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05-05-2004, 18:52
:D Well, I put this here, and I name the thread this because... I absolutelly love the 'aerial views' one gets while flying on an airplane. That is why I always request window seat and I go 'click' ..'click' with the camera.. and the person sitting next to me is probably thinking: "omg, what a f$%king idiot!" :laugh: .... so, need look no further than nature and peoples 'work' on it for an amazing 'art' ;) like those two examples:

'Brown' (http://community.webshots.com/photo/122473429/140528155ZBKLNL)

'Green' (http://community.webshots.com/photo/122473429/140528198oZRVRx)

any one else has/enjoys similar images?

05-05-2004, 18:56
What's that square on the brown one? Looks like a giant bed made of sand :laugh: :spy:

Anyway, I always sit next to the window too, I love it... But I prefer to actually watch it in loco rather than pictures. Still, it's nice :D I hope you get more. I always get so curious - "I wonder what that little thing over there is" :laugh: I'm such a little boy when it comes to those thins... :blabla: :p

05-05-2004, 19:06
What's that square on the brown one? Looks like a giant bed made of sand
Its Bale, just like this - example: http://www.saskatoon.anglican.org/bale.jpg :D

05-05-2004, 19:33
I'm addicted to this kind of pics.....Go here : http://www.yannarthusbertrand.com/index_new.htm Then enter in the english site "Welcome" and choose 1 Photograph and the "The earth from above"......It's magnifique...i saw the exposition in Paris and i'm crazy about these pics!....;Have pleasure in seeing them ! ;)

05-05-2004, 20:53
Its Bale, just like this - example: http://www.saskatoon.anglican.org/bale.jpg :D

Aaaahhh... Thanks. :D That looked weird from that view :laugh:

05-05-2004, 21:01
i'm such a little boy with these things too! :D it's exciting......seeing the world from whole new angle you rarely ever see. I remember last summer when I flew to California and they had all the wildfires in the West. I flew over the desert in the late afternoon / sunset as the sun was getting ready to go down. The desert and mountains turned all these beautiful golden colors, and you could see the lines of fire on the ground and the tall towers of silver smoke going upwards. It was trully amazing :gigi:
And I remember the first time I went back to Poland. geez, I was acting like I was 5! :D I could see all the farms and villages outside of Warsaw, and then eventually the big city. It was all so new but sort of familiar aswell.

but I never thought to take pictures while on the plane :coctail:

05-05-2004, 21:35
Thank sunwalk :done: great pics!

Well the first 2 above I posted - Ill admit - arent taken by me but my boss :D . He has hundreds of them, I dont have quite so many and so nice ones, but maybe i will try to dig out some of mine :)

It is really fascinating, the 'organization' of land... all thos elines and colors..... the process of creating it. I just know that you can clearly see the diference between that 'organization' while I fry above America and Europe... and then when i am flying above Bulgaria :laugh: .... and right before i land in Sofia :eek: those communist suburbia apartment buildings :flag:

06-05-2004, 02:04
nothing beats good ol saskatoon bale! ;)

thanks for the pic CaF day be perdy :)

06-05-2004, 04:36
Cool pics, Cool. :D I like those a lot. I was also wondering what the thing in the brown photo was. :p

06-05-2004, 06:02
wow, the green one looks so massive!