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28-04-2004, 16:44
Since I needed a new wall for my own desktop I put together these two pictures.
With school and all it's been a while since the last one. It'll be a long while before after this one too. Don't know for sure if I will get any new ideas for walls. This one has been used before too I think.

Anyway: why then... (www.blyat.net/film/billeder/finish.jpg)

Text in it is from "Gethsemane" lyrics from Jesus Christ Superstar :lalala: :gigi:
And it's more related to me I think.

28-04-2004, 17:11
Nice one, TLFdk!

Thank you :D

28-04-2004, 18:13
Tina !! nice pictures ! and nice color ... ummmm .. :liplick:

28-04-2004, 18:43
Finish? (http://design-ee.com/temp/finish.jpg) :o

28-04-2004, 18:48
igor: WOW.. Hey why put this one up right after I changed my desktop? :spy: Thank you though :rose:
*goes to change my wall.. again*

Thank you for the comments, d and hullala :rose:

28-04-2004, 19:05
Finish? (http://design-ee.com/temp/finish.jpg) :o

oii!! :eek: :dead: ..dang! I need to change my site wall paper again ...

28-04-2004, 22:06
Beautiful, Tina. :yes:

Veggie Delite
29-04-2004, 11:50
whee! teeny made a wallpaper :rose:

me likes! :)

i like the quote so much