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19-05-2004, 02:00
Scene 1 - Music Winter

The Russian State Duma decided that there needed to be a change in the music business because it was starting to decline all around. The Pirates who work with the State Duma were not as successful as before. The Pirates and the State Duma blamed online downloading as the cause for this depression in the music industry. They decided to come up with a way to have people "love" the new music artists so much that they would buy the cds, pirated or not, no matter what. One government official decided to study the behavior of music consumers. From his studies, he decided that it was possible to make a new artist that would spark the Russian music industry again. He claimed that there was a way in which music artists could be tweaked to obtain the maximum response from the listening audience which would translate into increased sales.
"With proper control of the artist's image and the composition of the songs we can create the most successful artists in Russian music history!"
"But how do we achieve this maximum effect?" claimed the head official. "Do you mean we turn to intelligence instead of creativity to produce new music?"
"Exactly, we compose a team of psychologists and hypnotists to achieve maximum effect."
"But, who do we get to work on something so novel and potentially powerful without the public becoming knowledgeable of our efforts to dupe them?"
"We need someone skilled enough in the field of psychology but totally clueless and naive to the true purpose of this project. Someone desperate enough to work diligently but to not think beyond the instructions that they are given."
"And where the hell do we find such a person?"

19-05-2004, 02:00
Scene 2 - Desperation

Meanwhile, psychologist Ivan Shapovalov was bargaining with an apartment owner to extend the payment period.
"But, advertising is going down. There hasn't been much available work in months. I promise to get you the cash as soon as possible."
"No more excuses Mr. Shapovalov, your time is up! Pay up or get out!"
"Time does not exist."
"I don't have time for these psychological games you play. Hand it over now, or you will spend time in jail. See how time flies."
The area around the apartment was empty except for one man standing at the light pole on the corner and the guy kneeling down on the roof of the apartment building looking down on the heated conversation.
Ivan reached into his coat pocket and pulled out some money. A small bag filled with a white substance fell out and down to the ground. Ivan looked down in shock. The apartment owner looked at Ivan in rage.
"So, this is all of your months of no employment! It goes toward instant holiday!" The owner moved toward Ivan to snatch the money from his hand.
"Back off!" Ivan yelled. The owner stopped. Ivan reached down to pick up the small bag not paying attention to the man in the black coat running toward him from the side. The man ran straight into Ivan and pushed him into the ground and landed on top of him. The owner, frightened, stepped backwards quickly eyeing the man in the black coat. The strange man got up from the ground and started to run. Ivan looked at his hand that had held the money and looked up. He then turned in the direction of the running man and took off running after him.
The apartment owner nervously shouted, "come back, come back!" Ivan ran after the man as fast as he could. The man turned the corner of the apartment and went into an alley way. As soon as Ivan turned the corner he was face to face with the man in the black coat.
"Motherfucker! Give me back my fucking money now!" The man in the black coat pulled out a wad of cash that was way more than Ivan had had before.
"You can have all of this and more if "you agree."
"Agree to do what? I won't agree to anything! Give me my fucking shit you pervert!"
Behind Ivan, a man walked up and pointed a pistol to Ivan's head. "You agree Mr. Ivan Shapovalov. You agree to do anything." Ivan nodded out of forced approval. "You'll come with us, and you won't say a word." As soon as the man said this, a black car pulled up on the street behind the men.
"Let's go" said the man in the black coat. The men proceeded to walk towards the car. The pistol constantly being aimed at Ivan's head.

---[In the future... more from the Night Rainbow Series, World War Series, Falling Stars Series, and Revelation.]---