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18-05-2004, 10:28
Amusing personality test


18-05-2004, 10:49
you are a detached intellectual whose ideas saved / will destroy the world you are einstein. you lead with your mind exploring the unknown and helping to invent the future of mankind

okay then ...

18-05-2004, 15:35
aye appear to be DEES (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/1.jpg)
(i better start being better LOL)

I took the 45 questions.

Good fun.....good fun

18-05-2004, 15:36
kish i hope the photo isnt a good likeness of you :p

18-05-2004, 15:39
:( :lalala: how did u know :none:

LOL actually i've been told i have a bit more hair :D

18-05-2004, 15:41
more hair is always good :) need something to keep those ears warm :p

18-05-2004, 15:42
...which i have been told are abnormally dumbo-esque :gigi:

18-05-2004, 19:12
Oh ! Oh! May be I have to think to use some beauty creams to fight against the wrinkles !...
I'm a little tired 'cause I took the 45 questions....i'm supposed to be Mother Thérèsa.... (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/2.jpg) :rolleyes:

The most important is the Mind of course....but i wonder if the other profils are so sexy than we are , girls!!! :p

18-05-2004, 19:15
I am Einstein aswell. I am a detached intellectual whose ideas will save / destroy the free world!

18-05-2004, 19:18
cirrus, great minds think alike, and fools never differ :gigi:

18-05-2004, 19:21
well said, rosh! :rev:

18-05-2004, 20:37
Say hello to me:
You are a mild mannered assasination victim. You are Abe Lincoln. You have a peaceful nature and are good at mediating disputes with the exception of the occasional bloody civil war
pic (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/9.jpg)

edit: btw, it was the 45 questions test

18-05-2004, 22:10
:laugh: I got the greatest results!!!! :lol:

Please, close the door and hand me that CIGAR, baby! I'm gonna be the center of your attention now... (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/3.jpg) :rev:

this is funny....

thanks for the test

p.s. was Bill with the 9 questions and with the 45 :laugh:

edit: so I re-took the 9 questions test again, cause i saw its different questions, and now I am: Oh my god ha ha ha (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/8.jpg)

edit2: re-took again - now I am this: ha ha haaaaaa (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/2.jpg)

edit3: ok Bill again, so i should settle down with bill then ah? LoL

18-05-2004, 22:21

hehe i was bill initially as well , so i decided take test again, and was bill again, then saddam, then finally einstein :) i think i prefer einstein ... =)

18-05-2004, 22:51
Something wrong ! i did this test 3 times ( 9 quest.) and 3 times got different result !
Mother Teresa , Bill Clinton and Einstein ....or maybe it's my fault -- crazy personality :blabla: :)

18-05-2004, 23:08
marina, Boooooo .. you scare me ...

Albert here :flag:

18-05-2004, 23:14
Being Ghandi sux :( :bum: LOL

18-05-2004, 23:17
but kish you have such a nice dome like head :) and you brought independence to india, and stuff :p

18-05-2004, 23:21
marina, Boooooo .. you scare me ...

I'm starting to worry myself ......

18-05-2004, 23:21
i GUESS....but the drinking my own pee thing got a little old :none:

18-05-2004, 23:35

I'm HITLER! (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/6.jpg)

I took the 45 questions... scary :ill: :laugh: I always thinkk of the worst scenarios, so I can prepare myself for everything, but I wouldn't calll that being paranoid... And I don't kill my enemies :p But since now, you better watch out :nunu:

Veggie Delite
18-05-2004, 23:40
kish, it's not so bad... u can polish your had...

19-05-2004, 02:49
Abe Lincoln (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/9.jpg)

Woot Woot! I'm an activist president!

20-05-2004, 04:57
kish, it's not so bad... u can polish your had...
joo right...i can always fall back on that when being such a moral dinosaur fails LOL

20-05-2004, 05:07
I am another Einstein - I am somewhat less than surprised by this.

20-05-2004, 06:09
staringelf, that's just scary! you bastard, you destroyed my country! :mad:

*uses his Einstein abilities to think of a way to destroy you* :gigi:

20-05-2004, 17:37
oooooooooooopps (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/6.jpg)

:lalala: It kinda goes with me :bum:

20-05-2004, 18:34
Me? (http://similarminds.com/images/leader/2.jpg)

Mother Teresa!!! Whoooaaa obviously they got the wrong version :laugh: