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12-08-2004, 13:59
Rapist wins ?10.4m on UK lottery
11/08/2004 - 06:53:24

A rapist serving life in prison has scooped £7m (?10.4m) on England's National Lottery.

Iorworth Hoare, 52, was on temporary release staying at a Middlesbrough bail hostel when his numbers came up in last Saturday’s Lotto Extra draw.

According to the Sun, Hoare, a coal miner’s son, began a series of sex attacks while he was still in his 20s and was sentenced to a total of 18 years between 1973 and 1987.

His catalogue of crimes include one rape, two attempted rapes and three indecent assaults.

Hoare, formerly of Seacroft Gate, Leeds, was jailed for life at Leeds Crown Court in 1989 for attempting to rape a 60-year-old woman in a park in the city.

Bizarrely, he was trapped by a photograph he sent to a television station in a effort to be chosen for the Winner Takes All quiz show.

He was on weekend leave from Middlesbrough’s South Bank bail hostel when he won his £7,039,469 (?10,517,620) fortune.

Under Home Office guidelines prisoners in open conditions – on a day release or community project – are allowed to take part in the lottery and claim prizes. They can also play the football pools and buy Premium Bonds.

Before the win Hoare was a category D prisoner at Leyhill open prison and was spending weekend leave at Middlesbrough.

Other prisoners told the Sun Hoare looked “really smug” when he told them of his luck and reportedly said: “I’m made for life now.”

He added: “I’m going to be sound for the rest of my life. I’ll do well from here on in till the day I die.”

A Prison Service spokesman confirmed last night that a prisoner had won the lottery.

He said: “We are aware a prisoner on release on a temporary licence has participated in the lottery and we understand that he has won a substantial amount.”

Following the win, Hoare was moved to a closed prison for “security and his own safety”.

It is understood a reassessment of his security status is being carried out.

According to the Sun, Hoare was once told by a judge: “Every moment you are at liberty, some woman is at risk.”

It is reported his most brutal crimes were in 1983 when he indecently assaulted a teacher and raped a 37-year-old housewife.

His attacks were described in court as “ferocious, terrifying and degrading”.


I mean ...you can play the Lottery 24/7 (if you that crazy) and still get next to nothing .... and that dork who's been in and out of the prison during all his adult life once bought the ticket and got the right numbers ! .....Where is the God ?? :D

12-08-2004, 14:58
god is exercising his "twisted sense of humour" rules .... just as he always does.

12-08-2004, 23:03
I mean ...you can play the Lottery 24/7 (if you that crazy) and still get next to nothing .... and that dork who's been in and out of the prison during all his adult life once bought the ticket and got the right numbers ! .....Where is the God ?? :D

I think its the existing of God that make all those imposible things to human mind and science .. possible..

thus ... for someone who believe in God .. what is impossible...?

12-08-2004, 23:06
Maybe God was giving the rapist a second chance in life? :rolleyes:

12-08-2004, 23:15
LoL ..

Well I was thinking about this PAN technology ... [ Personal Area network ] .. lately somewhere in June I think .. Microsoft decided to fund the project..

Well years ago LoL .. I went to customer place .. some virus problem .. and the lady she was so serious about not to let her friend to touch her or her diskette because her friend's computer is infected by virus .. she said the virus would infect her ... I said no it wont .. because computer is electrical and human is biology .. you can't connect this two things together..

And now .. its possible .. and someday .. when you want to shake hand with your friends, you must becareful .. or you got to have also the computer anti virus and firewall and anti-spyware install in your body to protect your self ...

*shakes head left right left right*

12-08-2004, 23:19
denial, :lol: Haha, that's really funny. :laugh:

13-08-2004, 00:32
Damn, that really sucks. Not for him, obviously, but for everyone else. And I won't even start to fathom how his victims and their familes feel... :mad:

13-08-2004, 12:42
The Sun has a follow up (http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2004372256,00.html) on that.

14-08-2004, 00:59
That's a proof there's no god? :D
What about the Russian scientist who said that aliens stopped a meteorite from crushing into the earth? I suppose that is proof that there is god, then :gigi:

I was more shocked from the fact that they allow them to take weekend leaves. The British judicial system is not only too lenient, it's also stupid.

14-08-2004, 01:18
The British judicial system is not only way too lenient, it's also stupid.

Yes , I must agree on this .....system is waaaaay too soft and forgiving handling convicted criminals . When it says *life* it means hardly more than 7-10 years in prison and you can see all those rapists and murderers walking the streets again :mad: