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04-10-2004, 22:13

http://www.w4prez.com/cartoon1.html :lol:
http://www.w4prez.com/cartoon2.html :lol:
http://www.w4prez.com/cartoon3.html :lol:

This guy is one crazy republican dumbass. If this is a serious website, I pity the fool. :p


04-10-2004, 22:37

He is my hero because he doesn’t let the liberals take over the government and stop us from having a good way of life in America

I support George W completely, even thogh I am not a registered voter. (voting is for fags!)
:lol: I am really not a mean person, but I DO hope that guy gets raped by 3 big guys ... :none:

My hobies include dirt biking, going to strip clubs, hunting, and going to church. Yes! I am a complete Christian!!!
:laugh: nice hobbies, but :none: it is scary that there are lots of young people in the usa that are just like that guy :grustno:

05-10-2004, 01:10
thanks ypsidan this is great

05-10-2004, 13:41
How come Condoleezza is in both cabinets? :D

05-10-2004, 22:02
How come Condoleezza is in both cabinets? :D

Good question. Especially since she'll be in neither cabinet. He obviously didn't do his homework. She's already said she's retiring from public life, and won't serve if GWB is reelected.

And instead of making a new thread, here's this:

>A Conservative point of view
>You might be interested in the following just written
>by Charley Reese of the Orlando Sentinel. If you know
>the writer and his strongly conservative
>reputation, you should find it eye opening. Note
>particularly what he says about John Kerry. The
>conservative journalists, Robert Novak and
>William Kristol, happen to be saying the same things.
>Here's a column from the VERY CONSERVATIVE Charley
>Reese of the Orlando Sentinal.
>Vote For A Man, Not A Puppet
>Americans should realize that if they vote for
>President Bush's re-election, they are really voting
>for the architects of war ---Dick Cheney, Donald
>Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and the rest of that cabal of
>neoconservative ideologues and their corporate
>backers. I have sadly come to the conclusion
>that President Bush is merely a frontman, an empty
>suit, who is manipulated by the people in his
>administration. Bush has the most dangerously
>simplistic view of the world of any president in my
>memory. It's no wonder the president avoids press
>conferences like the plague. Take away his cue cards
>and he can barely talk. Americans should be
>embarrassed that an Arab king (Abdullah of Jordan)
>spoke more fluently and articulately in English than
>our own president at their joint press conference
>recently. John Kerry is at least an educated man,
>well-read, who knows how to think and who knows that
>the world is a great deal more complex than Bush's
>comic-book world of American heroes and foreign
>evildoers. It's unfortunate that in our poorly
>educated country, Kerry's very intelligence and
>refusal to adopt simplistic slogans might doom his
>presidential election efforts But Thomas
>Jefferson said it well, as he did so often, when he
>observed that people who expect to be ignorant and
>free expect what never was and never will be.
>People who think of themselves as conservatives will
>really display their stupidity, as I did in the last
>election, by voting for Bush. Bush is as far
>from being a conservative as you can get. Well, he
>fooled me once, but he won't fool me twice. It is not
>at all conservative to balloon government
>spending, to vastly increase the power of government,
>to show contempt for the Constitution and the rule of
>law, or to tell people that foreign
>outsourcing of American jobs is good for them, that
>giant fiscal and trade deficits don't matter, and that
>people should not know what their government
>is doing Bush is the most prone-to-classify, the most
>secretive president in the 20th century. His
>administration leans dangerously toward the
>It's no wonder that the Justice Department has
>convicted a few Arab-Americans of supporting
>terrorism. What would you do if you found
>yourself arrested and a federal prosecutor whispers in
>your ear that either you can plea-bargain this or the
>president will designate you an enemy combatant and
>you'll be held incommunicado for the duration?
>This election really is important, not only for
>domestic reasons, but because Bush's foreign policy
>has been a dangerous disaster. He's
>almost restarted the Cold War with Russia and the
>nuclear arms race. America is not only hated in the
>Middle East, but it has few friends anywhere in the
>world due to the arrogance and ineptness of the Bush
>administration. Don't forget, a scientific poll of
>Europeans found us, Israel, North Korea and Iran as
>the greatest threats to world peace.
>I will swallow a lot of petty policy differences with
>Kerry to get a man in the White House with brains
>enough not to blow up the world and us with it.
>Go to Kerry's Web site (www.johnkerry.com
><http://www.johnkerry.com/> )
>and read some of the magazine profiles on him. You'll
>find that there is a great deal more to Kerry than the
>GOP attack dogs would have you believe.
>Besides, it would be fun to have a president who plays
>hockey, windsurfs, rides motorcycles, plays the
>guitar, writes poetry and speaks French. It
>would be good to have a man in the White House who has
>killed people face to face. Killing people has a
>sobering effect on a man and dispels all