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15-10-2004, 19:52
Dear friends,

Haku is going to take care of the entire English section of the tatysitenet forum from now and on. The judgement was made out of his personal skills as well as excellent performance, his knowledge of the forum structure and the overall superb subjects orientation and human aspects. Please, welcome him to our stab!

Haku, congatulations and welcome! :rose:

P.S. This forum has a goal to achieve a mutual respect in communication between the users. So, please, respect the decision of our Moderating team, which can be questioned, of course.

15-10-2004, 20:05

:rose: Congratulations haku !!!

Definatelly a right decision. Welcome! :)

15-10-2004, 20:11
yay :D
best wishes and good luck, Pat :kwink:

15-10-2004, 20:33
Félicitations , Patrick ! Tu le mérites...Bises

15-10-2004, 22:57

Just yesterday I suggested Igor to have haku in the moderating team. Very good choice :D

Congratulations, Pat! I am sure you will be MUCH better than certain moderators that don't moderate anything at all and rarely post and then feel the need to act superior :rolleyes:

Good luck! :coctail: Not that you'll need it, cause as forre said, you have great knowledge and are very good at human relations :D

btw, forre, check your PMs much? ;)

15-10-2004, 23:41
Gongrats!!! :coctail:

16-10-2004, 01:46
Thanks a lot guys. :D I'm honored. :o

I'll try to do my best. :)

16-10-2004, 04:30
Haku ..many many congratulations .. you've done so well to keep the TATU forum alive .. all the effords .. and I also saw many contributions by you even spread to other site. And good luck too .. :rose:

16-10-2004, 12:18
Yay! Congratulations Haku :D I'm sure you'll do the job perfectly. :kwink:

16-10-2004, 14:10
Hi I'm so happy for you Haku. :D

16-10-2004, 14:54
Good decision!

Pat does WAY too much work around here not to be recognized. :done:

Veggie Delite
16-10-2004, 16:23
congrats haku! :rose:

it was about time :coctail:

16-10-2004, 20:49
haku, congratulations! :)