View Full Version : Fishbowls never lie!

13-08-2004, 02:44
One day i was walking down the road and i wondered....what if tatu had never been...what if yulia and lena were allowed to live out their lives as somewhat 'normal' russians...what would they look like. Would they be like you or me? or would they be eccentric and wierd. :o

I had the opportunity not too long ago to buy a fishbowl, and when i washed it before i put my hamster in it...i caught a glimpse of the future :eek: that's right...it was a CRYSTAL BALL
and in that future i saw yulia and lena looking like this
Lena (http://www.phoenixmovement.com/Garments/Orange%20polar.jpg)

yes ppl dont be alarmed thats how i saw her... wearing a multicolor poncho, her carreer as a psychologist failed so she now spends her time selling cat food and seniores poopy pants, she also sings opera in the balcony of her house at 6.35 pm earning $9 per show.

yulia (http://images.ibsys.com/2003/0710/2323626_200X150.jpg)

and our adorable yulia turned into a fat useless girl, she never got over her pregnancy overweight...now she has 9 kids all by diff guys and she never married one..

If anyone is interested about ur future let me know and i shall help u!

13-08-2004, 02:53
WHOAH accurate depictions if i ever did c them ... I must thank fluffy bum [your hamster] for requesting a fishbowl as a new residence as opposed to that ghetto jail he was living in before.

I have to say tho its quite ironic...i woulda thought the roles would be reversed, and yulia would be the wierd poncho toting eccentric one, and lena would become the bland housewife.

Nothing is sexier than frizzy poodle hair and a purple leotard :kwink: