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29-05-2004, 21:07
Last night, into this morning, I was at my senior all night party (graduate in 10 days :) ), and it's really messed with my inner sense of time. Last night I slept from 6 until 9, so I wouldn't have to go 23 hours without sleep. So I wake up at 9 PM, and later I leave for the party at 10:30. The party went from 11 until 5 AM this morning. It's now 4:00 PM, and I haven't slept since 9 last night. So that means I've been awake for 31 of the last 34 hours (12 hours awake, 3 hours sleep, 19 hours awake). I'm planning to go to bed at 7 PM this evening (instead of the usual 11 or 12), so by then I will have been awake for 34 out of 37 hours.

But the thing is, I'm not really that tired. I mean I'm not *wide awake*, but I'm quite alert when you take into account how little sleep I've had. And since I got back from the party at 5 AM, I could have slept anytime, so it's not because I can't - it's because I don't feel tired. And this morning I couldn't believe what the clock was telling me. It was the middle of the morning, but it felt like the evening, because I'd been awake all night. Really weird stuff.

This kinda thing ever happen to anyone? Because of being awake for odd hours, or jet lag, or whatever? Just wondering.

Veggie Delite
29-05-2004, 21:23
i remeber once i didn´t sleep at all two nights in a row. and it wasn´t even partying... i just did some stuff on my computer in the night, and hang out with friends in the day... my sleep-awake time was messed up after that for a looong time...

29-05-2004, 22:54
This kinda thing ever happen to anyone? Because of being awake for odd hours
LOL, you're describing my everyday life, i'm like that all the time.

I work at home and i have absolutely no regular hours. Most of the time i go to bed when the sun rises and sleep all morning, but sometimes i sleep in the afternoon or the evening, sometimes i sleep 3 hours but sometimes it's 12 hours. I've already been awake for more than 48 hours, and one time several years ago i slept over 24 hours straight lol.

I've learned a long time ago that my natural rhythm is 20 hours awake followed by 10 hours asleep. It means i would need a planet with a 30 hour day, lol, that's probably one of the reasons i'm so fucked up with a 24 hour day.

30-05-2004, 00:20
I've had insomnia for a long time!! like now it's about 2:19 a.m... i sleep at 3 or 4, and spend the rest of the morning sleeping... that's why i wrote the night crawlers... it fits my lifestyle :p

30-05-2004, 00:50
my body clock is permanently messed up. i cant sleep during the day and i dont get much rest at night since it is the time i am most alert. couple that with several years of shift work where i regularly stayed awake for almost 4 days straight .... well .... who needs sleep anyway ? :D

31-05-2004, 04:49
well .... who needs sleep anyway ? :D

That reminded me of this song (http://www.lyricscrawler.com/song/119007.html) :D