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18-11-2004, 02:09
I write two poems and one... something :p ... I'm absolute crap at writing in english
don't laugh since english is NOT my 1st language. It's awful to attempt poetry at any langauge that isn't your own... anywayz...

No More

I'm blue, I don't breathe anymore
a clue, I can't reach for the door,
no more, It's too hard with no air,
despair ends in cold, empty glare

A silence, a ghost of the past,
defiance, I'll find you at last,
vast is this place that is empty,
take me, say now you won't leave me

be here, in perpetual moment,
be near, I'm here for your judgment
spent is my heart, here in death,
a bed, your pic, one last breath

Three Angels

three wannabe angels, blue one and white one and dead, floating on top of one's head,
old summer sadness, gray morning madness, keep seeking salvation in futile regret
creating the bliss that I missed, cloudless perpetual morning in summer is dawning,
one life's remains decay at the bottom of the ocean, rash
with salt and clay protruding through the fragile skin, fugacious flesh,
a nightmare, a scare, there's no pain that I feel, cause it is always perpetual morning,

three angels on top of my head,
white one is you, blue one is me,
and one down bellow which lies dead,
all those things I thougt we could be


It's the blurred vision in your eyes, when they begin to water, right before that first single tear...
It's that first single tear finding it's way down the cheek, past the shaking lips and chin driping to the wooden table bellow....

It's that shriek of the soul, when all you want is scream at the top of your lungs, yet all you can utter is a quiet desperate moan....
It's that moan that makes you grasp for air violently, when your every breath hurts like you had a collapsed lung,

It's that collision of your picture on my screen, with the bitter cognition: I'll never see you smile again, my love...

Crystal Girl

I saw you sparkle in the autumn
glow, my very special crystal girl
you shone alone for hours in a row
wrapped around your plastic curl

I got lost around your crystal world,
lost the source of light that made you shine
reflecting all my fears and dreams of gold,
your autumn glow no longer shall be mine

your smoothened edges glow for me no more,
I'm on the mark
and in the dark,
there is no spark,
to light the glow I once adored

Shine brightly still my crystal girl,
reflect my light in memory,
reflection of my misery
reflect all, what we used to be,
it's all that's left, my crystal girl

All poems:

©2004 Freddie Corporation. All rights reserved

18-11-2004, 10:10
I think they're ok :)

...But too depressing :bum:

18-11-2004, 21:48
Added one more. :p

18-11-2004, 23:26
oooh freddie their very nice and inspiring!! :rose: x10

21-11-2004, 13:57
Very nice Freddie, I like them. :rose: They're REAAAALLY depressing though, like some kind of rotten undeground pain... LOL, wtf. Well I love poems like these, they're very intense and sharp. :done: