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Hi everyone! I'm back with a new story for you all. Let me know what you think, your opinions really mean a lot thank you!

I’ll never tell…

Some things you should never tell…
Things that can haunt you…
Why not bury them away deep inside?

You’ll never forget…
It will be a burden till you die…
But how can it hurt if you tell a little lie?

They can’t know…she must never know…ever…

Chapter 1 – Outsider

“So he threw him up against the wall and pulled a knife out, it was so cool!” Claire enthused, obviously impressed by her boyfriend’s violent antics. “Lena, Lena, are you listening?”

“Yeah, I’m listening he pulled out a knife.” Lena said her eyes still focused on the large group of students socialising on the grass outside the ‘goldfish bowl’, the hangout for those who didn’t belong, who had to make do with each other for company, whether they liked it or not.

“But it was so cool.” Claire said with a glint in her eye.

“Sounds it! Dave weighs around six stone wet through, how is that cool? Jonny should pick on someone his own size.” Lena couldn’t hide her irritation, how and why Claire had befriended her she didn’t know but she wished she would get the hint and leave her alone, she preferred it that way.

“He was asking for it.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Well, at least Jonny’s better than your sister’s boyfriend, look at him,” Claire pointed to the tall blonde boy who stood in the quad hanging off a petite brunette. “Who does he think he is? And Yulia’s not much better, always looking down her nose at us all! Pathetic!”

“She isn’t like that!” Lena snapped, “and she’s not my sister! How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“Ok, then, foster sister! But she is stuck up Lena, if you’re not rich or popular… well she’s a bitch!” Claire spat her brown eyes flashing with contempt. She despised Yulia Volkova, she represented all that was wrong with their college and why people like her and Lena had to watch from the goldfish bowl, invisible to those who passed.

“Look, I don’t want to argue with you about this so drop it.” Lena said with an edge to her voice that always surfaced whenever Claire criticised Yulia

Claire’s thin lips twisted into a satisfied smile, since she had found Lena’s Achilles heel was Yulia she pushed her buttons mercilessly to evoke a reaction. She only needed to mention the small, dark haired girl to shatter Lena’s cool and it was a power she loved to exert. “Fine but let’s face it if you hadn’t been brought up together she wouldn’t give you the time of day, you wouldn’t be good enough for the likes of her.”

Lena clenched her fists, her pretty face taut with barely restrained anger. “Just leave it ok?”

Claire flinched as she saw in the menace in Lena’s emerald eyes, shivering almost with excitement. She wasn’t sure exactly what Lena was capable of, no one was and she personally never wanted to find out.
She admired the fiery redhead, thrived on the nervousness she created in others. With Lena as her friend she was afforded protection, nobody would mess with her because of it and she could do exactly what she wanted. However, she couldn’t resist to manipulate her, it was just too easy…


Lena drummed her fingertips on the steering wheel as she waited impatiently for Yulia to arrive at the car. As always that morning when they had got to college they had agreed to meet at the car as usual so they could go home together. However, it was ten past four, over half an hour later than they had agreed to meet.

Lena dialled Yulia’s mobile for the third time, sighing heavily as the answer phone picked up yet again. Where could she be? It wasn’t like her to be so late and in the back of her mind Lena began to worry.

Her conversation with Claire had played on her mind since lunchtime thinking back to the way Yulia’s behaviour changed towards her the moment they entered the college grounds. All the way there in the car they would chat and laugh as relaxed and happy in each other’s company as only the best of friends could be. Then as they pulled into the car park and Lena turned off the ignition they would say their goodbyes for the day and take on other personas.

They would never socialise, barely even acknowledging each other when they passed in the corridor, each with their own formidable reputation to maintain. It seemed easier for Yulia to behave this way, to giggle the day away with her pretty friends and her even prettier boyfriends. She was popular, admired as much for her beauty as her intelligence. They both knew being associated with Lena would never be any good for her image.

Lena, in contrast was isolated by her notoriety, infamous for her explosive outbursts, her reputation for cultivating trouble only serving to attract people like Claire, who were her friends more so out of respect and fear than for her friendship. She didn’t discount the perceptions people had of her, she couldn’t be bothered, they could think of her what they liked, they didn’t know her, no one did.

“Anna, is Yulia there?’ Lena asked as her foster mother answered the phone in her sing-song voice.

“No, she’s not here, isn’t she supposed to be coming home with you?”

“That’s what I thought too but she hasn’t turned up at the car yet.”

“I suggest you go and look for her, Yulia’s never late for anything, she just isn’t like that.” The concern in Anna’s voice was evident, her precious Yulia never did anything wrong, it had to be Lena’s fault why she wasn’t there.

“Anna, chill out will you? You’re making it sound like it’s my fault!” Lena chastised her. “What do you want me to do start chaperoning prissy missy from class to class?”

“Don’t be so factious.”

“Then get off my case.” Lena said failing to hide her resentment at Anna’s blatant favouritism as the phone crackled. “Anna, Anna, are you still there?”

“Yulia’s here Lena, she’s with Michael.” Anna said happily talking to Yulia and Michael in the background.

Lena shook her head in disbelief. “Great...just great.”


“Can you pass me the salt please Lena?” Yulia asked tentatively as she sat opposite Lena at the dining room table.

“Get it yourself.” Lena replied not even bothering to look up from her dinner.

Yulia sighed and stood up to get the salt, she hated Lena being mad at her and although she had apologised several times since Lena had stormed in through the front door earlier, there was no sign of forgiveness being granted.

The girls’ foster father Alex Federov witnessed the hostility emitting off Lena not liking it one bit. It was typical of the girl, she had been difficult from the first day they had met her but they had let her stay, mainly because Yulia had begged them too. Sometimes he rued the day they had given in, this being one of them as he tried to enjoy his dinner after a long day at work, something neither of the girls seemed to appreciate how important it was to him.

In the Russian community of London, the Fedrovs were renown for their kindness having fostered children for the past twenty years. Their inability to have their own children scarred them deeply, Anna still mourning the loss of the children she had miscarried, five of them in total, all her babies lost to her.

She had yearned for a replacement, especially for her beloved Ysabel who had lived only three days. She had found a natural substitute in Yulia, her dark haired, blue-eyed looks meaning she was easily mistaken as a true Federov. She had found solace in fostering Yulia, who’s parents were killed in a car crash when she was four years old. Yulia had been bewildered at first, desperate to find Mummy and Daddy, only to be told they had gone to play with the angels. She wanted to play too but they wouldn’t let her no matter how much she cried and begged.

Despite the difficulties, Yulia had been reassured by Anna and Alex’s unconditional love, now considered them as her parents, referring to them unlike Lena as Mum and Dad, something that made Anna smile with pride, she was the daughter she had always dreamed for. And then there was Lena and Thomas, the other children they felt obliged to care for and raise as part of their family, they were a different story completely.

Anna cleared the plates away from the table and pulled on her oven gloves to remove a large lemon meringue pie from the oven, slicing it careful into six and placing it in the centre of the table. Alex and Thomas were first in the scramble to secure a portion, Anna frowning as Thomas tried to pick a slice up with his fingers. “Thomas, be careful please, that’s very hot.”

Thomas ignored her, defying her by picking up a piece in his hand dropping it hurriedly on to his plate and trying discreetly to blow on the burning skin on his fingers

Lena smiled despite her fowl mood the eight year old amusing her as he looked wide-eyed and innocent when Anna grimaced at him for disobeying her orders. As the black sheep of the family, they stuck together, leaving Yulia to lap up all the adoration Anna and Alex directed her way.

“Er, Lena, could you pass me the plate over please?” Yulia asked nervously tucking a strand of her sleek long hair behind her ear.

“Here, fucking have it!” Lena hissed sliding the plate across the table so forcefully that it landed in Yulia’s lap.

Thomas burst out laughing, snorting loudly as he covered his mouth with his hand resisting the urge to give Lena the thumbs up, she was the coolest sister ever. Alex, however, was less than impressed jumping to his feet and pointing towards the door. “I’ve had quite enough of this, get to your room!”

“Wait, she needs to apologise to Yulia first.” Anna said now stood at Yulia’s side brandishing a dishcloth to wipe the piping hot pie from her lap.

Lena was already on her feet; she didn’t need an invitation to leave. “Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen.”

“Don’t be so rude to your mother!” Alex shouted having quite enough of her insolence.

“She’s not my mother, my mother’s dead!” Lena screamed back before leaving the rest of the family to look at each other in amazement. They could never quite get used to her outbursts no matter how frequently they occurred, the fact remained they were running out of excuses for her.

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oh wow :D me likes

hmmm... lena with a bad ass temper... :cool:

:rose: it's so good to have you back :rose:

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:D excellent!! this is a very promising new story :) they're starting with the left foot but I hope that will change eventually, won't it? ;)

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Hi again, here is the second part of chapter one, enjoy and thanks veggie delite and tatu rocks, glad you like it so far

Chapter 1 part 2

“Do you need a hand with that darling?” Anna fussed as Yulia rinsed a cloth under the tap and used it to wipe the last of the pie off her jeans.

Yulia smiled gratefully at Anna as she tossed the cloth into the kitchen sink. “No, it’s ok Mum I’m done, I’ll go up and change now.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea with the mood she’s in?” Anna warned not liking the idea that Yulia would have to further face the wrath of Lena’s temper.

“She’ll calm down, you know what she’s like.” Yulia said nonchalantly. She wasn’t afraid of Lena, they had shared a room for thirteen years, she knew Lena better than anyone else and she knew her earlier outburst was not only about Yulia standing her up. It went deeper than that; it always did with Lena.

“I suppose so.” Anna said her eyes betraying her uncertainty.
When Yulia entered the bedroom she looked over to where Lena was lying on her bed her face obscured by a large broadsheet newspaper. She wasn’t going to acknowledge her presence that much was obvious.

Yulia pulled off her jeans and dug another clean pair of trousers out of her wardrobe and took off her splattered t-shirt replacing it with a clean pink sweater. As she looked back over at Lena she saw no signs of movement from behind the newspaper except for the occasional rustle as Lena turned the page. It was going to be up to Yulia to make the first move.

“What you reading?” Yulia asked softly standing next to Lena’s bed.

“What does it look like?” A muffled voice replied from behind the paper.

“Lena, I said I was sorry about before,” Yulia said now on the verge of exasperation, “I didn’t do it on purpose so will you please stop ignoring me?”

There was no answer just the infuriating rustle of the newspaper. “Lena?” Still there was no answer. Yulia acted swiftly straddling Lena and grabbing the newspaper off her, ripping it in half to reveal the redhead behind it.

“Hey! I was reading that!” Lena exclaimed in surprise.

“Well, you can’t now, so talk to me.” Yulia said hovering over Lena from her position on top of her.

Lena folded her arms across her chest refusing to look Yulia in the eyes. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Aww, please, you know I hate it when we fall out.” Yulia pouted as she tried another tact to make Lena soften towards her. “Please, Lena bear, please.” She said childishly.

“Stop calling me that, we’re not five anymore!”

“Yeah but I still love hugs.” Yulia grinned throwing herself forward and wrapping her arms around Lena’s neck.

Just get off me!” Lena cried out trying to push Yulia away from her.

“Ahhhh” Yulia hit the floor hard as Lena looked down the side of the bed in horror. What had she done now?

“Oh shit! Yulia, are you ok?” Lena panicked jumping off her bed and sitting beside Yulia on the floor pulling her upright.

Yulia looked stunned as she repeatedly rubbed her temple. “Mmm, I’m ok…”

“Let me see,” Lena said moving Yulia’s shaking hand away from her head to see what damage she had done. “You’re bleeding…I’m so sorry Yuls, I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry, I was just so mad at you…”
“I know, don’t worry about it.” Yulia said managing a faint smile for Lena despite the fact that her head was pounding as the blood seeped out of her forehead.

“But I could have really, really hurt you.” Lena gazed at her sadly, the anger stripped from her eyes.

“But you didn’t, I’m fine honestly.” Yulia continued to reassure her gently stroking her arm.

“I’d never forgive myself if I…” Lena trailed off, the torment taking a vice-like grip on her vocal chords. “But it’s in me isn’t it?”


“To hurt people.”

“No, of course it isn’t,” Yulia engulfed Lena in her arms whispering in her ear. “You’re a good person Lena, you have to start believing that.”

“I can’t because I know what’s going to happen, I’m going to be just like…”

Yulia cut her off knowing exactly what she was about to say, they had been here before. “You’re going to be just like you, nobody else.”

Lena only wished it was true, for all the inner hurt and anger manifested into something she had little control of, she longed to be the person she felt when she was with Yulia like this. She smiled contentedly into the top of Yulia’s hair relaxing as she felt her breathing against her. The depths of her feelings for the small girl overwhelmed her at times, taking on an intensity that frightened her to the extent she wanted to hide herself away from the world, perhaps then she couldn’t do any harm. Se had to stop caring so much, to feel this way about anyone was too much of a risk for someone like her. If she snapped, she wouldn’t be able to take back the consequences of what she was capable of doing…it couldn’t happen…she wouldn’t let it…

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awww.... lena bear :love:

“You’re going to be just like you, nobody else.”

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sorry for arriving late for this one, vicky :rose:
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Sounds like Lena has some big issues to work out in this one. Having bad foster parents isn't exactly something to help with that I guess.. we'll see

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Hey guys! Another update, enjoy x

Chapter 2 – What You Understand And No Other (part 1)

Yulia stood naked with her back to Lena with her foot up on the small drawer under her full-length mirror. As much as Lena tried to concentrate on the essay she was writing she couldn’t help but focus on Yulia’s pert buttocks. “Can you get your skinny arse out of my face?” she finally said needing to remove the distraction from her line of vision, knowing it would only fuel her sordid fantasies. She knew she was truly sick to think of Yulia this way, especially when they had been brought up as sisters but she couldn’t help herself.

Yulia laughed and extended her middle finger which made Lena chuckle. “What you doing anyway?”

“Mowing the lawn.” Yulia said just about managing to keep a straight face.

“Excuse me!”

Yulia laughed at Lena’s quizzical expression. ‘If you don’t mow the lawn you can’t expect anyone to visit!” she said matter-of-factly.

Lena sniggered and shook her head, no matter how well she thought she knew Yulia she never ceased to amaze her with the things that came out of her mouth. “So are you expecting a visit from Michael?”

“Tonight’s the night.” Yulia said moving from the mirror and grabbing her dressing gown, shampoo and condition off her dresser. She didn’t dare leave them in the bathroom, not with Thomas around. The last time she had left them unattended he had emptied the contents and replaced them with a mixture of tomato ketchup, soy sauce and literary anything else he was able to find in the kitchen cupboards. She hadn’t been able to get rid of the smell for days afterwards.

“Poor guy, he really doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into.” Lena teased her, in fact thinking how lucky Michael was to have Yulia when in her opinion he wasn’t at all worthy. If you took away his pretty boy looks, there wasn’t anything else Lena could see that would be of any interest but then she wasn’t perhaps the best judge, boys had never really been her ‘thing’.

“Hey!” Yulia swatted Lena with her hand. “It’s his lucky night, a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“And then you’ll move on to the next idiot.”

Yulia looked at her wide-eyed. Was Lena inferring what she thought she was? “You calling me a slut?”

“No, just that you’re very generous…er, with your body.” Lena smirked.

“Katina, one of these days I’m gonna wop your arse, but you’ll keep! I’ve got to go and shower.” The door clicked shut behind Yulia and Lena went back to her essay smiling to herself as she tried to remember where she was up to.

Two minutes later Thomas burst in through the door. “Lena, is Yulia in the shower?”
“Yeah, why?” Lena asked sensing Thomas was up to mischief yet again. She knew she shouldn’t indulge him but she loved to see the devilment in his eyes and to hear him laughing with glee as he set about playing tricks on his unwitting victims, unfortunately for Yulia she was predominantly the recipient of his mirth.

“Can I borrow your camera please?” Thomas asked doe-eyed and innocent.

“Ok, as long as you don’t tell on me to Anna and Alex.” She was already in enough trouble with them after the incident at dinner the previous evening and had yet to make her peace with them. Yulia had made her promise she would apologise to them but she would do it later, much later.

“I won’t.”

“Here then.” Lena said passing him her digital camera and fondly ruffling his dark locks. “How much you going to charge her this time?”

“I dunno yet,” he grinned as he left to terrorise Yulia. As far as he was concerned, it was her own fault. If she didn’t lock the bathroom door how was he supposed to know she was in there having a shower?

Lena cast her essay aside preparing to witness the outcome of Thomas’ reign of terror. She didn’t have to wait long before she heard a shrill scream and Thomas’ manic laughter as he ran down the stairs and outside into the garden. Then came the thunderous footsteps heading in the direction of the bedroom and a soaking wet, foamed up Yulia stood in the doorway. “Where is that little creep?”

“I’m not sure, what’s he done now?”

“Taking bloody photos of me in the shower again!” Yulia fumed. “Lena, it’s not funny!”

Lena bit her lip to halt her giggles but she couldn’t hold it back, tears of laughter forming in the corner of her eyes. “I’m sorry but have you seen yourself?”

“What do you mean?” Yulia asked concerned turning to look at herself in the mirror. “Oh God! I think I better get back in the shower!” she said brushing at her foam afro off with her hand.

“Yeah, I think you should.”

“And if he comes back I’ll…grrr” Yulia remembered Thomas. “He never picks on you, it’s not fair, you’ve got bigger boobs than me so why doesn’t he take pictures of you?”

“I think he values his life too much plus I always lock the door!”

“I always forget!”

“That’s pretty obvious!” Lena laughed again moving out of the way as Yulia flicked some foam at her.

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:lol: one better lock the door from now on

And lmao with putting the lawn comments in there. I should go read that thread again :p

Poor Lena having to share room with Yulia.. I know how hard work it can be just trying to read a book infront of hot girls in bikinis :lalala:

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:) thanks for the update!! this is getting very funny, and hey, how does Lena control herself with naked Yulia there?? :o I would have to get out of the room hehe

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hahaha too cute i love that lil kid hahaahha :D hey hey LENAS HOT!! :p

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Hi guys! Thanks for your comments. Here's the next installment for you xxx

Chapter 2 part 2

“What time is it?” Lena asked groggily as Yulia flicked on her bedside lamp.

“About two.” Yulia whispered back as she released her long hair from its ponytail and began to undress.

Lena propped herself up on her side eager to find out about Yulia’s evening. “How did it go tonight?”

Yulia rolled her eyes skywards. “Don’t ask!”

Lena refused to change the subject, something had clearly gone wrong. “I’m asking.”

Yulia knew Lena wouldn’t let up until she told her what had happened between her and Michael but she wasn’t sure where to start, Lena always disapproved of the way she conducted her love life, this wouldn’t be any exception. “Ok, but just give me a minute to get ready for bed.”

“Ok,” Lena nodded, “Would you like a drink of anything?”

“A cup of tea would be great!”

Upon Lena’s return she placed Yulia’s drink on her bedside table and perched on the edge of her bed. Yulia smiled in thanks and moved closer to Lena on the bed. “How was your evening anyway? Did you go round to Bo’s?” she asked taking a small sip of her tea.

Lena’s eyes sparkled as she thought of her night. “I sure did!”

“How were the Brights?”

“Still hippies, Bo was particularly unimpressed when her ‘rents offered me a joint!”

Yulia looked at her incredulously. “You’re kidding! Did you have one?”

“Nah, Bo would have killed me as well as them, she went so red I thought she was going to explode!” Lena laughed thinking of the surrealism of the situation, it could only happen at the Brights household, which made it one of her favourite places to go.

“She still calling herself Katie?” Yulia said referring to Bo, she had been friends with both Yulia and Lena since infants school.

“Yeah, she changed it by depoll.”

“Bet Silas and Esme love that, after all Rainbow Bright is such a bootiful name!” Yulia cracked up.

“Ha ha, aww, I love that family!” Lena giggled. “So what about your night?”

“It wasn’t the best.” Yulia conceded, the smile vanishing from her face. “If I’d have given him a map and a torch he still wouldn’t have found the spot!”

“Oh dear! You dump him?”


“Oh, harsh!’ Lena said trying to hide the delight in her voice. “How did he take it?”

“Not too well, he called me a cold hearted bitch and a riddled whore…” Yulia sighed unhappily. “But I just didn’t feel anything, it was kinda soulless.”

“Poor guy! He probably thought you two would end up being some kind of modern day Romeo and Juliet.” Lena said not without irony.

Yulia’s face reclaimed its smile at that. “They died!”

“Well, you know what I mean.” Lena shrugged. “But anyway, it’s probably for the best that you dumped him.”

Yulia bit her lip thoughtfully. “I know but is it wrong to dump someone for being crap in bed or should you give them the benefit of the doubt?”

“I’m not exactly the best one to ask that not when you know…” The look in Yulia’s eyes stopped her from completing her sentence, yes Yulia knew she was gay but no, she didn’t want to acknowledge it, she never had, not even last year when she had found her kissing Natalie Fischer.

“But it does seem heartless what I’ve done doesn’t it?” Yulia always wrestled with her conscience when she had broken up with someone, even though she never hesitated to cut them out of her life with a brutal finality, she didn’t believe in second chances, she demanded perfection.

“Maybe a little.” Lena said performing her part of the routine.

“I can’t help it Lena, I just want to find the one.”

“You’re eighteen not eighty,” Lena said moving closer to Yulia and throwing an arm around her shoulders. “That person’s out there somewhere, probably waiting for you too.”

Yulia’s face crumbled as a wave of self-pity descended upon her. “I hope so…”

“Oh Yuls, there’s nothing to be upset about, please don’t.” Lena said tenderly taking her in her arms; she couldn’t bear to see Yulia cry. It was an alien concept to her, one that she didn’t like to see Yulia do as often as she did. She had nothing to cry about, she was preciously magnificent, an innocent heart wrapped in the most desirable package. Everyone loved her, worshiped her, were besotted with her, everyone…

Yulia’s watery eyes took on a hauntingly sad beauty. “I’m just so disappointed…the way he reacted when I told him I didn’t enjoy it….”
Lena’s inner fire sparked, her rationality dying away. “What did he do? I swear to God if he hurt you…”

“Lena, no! Calm down!” Yulia protested against her, feeling the tension gripping Lena’s body, why could she never keep her problems to herself? “You’re not helping.”

Lena hung her head in shame, she was doing it again; she couldn’t seem to stop herself. “I know, I’m sorry.”

“He was a little rough, it took me a bit by surprise, I guess but I’m alright, why wouldn’t I be? I’m here with you.” Yulia kissed Lena’s cheek in an act of reassurance. Lena, in turn hugged her extra hard, if she ever found out that Michael had in fact hurt Yulia she would personally see that he paid…no one hurt her Yulia…

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I dunno what to say even, other than: awwww

And :laugh: @ Rainbow Bright

Sorry I gotta cut the comment short today.. divorce in danish royal family - tv is calling

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Hi! Here's a quick update. Enjoy!

Chapter 3 - A Rush of Blood to the Head (part 1)

On Monday morning when Yulia arrived at her locker she was stunned to see ‘WHORE’ emblazoned on the sheet metal in bright red spray paint. She removed a tissue from her pocket, spitting on it to dampen it, rubbing vigorously at the paint but it wasn’t coming off.

She heard sniggers behind her and turned around to glare at the whispering girls from the lower six form who feigned their innocence when they saw Yulia’s livid expression was directed their way.
She kicked the locker in frustration and turned on her heel to get to her first class of the day. She would deal with Michael later...


“She’s so fuckin’ easy it’s untrue.” Yulia could hear a male voice say as she rounded the corner to see Michael stood in the middle of his group of friends, who were lapping up everything he had to say.

She didn’t wait for him to notice her, she wanted to have this out, she had worked hard to be popular; he wasn’t going to take it away from her. “Michael.”

Michael eyed her coldly leaning lazily against the wall, his cronies watching closely to see his reaction to Yulia’s presence. “What?”

Yulia folded her arms refusing to be intimidated by the looming figures of the smirking boys. “My locker, did you do that?”

Michael’s eyes sparkled with amusement, he had gotten under her skin, just as he had intended. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Like hell you do!”

“No, I don’t but you can’t argue with the truth can you?”

“The truth is something you can’t handle Michael. You think you’re so hard don’t you? I was sorry I had to dump you but now I’m surprised I didn’t do it sooner!”

“Suck my dick!” Michael said through gritted teeth his bravado falling away.

“Stick it up your arse!” Yulia said pushing her way through the masses gathered outside to witness the scene. Hopefully their confrontation would bring an end to the campaign of vehement hate he was pitting against her.

She couldn’t put up with much more. She wanted to go home and hide in her bedroom and pray for the taunts to go unsaid and the graffiti to clean itself until it was gone. She didn’t want to believe what was being said or the cruel words she had seen but at the brink of her mind there were doubts that refused to fall away, clinging on for her to listen to them. In her quest to be popular had she really lost her sense of morality, was sex more important than love? Did she even know what love is?

17-09-2004, 14:06
think Lena should pass by Yulias locker.. that should learn Michael a think or two about what one shouldn't do.

Veggie Delite
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michael's gonna get some :nunu:

i'll pay the hospital bills, just make him ugly :bebebe:

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Hi guys, an update!

Chapter 3 part 2

Lena sat at the back of the cafeteria playing with the rubbery pasta on her plate as she observed the scene in front of her. She had heard the jeers as Yulia sat down with her friends for lunch, a few boys off the football team heckling her about Michael. Yulia had answered them back defiantly which had silenced them for a few minutes until they launched some condoms like missiles over onto her table, one of them landing in the middle of her dinner plate.

Lena’s fist tightened round her fork as she watched Yulia visibly anger, pushing her chair back and flouncing out of the room to a chorus of caterwauling. Lena decided to follow her knowing that she would be deeply upset having seen her reputation decimated by Michael’s bad mouthing, her popularity being something she took great pride in.

If she saw the little prick right now, Lena would cheerfully strangle him. She had heard the malicious rumours he had been spreading Claire recalling them all to her with glee until Lena threatened to wipe the supercilious smile from her face.

Out in the hallway she scurried after Yulia who she could see in the distance, weaving her way through the students loitering by their lockers and diving into the safety of the girls toilets. When Lena burst in all she could see were two girls preening themselves in the mirror and another trio standing chattering by the hand dryers. Only one of the cubicles was occupied, Yulia…

If she was going to be able to talk to Yulia she didn’t need an audience, she would have to wait for their girls to go or maybe not. She wasn’t the patient type; they would be leaving now.

“Right girls, it’s time for you to go.” Lena said clapping her hands together to attract their attention.

“What?” One of the girls at the hand dryer responded, her expression blank.

Lena went over to the girl, fronting up to her. “You’re leaving.”


“I asked nicely…” Lena said with an undertone of menace. “Do I need to repeat myself?” she asked the girl who appeared to have gone mute while her friends looked at each other uncomfortably and the girls by the mirror slipped out the toilets unprepared to challenge the fiercest girl at college. “I said move!” Lena barked pointing to the door.

“Oh, er…ok.” The girls squeaked falling over each other to leave the toilets before Lena got violent.

Lena smiled to herself satisfied she had got her own way dragging the heavy metal bin next to the hand dryer and propping it under the door so that she could speak to Yulia alone. Then she went to the cubicle Yulia was in and listened to the quiet sobbing. “Yuls, open the door.”


“Yulia, I’m warning you, I’ll kick the door in if I have to.” Lena threatened. “One, two…” she counted prepared to kick the door in on three. However, she heard the lock turn and the door’s status changed from occupied to vacant. She pushed the door back and saw a forlorn Yulia perched on the toilet with mascara streaking her face.

“What’s been going on?” she asked softly kneeling down in front of Yulia

“He’s been telling everyone I’m a whore, it was painted on my locker and someone wrote loads of horrible things about me on the blackboard in Mrs Heaton’s class…” She finished with a loud sob, as she thought of how the day had snowballed into a nightmare.

“Shhhh, it will be alright, I promise.” Lena comforted her pulling her up off the toilet into her arms.

“I don’t know what to do Lena.”

“You can’t do anything, just sit tight, they’ll tire of it.” Lena said to Yulia’s obvious surprise. “What?” Lena asked as Yulia continued to look at her strangely with the vaguest hint of a smile touching her mouth.

“I never thought I’d hear my furious puppy being the voice of reason.” Yulia said fondly.

Lena laughed; it had been a while since Yulia had used that nickname. “Me either, those anger management classes must have actually done some good!”

“You’re such a goof!” Yulia said forgetting her problems for a minute. Lena could always make her laugh when she was upset, she was the only who understood her completely and that was why she was more than willing to put up with her mood swings. Lena if anything was always honest about her emotions, loyal and kind, protective and loving. But not everyone was allowed to see that, she wanted to outside world to see her as being untouchable, that no one could hurt her no matter how hard they tried. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth, Lena was hurt more than anyone she had ever known. Yulia only hoped that it would get better over time, to live with that pain was too much for anyone, even Lena.

“Shhh, don’t tell on me, those rumours were pretty good for my rep.” Lena said putting a finger to her lips. “Now, do I have to escort you out of here?” she said holding her arm out to Yulia.

“No, I’m fine, just need to do some repair work.” She said pointing at the mascara streaks with a smile.

“Cool, I’ll see you at the car later.” Lena said kissing Yulia’s cheek affectionately, hopeful that the abuse wouldn’t get any worse, she really didn’t want to lose her temper today, not over a shit like Michael.

18-09-2004, 23:20
awww such a cute update.. well given the situation of course.

Cutting comment short since I'm tired.. thank you for the update, vicky :rose:

19-09-2004, 16:24
Update xxx

Chapter 3 part 3

There was a buzz amongst the students as they made their way across the car park at the end of another school day. Lena could see people stood by their cars laughing as they studied flyers that had been placed under their windscreen wipers.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lena spotted Michael and his group of friends handing out other flyers to those waiting at the crowded bus stop. It aroused her suspicions and she dashed to her car to pull off the same flyer Michael seemed to be giving out to everyone in sight.

She did a double take when she saw the picture on it. Yulia naked in the shower, their home telephone number quoted. Call within for prices, it instructed, if you want to ‘do’ The Vixen Volkova, any position on demand, group discounts available. She ripped the flyer to shreds, looking back over at the bus stop but Michael was no longer there. He would be dealt with but first she had to try and get rid of as many of the flyers as she could before Yulia got to see them, this would shatter her and she had at least soften the blow.

She ran around the car park, swiftly snatching the flyers off the windscreens, stuffing them into her large record bag. Then she swooped on a gaggle of girls stood at the bus stop, all relishing the fact that one of the most popular girls in college was being humiliated.

“Hey, what you doing?” One of them exclaimed as Lena wrestled a flyer out of her hand.

“Getting rid of your rubbish!” Lena snarled, the girl stepping back, terrified to have Lena within spitting distance of her.

“Lena, what you doing?” Yulia asked catching Lena by surprise as she was in the midst of prising some flyers off a group of lower six form boys.

“Um, hi Yuls.” Lena said uncomfortably, not sure how she was going to break it to Yulia what Michael had done.

“What is this?” Yulia asked grabbing one of the flyers that Lena had hastily tried to stash in her bag. The colour drained from her face when the realisation hit her what she was looking at, what the whole college was gloating at, the betrayal she felt showing as her chin quivered. “How…I don’t understand…did you give him this?”

“No, no, of course I didn’t,” Lena tried to explain as Yulia took one look at her guilty expression and ran away from her. “Yulia come back! Yulia!” she shouted as Yulia sprinted towards the sports hall.

“Get out of my fucking way!” Lena cursed as people obstructed her path as she continued to call after Yulia in vain. “Yulia!” she shouted until her lungs burned and she wheezed heavily as she tried to catch her breath, as she ran aimlessly around the grounds of the college.

She propped herself up against the main entrance, digging out her mobile to dial Yulia’s phone but typically the answer phone picked up. “Yulia, please call me back. I had nothing to do with this I swear. Please Yuls, I need to know that you’re ok.” She then telephoned home to see if Anna had heard from Yulia but no one picked up.

She wandered around for another twenty minutes hoping that by some kind of miracle Yulia was still around somewhere but after circling the corridors for a third time she decided to go home and face the music. Anna would no doubt blame her for the situation but she didn’t care as long Yulia was alright and at home where she could protect her.
As she turned to leave she noticed a piece of paper clinging to her boot, another one of those flyers. She picked it up and stared at it again, a sharp ache emancipating in her chest at the sight of her beautiful baby, her sweet nakedness sullied by the cheap reproduction and the depravity of the text. Those randy boys with their inexperienced cocks all being able to leer and fantasise about someone they could never have and could only defile in their lust drenched dreams. Was she any better than they were? Was she not as guilty?

19-09-2004, 21:16
Thanks for the story vicky7. :)

Well, i'm not really sorry for Yulia, she's one of those prissy girls obsessed with popularity... They've always been bitches to me, lol. And like Yulia, you can often hear those girls complaining about how lame boys are and how they don't treat girls right, blah, blah, but those girls only dates alpha males, and they are surprised that they act like primates? They get what they're looking for. Yulia is like that, she's probably been dating school athletes and local bullies. There are probably quieter boys that would have been much nicer to her, but she probably never even looked at them, they're not popular and manly enough for her, they are unworthy weaklings.
So ok, Michael is an asshole (again, not a surprise when you only date alpha males), but what Yulia did is hardly nice either. She dumped him because he wasn't good enough during the first time they had sex? Wow. How many boys has she dumped like that before? So i guess when she says she's looking for the "one", she's not talking about love, she means the ultimate stud.

Those randy boys with their inexperienced cocks all being able to leer and fantasise about someone they could never have and could only defile in their lust drenched dreams.Wow, that's harsh. Calm down Lena, i realize you despise men but women are not sacred goddesses that have to be protected from the filth of the male gender.

After the Michael incident though, Lena might have a better chance to convince Yulia that boys are just brainless horny dogs and that she should try girls who are so much better.

I'll have to agree with Lena though that having dirty thoughts about your foster sister is borderline disturbing.

Veggie Delite
19-09-2004, 21:21
i hope lena cuts his balls of. not like he knows to use them...but still...

19-09-2004, 21:36
i would fuckin kick the shit out of that asshole!! :blabla: :bum: lena better

19-09-2004, 22:44
yeah more people arrived in here.. I was just about to suggest that if only I read it anyway that I could do it at tatu . us.
Now I can read it in here.. *yay*

Lena should get her hands on Michael.. I agree with, veggie. :D

19-09-2004, 23:32
I was just about to suggest that if only I read it anyway that I could do it at tatu . us.Oh no, it's safer here, well, for me anyway, lol, i couldn't post my views over there. I have that damn blue symbol next to my avatar that would give me away. The other posters would ripped my balls off and tear my dick to pieces along with Michael's. :dead:

20-09-2004, 06:09
Hi guys! It's so nice to see a bit more life in here. Thanks for joining us haku, it's always a pleasure and don't worry this story will always be posted in here as well as the other place because of the diversity of the comments. The people off the two forums couldn't be more different could they? Not that it is a bad thing. But enough of my rambling thanks for the comments and here's an update xxx

Chapter 3 part 4

“Is Yulia here?” Lena asked frantically as she saw a pensive Alex sat at the kitchen table.

Alex nodded, his eyes barely meeting Lena’s. “Yes, Anna’s with her now.”

“Oh, good.” Lena said about to leave the room to go up to Yulia.

However, Alex stood up and blocked her way to the door. “Lena, please come and sit down.”

“But I want to talk to Yulia.” Lena made to side step him but he grabbed her by the arm and gently sat her down onto the sofa.

“She doesn’t want to see you right now.”

“But…” Lena started.

“Anna phoned The Brights,” Alex continued, “they’ve said it’s ok for you to go and stay over at their house tonight.”

“But why?” Lena was shocked, no matter how badly behaved she had ever been, she had never been sent away for the night, what did Yulia think she had done?

“Yulia’s really upset.”

“I know that, that’s why I want to be here.” Her green eyes met his pleadingly, she never asked him for anything if she could help it but she desperately wanted to be allowed to stay at home with Yulia. “Please Alex, I’m begging you.”

“I’m sorry Lena, but she doesn’t want you to be here, she’s extremely angry with you.”

Lena recoiled as if he had slapped her, Yulia didn’t want her to be there? But they were always together, always. They had been together every night since they were five, why should tonight be any different, she hadn’t done anything wrong. “But I didn’t give Michael the picture, I wouldn’t do that.”

“I know,” Alex acknowledged, the merest glint of sympathy shining in his dark eyes. “But Thomas did.”

“Oh god, no.” Lena said covering her mouth with her hand, she had suspected as much but the fact Yulia was suffering because of one of the practical jokes she had been an accomplice to, made her feel all the worst. She could have stopped this happening but she didn’t, perhaps in truth she enjoyed seeing the pictures so much, she was a pervert.

Alex looked at her with a mixture of sadness and disappointment. Privately he defended Lena regularly when Anna complained about her behaviour but he was growing tired of fighting the cause for someone who never rewarded the faith he put in her. “I just can’t believe how foolish you have been.”


“Yes, foolish,” Alex re-emphasised, “giving Thomas that camera, encouraging him.”

“It was just a bit of fun.”

“Tell that to Yulia, how would you feel if you were her?” He challenged her, wishing she would just apologise for her role in the saga instead of always being so defiant.

Lena disappointed him yet again. “I can’t answer that.”

Alex gave up, she was as selfish as Anna said she was and he wanted nothing more for her to hurry up and get out of his sight. “Anna’s packed you a bag to take with you to The Brights, they’ll be expecting you anytime.”

“Can I go to see Tommy before I go?” Lena asked noting Alex’s defeated expression. He was a good man but weak, always letting Anna get her way, she found it hard to respect him for that.

“Alright but don’t go into Yulia, ok?”

“Ok Alex, I won’t.” Lena nodded averting her gaze just in case he could read in her eyes that she was lying.

As she stood on the landing Lena was torn between going to her own room to see Yulia and going to see Thomas. In the end, she managed to resist the urge to go to Yulia as she needed to speak to Thomas first.

“Tommy, it’s Lena, let me in matey.” She called through the locked door.

Thomas quickly let her in, glad to see someone who wasn’t going to shout at him, at least he hoped. “What you been doing Tom? Why did you give that picture to Michael?” Lena asked, purposely trying to sound calm. She didn’t feel angry with the little boy; she never could no matter how naughty he was.

“He gave me a fiver for it.” Thomas smiled victoriously.


“Saturday when he picked up Yulia.”

“You’ve caused so much trouble by doing that, Yulia’s really upset.” Lena informed him, hoping that he would indicate that he was harbouring some feelings of guilt, but it appears his conscience was clear.

“Don’t care, nobody like her now so good!” He pouted childishly. “I hate her, she’s stupid!”

“Hey, Tommy! Don’t say that! Yulia isn’t stupid! She’s really not and I don’t like her being upset, it upsets me too.”

Thomas’ large blue eyes filled with tears of resentment. “I don’t want to upset you Lena but I still hate her! She gets everything she wants, clothes and shoes and comics, it’s not fair! Anna and Alex don’t love me because of her!”

“That’s not true Tommy, it’s not,” Lena struggled to defend her foster parents, they really weren’t as interested in them as they were in Yulia, they worshipped her but how could she tell Thomas he was right? “It’s just Yulia has lived with them longer than us. ”

“Only a year more than you but they don’t love you either Lena do they?”

Lena gulped hard. “I dunno Tommy, I really don’t. But you know it doesn’t matter because I have you and Yulia, I only need you two. I guess, what I’m trying to say is, that, that I love you…” she stammered. Those words always made her feel particularly vulnerable; the people she loved always went away.

Thomas’ anger was replaced by hope touching Lena to the verge of tears. “You do?” Lena never cried but she couldn’t help but think that if she didn’t love this little boy, nobody else would. He was like her, one of nature’s underdogs, he was as scarred by life as she was, all they wanted was to be loved but it seemed unattainable.

“Yes, you’re my baby brother.” She said cuddling his chubby body to hers.

“I wish we could live somewhere else,” Thomas pondered with his head in her wild curls. “Maybe on a farm with lots of cows and sheeps and chickens and monkeys!

“You can’t have monkeys on a farm!” Lena laughed, grateful for some light relief.

“You would on my farm!”

“Oh Tommy, what am I going to do with you?”

20-09-2004, 10:52
I have that damn blue symbol next to my avatar that would give me away.lol.. I even had to go check which you were talking about :heh: thought a tatysite icon was introduced or something. Don't think they would be that bad, haku. And I would defend you somewhat if they started. Cos I have the opposite symbol and all..

That being said: glad it will be posted in here :D Cos I do prefer the light background when reading longer texts.

And Thomas should stop and think just once in a while before doing stuff in the future

20-09-2004, 21:34
thought a tatysite icon was introduced or something.Hehe, that would be kinda funny if tatysite members were "marked" over there, lol.

Don't think they would be that bad, haku.Well, not all of them, but having male parts is not safe over there, they often get maimed in various ways as i'm sure you've noticed, lol, especially in the fic section. I was reading a thread earlier and i saw that someone had an avatar which said "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them", oooookay... That gives an idea of the ambiance over there.
I mean, it's never easy to be a male on a Tatu forum, 90% of the members are female and most of them are not really fond of males, lol, but the environment is much friendlier here. :kawai:

And I would defend you somewhat if they started. Cos I have the opposite symbol and all.Thanks, you're kind. :kwink:

And thanks vicky7, yep, different crowds indeed. :)

Ok, about the story...

Well, i think Alex and Anna are the perfect example that when people can't naturally have children, there is sometimes a good reason, they are unfit! Parents who have a favorite are no parents at all.

And i stand by my point that Yulia is a bitch, so Lena is remotely connected to the incident and she asks that she be thrown out of the house? Wow, talk about over reacting.

Lena shouldn't try to speak to Yulia, she did nothing wrong and it's Yulia who is totally over reacting, it's Yulia who should be ashamed of what she's doing to her sister, having her thrown out of the house, that's so harsh.
Lena should just leave with pride (but Lenas never listen to me so...)

And when the little bro will hear that Lena was thrown out, he'll hate Yulia and her parents even more.

20-09-2004, 21:46
too cute i want a lil brother there much more funnier!! :D

20-09-2004, 22:29
Lena shouldn't try to speak to Yulia, she did nothing wrong and it's Yulia who is totally over reactingthink the problem could be that Yulia may think that Lena was in on the matter of handing out the flyers. But we have to wait and see..

You have to watch your steps at every forum though.. no matter what the blue icon says. I mean there are things one can say at one forum you can't say at the other and vice versa. It all comes down to the people there. Think the difference is that we know more about eachother in here to make the conversations run smoothly even when discussing things.

20-09-2004, 23:26
:( aww, I hope Yulia will try to listen to Lena, I mean, if they have always been there to support each other why is Yulia not giving her a chance to sort things out, I think that's even worse than making those flyers, well not that bad, but still :p

I like the way you write Vicky7, with many details :) it makes me imagine I'm almost there.

And little Thomas, mmm I don't know if I would like him, even if he was kinder, but that's me being selfish and being the youngest child, lol :blabla: but yeah, he's kind of funny, if only he wasn't funny by being mean to others :bebebe:

Thanks for having updates so continuosly, it's always nice to have new chapters to read :coctail: see you!

21-09-2004, 17:25
think the problem could be that Yulia may think that Lena was in on the matter of handing out the flyers.Hmmm, maybe... but if she thinks that then she's not very bright... when she found Lena, Lena was "prising some flyers off a group of lower six form boys". If Lena was *taking* the flyers, it's obvious she wasn't *giving* them.
Anyway, that just shows that trying to be helpful is rarely a good idea, it often bites you in the ass. Lena should have minded her own business and let the flyers where they were.

You have to watch your steps at every forum though.
That's true. Xena225 is a mod of the Tatu section now over there and she's not kidding, she has already warned me 2 or 3 times in a week for being off-topic, and she uses that angry smilie, eek. I've had so many arguments with her during the last year, now that she's a mod i should simply stop posting because i'll end up in trouble, lol, and i've already been banned once over there, next time it will probably be permanent. :p (No offense meant though, i know she's your friend.)

21-09-2004, 18:07
If Lena was *taking* the flyers, it's obvious she wasn't *giving* them
well she walked in on Lena stuffing down the flyers in her back.. so how would one be able to tell it it was going up or down :none:
Either way: she's overreacting

No offense meant though, i know she's your friend.
No offense taken, Pat. And I'm not in the news section to avoid getting into trouble aswell. Not that I think I would get in trouble myself, but I would have trouble with staying neutral :lalala:

22-09-2004, 22:41
Hi guys! Thanks for posting in here, thank god there's now a bit of life in this thread! But just one question where's denial? Anyhow, here's an update.

Love Vicky

Chapter 3 part 5

Upon leaving Thomas’ room Lena hesitated outside her own bedroom doorway listening to Anna soothing a sobbing Yulia. She had told Alex she wouldn’t go to see Yulia but she couldn’t walk away when she could hear her crying like that. She would not be able to rest until Yulia told her she wasn’t mad with her.
She tried the doorknob and was surprised to find the door unlocked. She hesitantly put her head around the door. “Yuls, can I come in?”

“NO, GO AWAY!” Yulia screeched hysterically turning her head to meet Lena’s eyes with an expression loaded with hatred. “I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!”

“But I haven’t done anything Yulia.”


“But Yulia…”

“Just leave, can’t you see you’re upsetting her even more!” Anna interjected her features set in utter distain of Lena.

Someone grabbed hold of Lena’s arm from behind. “What did I tell you Lena?” Alex said towering over her.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to see Yulia…”

“Well, I don’t want see you!” Yulia spat out the words before rolling over on her bed to face the wall.

Anna spoke first before Lena had the chance to work out what she wanted to say to Yulia. “I think you should leave now don’t you?”

Lena slumped against the doorframe dejectedly; Anna was going to get her way again. “Ok, I’m going.”

She lumbered down the stairs and grabbed her overnight bag and car keys and went to the cloakroom to get her coat. Oblivious to Anna and Alex’s knowledge, she heard them talking in the adjacent kitchen.

“She gone now?” Anna asked Alex. Lena stood perfectly still, she would have to wait for them to move from the kitchen before she left, she didn’t relish the prospect of another argument, she already felt exhausted.


Lena heard one of the wooden kitchen chair scrape along the tiled floor as Anna sat down. “Oh Alex, what we going to do?”

“I really don’t know.” She heard him say sadly.

“Sometimes I wonder why we let ourselves in for all this,” she sighed heavily, “I’m not sure if it’s a good idea if Thomas stays with us after this.”

“You mean you want to put him back into care?” Alex sought clarification.

“I’m not sure if I can raise an eight year old pervert. If he’s like this now, what is he going to be like in a few years time? Jailbail, that’s what, just like Lena.” She said scornfully, the hatred with her voice unequivocal.

Alex forgot himself and rushed to Lena’s defence. The poor kid couldn’t help the fact she had come from a bad family background, what had happened to her was unforgivable. “Isn’t that a bit severe?”

“No, I don’t think so, the pair of them are more than I can take.” Anna said with an air of inevitability to her voice. “I’ve had enough.”

“So you want to send Thomas back into care, what about Lena?”

“She’s eighteen now, she’s old enough to care for herself perhaps if we give her a little money to start her off…”

Lena couldn’t listen anymore; to hear all that she had known for thirteen years was to be shattered was too much to take. She was no better off than she had been all those years ago, just as frightened, just as angry and without Yulia twice as alone.

22-09-2004, 22:47
:none: wow.. this is getting worse even.. getting kicked out of home.. damn

Vicky, I have no idea where denial is. I haven't seen her around at all lately. :(

22-09-2004, 23:28
I have no idea where denial is.Didn't she say she was going on vacation in one of the threads about Russian music? I think so.

About the story...

Well, i don't have much to add...

Yulia is obviously a spoiled bitch who has no feelings for her foster siblings, asking that your foster sister be kicked out of the house, for whatever reason, is unbelievably cruel and coldhearted.

There was a good reason for Anna to be unable to have children naturally, she's totally unfit to be a mother. All she wanted was a pretty blue-eyed girl who could pass for her natural child, pathetic woman, but she's as cruel and coldhearted as Yulia so they go well together, that's for sure.

Not much to say about Alex, he does what Anna says. When he grabbed Lena i thought he was going to be violent with her for a moment.

I’m not sure if I can raise an eight year old pervert.
I'm not sure you can raise anyone :rolleyes: maybe a poodle.

And pleeeeeeze, he's not a pervert. :rolleyes: Every boy who has an older sister tries to see her naked, that's his best chance to see what a naked female body looks like, that doesn't mean that he wants her sexually, it's just curiosity, and as long as it doesn't go further than peeking it's not "perverted".

Lena is devastated, poor girl. :(

23-09-2004, 03:16
Man, I don't know what would be happening inside my head if I were in Lena's position :confused: first, she loses her natural family for some reason, and now that's about to happen again, and what's really upseting is that at least the first time it didn't seem avoidable but now there's options, I think. I feel that I'm understanding her behavior a little bit more, I just hope she's strong enough not to close herself in even more than she has already.

23-09-2004, 03:22
will she leave!mystery :rolleyes:

25-09-2004, 21:56
Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. Only a very short update tonight, I'm extremely tired today so not at my best creatively but still here's a little something...


Chapter 3 part 6

She could still hear the crackling noise as she attempted to walk at an even pace to her car, only to be startled by an almighty bang not too far in the distance. She was in no doubt where it had come from and this was only reinforced by the smoke and cinders she saw billowing up into the darkening sky.

She felt deflated, no better than she had felt before. What she had done would not help, in fact, it would probably accentuate the situation further but she had a knack for doing that, her life was not crumbling around her without reason.

There was only one reason she could think of and she despised herself for it, despised that…man. She hated the parts of him that she saw so dominantly within herself, the parts she wanted to expel, to have surgically removed from her being. But they were ingrained in her essence, a constant reminder of another time, a place she was still entrapped in so many years later.

Maybe it would have been better if she had died that day, then the legacy would have died along with her, the anger and hate never allowed to breed. She would have had peace then, she would not have to live with the consequences, she would be with her family, wherever their spirits had gone to lie. But she was still alive and she needed to be somewhere else fast, she couldn’t be caught…

26-09-2004, 08:11
ha :D ha good good

26-09-2004, 13:18
Maybe it would have been better if she had died that day:none: Think someone should locate her before she starts thinking things again

Veggie Delite
26-09-2004, 13:32
*is confused*

too much for my little brain. update soon, don't let me feel stupid :lalala:

26-09-2004, 15:35
She could still hear the crackling noise as she attempted to walk at an even pace to her car, only to be startled by an almighty bang not too far in the distance. She was in no doubt where it had come from and this was only reinforced by the smoke and cinders she saw billowing up into the darkening sky.
Huh? What did she do? She blew something up? Lol, the girl has a temper. :D What was it? Her foster parents house or their car, the school, Michael's house or car?

26-09-2004, 17:49
Hi guys! So there are a few ideas as to what Lena could have possibily done. Unfortunately, I can't comment at this stage but you'll see...


Chapter 4 – The Blame Game (Part 1)

“Lena, are you ok? You’ve been very quiet.” Bo asked interrupting Lena’s thoughts

“I’m sorry Bo,” Lena said trying to force a smile for her friend, she didn’t want to take out her mood on her, she didn’t deserve to get caught up in the middle of her mess, yet she ached to tell Bo what she had done on the way over to her house. “I can’t stop thinking about before, Yulia looked like she really hated me and I know Anna and Alex definitely do.”

Bo sat down next to Lena on the guest bed. “I’m sure they don’t.” she said in her customary gentle tone. Bo, like herself, was a complex character, deeply imaginative and caring. She seemed much wiser than her years, her intense green eyes often shrouded in thought oblivious to the rest of the world.

“Then why do they want to get rid of me and Tommy?” Lena posed the question hoping that Bo with her infinite wisdom would be able to offer her an answer.

Bo contemplated her question twirling a lock of her dark curly mane around her finger. “What makes you think that?”

“When I was leaving tonight I heard them talking. It’s what they want, more so what Anna wants but I think Alex has had enough too.”

Bo’s eyes narrowed in confusion making her look almost catlike in the candle lit room, The Brights considered electricity to be a overrated commodity, they didn’t even own a television set. “You only gave Tommy the camera right?”

“Yes, but Yulia’s really angry and upset, she thinks that me and Tommy have ganged up on her.”

“Mmm,” Bo pondered. “Yulia can be a bit of a drama queen at times though, I’m sure she will calm down.”

“I’m not so sure, she’s changed since we started college, it’s like she’s been slowly phasing me out of her life, maybe this is just the final step.”

“I can’t believe that, the two of you have always been inseparable. When we first became friends she used to look at me like she wanted to kill me! Like she thought I would try to take you away from her.” Bo smiled at the memory, bemused to think that despite her far superior height advantage she had been absolutely terrified by the little girl’s jealous stares every time she as much as said hello to Lena.

“That was the old Yulia, the one who didn’t give a shit about what anyone thought of her,” Lena shook her head sadly, “God, I miss that girl.”

“She can’t be that different.”

“She’s obsessed with being popular and always being seen to be doing the right thing, I don’t exactly fit in with that way of thinking do I?” Bo didn’t answer leaving her in no doubt she was right. “I know she hates being seen with me but who wouldn’t? For that I can’t really blame her.”

“Well, I can. You’ve always been so good to her, if it wasn’t for you she’d probably still be being bullied by Trisha Martin.” Bo said her nose wrinkled up in disgust as she thought of the school bully.

“That seems such a long time ago.”

“I know we were only seven weren’t we? I’ll never forget that day Trisha took Yulia’s dinner money off her and you confronted her and later on, she was found by one of the teachers hooked on a coat peg bawling her eyes out! Talk about poetic justice!” Bo chuckled her deep throaty laugh setting Lena off into fits. “You were our hero,” Bo said her eyes shining with pride. “Me and Yulia were such wimps when I think about it, especially me!”

“You’re a big softie there’s nothing wrong with that,” Her friend was always a gentle giant, the tallest girl in their school but without any inclination whatsoever to fight, Lena would defend her to the hilt. “You and Yulia were both sweeties, I would have never let anyone pick on you two and get away with it.”

“I always felt so special because you let me be your friend.” Bo said almost shyly.

Lena’s mouth dropped open in surprise, she felt luckier to have Bo as her friend than Bo should have felt lucky to have her, she didn’t have that much to offer anyone. “Why?”

“Because you and Yulia were so close, you didn’t seem to need anybody else.”

“We didn’t need anybody else but at the same time you were always so likeable, so easy to spend time with. Now I’ve lost Yulia you’re about the only friend I have.”

“You don’t know that for sure, Yuls will come round, she has to.” Bo’s eyes filled with tears of compassion making Lena feel incredibly guilty for putting strain on her sensitive nature.

“Don’t get upset Bo, there’s no need to be, whatever happens I’ll be alright, I’ve survived worse that this.” Lena tried to say with conviction.

“I know but I’m so worried about you Lena.” Bo squeezed her hand tight. “The things that have happened to you…I just don’t know how you cope, I don’t think I would have been able to carry on if I were you. I’m scared for you, I mean, how much more can one person take?”

“Sometimes I guess I do feel I’d like it all to end…” Lena said honestly opening her heart up to Bo. “But then I think of them and realise how selfish I’m being, my sister never got the chance to grow up, I did. She would want me to make the best of things, the bossy little bugger!” She smiled as she thought of her older sister stood over her with her hands defiantly on her hips as she gave Lena her orders.

Bo’s eyes stopped streaming as she saw Lena’s tough demeanour shifted when she talked about her family. How cruel was life that they had been taken away in such a way? There really couldn’t be a god as far as she was concerned to allow that to happen to a small child. “Did she used to boss you about?”

“God, yeah, she was older than me by about four minutes but the way she acted you’d think it was more like four years!”

“It must have been cool to have a twin.”

“Yeah, it was, because we were identical we always used to play so many tricks, people could never get it right, except our Mum, she always knew who was who, no matter how hard we tried to convince her otherwise. It would be like ‘Lena, I know you’re not Lana’, we used to get into so much trouble because of that.”

“Lena and Lana?” Bo smiled imagining the sisters together with their wild curls and soft smiles.

“Stupid rhyming names! You would have thought she would have come up with something more original wouldn’t you?”

“What, like Rainbow Bright?” Bo rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, why not?”

“Why not indeed, as Mum always says ‘Bright by name, bright by nature!” Bo mimicked her mother. “I swear to God my parents must have been taking stupid pills when they decided to call me that! Saying that they were probably high on something.”

“I think your Mum and Dad are great, at least they really love you.” Lena said seriously, despite their eccentricities Bo’s parents were lovely people.

Bo nodded. “I know I’m very lucky but they just drive me up the wall at times.”

“I wish Anna and Alex were like them, maybe then I wouldn’t be chucked out.”

“Whatever happens Lena, you can always stay here, I’m sure Mum and Dad won’t mind.”

“I wouldn’t want to get in the way Bo, plus your Mum and Dad might not want me here, there is a big difference between staying the night and moving in permanently.” Lena didn’t want to put The Brights in a position where they might have to say no. The idea of them rejecting her as well wasn’t something she wanted to contemplate.

“Yes but I refuse to let you have to go and live on your own if you have to leave home. You’re my friend Lena, I just want to make sure that you’re going to be ok.” Bo said stubbornly.

“I know, thanks for being so supportive, it means a lot.” She hugged Bo in thanks, hoping that she never found out what she had done. She couldn’t bear to see the disappointment in yet another person’s eyes that she cared about, she had to hang on to those she had left.

26-09-2004, 18:30
hehe.. laughing a bit of myself here.. thought the mentioned writers block meant having to go without updates for a long time.. and in comes a huge update. :D Life is good.. though thank you for making it even better, vicky :rose:

Yulia should really stop and think for a while. Sounds like she has a lot to make up for. Well at least a really nice friendship that she shouldn't ruin.

28-09-2004, 19:36
heheh bright by name bright my nature!!haaha funny :D

28-09-2004, 20:12
But just one question where's denial?

Love Vicky

Hi Vicky! I'm here .. love you too!!!

I like the story very much. Sin emailed me ..until chapter 3.

pssst... Sin! you didn't update me enough .. now I cannot write comments! :bebebe: ..

Veggie Delite
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sorry :rolleyes:

02-10-2004, 14:24
Hi guys! Nice to see you back denial. Here's an update!


Chapter 4 part 2

Yulia lay perfectly still in the dark unable to sleep, her mind on overdrive. Now that she had had the chance to calm down she regretted the way she had spoken to Lena and how when Anna had suggested Lena should go to Bo’s she had agreed so readily. She didn’t have the right to take out the way she was feeling on Lena, she shouldn’t have placed the blame at her door but she felt so paranoid.

Did anybody actually like her for herself? Did she have any real friends at all? One name came to mind, Lena and perhaps Bo, but even then since Bo had gone to another college she hadn’t made much of an effort to stay in touch. She had gotten so caught up in other less important things and now she was being made to suffer and in many ways she deserved it.

Her mobile phone vibrated on her bedside table and she snatched it up to find out who would be sending her a message in the middle of the night. She hoped it wasn’t Michael, or one of his cronies sending her yet another crude text messages. It wasn’t and her stomach churned when she saw it was Lena. Was she angry about the way she had treated her?

“I know it’s late but I can’t sleep knowing that you think I could ever hurt you. This is the only time I can remember spending the night apart from you. It’s silly I know but I miss you Yulia, please don’t shut me out.”

Yulia was about to send a message back but she changed her mind, she desperately wanted to hear Lena’s voice.

“Hello.” Lena answered her phone in a whisper.

“Lena, I just got your message.” Yulia said her mind blank of all the things she had wanted to say just a few seconds ago.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?”

“No, I couldn’t sleep either and then I got your message… I just wanted you to know that I miss you too. It’s not the same here without you. I’m so sorry about before, I was totally irrational.” She said hoarsely. “You’ll come home tomorrow won’t you?”

02-10-2004, 14:35
“You’ll come home tomorrow won’t you?”guess that part is mostly up to Yulia and how she will act in the future. Well not to mention Anna and Alex having to have say sorry to Lena for sure.

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Another shortie...

Chapter 4 part 3

“Hey Lena! You heard the news?” Claire called out to her as she stood by her locker hoping to see Yulia before the first lesson of the day.

“What news is that?” Lena asked half knowing what Claire was about to say.

“Last night someone set Michael’s car on fire. No prizes for guessing who did it.” Claire smirked.

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Lena shook her head trying not to look Claire in the eye. “Not to me.”

“Yulia! It has to be.” Claire said almost excitedly, delighted by the prospect of yet more misery being piled on Yulia’s shoulders. “I can’t think of anyone else who would have a grudge against Michael, can you?”

“If you think Yulia could ever do something like that you must have shit for brains!”

“Oh please, you need to wake up Lena!” Claire rolled her eyes amazed by how far Lena’s loyalty to Yulia extended. “Think about it, Michael did all that stuff to her yesterday and then his car goes up in smoke, no coincidence if you ask me.”

Lena’s eyes bulged as she tried to restrain her anger. “I’m not asking you Claire, I’m telling you, watch your mouth or I’ll knock your fucking head off!”

“Oh, whatever, everyone knows the truth except you that it.” Before Lena had the chance to carry out her threat Claire practically ran off down the corridor leaving Lena to ponder over what she had just said.

If everyone thought that Yulia had set fire to Michael’s car they didn’t know the truth. The reality was that she was the one who had done it. She had been calculated in her actions wanting Michael to suffer and when she had recalled how Yulia had told her what pride he took in his car it had seemed like the perfect revenge.

Only now when she thought of the consequences did she realise what the implications could be if anyone ever found out it was her who had done it. Jailbail. That was what Anna had called her and as painful as it was to admit, there had never been a truer word spoken. It was only a matter of time before she ended up behind bars like the one person she hated the most, her father.

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oi.. hope she covered her tracks well enough.. :none:

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haha i would have set his car on fire and too and would have said courtesy of me u jackass heheh :D

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Lena is so cool! I hope she'll get away safely .. :lalala:

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come whats up were is more story!!hello

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