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10-07-2004, 17:19
not to worry, this won't be a active discussion thread from my part for sure. But I reread the forum rules (http://forum.tatysite.net/forumrules.php) a few minutes ago. Mostly because of this mornings minor debate in "new photos" thread and then of course the on going debate about leeching things from the forums inbetween.

The forum rules has a lot of rules in there. Most about spam, editing of posts and generel being as one could expect of a member in a forum. Nothing really sticking out of the ordinary.
Then a list of things about avatars which has a clear list of things not to be broken it seems.

What I don't see in there is the rule not to share things at other forums. Or post things from other forums in here. But last part I guess is up the the other forums. But why isn't the not sharing rule posted in the official forum rules when it's the one reason to members being banned these days?
I'm not saying that banments should be stopped but shouldn't it be a part of the official rules at least? and why isn't it fixed when the official rules are being overruled?

Please do not delete this thread cos it's not meant to go against the decissions being made at all

10-07-2004, 17:36
hmm indeed, ive just been looking for that rule...
could not find it..
though i think i remeber that it was written somewhere in the past..
could it be that it has fallen out some how??
anyway to avoid problems in future i'd say it better be put back in the rules list..
either somewhere at the home site or the forum site..

10-07-2004, 17:42
I already all wrote one thousand times.

In rules:
Администрация Форума не рекомендует:
10. Использовать личные тексты или другие материалы без согласия автора.
Latest threads:


If you do not understand that I wrote already many times that you till now here do? I do not gather to everyone blind and stupid something to explain.

If to observe all rules it would be necessary to ban the majority of you for a long time already. Tell thanks, that the administration and moderators sometimes suffers and closes eyes.

10-07-2004, 17:55
Администрация Форума не рекомендует:
10. Использовать личные тексты или другие материалы без согласия автора.
sorry don't understand Russian :none: So I checked the rules with the number 10 infront of them.. didn't have anything about it.

Located the part about the files archive aswell. Question being if it shouldn't be included in the forum rules. Because we can't take for granted that new members or even excisting ones will read the news and announcements section. A lot of us didn't even know about the files section until it was linked in the tatu section.

And yeah not being banned for minor things isn't a problem at all.. but do they have to be closed until it goes bad?

edit: got it:
9: # To post any personal material of other members without their agreement.
it's not really that defined to what it means. I didn't even think that could be the one while reading it first 3 times :none: And it's under "not recommended" - I actually thought that was a minor bad thing to do then. Woops

10-07-2004, 18:16
come on Igor dont take it personally ..
anyways found the part you refered to..
it is located in the "Not recommended" list..
maybe a good idea to just put it in the forbidden list
and maybe in some more explicit words?
like no leecing of resources from this site/forum?

well we leave it up to you,
please close this thread after this post
also on behalf of Teeny.

thnks and have a nice day..

10-07-2004, 20:51
Addition to the rules: Usage of the forum material (http://forum.tatysite.net/forumrules.php)