View Full Version : Step up Ladies and Gentleman!! Spin the wheel and let it decide your fate!!

29-06-2004, 21:28
Having trouble finding a career?? well look no further!!

Presenting... the .... *turns on echo* CAREER O MATIC

TA DAAAAAA (http://careercurrents.com/DisplayStaticPage.do?url=/home/careeromatic/careeromatic.htm)

My two fav. careers of choice are
1| part-time lawn chair programmer
2| broken shampoo instructor [alls me needin to be doin is findin out how to BREAK shampoo...and aye iz set for life :cool:]

29-06-2004, 21:34
hitech dandelion hynotist ...


29-06-2004, 21:38
lol you put flowers to sleep ROSH...nice

I got Nuclear Balloon Surgeon :o

29-06-2004, 21:40
Freelance pond scum polisher. :none:
Well, at least I'm freelance! :D

29-06-2004, 22:00
wireless dust bunny instructor :spy:

very interesting indeed :gigi:

29-06-2004, 22:01
Freelance mushroom consultant! :D :done:
- Good afternoon! "Olga's super mushrooms" speaking. Can I help you? :nail:

29-06-2004, 22:21
Underwater dinosaur surgeon

WTF?! Yeah, my dream carreer is underwater surgery with dinosaurs :p

Ann t..A.T.u.
29-06-2004, 22:48
emergancy accordion operator - whatever that is

*another spin

creative dust bunny agent :D

29-06-2004, 23:07
Emergancy dinosaur consultant

Sounds like my dream job for the Discovery channel. :gigi: Always wanted to appear on a scientific TV show. :D

29-06-2004, 23:19
Indoor Mushroom Adjuster


hmm what kind of shrooms? :D

29-06-2004, 23:30
I clicked again! :D Because it's so funny!
Apparently now I've decided to switch jobs - from pond scum polisher to...
Plastic soapdish behaviorist!!! Ahhh.. soapdish....

30-06-2004, 00:19
Virtual kiwi fruit programmer

Real kiwis are a thing of the past! I can easily program you some large, great tasting kiwis without pesticides or a mess to clean up after, for a small fee of course. Great for the kids!

01-07-2004, 17:58
Commercial frizbee manager...

Somehow I always knew it in my heart... :none:

09-07-2004, 14:16
Cardboard laundry collector :10x:
I had the feeling that would be a good pick.. I already have the laundry collector thing going for me.. now I just have to figure out how to get the new angle fixed aswell :spy: