View Full Version : Think youre having a bad day?

27-04-2004, 22:31
Maybe this will put your bad day into perspective. :D


27-04-2004, 22:34
that's nothing! :D
I hit my head on the cabinet doors more often than I'd like to admit, and I've set my arm sleeve on fire too. in public. :o

30-04-2004, 07:46
On Tuesday, I was trying to cross the highway (don't ever do that! Lol) and I was waiting for a gap in the traffic to form, so i got bored and started balancing on the gutter beside the road and I slipped off and fell out in front of a car! They stopped though and drove past lookin at me weird :none: I almost died and it was so embarassing too coz the whole highway saw me.

30-04-2004, 07:48
Pop!, thank god ur here to tell the story! I think ur invincible. :D

30-04-2004, 08:07
So do I. I nearly shat myself.

Devilish Yulia
30-04-2004, 08:28
The Incredible Pop! :p
and yeah...thank god u didn't get hurt!

ok now mines worse!....I have a meeting...on...Tuesday.....*gasspp* :eek: :blabla: