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23-09-2004, 01:07
Hi folks... Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Had stuff to do and such. But I never really left. I just didn't post much these last month or two. Hope this might change a bit...

Wellll... lets get down to business. I posted this on my LJ... but I thought I'd share my pointles ranting with you folks as well... so here goes...

"OK... I watched The Truth About Jane (a B movie about a 16 year old lesbian who's starting to deal with the pressures of this hypocritical world) and now I'm going to rant a bit. Yeah, yeah, it was kind of sweet. Very stereotypic, at least as far as the "un-accepting staight people" are concerned ("it's a phase!!" :p), but still... there's one thing which bothered me so much I just can't let go of...

The parents of gay folks had this special AA type meetings and conventions where they proudly declared shit like.. "Hi! I'm Jim and my daughter/son is a gay/lesbian!"

I mean seriously. Why the hell do you NEED a public statement? Aren't those people doing exactly what gays DON'T want? Why should they be NAMED lesbians and gays as in... "this now makes you normal and acceptable to society!" ... like a blessing of the straight people or something? Fuck that. They don't need to be NAMED like that for it to be normal. They should strive for it to be normal by default. It's redundant to call a gay person normal simply because it should be OBVIOUS to people who are not narrow minded or/and hypocritical that they are. And those who are shouldn't be worth the time convincing that all men are created equal.

That's just as productive as marching the streets saying: "Hey! My daugher is a hooker/drug addict/used-cars salesman/president of the US..." ... you notice that invisible BUT in the sentence? It's never said out loud but it's still there... "My daughter is a lesbian, BUT I love her anyway." There should be NO DAMN BUTS!! :P If you develop that initial thought a bit further it'd be something like: "Yeah she's a dyke... but what the hell. I can suck it up. She always had everything her way anyway. Let her be a freak. It's hear choice to screw up her life"

...when you have a child you should love them for everything they are. THAT should be the attitude. Cause as soon as you have to EXPOSE one thing in order to be normal, then it's not normal anymore. OK, that was lame but you get my point? That's what the whole gay struggle should be about this days. Not to be ACCEPTED. That's so 1980s. It's not enough anymore, damn it. The goal should be acceptance by default! No gay parades, no rainbows. Just people loving other people. There shouldn't even be a NAME for it. Like there's no name for people who have really thick eyebrows. It should be THAT banal. To people who REALLY accept it at least. (Not those who just say they do, but in reality only tolerate it.)"

24-09-2004, 06:28
So your rant is basically toward the parents or the daughters...i don't get what you mean. :p Nor do i understand your definition of normal/not normal. Can they lead normal lives according to what society deems as "normal"? I think they can. Will people ever perceive them as normal? It's highly debatable. The parents' behaviour in the film is characteristic. Nobody is alright with their daughters/sons being gay even if they pretend that they are. They try to conceal it by going to the extreme of political correctness and their behaviour becomes a farce. I don't know much about Slovenia but in conservative societies like America, gay people will never be preceived as "normal", even if they're seemingly treated as such.

Accordingly, blacks will never be perceived as equal to whites and women never as equal to men.

Gays to be accepted and loved? It's a cool illusion...

24-09-2004, 14:44
Well it's an illusion as long as we'll percieve it that way and accept it. You see, your words are a part of my point was... there's still that stagnant opinion that things can never be changed so that they'd eventualy lead into equality. And they actualy won't unless our whole view on the subject changes. It's just like slavery was in the past. They considered it as a given. They didn't even THOUGTH about it as something that really needs changing. Slavery was a part of the reality. Even slaves themselves thought so and considered it as something that has to be. It was the sign of the times (I'm thinking Roman Empire here, etc). Until slowly the whole attitude of society changed. The view on the basic liberties of a human being are not the same as they were in the past. Things drasticaly changed. While the view on sexual orientation hasn't changed THAT much at all.

24-09-2004, 21:02
I actually read in one review of the film that it was the daughter herself who convinced her mother to go to those meetings. That's why I was curious... ;)
Well, I agree in principle and I'm with you when you say that gay people should enjoy the same liberties as any other individual. A very sensitive issue is that of marriage, for example. I believe that there should be some sort of legal bonding, call it marriage, that legally ties the two individuals and recognises their relationship - if that is what they want. But for a religious bonding, as far as the church denounces same sex relationships and they somehow feel it is against the word of God I can't see how it can be endorsed by them.

But I was talking more about people's perceptions which are difficult if not impossible to be changed. You see, slavery may have been abolished by law but it exists in the minds of many an induvidual.

24-09-2004, 21:33
Well not in the civilized world at least. There's such a thing as economic slavery of course. But it's not the same. There's still a long way towards the outright using of war prisoners for free labour. We grew so much since then. Maybe slavery still exists in the mind of some people. HOWEVER.. there's not a person on this planet who wouldn't object these days if Nike or Reebok moved it's production lines to Guantanamo, Cuba, for the taliban to make their sneakers for free. People WOULD find it odd and unjust. That's the great leap we made. And those are the kind of leaps we should make in the other areas whic represent basic people's liberties.

And just a small word about the church who says same sex relationships are against the world of GOD. WHAT? Isn't it high time for people to grow up and accept the fact that the Bible was NOT written by god, but just some clever writers of the past who wanted to establish a basic moral codex which ALL would follow under the pretense of it being writen by GOD. And what's more important... those people should realize as soon as possible that the Bible wasn't writen for people in general for all ethnic groups of all different ages. It was written specificaly for a dispora of turtured jewish nation, and is as useful to a modern-day society as a manual for a VCR will be in the year 4000. :p
This is yet ANOTHER leap we should make. The religion mind-block. But it's one we'd have to make if we were to truly accept gays as normal in society.