View Full Version : Behind Closed Doors

20-11-2004, 07:08

Come and gather here behind closed doors,
come celebrate our twisted madness,
lurking for Godott to show his sores,
let's mourn expired summer sadness

all your tears are filthy rotten rats,
they can't spoil the numbness of her mind,
leave them on her darksome cotton mats,
behind, entwined in passing summertime

she'll never hear your silent sobing,
no sound escape these hollow forests,
your heart for you alone is throbing,
take comfort in a madman's headrest

behind closed doors till end of time
reliving dread is endless goal,
drink bitter wine, leave pain behind,
in cesspool made for broken souls.

©2004 Freddie Corporation. All rights reserved

20-11-2004, 13:15
wow that's a sad one :( it's good though. Well written, freds :yes:

21-11-2004, 14:00
Oo another one. ;) What is it with you and depressing poems? :heh:
Please post more if you can.