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03-11-2004, 21:11
This is so strange... :laugh: I'm still not sure if they're serious about this or not.

From Aftonbladet.se (http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/kvinna/story/0,2789,556201,00.html):

It's cuddly - and it doesn't snore

"The single pillow is perfect"

It smells good, doesn't demand breakfast and is guaranteed not to snore. The news of he world, the single pillow makes every partner superfluous. - It was just as passive as my husband, so I didn't notice any difference, says Aftonbladet's tester Babsan.

Our need for closeness has become a commercial project. At least if you look at it from the advertising range. The latest trend comes from Japan - buy an arm around your neck to sleep on. A bedproducer has inveted "Boyfriend arm pillow", a pillow in the shape of an upper-body with an arm that curves around the person sleeping.

It's sold on the Internet

The pillow is manufactured in Japan and sold on the Internet. So far it has winded up in 1000 Japanese bedrooms. Aftonbladet let a couple of people test and grade it. Wilhelmsson, 47, is lyrical. - As sleeping company it's perfect because I think it gets too warm sleeping with someone all night. - It feels kind of cozy, like finding someone who doesn't snore. But the pillow could never be a substitute for a person, he says.

Mirandra "Robison Mirre" Hammarling, 37, would gladly exchange a night or two of the husband's arm with the singelpillow. - I always turn around because it gets too warm, and hug the quilt instead, she says.

Sverker Wadstein is a family counselor. He sees the pillow as a sign that even adults need cuddle-toys. But as a substitute for closeness if you're living alone, he doesn't believe in. - The one who really needs a partner, probably doesn't buy one, possibly those who are very comfortable with themselves, he says.

Don't buy to recently divorced!

He warns about giving it away to someone who recently separated. - It can be unbelievably rude and degrading, Sverker Wadstein says. If the singlepillow comes to Sweden remains to see. - It is nothing for us. We just create our sortiment from our own ideas, Eva Ståhl says, press responsible at IKEA.


Miranda "Robinson-Mirre" Hammarling, 37, married, Stockholm: - I really understand that the singlepillow has become a hit in Japan, it gets five pluses. Lars-Åke Wilhelmsson, 47, single, Stockholm: - I think it feels cozy, and you don't have the bedpartner's body heat. Babsan, 50, married, lives in suburb: - The singlepillow was just as passive as my husband, so I didn't notice any difference. But since it doesn't smell bad or demands breakfast in the morning, it gets the highest grade.



In the squares:

[Picture (http://www.aftonbladet.se/kvinna/0411/03/gunilla150.jpg)] Gunilla Lindgren, 36, married, Stockholm
Grade: Three pluses
- Yes, it would probably be good for my shoulders in front of the tv, but in the bed, I want my husband.

[Picture (http://www.aftonbladet.se/kvinna/0411/03/lena150.jpg)] Lena Röstlund, 46, co-habiter, Stockholm
Grade: Three pluses
- Yes, maybe when my partner is out working, but there is one body-part missing... ( :lol: )

[Picture (http://www.aftonbladet.se/kvinna/0411/03/kaj150.jpg)] Kaj Söderlund, 49, co-habiter, Stockholm
Grade: Three pluses
- Yes, it would be good for my neck, and it's practical that the arm has different thicknesses in different places so you can vary.

[Picture (http://www.aftonbladet.se/kvinna/0411/03/helen150.jpg)] Helen Törnlund, 30, co-habiter, Stockholm
Grade: Three pluses
- No, it looks a little comical, but I would laugh if I got one.

[Picture (http://www.aftonbladet.se/kvinna/0411/03/henric150.jpg)] Henric Vilhelmsson, 30, single, Stockholm
Grade: One plus
- No, it seems difficult and a little pale, and it should be wearing a blouse instead.

03-11-2004, 21:37
http://www.aftonbladet.se/kvinna/0411/03/mirre200.jpgWow, the arm looks huge! LMAO! It's for people who like it big, i'm sure Yulia would agree. :laugh:

there is one body-part missingLOL, well, considering the size of the *fingers*, i'm not so sure it's a problem. :lol: