View Full Version : Haku!!!!

22-11-2004, 01:41
Haku, vous est tres magnifique!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry if that doesnt quite say what I think it does, but youi probably get my meaning - my french is VERY rusty and probably as bord as my russian :rolleyes: )

Anyway just wanted to congradulate you on getting the russian music forum going..... I cant waiit to learn aboput all these new groups :) (I realise that other peeps were involved as well its just that I read Hakus post about it a couple of weeks ago and I donet know who the other people are :rolleyes: )....

Anyway, Mercy Boucoup!


Bran :)

PS Can anyone reccomend a russian 80s style rock group? Sort of a russian bonjovi or even better a russian Scorpians? Thanks......