Where did you make those? Is there a program?

24-12-2004, 19:12
Tatutaty, yeah, I made them in Adobe Photoshop. :) But it's kind of hard to learn, I mean, I've been working with that program for like 3 years and compared to the professionals, I suck.. :p

Oh and don't feel sorry, it's never wrong to ask. :)

Sean Jon
25-12-2004, 03:55
thank you very much :D ;)