View Full Version : Muse Song No.1

25-04-2004, 21:04
Ok. Here goes...
I wrote a screenplay like a year ago and the movie is really cool, but I won't talk much about it now, but anyway.... At different parts in the movie there are these muses(greek song gods or whatever) that sing a bit about the story that is taking place(wierd huh?). But yeah, the movie is called Flash Memory and the first song is called Remember. I posted the lyrics in a chat room once and I had a stalker afterwards. Some person had my SN and would IM me saying..."the lyrics" and "thank you". I eventually had to block that person, but here are the lyrics:

when daily life stresses you out
remember me
don't forget the boy on a journey
embrace him, embrace him
and take him from this world
listen to the sound
of the hope in the girl
when the two worlds collide
all you see is blinding light
don't blink your eyes
just absorb it into your mind

I know it sounds wierd but it goes with the movie. I just wish you could hear the music that goes with the lyrics, and maybe I wouldn't sound like an idiot right now. :D